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What is your superpower?

Sometimes people will say that we are worthless, but then when you look at all you did, on your own, for which you have received a paycheck, praise, etc, you have to look at things a different way. It’s your superpower.

If someone wants to be the best of the best, how can you help them do that?

What if, what if you were to do this. Make sure they feel good about themselves. They become better than anyone else, but they understand what the best means. That it takes resiliency. That it takes courage. It also takes leadership to be the best of the best. So when you are at the
top of your game, what you are doing is also. Becoming a mentor, being a leader, working harder to remain where
you are. Do you know why? Because there’s always someone who wants to be the best of the best. Or there are so many who look up to the best of the best. And if that’s what he wants, encourage them. Coach them. Support them to be it.

It’s not about ego. It is understanding what it means to be at the top of your game. So this is what I think. Isn’t life a perception? Everything we do, if we twist what we are thinking, not what we are feeling, because feeling comes and goes. So do thoughts. But if you shift your perception, we can shift you into a higher goal and life. So today, become the best of the best in whatever you are doing. When you believe in yourself, you become what you want. Thank you for being a part of Heal TalkTuesday. That was a short message that I believe every one of us has the encouragement, the motivation, the tenacity, and the resiliency to be all we want. What do you want to be? What do you want to? Who do you want to encourage and support to be at the top of their game?

You have more power than you believe.

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Welcome to Heal Talk
Tuesdays with Liza. Were transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Greetings, greetings, greetings and
welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza. It’s so good to be here with you isn’t it? Welcome to the
first day of summer. Isn’t it beautiful. Did you realize as time flies. That we just stepped into the first day of summer well
if you’re anywhere in the California area. Area
you would notice because yesterday was scorching ninety nine degrees and some
places it was more than that. So this heat. This warmed this summer it’s like blossoming I love to call it. A blossoming. And. So with us this
summer bring for you and brings. A sense of freedom. No school. True travel time. It’s like vacation time family time children
time school is out and everywhere you go it’s like there is a whole feeling of. Refreshed. And it’s fresh it’s beginning
it’s children it’s Everything. But how many of
us truly feel this. And when we think about it. None. None of us. I Think of okay to they get summer
today is spring today is winter and yet. It’s where the seats are to when the seeds
planted like flat as farmers
who planted the seed he’d there was a whole season for it. Right. When it is planted
when it gets harvested when it blooms and even wintertime when
everything goes into hibernation. Right.
So. We
come alive summertime the sun
is by right it’s shining yes it is hard but we already know it’s coming and yet. This. Change not only for the season. Realizing that when it is hot there are so many people
who cannot new deal with the heat and they complain with the heat and there’s
people who cannot deal with the rain and they
complain about the rain and being. In a gloomy time and yet it’s not about
the season the seasons will
always be there. The heat is always there. The rain if you are
in the Seattle a area or in a rainy climate. Please expect the rain. So. Is it the season we complain about the
heat that we complain about or is it we complain? So I think it is humans. It is us. That we have not learned how to
adjust and adapt with certain things and so many of us. Really complain about just about anything
when it’s hot we complain when it’s cold we complain when it’s
rainy we can play and yet in the summer heat and everything we ask for rain. We wanted water ride. So why am I talking
about all of us. Good question. Welcome to heal talk
Tuesdays with Liza. I’m your expert hypnotherapist and what I do is shift you go from pain to
gain and put this that mean that means when we are in the complain
more when we are in that negative. Mode when we feel
powerless or insecure or
you know it’s constantly does deprived or depressed or we can’t see the
bright side of everything. To a point. That you can see the greatness. In so much more than you feel more grateful to
everything that is around you. Because when
it’s hot and you’re. Asking for rain. To remember when
it’s cold and rainy. This is what you wanted. Maybe not every day. But so much of who you are. And for so many reasons in life I believe that we are able to shift. Were she
able to shift and appreciate the things. Of what surround us most. What is the power within us. And the people
who. Either.
Tell you otherwise. Or you’ve heard growing up. All the things that you
have come to believe. You know. Had a client yesterday
and said you know. In life I’ve grown up with my parents telling me I can’t do this I can’t do that and that I will not
amount to anything and it’s so depressing
to be there all the time. When I. I have been feeling
as if I am nobody. I don’t believe in myself. I sat. So exactly what
is it that you do. She said I’m a nurse. I am a nurse. And I work. With a company that my parents have for. It’s their company. And. At that very moment I
turned around and I said hi Jasmine human
complains about every. Yes and I need that. Hello Anita. And. And I said. So you are a nurse. You work for a
company that it’s your of. Of families company. And you’re saying that you. Have believed in what they say and
amounted to nothing and yet you studied. You went to nursing school. You got the you did…
you passed the test you got your degree you work in a company that is your parents and I said do you
think a salary she said yes and I said so you’ll also get a salary
working in that company. And you thought until now. That they told you, you amount
to nothing in here you are. A registered nurse. Who did all this for you. She looked at me puzzled
as if I am asking her a question she had never even
pondered of thought about and she said. Of course I did. And I said did they
take the test for you of course night. I did they go to
school for you know. So what parts of what they said. Did you believe. Well that I don’t matter
that I’m not worthy and I said and yet. There is a part of you. That has. Gone beyond what they said. And in your power
within yourself. Your abilities. Your own gifts your own tenacity. Your own resilience. Has brought you
to where you are. So today. You are here for white. And demoing I brought that up. It’s for the first
time she smiled. She smiled because
she had not given herself the kudos. Thank you. For the work she had done. So my question
to you is how often. Have you really giving your powers away
or fuck you have given your powers away without realizing. That you. Have accomplished so much. You know in life. We do so much. We have so much. And. We. Give so much. And we don’t think
that we have it. Because the grass is always greener
at the other side instead of utilizing the grass is only green where you water it. You can have all
the confidence in the in life to achieve things. The when you
believe in yourself. Very little. About yourself and that’s because. It’s not that you. Don’t believe in yourself. But you haven’t touched earned the mirror to look at yourself
it’s as if your own ways of looking
outside of that glass the window. And you forgot. Instead of looking into mirror. To literally look in the mirror. It don’t look in the mirror
just to put your hair up to put your makeup on to look beautiful to
what other people see. The to truly fucking
the mirror and see you your own gifts your gut feelings. Everything that you have
accomplished all your experiences. And. She just needed
validation that’s true. We all do no matter who we are. And I love you for. All the gifts that
you have Jasmine. Everything that you
give you give you give and you are not realizing. That how much. Validation. That you constantly
give to others and empower others that you give as acts of service. And I know. You’ll have all the confidence. Just for a moment to
turn around and say. Thank God. This is who I am. This is who I am. I am able to give I am
grateful that I have been able. To provide. And realize your gift
have been surpassed. And I’m sure possible. Because of your faith. In you. And who you are. None of us are here alone. Yes with God’s faith. And when we look we see That we can give more than what we thought we. Are able to. So for that. I want you to realize. I. Have to adjust my seat. I can turn around and say. All I do is therapy. All I do is come here and. Talk. And hopefully. I can make a difference
in one person’s life that what I have to say might
be important to them. That who you are truly matters. And. I literally give kudos to someone like you Jasmine. That are able to achieve
far greater than I thought. I could. And. Moms who have two or three children
and how they juggle how they manage not only being a mother being a wife being either a wife or even a single parent. There are so many who
come over here and there like I don’t know how to
juggle and I’m like I take my hat off to you
because there was no way I can even conceived the
thought of doing all this. In yeah yet somehow. Every wine. Has this bucket they manage what’s in their bucket and we get to add more. Into the bucket it’s like the more. The bucket stretches the
more we add into it and then we turn
around and say I’m Feeling as if I am overwhelmed I am buried I cannot handle
any more and yet. We asked for it we manifested. Re want the children
or we want the marriage we want the career
we want the stardom we want it and when we haven’t we turned around and say. But this is not exactly
what I asked for. While you know what in life. We don’t get. It’s like it’s not a cookie cookie cutter. Of how it comes to us it’s like
we ask for egg and it’s given to us we didn’t. Cut and paste what we want. So the person who wants
to be really successful. And be. Like me I write the books I am in so many
collaborations I want to be an offer and everything. I didn’t ask how I am doing so I
said yes to many things. And yes to juggling the clients juggling the
book juggling the event juggling this and then getting home and then
turning around and say. I am. Beat. I ask for it. So my question to you is. When. You sit with yourself. And you think you
are overwhelmed. At that very moment I
want you to say thank you. Thank you. To every aspect of for you are. And bigger grateful to
all your abilities because. You know it’s just. God does not give us more
than what we can handle. In life. I know someone. Who truly. When I look at her. And I talk to her. Is like. How did you do this. How did you overcome such tragedy of losing. All your family literally five of her family members. To come to forgive the person who. Massacred and killed them to be able to stand up and make a difference in come to
forgiveness and teach forgiveness. Teach all of that to others and say. If I can do it you can do it. Some of us cannot fathom that. And when we look at it. Is. The power is within you. The power is not
within any more nails just like my client. Who came here yesterday. It’s not the things your
family members said or the teacher say a or your peer pressure says. It’s what you believe. Within yourself that you haven’t seen the gifts in you. The resilience senior. So what I do is check light. I evoke everything from them. You know in therapy in. The the record. The psychology that
therapy that they’re are doing there is a hole pattern that they call it Of The Petrasca Method. In the protract come method
which is a way of therapy is that there is the for courtrooms which is the self awareness
and then there’s the emotions and there is that the transitions that they are doing the transformational
park and then there’s the relationship and the communication. So this four quadrant they put all their clients
this is where I’m taking them from this level the self awareness
which is meditation becoming aware becoming aware of
all that we are part of. In who we are how I
feel how I think who I am. Every aspect of five
cents this is to become immersed into that learning how to do the
meditation self-actualization. Right
to come to. Connecting with
all your emotions. What I feel. And when this happens how I
connect with that how I feel about that and what are my feelings versus what other people think of me. Because every single
person outside of you. Has different
perceptions about you and also dot com
because of their own. Misconceptions of who you are or their own upbringing and their way of being evaluating
their own ethics and values. So he might not be
only about the you it is about them and how they perceive what
they see what they know. About you oh. And it doesn’t change
the fox of who you are. So after she showed
me that courtrooms. She turns around and
says Liza you do this. And I said yes. I do these exact things but I do it in a different
way I call that the three he method which is evoking. Evoking the. About you evoking in shedding a light. It’s learning about the things that you do you feel. And you want. That’s what we invoke
will evoke our past. Not necessarily go into the trauma but. Shitting and light
to understand. And the heat of the
summer that we’re talking and you say I
cannot stand this heat. Is. What do you want. We can’t change to season. We can change how we cope with thanks. How we cope. With the heat how we cope with the rain. We want the rain
we meet the rain. So so when it feels
gloomy is it gloomy. Or is it just raining. To sometimes when you feel like I am depressed and everything. If you shift the
perception and say. I feel as if I’m in a funk. Right. Coming to that and embracing
where you are how you feel. Embracing with
happening around you. Instead of fighting against it. Because this is negative. This is harsh. And. When we do that. Recognizing. That the more you are able you stretch. A woman who gets
pregnant the body stretches. To Give. Room for the baby to grow. And for those who have. Like twins the ones who have
triplets the ones will have quadruplets this is amazing how it stretches. Did she ask for it. You know if it was planted. She said thank
you for all of it right. But we come to gratefulness
of this amazing way our body does your body does. So what. Happens to us. Is if we can shift
our perception. In how we come to the self awareness
to accepting the emotions how we emote ourselves and the words we use. And becoming awareness. Through embracing it. And then evolving
to what we want. Everything in life from business from personal from wanting. A car to wanting a house to wanting
a vacation to wanting a relationship either with somebody
else or with you. What is your girl. What do you want. Because there’s always. An answer. The answer may not be
exactly what you want. That makes you feel good but it is an answer. It is a solution. There’s always a seller shall we
may not be happy with the solution. But the resolved
is what we want. The solution is not. The easy one. But if it gets to you know the are oh I. The return on your investment. If that is. What you want. If you want to drop twenty pounds
and you have not been able in the past. I can hop you. Shed off. Release let go drop that
weight emotional weight physical weight mental weight. The anguish the
burden the weight that has been burdened on top of you or you took
it upon yourself and you held onto it. I can help you with that. It’s not though
it’s not the food you eat. Right. So all this. Comes. Boiling down to
the heat of white. Is a accepting and
appreciating validate yourself. And when I do best. See. The whole huh. Yesterday I’m talking
to someone and she said. Oh, I studied NLP. Do you do NLP? You know I studied an NLP which
is Neuro Linguistic Programming. And how the body languages how my clients the way they sit. The way they sat. The way they sit in a
corner of the recliner instead of the full chair. The way there. And. Chin or their lips starts moving. Or when they are going into a state of relaxation
and they close their eyes this comfort comes and their I cannot unsee as when I asked
them to imagine something I see their eye movement ever so gently and when I in ask them to
respond to me either would. Have their fingers which is I do That Video And. Response. So. Techniques. Believe me I’ve been doing
this for twenty one years. Hypnosis. Is a modality. It is a method it is a tool it is a technique so is
NLP so as time-line therapy so is. Petrushka so as gestalt. Those are all modalities. We can use different modalities to how our client to help you get where you want. But my first question is. What do you want. How do you want to feel. How would you see. Yourself. Six months from now a year from now. What do you want. So if somebody wants a car. I asked them. What kind of a car. I want. A fast car a fast car. A fast car can be a Jaguar a fast car can be a Hyundai a fires car can be a Ferrari. What do you want while want to
for robbery really. Can you afford a Ferrari today? Know. How fast you want to go. Where’d you want to travel. If you are in the
streets of Glendale. Where I am. There’s all kinds of fast cars. It’s not the car it’s the driver that needs to and how. The the power of the car. How to maneuver the car. How to push the car. And be in control of the car so if you. Are not be good driver. There’s no way anyone what. The seller will give
you any car you want. But are you going to be
comfortable in driving a Ferrari. Or. It’s going to be ruined. So learn how to drive a car. Learn how to maneuver a car. In park the car with one hand. Do everything when you feel proficient. Then you can upgrade to everything that you want. In life we I. Have so much ability. It’s not the outside
it’s not the car it’s the driver. You know I for the third time. I went to see top gun. Not because of Tom cruise. But because of the meaning. In the movie. So what does. This say. I watch something for. Learning something from it. I watch movies to see
the meaning behind it because in every movie in every person in every personality. We have it all we
have the hero within us we have the vigilant within us we have the power within us. We have the insecure are. There is not a single person in this world
does not have this much of in security with them or has not felt. Down sized or told by someone. That you are not going to
amount to something in their life or they didn’t believe. that I don’t have what they have. That there was not
enough competition. So Top Gun shows you Team work. It shows friendship it gives. Honor system it gives. Everything that we have in us. And it’s not only movies it’s not
so pop for us it’s not everything. We are that movie. You are. Everything. Every book story you read. Hazard. You are that story. And I want you to remember that. You are. Everything your life is. This is your life
it is your story. And when you think about it. And you think about your childhood. And if you couldn’t go in
sit next to the first thing. In instead of saying. I was this I want you to remember you are. Exactly that same person. Yes life. For some it’s been great. And for others they
look back and say. You know life has really changed and I am not where
I thought I was to be. And yet you are exactly. Where you are supposed to be. Because if it was not because of you. One study were helping. The ones you are caring for. The ones that you are empowering teaching. Giving of service. Would not be grateful to you. They are. Here. They are making
it because of you. They are. You are exactly where you’re
supposed to be my dear. Because there’s so
many who relied upon you. And I know. That you wanted to say. What about me. What about my dreams. What about my once. I too want. To travel to do this. So The 3E Event that I
put together is exactly for this. It’s a journey. Within. So we gather we come together to empower one another. When I say women coming
together collaborating and giving each other this
energy of saying you know what. Thanks to you. Thank you. I see you. I see your power. I see you for who you are. And for. The next two days. I am here to stand by you. To sit next to you. And together. We can do this. And finding like minded people. And realizing you
are never alone. Maybe learning from the expert speakers how to. Let go of one thing. How to learn to understand how to show up. How to stand up for yourself. How to. Make certain changes in your life how to de-clutter. Your home space for your body space or
are your mind space. There are so many tools and techniques
you will learn from the speakers and yet the healing exercises
that we’re going to do that you will feel oh my God. I. Think. Just like yesterday the
client who was sitting like this clamored in defense mode. By the time she left she
says me I get a hug I feel like a whole weight has lifted off of me. Today I got to see me. And that’s what we do at the tweaking event. That’s what happens
at the heel within. You get to heal. And site. So. Jasmine says please no more. No. I don’t want any more. I. Yes. So many I must say I
don’t want any more. Okay. Instead of saying I
don’t want any more. What do you want. What do you want. And be very. Comfortable. By seeing the things you want. With no judgment. No guilt. No shame. Because you truly deserve to live. You to deserve. Everything. And when you ask for it. I want you to notice. God does get. We usually get what we ask for. So today. Sit with yourself. And be grateful for everything. That you half. You have been given to. And realize everything. That you were grateful for has been for you. And today you can
turn around and say. Sturdy and today. This is when I want. And within the next six
months this is where I will be. And within. So. We get what we ask for. I know it’s hard to. Fathom. But that’s what. Faith is. Our subconscious
mind here’s everything. And will do and give us everything. It’s planted. Just like a farmer. You plant. The good seed. For the grass to grow. And the poisoning. Which one will grow faster. The one. We water it. The one that pours rain. And gets all the nourishment. So today. Be clear. What is it that I want. What do I desire. What do I want to feel. And start validating your decisions. And it’s okay. So. This beautiful heat
of the summer. Let’s welcome to heat. Let’s welcome this time that so many are
taking vacations children are out of school. And everything. That it’s happening. Around us. Being grateful. For living and being part of. This beautiful world. I’m not saying there is
nothing negative out there. For there is a lot. But what is the one thing
you can do for yourself. For your immediate family. For your friends. For your colleagues. By saying yes to you. I’m making a difference. When we say harness
your power within. His to validate. To appreciate and to accept yourself. So that you can. Give. And help others. With a rippling effect. Trust your gut. Trust yourself. Stand in front of the mirror
and instead of saying. It’s so bad I don’t wanna look. You wink. And you remembered the little girl. The young man. And you say. Let’s get at it. It’s time to play. And put the music on. Say hello to you. Say hello to you. And with that. I’ll see you next week. God bless you. And may do you
know where sunlight surround here. Bye Jasmine. Bye Adrienne Bye Anita. And everyone. Is watching here. So make sure you subscribe. Pushed the button and Subscribe to our
Heal Talk Tuesdays. And yes sign up
to The 3E event. Because for two days. You’re going to have
the most amazing. time of your life. See next week. Enjoy the heat. I know I will.

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