Real Talk

Carl Povilaitis

Real Talk with Carl Povilaitis

Join Liza and Carl Povilaitis and the community for a splash of fun and charity at the Kiwanis Duck Race on May 4, 2024, at Verdugo Park.

Lady Jen du Plessis

Real Talk with Lady Jen Du Plessis

Conversation with leading expert in creating world-class teams, and The Powerful She co-author, Lady Jen Du Plessis.

Real Talk with Liza Boubari and Irma Villegas

Real Talk with Irma Villegas

Conversation with esteemed realtor and The Powerful She co-author, Irma Villegas exploring faith, family, and life success.

Jeffrey Wolfe

Real Talk with Jeffrey Wolfe

Conversation with leadership expert, Jeffery Wolfe exploring the crucial concept of a mindset reset from the core,

Real Talk with Jennifer Horspool

Real Talk with Jennifer Horspool

Today we are talking with Jennifer Horspool, a best-selling author, PR Expert, and Mistress of Ceremonies at The 3E Event.

Yulin S Lee

Real Talk with Yulin S. Lee

Today we are talking with Yulin S. Lee, a best-selling author, entrepreneur, money manager, and women’s advocate.

Real Talk with Jim Lutes

Real Talk with Jim Lutes

Today we talk about attracting love. So how do we attract love? It is so simple and yet we make it difficult.

Real Talk at Brow Ink LA

Liza is interviewing Eleonora Mailian of Brow Ink LA in Los Angeles. Eleanora explains the process of facial massage treatment

Real Talk with Dr Nelly Farnoody Zahiri

Dr. Nelly is a guest on Real Talk with Liza. Topics include the ongoing crisis in Iran and all over the world about women’s equality, women’s issues, and violence against women.

Don Green

Real Talk with Don Green

Liza interviews Don Green of the Napoleon Hill Foundation as they discuss how to Think and Grow Rich in life, business, and more!