Finding Your Superpower

What is your superpower?

Sometimes people will say that we are worthless, but then when you look at all you did, on your own, for which you have received a paycheck, praise, etc, you have to look at things a different way. It’s your superpower.

If someone wants to be the best of the best, how can you help them do that?

What if, what if you were to do this. Make sure they feel good about themselves. They become better than anyone else, but they understand what the best means. That it takes resiliency. That it takes courage. It also takes leadership to be the best of the best. So when you are at the
top of your game, what you are doing is also. Becoming a mentor, being a leader, working harder to remain where
you are. Do you know why? Because there’s always someone who wants to be the best of the best. Or there are so many who look up to the best of the best. And if that’s what he wants, encourage them. Coach them. Support them to be it.

It’s not about ego. It is understanding what it means to be at the top of your game. So this is what I think. Isn’t life a perception? Everything we do, if we twist what we are thinking, not what we are feeling, because feeling comes and goes. So do thoughts. But if you shift your perception, we can shift you into a higher goal and life. So today, become the best of the best in whatever you are doing. When you believe in yourself, you become what you want. Thank you for being a part of Heal TalkTuesday. That was a short message that I believe every one of us has the encouragement, the motivation, the tenacity, and the resiliency to be all we want. What do you want to be? What do you want to? Who do you want to encourage and support to be at the top of their game?

You have more power than you believe.

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