Every Breath You Take

Every Breath You Take

Every breath you take – not the song, but techniques to make you feel safe and centered. Every breath you take.

So, this is what exercise you can do on your own. Find yourself or come up with a Power word that you like and wherever you are when you recall.

Do you have a time and a place that was so wonderful, so loving, so joyful, that you can bring it to life and remember it? And remember it at this very moment.

And when you do, it’s that remembering that moment, it could be from a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, maybe from your childhood, a place in a time that it was absolutely wonderful.

And bring that to the surface. I bet you anything if you have that moment, we all have a moment. It doesn’t have to be a day, it doesn’t have to be a big thing. It’s just a moment, a glimpse of a time and a place in your life. And it could be holding someone’s hand, a sound, music, or a song that you danced to. I have had many moments like that. And I know I’m banked.

So the subconscious mind also comes to encompass and register and hold in mind and takes it into archive all your senses of a moment where you say, “Bank this moment,” or you say, let’s say, “Lotus.”

Every time I say, “Lotus”, it will remind me of my logo or it will remind me of evoking my emotions and the lotus that opens and blossoms. I am the lotus. But every time I say the word lotus, it will remind me, I am now evoking, embracing, evolving, I am blossoming, I
am expanding, I am over love and kindness.

Just as I use the word “Lotus”, you can use one word as your own power word. Feel free to use Lotus if you want. For today’s exercise, we are going to use Lotus. And that word, when you close your eyes and you say, “Lotus,” and you feel it, and you embody it.

Now, putting that emotion with the motion and banking it, no matter where you are, when you say that word, it just resonates and vibrates. Every essence of you, that energetic line that we call it, the chakras, your energy lines, your being, your essence of who you are.
And it remembers that believe it or not, it will shift your energy, it will shift your attitude, it will shift wherever you are from the negative to the positive.

To the sadness, to more joy, because it embodies that joy, even if you are not feeling joy, it will recall, your body will recall it, your consciousness recalls it. So, this is what exercise you can do.

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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

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  1. Thank you for this. I have my power word and it’s working very well for me, thanks to your talk.

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