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How the Death of Mahsa Amini Affects Us All.

How the death of Mahsa Amini affects us all.  That cannot be said enough. What happened to this young woman is truly something that transcends all genders in her country and all over the world, even in the United States.  Because of her, a movement has started to give equal rights to all women and has allowed us to see how we treat women socially and economically. 

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Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza.
Where transformation begins
as we Evoke
Greetings greetings greetings and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays. This is Liza.
It’s so good to be here with you.
It’s absolutely amazing for.
What is going on in the world and where we are
not only as women but as individuals
and and globally what is happening.
And for those of you who do not know me.
By trade I’m a clinical hypnotherapist stress
management consultant and action coach.
Every Tuesday I come live
on Heal Talk Tuesday
and once in awhile
every other week I have a show called a Real Talk where our interview
certain individuals who have
who are either authors speakers
people who make an impact in the world
and those who
are an inspiration and motivation for so many
because of who they are and their status.
Now. Today I want to speak about a few things.
I’ve been getting messages saying
how wonderful it is congratulations
for me being
on NBC
TV with the beautiful of Thalia Hayden it’s NBC
Palm desert.
And yes I am not working there but I
had the honor of being invited to be on her
show on the news actually I was on her show
twice won it was a prerecorded and the other
one ways live yesterday.
On a in the morning and we drove at four o’clock in the morning from.
Here in my hometown how.
And it took me approximately two hours to get there but you know what.
It is worth it.
When some thing.
You want in life
and experience that you want to experience.
Something that means
to you. Know what?
Just like love have
you go out of your way you will drive you will do anything.
It’s not for the notoriety
for the experience.
So life is experiences.
Are past or our experiences everything we do now and we will be doing
our part it’s of our lives our experiences
in the things that we feel.
If you don’t know.
A part of the hypnotherapy that what I do the
method that I have created the 3E Method.
Is exactly that.
And what does the 3E stand for.
It stands for Evoke
what was.
So in a way what we do.
With my clients even at the 3E event
we evoke that means we bring forth we
To light all the things.
That we need to make a change amen and
edit shift
And let go of.
Most important the let go of any can be
blamed it can be angry can be resentment you
can be weight that has been weighing you down
and you’ve been holding onto with out
Of times.
Things happen to us.
And we hold on
A grudge we hold on to a message we hold on to.
Things even
Because at the time that it happened.
There was a feeling and emotion connected to it.
So that that healing
you held onto to it.
So that’s the 3E
the first he is evoking get so bringing to surface to realize what it is that we need
to clear the way
if it is blocked unblock it
and just let it unravel raffle.
The second one is in.
And why we say embrace is so that you can accept and appreciate who you watch as far
as you are.
And it doesn’t matter what happened.
In the past the evoking part
it doesn’t really matter.
As long as you acknowledge that.
So that you can embrace what is happening here.
Today in your life.
How it affected you.
And if that.
Habit behavior
Is no longer something you want to feel related to any can be from relationship.
Can be habits and behaviors
it can be experiences that you
gave meaning to it.
That is no longer has any beer carrier.
Any meaning.
We let go.
And you say thank you.
So you embrace yourself and your say.
I am who I am.
Because of everything.
And now today.
I truly accept and appreciate myself.
Just as I am.
Now what.
Do you understand what I’m saying? now blight.
So from this day forward
you make a choice.
And I’m going to stop and pause over here for just a moment
and say when I was being interviewed yesterday on embassy.
The beautiful fall yeah
asked me a question
we were talking about
women’s empowerment as my sweet event is happening this coming week can
which is Friday Saturday
at the beautiful western Rancho Mirage and you can still buy tickets to come
the hotel was so loud
but you can still get tickets if you want to.
And the.
She asked about.
What is happening in Iran.
And for those of you who do not know
I was born in Iran.
So Iran.
In a in the capital which is Tehran.
It has.
A very heartfelt.
And. Connection.
That countries still does the language does because I still speak it.
I still speak Farsi I can write it I completed
What is happening in our.
What happened to.
And. Ms
Masa it.
It is.
Truly heartbreaking.
You would think that
in this century.
Things like this does not happen.
Was she at the wrong place at the wrong time.
It doesn’t matter.
By what has happened to
her and what happened to a
Many years ago.
In the Pakistani
and how she has come to be
the voice
of so many
young girls young women
and now.
Mahsa Aminis
Her death has
evoked some thing in.
Not only in women.
Than men.
In that country.
Human beings.
That such a chore.
Is not acceptable anymore.
Then you don’t beat
a woman.
To death and she went into coma few days before she died.
It is very sad but.
And fortunately.
If it is her calling if that was
the reason.
This has become a movement.
For others to truly show up stand up speak cop.
And a lot of people have.
Been voicing.
From celebrities.
From and governmental people.
Even therapists
women children
are saying how is this
It is possible that it is happening.
It is happening not only.
In the country that I was born
it is happening in many countries.
As an Armenian
what’s happening in Armenia.
What’s happening towards women
that most people
are not aware
it’s happening in a America is happening in.
Middle east in general it’s happening in African countries in Asian countries
So When I started putting together an event called the 3E
event which is to
empower women
so they can show up stand up speak up
and half a safe place to be.
Like minded women.
Not only safe and I mean it.
Like a safe place not because anywhere else any other event is a danger.
But to be who you are.
To truly get away from.
And give yourself two days.
Just to be you
find new friends
and networking.
Learn about
how to manager
abundance of wealth.
And set the step up your own game.
So speakers
become a part of the book that I’m going to be unveiling.
You know.
Learn to move your body with no judge trained.
To become healthier stronger
in my company
and the healing exercises we do
the beautiful plush
play nice that it is
and the mountains that truly
safeguard the
energy the energy of palm Springs and palm desert the mountains it’s.
But back to her.
It’s. Now.
She’s going to be the spiritual voice
of everyone’s saying
this cannot happen.
And we’ve been saying this.
A lot of people say.
Why is it all your event for women in not everybody.
Now you understand.
Because as women we really need to stand by one another.
And. Stand
And hold hands.
And say.
I appreciate you for who you are.
You matter.
That everything
that we go through.
From the time that we
Grow up
Some people may not agree to this
but that’s exactly what it is.
It’s like.
We’re putting together your dowry
so We can give you away
nowadays it’s not a dowry
but it’s a showcase of
doing the wedding
and a wedding has become a showcase
of bringing
this beautiful bride
and handling it
or saying
okay now I hand of
my daughter to you and
the more you have the more to showcase the less you half it’s like
I am so sorry this is all I have and here’s my daughter.
So. It’s still happening in many countries.
And that’s why.
It affected me
in so many
from my country so many of my friends.
So many of boss that.
We have to stand up.
And it’s not in a riot.
But in.
I’m right here.
I’m here.
To sit with you.
To hold your hand.
To stand with you.
And I don’t have to go on march.
A to say how beautiful humor.
And that’s the evolve part.
Once we are where we are.
Now that there is this movement
now what.
What is the next step
how are we elevating one another
how are we
nourishing nurturing.
Embracing excepting
way one another.
And when we see something wrong
instead of going into a shock
why not voice it.
And say.
I see this happening.
And I too.
Want to say.
That is not acceptable.
You know.
The veil.
When we go to church as a catholic when I go to church when I got married we have to
pick put the veil
and when we get to the point
that the husband
they actually the father unveils it.
And says okay.
Now. I unveil you.
I kiss you
and I Hand you off
and the husband.
Puts it back
and then after they are announced
that you are married
that’s when again the unveiling happens or in front of the church
in front of the priests
that’s when the unveiling happens so she can
have the body of Christ
which is the bread.
And then the wine.
So You see.
Same tradition is not bad I am
highly traditional.
Any yet very much evolved.
I love the tradition.
But the tradition.
At what cost.
At clues cost.
Will I give my life to it.
You know why.
I will not.
Today when.
Yes. My book.
That I was part of
part of.
Twenty four women
and our stories.
The powerful female immigrants in who inspire greatness in others.
Every single one
of the stories.
Mine is on page fifty four.
June Bernie within.
Journey to heal within
and that’s exactly what my chapter is all about.
The three phases of how
it came about
where we where I was
in how I healed within that’s exactly what I did that’s why the name of my business
is here with it.
That’s why we are doing the Heal Talk.
That’s why even the sweet he which
is an entity of its own and so much more happening.
Work creating a movement of this week he movement
so that we as women come together.
To evoke.
So we could embrace of femininity.
And it doesn’t matter
who we are
where we are
white labels what ranks what.
It doesn’t matter.
So that we can.
Evolve spiritually.
Because we are.
We are children of God.
So when we say spiritually.
It doesn’t mean
But. The spirit within us.
So today I want to give
to people if you text eight one
text 3E
The number three and E
to +1 (818) 221 2797
Text +1 (818) 221-2797
the first two people
I will give you two tickets
if you still
Wish to join us.
At the 3E Event
Happening at palm desert.
It will be my gift
for you to come and experience
and be part of.
Healing within
and journey to heal within
It’s going to be epic.
And just think of it.
We’re not even one hundred.
Boys the impact.
What’s gonna happen.
And how we’re going to impress one another.
Is gonna be surmountable.
Someone said.
I would like to take.
A minute of silence.
For the beautiful spirit.
And the soul.
Has become.
A part of a movement.
Mahsa Aminis.
And for this moment. Of silence
I thank you you.
And I truly.
Wish you.
All the best.
If you liked this message by all means
Show as alike.
Share this.
Join us.
And as always you may
To Heal Talk Tuesday’s.
Here and on YouTube.
Powerful female.
Thank you so much.
For putting the messages here.
Thank you for all of my committee members.
And for all the ladies
who in the background.
Who just called me.
Thank you Elizabeth.
For your beautiful message.
And although you can’t be there.
It’s as if be looking at you.
And knowing that you were with us.
And for all of you
who are going through any other kind of a hardship.
Make God’s blessings be with you.
And strength.
A major universal light.
Surround you.
See you next week.

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