page title icon Hypnosis to Overcome Fear of Flying

Hypnosis to Overcome Fear of Flying

Are you afraid of flying? Do you experience anxiety or panic attacks when considering getting on a plane? If so, hypnosis may be a promising approach to overcoming your fear of flying. Hypnosis can help address the underlying beliefs and physical symptoms associated with anxiety, making it easier to board an airplane without fear. In the accompanying video, I will share an experience with a fellow passenger where I was able to calm her enough to know she was safe and enjoy the flight.

Liza, thank you for the meaning, whatever you did to make me feel safe. You were a God-sent sitting next to me. Your voice is enough to sooth anyone. You are better than any relaxing pill.

Thank You Note from Fellow passenger

What is Fear of Flying

If you’re someone who is afraid of flying, you’re not alone. According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 25% of Americans fear flying. This fear can range from mild anxiety to full-blown panic attacks, making it difficult or even impossible to board an airplane. However, there is a promising approach to overcoming this fear – hypnosis.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and relaxation, often induced by a trained practitioner. During hypnosis, the person enters a heightened state of suggestibility, making reframing negative beliefs or thought patterns easier. By addressing the underlying fears and anxieties associated with flying, hypnosis can help individuals feel more calm and confident about boarding a plane.

How Does Hypnosis Help Fear of Flying?

One of the ways hypnosis helps with the fear of flying is by addressing the subconscious beliefs that drive the fear. For example, someone with a fear of flying may have subconscious beliefs that flying is dangerous, that they are not in control, or that something terrible will happen during the flight. These beliefs can create anxiety and fear, making it difficult to board an airplane.

During hypnosis, I work with the individual to identify and address these underlying beliefs. By using techniques such as guided imagery, positive affirmations, and relaxation exercises, I can help the person reframe their beliefs about flying. This can help reduce anxiety and increase confidence, making it easier to board an airplane without fear.

Another way hypnosis can help with the fear of flying is by addressing the physical symptoms associated with anxiety. For example, someone who fears flying may experience heart palpitations, shortness of breath, or nausea when thinking about flying. By using relaxation techniques during hypnosis, I can help you learn to control these physical symptoms. This can help reduce your anxiety and make it easier for you to board an airplane without fear.

Overall, hypnosis is a promising approach to overcoming the fear of flying. By addressing the underlying beliefs and physical symptoms associated with anxiety, hypnosis can help individuals feel more calm and confident about boarding a plane. If you fear flying, consider working with a trained hypnotherapist like me to see if hypnosis can help you overcome your fears and enjoy the benefits of air travel.

I have made audio recordings for self-hypnosis specifically to address certain issues. For fear of flying and other anxieties, I recommend Stress No More and Relax and Unwind. Download the recording and save it to your device to listen to it at your leisure. Find a quiet and comfortable place as you allow hypnosis to happen.

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Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza, where transformation begins as we
evoke, embrace, and evolve.
Greetings, greetings, greetings, and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays. This
is Liza. It’s so good to be here with you, isn’t it?
Well, I hope today is absolutely a
successful, abundant day for you, and no
matter where you are, and that you are safe.
If you don’t know who I am, by all, allow me to introduce myself. This is
Heal Talk Tuesdays, and I am Liza Boubari, your expert hypnotherapist, and
women’s wellness expert.
Today, we’re going to be talking about
something that just happened a few days ago.
So I flew to Dallas for a special two-day meeting with the publisher of one
of the books that I have been co-authored with.
That amazing, powerful women, and
coming back on the plane as I was sitting.
first when I get on the plane.
One of the things is I love flying.
So to me, it’s so exciting to get on a plane, but I’ve realized
through all the travels that I do, not everybody loves flying.
So, when I get on the plane right off the bat, I say, “Good morning or good
afternoon to the stewardess. I smile and I start with thanking them for.
being there and flying.”
So once I find my seats, this is what happened this weekend. So I’m sitting,
and then there is a woman next to me, and I happen to be right in the middle
, and another gentleman that was very much busy.
He had his earphones and everything. He sat down, buckled, and it was right
off the bat in his own zone.
So this lady sitting next to me, she is on the window side, and I saw her
trembling as she was putting the buckle on, the seat belt on.
So a few moments later, she
looks at me, she says, “I am a little bit
nervous. So if you don’t mind, just be aware that I might be holding onto
the seat and everything. This is my second time I’m flying, and I don’t like
doing this. My husband is not with me this time, so I’m really worried.”
And I said, “Not a problem. This is a sin. I love flying.”
So why am I bringing this up? Because sometimes what we
think, what we believe, becomes our reality.
So what is it that I do in my work, working with my clients who come with
panic, anxiety, and fears, I start sharing this.
Your thoughts have consequences, so great that they create your reality.
Have you ever been to a place or in
your lifetime that you wanted something.
so bad and it became a reality? Maybe not right away because so many say,”
Oh, I can manifest anything, and then there’s others who cannot manifest,
they can hardly visualize it, or know what it is that they want, let alone
manifest it.”
So I want you to give you a formula,
thoughts, plus feelings, they create
your result. So her sitting there
being nervous that she was, she had
already created thought pattern. I’m going to be.
Okay, and then she said she is going to feel anxious and maybe this is what’s
going to happen. So she was also
telling me what the physical response was
going to be. Why?
Because maybe she had already experienced it, or she thought that was going
to happen. So attitudes in life are shortened states of being.
And when we string series of our attitude together, her attitude towards
playing fear factor, when we put all that together, that’s when it becomes a
belief system.
She comes to believe in that, and it is her belief that it’s elongated or
repeated, that states of being, and it
becomes a part of the subconscious mind.
When we add an attitude, and we add
a belief system, the subconscious mind,
which is like literally the body,
thoughts are the being, it comes to
recorded, story, and apply.
So my response was, it’s okay, because
that’s your perception. Do you mind
if I change your perception? She’s like, what do you mean? And we started.
talking, and I shared with her, what is it that I do?
And I said, as a clinical hypnotherapist, one of the things that I do with
my clients, I help them with fears of flying, anxiety, panic. And she’s like
, really? That works? Like, would you
like to be hypnotized or would you like
me to talk about it?
By then, the stewardess, everyone is saying, okay, let’s get ready, we’re.
getting ready. So as she puts her hand, this was so beautiful.
She puts her hand on the side, that’s because she was on the window, and I
was right in the middle, and I said, do you mind if I hold your hand? She
says, oh, would you please?
So I placed my hand on top of her hand, not holding. So I placed my hand on
top of her hand, and I said, you are safe. That’s all you need to know.
So, to experience any change, you need
to have a perceived outcome. And what
I created was, you’re going to be safe.
Now, her routine, her thoughts on everything has been perpetuated by a
reality that she had created, maybe flying
$2, or any other time with her husband.
So, I needed to shift that. If you’ve ever experienced this, let me know. We
need to shift, in order for us to be different, we need to change the
The reality of what we think it can happen.
It’s not real, it’s just a thought.
That’s what worry is. Worry is
something we worry about. We create this
negative thoughts, patterns.
The body starts reacting to it, the population starts, and we think, oh,
this is the end of it.
So, change requires coherence. When we align
our thoughts and our feelings together.
So when we think of an end result,
but in our heart, we feel differently, it
doesn’t work, because they’re not aligned.
So, clear, focused thoughts is what
brings everything together. I like to
say thoughts are the language of the brain,
and feelings are the language of the body.
So, throughout the flight, almost
three hours, I started talking about
asking her, and then very calmly, we started
talking about family, where she was coming from.
What was she in Dallas for?
And it became a conversation. And this
conversation, guess what? By the time we
landed, she and I got to know one another.
I learned a lot about her, that she is a wife, they have two children, their
children are married, they have grandchildren. One of the grandchildren is.
autistic. We started talking about that.
So, we can sit anywhere in life,
and it doesn’t matter if you’re in traffic,
at the doctor’s office, on a plane, even going to a supermarket.
How you connect with others, and maybe it’s just being aware of your
surrounding, to keep yourself safe, and maybe extend a hand with a thought,
with a word to someone else, by the end of it, it’s called gratitude.
Because when we are full of
gratitude and gratefulness, there is a joy,
there is trust, there is good energy inside us.
And if I were to say, that little thing
was absolutely amazing, because this.
morning I opened my mail, that’s what I wanted to share, and I get what? A
beautiful card from her, and it says, “Liza, thank you for the meaning,
whatever you did to make me feel safe.
You were a God-sent sitting next to me. Your voice is enough to sooth anyone.
PS, you are better
than any relaxing pill.”.
Any one of us can extend a hand, and
help someone. Any one of us can go on a.
trail, walk, and be on our zone, and
realize that with each and every breath.
that you take, with each and every essence of who you are, grounded with
Mother Earth, and being grateful to everything that surrounds you.
And you can count your blessings, and you start with your body, and family,
your immediate family, extended family, that you are able to walk, that you.
can see, you can breathe, you can function, every part of who you are.
And if there is a discord or dis-ease
within you, become mindful, and if you
could place your hand, that part of your body, that is in pain, and send
this beautiful thought, and a feeling
of love and joy to that part, as if communicating with your body,
and communicating with that part.
And you can just tap, and tap here, when
you tap right here. I call it “Play the Smaller violin,” because there is
this little, a dent right here, which is a
pressure point. I keep on trying to use it.
And I like to call up, and I tell my client, “use your thumb, which is your
mind factor,” and the index that points forward in life, and just massage,
massage the interior of the palm of your hand, and play the violin ever so
gently, and say, “I can handle this.”.
And that’s one of the techniques I taught her, her English channel, and so.
gently just go, “I can do this. I am safe.
I am in total control. I can handle this.”
And easily and gently, the palm of your hand, which is the core of who you
are, and with your thumb, is like my mind and body are connected. And we do
this massaging your body relaxes, your mind becomes connected to your body
without understanding what exactly you’re doing, but your body understands
that you’re suiting.
With the words of “I am safe, I can handle this.” This is the hand that can
handle, because you, your thoughts are saying so. It incorporates into your
subconscious mind.
I’m my lovely friend, Chris Gota, and
I started the original show, and Chris.
and Liza, and that’s one of the things we would do, share some tools and
techniques with our viewers, and then this part says, “Is it true?”.
Yes, it is true, that your subconscious mind really is the driver of
everything you do in life. So if
there is a fear factor, if you are afraid
of something that has been a perception of you and it’s not real.
Is it true that you are going to crash? Is it true that you are not safe? Is
it true that you, whatever? And when you think about it, you can turn it on
and say, “Well, it’s not true. It’s me feeling it or thinking it.” And that
can be changed.
Again, that part can be changed because
it’s perceived reality, it is not true.
My name is Liza Boubari, your expert
hypnotherapist, and recognizing that.
when we heal, when we evoke what was,
that means revert back to a time and a
place, where that perception, that thought, that perceived reality became a
reality, and the emotions got.
connected to the thought process, we bring you to embrace what is, which is
the reality right now. Is it true? Is it a fact? Or is it your perception,
your idea, your imagery? That’s how
we evolve to the desired goal and what.
it is that you really desire and want in life.
Today’s message is all about you having full control and knowing that you.
can handle so much more. And if
there is anything from fear factor to
insomnia, wanting to drop your weight, not lose, and any feminine,
and any feminine issues that you may have by all means, I’m here for you.
Until next week, I bid you goodbye, and I thank you for being here. God.
bless you and my the universal
light surround you.
See you next week.

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