Real Talk About Roe v Wade with Christeil Gota

Real Talk about Roe v. Wade with Christeil Gota

This is Real Talk with Liza and Christeil Gota, CEO of Hawaii Cancer Care, a private practice oncology practice in Hawaii. Chris is a healthcare executive and a mom.

Today’s talk is about the recent reversal of Roe v. Wade. This turns the question of abortion over to the states, and the Federal government no longer protects abortion. Interestingly, when abortion was made legal, the number of abortions increased. However, with COVID and people quarantined together, abortion rates went up again. The largest portion of women having abortions, according to the CDC, are in their 20s when their adult life, school, and career are just starting.

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Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza
Where transformation begins as we evoke embrace and evolve We are live! Greetings greetings and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays. Actually today is going
to be Real Talk with Liza and I do have an incredible friend of mine a beautiful soul who is always there to support me and
be with me Chris Gota Welcome Chris. Chris: Hello Liza. Nice to be here. Liza: Thank you
well today it’s like. We came all the way to the end of June
it seems like every month or something to talk about there’s
something that. Comes into the news
something that is impacting us. Everyone. Nationwide. So today we’re going
to be talking about Women – women’s rights and. What just happened this
week Roe v Wade and everything that has come
about the march that is going on. You know a lot of people message me and said you been silent about this what
do you have to say so today
is exactly what we are doing let’s have some real talk. First introduce
yourself and let’s begin. Chris: I am Chris Gota, Christeil Gota
and I am CEO of Hawaii cancer care. It’s a private practice
oncology practice in the state of Hawaii where the
only community practice in Hawaii and as a healthcare executives and a mom. you know I have also been
approached by some people in the light of probably since May since the leak of the
Supreme Court opinion about Roe v Wade and now the subsequent actual overturning
of the decision by the Supreme Court. Asking you know what’s going on
what’s what to what does this mean for us. So I’m here to help answer questions the
and give my perspective humbly. About the issue. And hope that the you know there can be some
good productive dialogue that goes forward. Liza: Okay. So
let’s. Discuss. Roe v Wade
why it was placed And it came about and. For the women’s rights. For us of women have being. The rights to their own body having their own choice and the decisions that they
wanted to make for their own selves right. And this case has been. Being and. How do I say it. At there has been
so many attempts to reverse it. And this is not the first time. So.
Right. So
when we want to talk about this is it something. that is affecting every state? I believe not because I think the Supreme
Court has made this decision and said instead of
nationwide or who I am. As the ruler I want every stage to
make their own decision. Chris: Yes that that’s and that’s basically what the legalities
of the of the opinion and the subsequent overturning of the ruling resulted. It’s basically the supreme
court that whose job it is is to interpret the constitution. has basically said that the the right to have an
abortion or not be put in jail for having an abortion
or performing an abortion. Is not covered under
the fourteenth amendment and the fourteenth amendment
came after the abolition of slavery cause the thirteenth
amendment was the one that that abolish slavery
and but more than that the constitution
said well besides Jr just ending you know of
an indentured servitude all of the rights
that in are enjoyed by non slave to people. Will be then. You know.
The extended to former slaves. So it’s under that amendment that row and the the
case of Roe v Wade in assured the right of basically Liberty or privacy extended to women
and reproductive rights so. You know as much as as I am distressed
by the fact that something like this can be reversed and that rights liberties and protections
are now kind of narrowed for women. As as disturbed and you know. a annoyed I am funny that. It’s still unfortunately has some
you know some legal ground there there’s
some logic to that. That it was kind of week to
begin with the the the ruling and it didn’t go far enough and
I I have to agree with that part of it. Unfortunately what it what did. Essentially did was it let the supreme court wash their hands
or let the constitution wash their hands. Of this issue and put it back on the states. That could be good or
bad it really depends on on. Your your view of how. How we can use the constitution
and how we use our legal system so.
You know it all goes back
to the fact that the constitution is this
incredible document that allows for representative
government so if. You know if you’re confused
about what’s going on. Unfortunately you do
need to go back and learn what the constitution
is all about why it’s here and why we’re
depending so much on it for all of the these
things that we enjoy now as Americans
and if we even know if it you know the question is isn’t enough cause
obviously look at what’s happened you know. It doesn’t feel like
it’s enough right. Liza: Well
what is he now and
what is being pro. Am pro choice
award is a to being. I mean. I know there’s this mandate there’s coming
out with that there’s going to be a ruling
that every child between fifteen around fifteen
years old is going to have. The right to choose about their
own healthcare and everything so they want to give
the right to a child and yet now right here Roe v Wade got Dismissed and it was overturned. But it’s not that a woman does not have the
right it’s still we still have the right what we want what we don’t mind and what’s
happening to our body. So.
Let’s let’s say. There was a fourteen year old. That gets impregnated. Okay. Does she have the same right as the
twenty one year old and we go to the family. Family planning
you know even then they’re gonna
say where’s your guardian. Where is the person who’s. You know bring some one that we know it’s
to to take care of you you cannot make a decision for
something like this. Okay. That’s what it is because the legality is like the age for family
planning for them to do something like that is also
so a fourteen year old cannot make that kind
of a decision I believe and yet because
they’re still young. And God forbid when something
like that has happened. Then. I mean it’s like was the it. The guardian the parent was it forced was it. You know was
willing what I mean it’s there
were so much into this and that is is it
about the constitution. Is it about a woman
or a girl’s choice. I’ve been been both sides. And I remember when I was young
and I made that choice and
I have talked to so many of my clients and because I talk to. Everyone about health and wellness
especially women who have come. After an abortion and they literally it’s not
an easy choice it is it. And no matter who says what it’s
not an easy choice it’s a lot of thinking and feeling as if I am boxed in either religious or. Feeling and. That I have to either family or no matter what it
is or a boyfriend. No matter what when a
woman comes to that decision. It’s not the first thing
that comes into her mind. And the. After the fact Is. There they go through a lot of. Of Depression. They can go through a
lot of grieving and said so. Self criticism. Of one yeah he did that so it’s not an easy decision
for people to think you know why just
go and get an abortion why don’t you just
take a pill the next day. No
it’s not that. Simple. Chris: Right and Sorry go on Liza: go ahead. No I’m talking that side
because people think that. And. You know it it’s an
easy thing to do. It’s
the hardest decision to make. And yet when I was
working at family planning. Many many years ago. In the seven months
that I was there. You won’t believe that
there were people there that. Unfortunately I’m not
saying this for every one. They abused the system
in a way they use it as a. Like a. A pill and they would come in the seven months I
was there one woman came in four times the saying it’s cheaper
than going the pill So. What. What is going on. Is it about the state is it
about law is it about us is it about women the making those decisions for themselves. Chris: You covered quite
a bit in your little statement. Liza: I Know Chris: I
think I have a response that will kind of
address all of those things. Liza: I get emotional. Chris: I know I know and I want to do. It for anyone who’s really interested
in learning more about this I. suggest I invite you to
visit the CDC website and we can put a link on your.
Liza: Of course we will Chris: links for this but his
abortion statistics so they they do have a
surveillance system to to look at what. How abortions are being
utilized in the country and in 2018 I’m
reading this right from the CDC website in 2018 women in their
twenties accounted for more than half of the abortions 57.7% percent in 2018 however. And if you look
at the statistics over time. There was a decrease in
overall numbers of abortion from from 2003 To 2018 There was a decrease. So I think if you look at
the statistics and really dive into the reasons why these
statistics exists you there’s kind of some things that you can
kind of poll from these statistics so. You know Roe v Wade
happened in the late eighties and and and from the nineties till. Until the mid. Two thousands. There was actually decrease if you look at
the graph that’s on the CDC the number of abortions actually went down. Right so how is it that when abortions are
big our our decriminalized and made more available the number of abortions
decrease that’s a significant issue and I think people on the pro-choice
I should really use that statistic to to. Present the the the idea that. When you to decriminalize these type of
things like abortion. And. All of these things
that opens up. Other possibilities for women including
you know. Sex education, contraception and healthier alternatives. Now the other the other a. Statistic is that you know fifty seven percent percent or more than half of the abortions performed and. Were Women in their twenties why is that. So that’s another
thing to really to really.
Analyze so women in their
twenties for some reason if there is a pregnancy what their it is called an
unintended pregnancy. For some reason abortion is
It sought after or or the this unintended unintended pregnancy
puts women in their twenties at some sort of
disadvantage that is. That abortion
is is needed. Right so in in your case
or in other cases where where women choose us
in their twenties and thirties. There’s lots of
reasons economic right number one
makes it can be. Yeah if I were in my
twenties you know just let’s look at look
at this general I just let’s just generalize the to to statistic. Sorry
the can’t stocked up today. So a woman in their
twenties is probably in college. In the middle of their college career
or just starting out their career just graduated college just starting out their career and son the there’s a a pregnancy
and unintended pregnancy. Liza: Right
Chris: for some reason being pregnant is now an echo
there’s now an economic disadvantage to being pregnant
in your twenties. Right so or. Maybe you’re not married
maybe there’s some other reason and now so besides economic
disadvantage they’re stigma. There’s right there’s a stigma Liza: Of course there is Chris: pregnant and
outside of marriage or or pregnant and and within a marriage
and then there’s some other circumstance. So but. If you ask if you
really look at this why. Why then do men not
have that same economic and
social disadvantage. When the person they
impregnated becomes pregnant. And this is really goes to answer some of the some of the
the things you talked about it right Liza is that.
You had reasons to it because. There was a a family situation
and economic situation you faced it but the the the man. That you were with the that was the father of the child. Had none of those didn’t face any of those why. So that’s really I think. The crux of the question and
and if you if we really analyze it and really listen
to the other side. What I what is amazing is you
know as I’ve thought about this pro-life and pro-choice
people are actually on the same side. If they really think about it. Really on the same sides of. I dunno if if there’s a
compromise that can be made or some way of of coming
together but really what it is is. There is no way. That men can be equal to women and I say that in a
very specific way men can never be equal to women. When it comes to
reproductive rights. Because they
don’t have a uterus. But at the same time I really warn
against people saying no uterus no opinion. Because it it it isn’t about that it’s the
same it’s that’s just as bad as saying no penis no opinion and. Of course they they’re it’s. Unequal but.
The or equity can be reached right. So although men are unequal to
women when it comes to reproduction. Equity can be reached some people have said well why is it
the women have to be encumbered. So why why are we
go going towards. Being unencumbered right that’s what
a. Life to say quick well if you want. Equality. Then that’s how you have to go you have
to be uncovered you have to be like a man. You know just.
Not have the I took Harriet. A life in your in your body. But that that’s
impossible to because. Men don’t have uteruses they can’t carry
a life in their body. So. Liza: And you know there’s also the
discussion died. At. A boyfriend or a
husband wants to know I mean if some go to the abortion
clinic with their. With the woman. The young girl whatever and there are ones who say you know it’s
your body I don’t care what you want to do and there’s the ones who say you have no right to do that
because I’m on a part of it. Or so but when we look at statistics
and we’re talking about statistics and
I was doing my own track and if. Believe it or not in the year 2020 which is only two years ago and that smart during
COVID there was more abortions that happen it twenty six percent
increase in abortions why. Because I believe. COVID brought
everyone together. And we were stuck. In the same house and those who were stuck in the
same house with their significant other or with their boyfriend or. The intimacy if
there wasn’t before it happened or if there was a DV
situation what adverse situation. That ignited this entire thing and a
lot of pregnancies happened that was unplanned. Or. Not intended to it was not. A choice but it happen. Of course. I’m also the first person to
say accidents do not happen. Because. You know there is no accident there is there is always an
action and something happens. There is an action for it and. The accident is the
ramification order resolved of whatever hopping so but twenty six percent of
increase in abortion that happen. That’s a lot. So when you’re talking about to decrease
and then suddenly covert brought and increase which you brought. A lot of. Abuse it brought a lot of
alcoholism a broad of a lot of. So. Drugs and fights and also. The need for abortion. So. At that moment. I still believe it is
a woman’s right to. Turn around and say. No matter how
hard it is at this time. This decision. Is the only or the best
decision I can come up with. And there is
no other woman no other man no country no law no
attorney that can turn around and say. You are in the wrong. You have no right. Chris: Well in certain states they can say
that in certain that. The again criminalize your
choice to have an abortion or. Or or criminalize people
who perform abortions so that. The
overturning Roe v. Wade means. Is that it is criminalized
and more states than the than
exam. Liza: and I also look at the other side. There is women who don’t
even know they’re pregnant. Until five weeks. Six weeks. And it’s already pushing
get to the first trimester. And. A part of the law is after twenty four weeks. That is wrong. Because now a baby is really a baby. So
that is where. The line gets a little bit. Fuzzy. And ugly Because now it’s. Some say from the
moment of conception it’s a baby
and one is when the
heart is developed it’s a baby. So and that is not a
discussion for at this moment. but You know.
For everyone to understand. No matter what we decide. There’s going to be emotional. Connection.
I don’t think. There is a single woman
would want to hurt herself intentionally. Chris: Yeah.
Yeah. And. I know that everybody likes to push off
or tries to push off the morality question and all of this. And I have been I have been. Politically pro-choice for
really my whole life. But socially and
emotionally I’ve been pro-life. And
at and when I mean by that is. I personally believe
that life begins at conception. But I also. Believe that women
should not be criminalized both and of physicians sure should not be criminalized
for performing abortions and and. Just very quickly want to take it
back to the constitution because. You know where does this discussion have
to take place because you’re looking at morality and then
you’re looking at legality. Accent women and remember Liza: this is a
legal thing we’re talking about Chris: we’re talking
about a legal thing but legal things come from
morality come from moral questions and and we do have the. The only thing that exist today
for us to count on and to stand on is the constitution and the constitutional
process right? Because when this whole thing
happened in 1788 when they finally ratified it you
know half of the half of the people didn’t want to ratify
it because it it and. It it
they couldn’t. They couldn’t do
they were trying to abolish slavery at the
at the writing of the constitution at the declaration
of independence but there was. Quite a few people that wouldn’t. Ratified because they
were slave owners. And so there was a decision made that they
would compromise that would compromise to say okay we can keep slavery in there
just we just got a pass us constitution we just have you know we
won the revolutionary war we have to have our a representative government set
up so let’s just do this let’s go forward or worry about the
slave question later. But really you know no I mean. The legality the when the thirteenth
amendment finally was passed. It wasn’t. Because of the moral
dilemma that the founding fathers face and again. You know these these
things I liked us to to see the the constitution as like a like a
you know a colander or a slit a sieve right
and everything. That that’s thrown
in there you know do you know all
the rights liberties protections of the constitution can be thrown in there you know and over time. You know things have fallen
through because the holes in this there’s a lot of
gaps in the constitution lot of holes a lot of
things fall through in the very beginning
of slaves that fell through and women
that felt through right and if you look
at a picture of the of the declaration
of independence and you look at a paint the
that famous painting of all those those people in the room you
looking and you cannot find a single person of color
or a woman in that. In that picture. So the right a
representative government. The right of the people to create a government by consent of the governed who gives consent back and 1788 it was just men. Men of European descent possibly landowners everybody else
wasn’t even consider you ask those guys back
then it was almost like saying you know you’re going to give
rights your goldfish they’re like goals. It wasn’t. They weren’t jerks about
it they just it just wasn’t in their head. So that’s what I mean by the
constitution has all these gaps but over time this amazing document –
it has filled in gaps thirteenth amendment
filled in the gap for slaves. The what is it now the
fourteenth amendment. Liza: Amendment Chris: rght
and then finally women right the nineteenth amendment
finally filled in those gaps So now the more
people are getting. Or are getting it you know
the rights liberties and protections extended
to them so the gaps are being filled all
right. But today 2022 there still gaps there are
still people falling through and right now the biggest
people that fall through our unborn children. Children
unborn children so that the so that’s. That’s
where the dilemma comes in right cause like I said I’ve been
pro-choice all my life but you look at the way this works you look at kind of the
timeline of the constitution and slowly these
gaps are being filled. And in the end really personhood the morality
question that’s really and
you know. As as stomach turning us that that statement
is that’s really what’s going to get us the protections as women. Is to it for the constitution to
acknowledge personhood. You know and right now. The the constitution
or supreme court says. It’s up to the states okay. Then it’s up to the states. The up to right now
it’s up to the states and so we work
on the state level. You know personhood
on the state level level and and maybe
every single 52 states are going to say
person who’d starts at conception
but within that. Concept of. You know a human being as
a human being at conception. At certain times the rights of the woman supersede the rights of
of the child and and that’s what we
have to work with you know and
that’s what pro lifers. You know I. Get so angry about and get so and passion about that’s
what you have to work with but in the end up what I want to say to people
who are pro-choice in the end if you extend protection. Of the
unborn. In the constitution. You are by default except
extending protection to women
who bear those unborn children. So all of those things
that you mention the social stigma that echoed
comic disadvantage all of those things necessarily have to go away because rights
liberties and protections have to be extended to the unborn child and the
person carrying that child. Right.
So that. So I think we’re really on the same side as
weird as that sounds I think we’re really on the same side and honestly. I don’t vote
conservative but if it if conservative women
are out there are. You taking. Your conservative women’s a
women’s coalitions taking personhood to the constitution usually a powerful force an incredible
power powerful force for change and I want to
support the that. And then. Women who are who
vote on the liberal side to extend rights
and and protections to women today for reproductive
rights and our liberties and or and on our privacy. You
know that’s a powerful force, too Liza: Of course it is Chris: Yeah but at the same time
you know if I’m in my twenties and I got pregnant I
didn’t mean to get pregnant and if I have this baby
I’m not going to get that job or that job is going to go to someone
that isn’t going to go on maternity leave. You know that. We can maybe coalesces women there to and say
you know as employers we can say look that’s the best
person for the job so she has to go
on maternity leave what federal protections you know.
Are available so to everyone in the chain. The employer the employee the family. You know and if we start to look at it
in that sense because there’s no way that men will be equal to women ever because they
don’t have a uterus. Okay so Liza: not only that I mean there is so much
that a twenty year old is going through if she just started a career. And.
That. A that if she gets pregnant at the company’s going
to let her go or what. You know you are so right
there were the stigma of. A woman having to make a decision. About her life her future
her present everything. So
for that I wanted to say You know I
have no children of my own loving children of my own and when I look at some of
my clients some of my friends and.
Someone. I have friends that
how for kids five children and I’ve got clients
that I help them with getting pregnant that have tried so
many times and they can conceive and then you know they do
the in vitro and then they conceive and with the hypnobirthing
and all lot. Kudos. Kudos to all of you who
can juggle and manage and here’s the word to
the best of your ability. Because there is no perfection. There is no perfect
mother there is no perfect wife there is
no perfect human being and to the best of. In do. You know
because when we grow up. It’s.
Understanding. The things that
a woman has to face the emotional connection
the mental anguish the physical going through that
entire physical thing and then. Being told or being
under this kind of a stigma. It’s not easy so kudos. Chris: Yeah and I wish that and you know
maybe it starts small maybe just in our own families in our community. Where we really start to come
together as women and
I’m really hoping. That he can become a national movement is
especially in the light of the overturning Roe v Wade That
it you know everything grass roots will
eventually make it to to the constitution but. But to really take the experience of
women and all women and an honor it. An honor it because you know.
If someone has an unintended pregnancy. Does she needs amazing
amount of support. The same amount of
support that someone who got pregnant on purpose
needs. Right and there shouldn’t be a
difference I think the women’s experience
needs and I dunno if there’s a way to start a movement
or get people in touch with movement like that. I know that federally funded
movements are gonna start. You know cropping up
because they’re that’s that’s how. That’s how we you know that’s how we work
within the law right and and that.
Brilliant women are is that will find a way
will find a way. Of. Liza: That’s a beautiful thing that you
said as a matter of fact I was to mention
that at HealWithin every month were starting a group of women group
therapy groups of friends and. First the. First one is going to be. A July. Eleventh which is a Monday
July eleventh we will come together if you are interested
in participating ladies or even gentlemen it doesn’t
matter we’re just gonna come together and
start small in
finding a network. Of
support system for one another and that’s what we’re going to be
doing we’re going to have tea and talk and let’s do this my. You are welcome to
make reservations call us at HealWithin and remember everything that I
do is not only to empower women but for women to show up and
stand up and speak up for who they are With no ramification with no pointing fingers at who we are because we are all. Human beings. Chris: That’s amazing
and and thank you thank you for doing that
because it starts here it starts with our small
group of women within
families with Liza: That’s what
the 3E Event is all about Coming together to empower
women bringing speakers doing healing
exercises and everything so
if you haven’t heard yet please. Right Chris? Chris: Yes yes it’s it’s an amazing
event and a place to to get support you know that wherever you need support
you can find it you just have to reach out. You know
gosh I am a testament to the support
that Liza has given me and her typical of people
have given me throughout the you know ten plus years
that we’ve known each other. It’s amazing and
one of the things that that
we can do you know ourselves to
help women and to help progress our society is to listen. Right is to really
listen and that’s why. You these group meetings and three
he it’s a great way to practice listening. You know and the way
I practice listening as is
and you know we don’t
have time in our in our. usual talks but. I usually when somebody is talking
and they are saying something I don’t agree with what I try to do
is repeat. What I’ve heard. So I’ll start with what
I hear you saying is and a really really try to. Repeat what I heard without
adding in my own opinions and then at the end
of and I go hmm… Because isn’t that what we all want and. When when we come across somebody that
we think doesn’t agree with us and we want. Our say we want our opinion out there. You want the responses to be what I heard you say is. And then you hear
back what you said. And then new and
then that person says. Him and isn’t that
a great response. So we start. Then I think some of this the clashing
between right and left will kind of. You know.
will go away. And but you know keeping our
emotions in check and You know with things like
hypnotherapy really helped me to get calm to get out of that fight or flight
when I’m in a conversation so that I’m open to hearing
what somebody has to say and listening and because I
think that’s the start. Right. Liza: To be heard. Chris: To be heard to feel like I matter and
you know in the end right that’s what we all want
we all. Rights liberties
and protections. That everybody else has So can we do it you know
that’s the question Liza: Can we?
Yes we can And
another thing that. I think it would be. Behoove us to
remember two things. Yeah. Be mindful. Of your body. And. Care for yourself. And remember that this. If you start treating yourself yourself the entire thing which is the mind
a body the emotions physically mentally emotionally. The castle and. The when you opened the
doors what comes into the castle and recognizing that would you allow inside you
the energy you allow inside you. Okay?
so. That’s one
and the second thing which is great for any kind
of a communication. Instead of getting at each other is to realize. Maybe have a communication and say. I may not agree with you but I heard you and respect your opinion which is not mine. Chris: Right
exactly. Exactly that’s beautifully,
beautifully said. Yeah and maybe you can you write it and
put it on your page so we can memorize it. I want to be able
to say that and in a practicing it so that I
can say it easily and freely.
You know. At all in the other. With. Yeah effortlessly I also
want to mention that if you as a if you see a young woman. You know I don’t I. Ate year from eight years old on how early do some
girls get their peers added. They become childbearing sometimes
as early as nine years old ten years old. But
yeah right. You see a up and. You know a young. Girl a young woman you know at who’s had her period
and doesn’t have a support system. May be as. And I’m not talking about. Just girls that are that are
orphaned and don’t have a mom. Even some girls that have a mom don’t have the support. To their friend group
instead you know we as experienced women. Can reach out and be that
support and be open sometimes. You know you can be you can be kind of
like oh my gosh I can’t believe these what these girls are talking about
but they need they need us they need us women
experience women to be their support to be a
a safe sounding board. You know.
When I was Liza: not only that but We are here to support
them and stand by them vs judging them for where they are and how they are
Chris: right. They example is
when I was seventeen. I had an unintended pregnancy se in high school of
seventeen years old and you know everybody was
like shocked and oh my gosh and and you know the school at that time was
like as soon as you start showing you can’t come to class
will just and you know I dunno what kind of deal they had with
the school system but they just weren’t going
to let me come to class anymore they didn’t
let me graduate the or the that’d be graduate
they gave me a graduation or certificate A
high school diploma but I wasn’t able to to walk with my classmates
because I was already showing but I remember that when it went out that I was
going to be out of school because I. Was pregnant and I was in a
catholic high school oh okay. A catholic high school. And. This girl that was super popular she was like one of the
most popular really pretty girl and that I thought was
like the most confident. You know she had everything the looks the grades the popularity she had everything she came up to me and she was like. Scared out of her life. And she asked me she was like. What sex like Does it hurt? Because my boyfriend is
pressuring me to have sex with him. I mean she turned
to me and I’m like. Like on the scale of social thing I was
like the social pariah right I was considered like the failure
when he came to seventeen year olds and she was coming to me so. That
that clues me in that you know young girls
young women teens. Middle school girls do don’t they don’t
have the support that really they need. That’s why the statistics
are the way they are twenty year olds
and thirty year old. She’s no support out there so
if we as experienced mother’s experienced wives
experienced women except you know you don’t have to be healthcare executive
or a clinical hypnotherapist you can just be an experienced woman. Be there for the young women in your life
the young women in your in your community. That is that’s gonna help that is really going to
set the stage for healthier more equity not necessarily equality right okay of. Liza: Reminds me. This puts us At this point. Every single one of you. Watching this episode
of Real Talk with Liza. I believe at this very moment a
whole new thing just surfaced. Liza and Chris together. We are ready to be
your support system Chris: yes.
Yes Yeah absolutely. Yeah that’s the part at yeah. Absolutely and. Yeah whatever I can do to
support you and help you. Liza: Exactly. So with that in mind. Thank you so much. Because I believe every
time you and I speak. We speak real talk we
speak candid talk and we speak from both sides and we bring it home to saying. No matter who you are. Where you are. What you are and how
you dress as how you look. You. Matter to us. Yes.
And we are here to support you. And that’s how HealWithin has come together because
we want you to heal. Instead of punish yourself. So thank
you so much Chris. I know I have taken over the half an hour.
(laughter) Chris: Technical difficulties in
the first five minutes. That’s okay. Liza: You know what
no matter what we overcome challenges.
Chris: Yes. Do when the best we can. Liza: That’s all we can do. So
thank you so much for always being
a support system. My friend my colleague
and the person I go to for a lot of
things that I need support with and for that. I’m all of you for being a part of this
segment of Real Talk with Liza please pushed the button subscribe be
part of us and we will see you next week. Until then
God bless you and may the universal light surround you. Bye Chris. Chris: Bye Thank you. Liza: Thank you.