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Real Talk with Don Green

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So excited to be interviewing the ONE and ONLY Don Green as we discuss how to Think & Grow Rich in life, business, and more! #DonGreen is the Executive Director of The Napoleon Hill Foundation and has held this position since 2000. Before this, Don worked in the banking industry and was president of a local bank for nearly 20 years. Additionally, Don has served as President of the Wise County Chamber of Commerce and President of the Foundation Board of the University of Virginia’s College at Wise–a position in which he still proudly serves. Don is also a board member of the UVA/Wise Board of Trustees. Don organized and successfully got a 3-hour credit course, Keys to Success, included in the UVA/Wise curriculum based on the success principles of Napoleon Hill. Under Don’s leadership, many scholarships have been endowed and fully funded by the Napoleon Hill professorship in the business department. Thanks to Don and the Napoleon Hill Team, the popularity of Napoleon Hill’s writings continues to have a positive effect on audiences all over the world.

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Welcome to Heal Talk Tusday with Liza Where transformation begins as we Evoke, Embrace, and Evolve. Greetings greetings greetings and welcome to Heal talk Tuesday’s with Liza. Today I am so excited for having Mr. Don Green with us and. This has been coming it’s been coming because. And. It’s and on are having Mr. Don Green and for those of you who are not familiar and have not heard. About Mr. Don Green allow me to share this. Of. Mr Don Green reigned as the executive director of the Napoleon Hill foundation and has how this position since two thousand. Hello, Don, how are you? I’m fine, Liza, how are you? I am to wonderful thank you so much I know time as pressure is so allow me to do a just a little bit of an introduction before we go. Into the interview. Mr Green has been president of the Wise County chamber of commerce. And also the president of the foundation board of the university of Virginia’s college at Weiss as well as their a board of trustees. Mr Green organized and has been successful in getting a three hour course credit course keys to success. Included in the. University of Virginia Weiss the curriculum based on the success principles of the Napoleon Hill. He is a of also the executive director of the Napoleon Hill foundation. Where his leadership and many scholarships that have been endowed as well as fully funded the Napoleon Hill and profession ship in the business department. So thanks to Mr. Green the Napoleon Hill team. And the popularity of the Napoleon Hill’s writings continues to have a positive. Effects on audiences especially those who want to think and grow. Rich over the world. So. Time. Again thank you for your time. And the principles we are talking about. Reading the book. And sub. Thirteen of them. Which one do you believe of all the thirteen principles is the one that really sets a spark in every business proceed to. Be the success. Well without a doubt it’s definitely perverse known what you. Want what you want to do. As he started born wall achievement. Most people don’t remember clean water or do. Other warm the money or whatever but it’s more just mortgage more just warning. You have to have lived for purpose want to be a medical doctor. The urban news and then you have to study and do those things that will take your if you want to go to Florida and living Luna Virginia. You know a little you gotta go sounds but you go plan. You know least I would ask your question. Why do people she planned or vacation for and years the next. They will go they’ll get back. To the beach nursery I don’t think we’re to gold beach next year I like for to go mountain one of them but we had a wonderful dog to be troubling cause. Give us a condo to be. Discussing for one year to the next. But they don’t plan or lives. Why is it. They plan or vacation but not many people plan their lives. There are what we call. Wondering direct or October wager which way the wind blows and then they start an excuse uses. While there are law successful. Work you’ve heard of all rich people don’t pay enough taxes know the problem is sixty percent of people don’t play general search. To few people are truly. Succession. You you got money and your. Your website afterwards words or know you know what. Money is only for uses of money. You can read every book and I don’t mean the most of read thousands of books. My The books is a. Is for pumpers million reminds me of. It’s all begins yet. It all begins. He says sacred go Richie oh that’s where sure to. But a word and taking the rich action is in or seventy seven times. We don’t think about doing something you don’t think about baking a cake you get the ingredients and mix them together and you put them in the album it by not turn out to first but you don’t quit. Things that come up with confront you. It’s a challenge to keep her baby until you get it becomes it becomes a habit with the. Anyway we make our neighbors or average my gas good or bad but no doubt deftness of purpose you knowing. While we won’t is the starting point. I mean how can you change them you don’t even what you want. I mean you just have to accept laugh as it is. Then Like if you start making excuses. Because of. Of the. Your failure basically in love and so you started blaming others. Perched in. Year of school get over it they probably doing the best they could. The teachers down. Me A taxes for to. There’s no opportunities you can make excuses all you want but it’s the same effect would be you go out on your front porch shed a rock and sure. You could rock all day long and I. Feel good but it won’t take you where you want to go. You gotta make some plans and you’ve got to take. In the face worried at all it’s action is doing something about it. It it might not turn out right to first time but don’t let you quick. Most people never get started. And in some of your lectures me with as outage. How many times does the average person. Quit before they give up. And they would hard one two three different number you should know I said average the average last one because most people don’t even get started oh they would like the history of that and and And or they’ll start the low effort them say. Well it didn’t work my spouse to me it wouldn’t work I should’ve known better and this is to the of a cold or. She takes too much work or whatever start making excuses. Rather and saying this is what I am going to do. A whole sound I got home I. Am a card on Monday is. I print of your voice thousands of your simply says. If it is to be it is a plane. And it isn’t. The poor have a. Report having trouble. Is simply the fact is we look getting. Dirty available. As long as we’re blaming someone will never solve the problem. Is always something to the blame the to. Take gamer. There’s always. One. But definitely starting points definitely superb burgers knowing what you will. If you don’t know what you want how you gonna get into how would you know you. When you got it if you don’t know what you want. So What would you say is the number one key to success or when we think grow to rich but what is the number one key is it. Having the desire isn’t. A lot of people have faith but and you say what is your passionate what is your desire. Most people don’t even know that I know you say you have to know what it is they want to be. They want to be successful but they are not very clear as to what that is. Well they have to figure that out for themselves I can’t you can’t tell your kids why would you go to bed at school or med school. They’ve got to solve that problem and if adult I never get there. Because he for. That you say no to. Something like that the the. How would you go to me at school or whatever it’s kind of be what a person wants oh was it was developed a passion for because where he doesn’t turn out real well as not where will do anyway so they got an excuse but if they choose the path they want to take you to don’t make it. All I gotta do is look at emir of they didn’t take the necessary steps. Get adequate help make plans he says the started boys of the main thing is you get started must be will never get started. You’ll have obstacles it comes up in front of the. And when you said faith I think it’s important it’s not just faith do. It’s applied faith. Alone you say you believe something the how strong new blue. You know I know you’ve heard of. Here to tell a little. The people that walk to Niagara Falls walked and. Walked to cable and when he Walked in blindfolded who said or the anybody out there believe that I can put a person is board walk them girl sure. Aggravated. By voted a little boy out our jumps up on I do I do I do. You should have Sunday come on up your I’ll put you in a little a roll your gross he should they can even catch a little boy still running he said he believed. That he didn’t he didn’t reveal to extent. That he would tried. And that’s important part it’s not face. Excited to. a It. I believe it so much that you go and take action on. Not just the not just the thing it says. Says you. Would you like to do it but as extremely important. He’ll gave a speech in the doghouse essentials of course one of with an. In-depth as her purpose of one was a blind faith and more am it’s really important is going the extra mile. Architect a story after story of history. Of the above the principal going extra mile and always safe go the extra mile and is on. A man interviewed me and I will tell you what he’s worth or is named because his. The person now seventy five minutes. I was making about eighty dollars a week working in finance company he started bake and he was short of people. And he want to interview me and I came over the edge of over on a Sunday an interview. And he said and bread a books have been sort of a coal miner. He graduated Virginia tech an engineer. And. Wealthy beyond means and he said to more France is a mentor. We have lunch together we talk on the phone he supporters finance. Among other colleges. And he said to me and said be found June. Forty seven years. Don. If you do a little extra one day probably won’t matter. Be do it for awake. Pagano by noticing but if your work hard and all the other people around you I promise you one day you’ll be a success most world dream job and I remember that conversation like a found pennsville. Because it had such deep meaning to the and is still true day. Thus principled. The Christopher of going are symbolic of products of the Bible down. When Jesus was. The recipient of complaints from the Jews. That every usual made. Based a burden joke gardener Roman calendar of packs and a complaint and the and then they they thought they would simply and they were to what a man you have all mile go twain. Ddb a and which made swamps nor do more than Google require that most people only want to do enough to Barney get the. I did a fund raiser with one frames zig ziglar one time. And he said that. He was in a factory and he asked the voice and how long you been work under. He said ever since a threatened to fire me and at know so many people. Are scared the day of that are doing a little bit extra. See they say how do more when I’m paid more so they got it backwards they got no real listen to be tight get an increase unless you’re producing more. If they were. Paid to do a certain amount and never meet your obligations what I was to let be pay but let’s say have develop a little bit of personal niche which is extremely important. Is simply means seeing something that needs to be done and performed without being told. And it’s extremely it’s extremely important is have personal initiative don’t weight to ship the gum in have used that I use that example. I gave a talk one time if the. Of historical society neck and nineties. And I was telling of a pay bonuses will. Born a boy he was born. In a lot of never had to hello and yet been than a few miles away awkward. Or was talking. So a drop in I was a bank president damn okay I didn’t need anything else. I dunno he way ahead I have cable TV. Dry cleaning business spring water a bill pizza places and and dollar jewelry stores and and up. All or and one. And I didn’t need something but. On the way their comments about the they may drive. I thought about what I was doing and I wrote on letter to discern. The boy your foundation and the suburb of Chicago and told her what I was doing to promote Napoleon Neil. And they wrote a letter back as me comes to common at bear with the board. And I did. And Mr. Stone dubuque clever enough think is a baiter he told me said why you know what about these books now to Said your be a board member know which are considered an honor. Petition example lesson. Nobody contacting they. They started hundred and fifty million people United States and I got the best position her are one. Three hundred could you may have a voice talent through grandma’s nobody contacted me. Lectures my question is. If your she helped me income in. Finding new swam out where does she have was. That’s what I did. The like nobody contacted me I contacted them. And I created my own opportunity and I see that all the time. The only thing I like do and accomplices budget a war I simply don’t have time I have to a can choose. Yeah I can do the students are going to miss not going to this a seven. Time the aged to do everything so you have to pick and choose that I see opportunity everywhere. As he the opportunity everywhere and it’s not difficult. If you’re willing to do the things. That set necessary to do it and here. Persistence you know. Tremendously important to persistence. Read Billy Ray Cyrus his book. He’ll hillbilly heart. He board crossover amount the noise father O’Malley’s ash and you can find out how she got her name. That was a nickname was smiling adopt a year since you went in show business Molly’s not be here but he stopped help a Dr. Valerie been thrown out of scope for having dogs in his room. And his old baseball scholarship. As he was driving one day at a. Gentleman for the road down he stopped to help him. And and in a girl was a doctor dr Bailey at all he identifies. He gave me his card who says stop at mouth as I got something for. Then when he stopped the game a copy of think and grow rich and said he read that if you read his book he’s got a check or your own persistence. Tell ’em about what that the map for him. He said that. It was like a voice and Bailey rae. Starchy of them. And he said he did he Mona get door and he said they were getting fifty dollar some gaps longer plan in what we call beer George rough places. But he come out with that song to girls like a nightmare. Achy breaky heart. And caution of window about little money a nice no doubt main hundreds of millions of dollars and he credited to that story reading that he read in daegu a rich own persistence. and the list is one and older nowhere and on a sought a sell a day goes by. That of years of one and like safe harbor to sleep or says his random about twenty five times. Of it the will to a cat is of personal friend found a chick fillet. Was given a book and thirty seven. His first richer was in suburb of Atlanta is To ten people. He come up with a chicken sandwich. And occurred at the original re when I had for newspaper called moody facial a from his friends. He come up or slow to college kids for nothing. And he was were six Billion dollars and he crazy to the Bible and they can grow rich which he carved botham with him everywhere he went to and. Just it just remarkable and of course I have I use of gold from Mark twain. If People don’t read their no better of people can’t root. We’ve only got two ways learning my social way of putting up on Walsh said she your be seven thousand jobs. They still waste of our. Once from books and as mere one smarter people. Don Greenness a lot of what you do that way you said it a thousand damned. I said well kind of bored of will Rogers is some. Of that but I said you’d she teaches social media to college. That I said in your work if you find some way with and learn. Other and from books and other people would you let me know. I hated have been miss out on a third way you can earn. So far that’s one it to have discovered one is done from people were smarter than I am and he has was the books and I know we’d gone lerma and people if a monkey can run a little monkey surely us humans can learn from each other. So that series and is so important to associate with people that you can learn from. And other code Mark twain’s was. He said don’t walk away from negative people. Run from. Because they will influence e. L influence you so many young kids young people especially get into trouble sociales with the wrong ground is my mother would say. Up Birds of feathers flock together. Lay down with dogs you’ll get plays on you although same works supposed were mentally lessons that it’s important it’s not that were better than they are issues separate or to improve our laps and. That’s what would do a lot lots of lots of treasure work at from years of mission. We Have got kg us who clever drama NASA day then again I are endangered from people in prison that won’t and books and whatever but the thing had happens of the word tree service and. There in prison a cerebral term. Go back to same community they often and of that purse again because they go back to same place. And one of the heels books of publish the point of go roof as he wrote naughty in the first chapter is our social and her physical environment you know we will call you her in your absence of mushrooms features come from your first not tremendous watching and know that does but he is our social environment has effect on. We can change our location. You know which we can change our location of where we can live with a better neighborhood with associate with better people. Can blow to the clubs it’s got the right to have a big room we can go to church associate with be for many, many other places. That we can change our social environment but those guys impression most and go back to same community and a. Is array are no words people tempered. Think a download a movie freedom when everything. Would would would run from than. Patricia back people to the comfortable with they feel comfortable with a whack with a lack people and. Of. It’s a it’s a it’s amazing. What to social environmental hat on happened to you because they first. They don’t like it. Didn’t get a little more accustomed to like and it they’ll run in with because I taught every by the sea around where the new smoker. Of drinking and drugs or whatever. They follow what what it because I want to watch. What a pity. He may not be a good fit the I’m what going to trouble to start with. In it it’s sad. Pilot. What we should have of you’d asked the question. Yeah I mean yes you did and beyond that it’s like you are such an incredible storyteller we can actually literally sit and listen to you for hours and hours. Not only that you are so gracious. I mean genuine. What we call it the kindness and I’ve met you in person and you would think that. I. Especially people at your stature it’s very difficult. To leach or to talk to and yet you are so personable and. Genuinely kind. Will seven. I guess it’s mode of brain. I’ve been a be blessed. Are in the road to happiness. Is helping other people who blew. This I’m sure to I heard an old lady an unusual she said. That when she got to worried. She went out her garden and hodor garden. Because she found out she could worry and work at the same time. So if we have bad troubles are we gonna do is find someone. That’s helpful. My number to store after storage and like today of the up with a guy. He’s been to kimmel third time to hear tremendous loss of income but he’s a professional for photographer and alleged laugh. Of Framed pictures and support I get some herself it If I turn around and gives the things away. Cause I wanna play. I want to put money and money to and and to try to help them out and the. And I never saw it I got a call one time said you could get on the. Las Vegas walk or something. Restore her job for. Donations twenty thousand dollars or more. Than and will have written on a interested. Because I’ve got every word you can imagine but I never bought none of. Thank you picked to recognize you that’s fine I’m not seeking publicity or boat. Notices or whatever cause I’ve been citizen your twice in this area. Which only person in history of about it twice I never saw. And I’ve gas I got. I’ve got so many awards at a Place to wall but the is not on this of sit down and do it it’s just people recognize me and. The wounded kill for his but. This your next month. I will be the. Benefactor of the year for the college which is consider a great honour. At the end of next month will linger for. Made you and they they’re gone the old the donors of the college and it’s it’s climate it’s cloud of nor I never saw that. They. Solicit or method. Or gotten into a balmy one ever asked about. I got to Sam walton or. Up. For community service on your and I actually called of work come from actually. And is come about I mean i’m just curious really I mean I’m a. Stockholder of Walmart to. You don’t fit into percent of able to read a full time job and he works a million people. I don’t care what people says about Walmart come from behind the tremendous servers. and they said we had several nomination stillness won’t work you’re doing. In your community. That hundred know you plan for hundred and in the idea of things is. That and members of the atoms begun his daddy’s. Of The report cap. Got a of. Black got a. Of Pittsburgh autograph book of buy him. A visa and. Of is a love story and so forth in the he was. A good feeling especially in fact is I didn’t know as come at you know about it but it’s nice but he’s also keeps you humble. It keeps you humble. That people recognize what you’re what you’re a good cause uneven seeking I just meant to do will and to make a it bitter near French and the. Or what whenever I could. In A net rewarded yourself because. What it does to you when you’re helping others. Your peace with yourself. When you tried to help someone. Not expecting nothing in return people know that zone in a position, too. Have you thought. Below house and blades and people never go know who I am or enough and I’m never going to see them or whatever I’m not expecting nothing back prove. And. Nursed. The day so many place at stage that we can do just because it’s right thing to do and not expected nothing back and return. And so often town people do lives up know their expect a montreux. I do respect of innocent people will go. A million of a brilliant and if they post notice aren’t as fat. If I do a found to cause I did my part when I gave up a book and as well as far as it gives me I felt good I give someone an altitude was treated with a I think I’ll have to now if they take advantage of. Not read your based advantage it. It’s beyond our control all I can do is provided to when I see the okay Asian hours Carson books in the or. Somebody says something about book uncle what you get them a book but I’m not expecting us return of most of they bought probably never see. But most of the people. At spirit of how you know. The day that I ain’t got the book that you sensible you gifted me with this beautiful fall. Out riding in there and dedication. It’s. This is so. Beautiful. It’s it’s your book and yet it comes from the principles. Of And. Then Napoleon Hill the fall. When I was going through. The thirteen steps the. Thirteenth. Principles when he came to the subconscious mind. The mindset and everything is like this is everything that I do the auto suggestion is the knowledge the faith the desire it’s like literally to work that ideal with my clients and incorporating. Within the subconscious mind of what we believe our core our patterns as you’re saying it’s. Go up to be who you are. So if we were to. Summit of other than prayer. Other than the thirty principles and. You. In the position that you have impact. The college that they are learning this besides the reiki enter college curriculums. What do you. What other rituals do you have that enhances not only your life and by. How you have taught your daughter and your grandson and everyone else that you. Come to contact with if you had one not get. To. Leave with what would it be for our on idiots. Well you mentioned not you mention our suggestion. I used a book. The guy named share him center he wrote a book what do you say when you talk to yourself to most important conversation in which what we need to learn we need to talk to herself and applause the bear. Or Someone to your girlfriend could come up to he is a lazy uterus there’s no proper. In and you could tell yourself got. She’ll look at her show but when Liza looks in emerged as I’m not goes bump or for this. Appointment I got we tend to believe what we say to ourselves and our inner in or her mind. Tends to produce. Watch at our subconscious mind no say one people on poverty think about. I think about poverty and remind produces what you’re thinking about. So why can’t we choose to take riches in there are a man upstairs. And to To reduce it’s a terribly important most important conversation you’ll ever having a laugh his. You have with yourself. Because we tend to blue so special would reveal a repeat of how did we learn or a b c’s we repeated them. How do we learned how do we learn from open-faced repeated of. They become actually a part of his if somebody’s as Liza eight times a sixty four. Women to center census explain what you said it so many times it becomes a part of a so why would you not put things up there that but that would produce richness and I don’t necessarily money I made a good laugh built-in help other people make a difference in your community. Or you know there’s little. Market remember exactly but here’s in the monk several hundred years ago he said I’ll try to change your world I couldn’t. I tried change my Katrina couldn’t. Drag age my family and I could. But he said I found out. If I change myself I could change my family my family could change your community and we could change the world we can change the world start and start with us starting with it all starts with us. No We’re not gonna do everything but we’re gonna do something or Will improve the world in some and some manner. So When you’re a nerd and awake or. Or what want to call it. The do you won’t people to go by and say wonder how much stocky on heavy how’s nika hair you must have tweeted theater fifty gar. Hopefully somebody of go by and say. I wonder how many little cutie of down. Nashville that reward that is reward enough because. As I new fundraiser for the college of got pretty close to being good message. We get up g that pretty good he got a lot more money they used to store need to think about what you to make the effort to that money. And he said what do you may as well. I we’re gonna take it with us but if you go before I do and you take all that money with you would you get word back to me how have you done it he said yeah I got to launch not what your domino or so okay. We’re for you to our business partners of but. Anyway it anyway it is because. We are plenty of to encourage one another. We’re clinker to give x twenty thirty valve now I’m not a preacher but he has simply says is more blessing to give than receive. The girl it works in about a Valerie to grow up watching developments much bigger was thirty years of work with the. Cheese on her on her email she sends our a quote from Winston Churchill. We make a lie seven but what we get would make a laugh but what we give. And don’t think apps at sums up on. Her subs up my mouth a lot but you know the more we give. The more we get return. When a book tells us that will get it return. Bushel overflowing. It doesn’t necessarily mean money’s not everything but this blow oxygen it’s extremely important to carry out the worked as a joke transcript children a church missionary work one no known medical. Of. Outgrew resurgence of our nation and board but his other thing important to laugh to because of all you’ve got money I’m sure you not gonna be a happy person if you’re scared to death in all the money a new setting your website I notice. Money into but. The. You can either have money. Or the money can have you and. It will get to choose which one it is. Yeah I got money and I’ll use it to me. Or know the money’s got me and everything on bowlby endured do Is making more money can cling onto it and not give a quarter to save an orphan. I don’t think that’s the point of it. It’s they use of the money it’s important to save money that can buy some drugs is the same money can back he had schoolbooks. It’s the same money if some means that we choose to use the money. And it’s important. That do we try to make use of my. In a way that we as judge much says. That and. That wicked computer and we got started getting into a. Of a danby want me to wake up. These four years of money and I’ve read read read read and assorted. The first use of money as food clothing shelter. Present as hersh and of all you get a latest photo and shower s what to get in prison they all get food clothing shelter. According. To laughs a little more vocal and the shelter and a second reason for money as we have to have money one to one work. Or a is physically unable to so we need some money back. Calling for a rainy day cry and or In the third reason for money as. Call leading a good laugh those clothes you wear no trips you take it. At Fancy fuji it takes money. At the third use. In an abortion. You’ve taken care of food club Sheldon to concur money when you may bear who you know you’ve led a good laugh and afford you still got money and years sure you can make a difference of truly successful people. Making they bought excess money and taken spin at their own choose. If they want to help their church our help st Jude that will help or grade catcher or whatever. Gosh. Most people don’t get to know before cause they skip number to. While you were. Go. They they didn’t plant. The picture you go said they were planning to fail. I simply. Failed plan. As over one hundred year old coldness of the says lot people were planning to fail. I just found the plant. In it’s important that we we sat down and say. The and send what this log onto to put in writing. While everyone I want you to know those I nuggets like gen does our goal in. Truly. Sad. Go. I’ve been keeping guess I know it’s fake money that gets a million dollar and money that was given. As a token as a that. I’ve been holding onto this and saying you know. Okay. Understanding that money has energy. And when we think about it as something that is abundance and prosperity. Then has a whole different meaning of that. Energy that it gifts and how we give it. And paying it forward in life. Absolutely. Alright. So with that I know you have a short time and I we are have come to our time of. The session that I asked for this interview you’ve been gracious for your time and your generosity I thank you so much Don and. This has become line new by fall. Accepted the Bible. And I look forward to. Meeting you again in person. And is there any way that we can gift that one of your books to one of our audience gift five. The first person who says or does something would you like to gift a book because somebody boy. Yes you’re from furniture name and address. Assault was a netbook there’s an actual. Actual copy of Napoleon Hill’s personal book. Know where to sir your needs to pages never you to complete your living in that book. That you got in Syria Lebanon the in his book it mentioned the word for word we didn’t no changes. Pretended. The cover of closest we could. Cause the original cover and on the top for men and women who is at poverty. And cause it was wrote about. People says it’s not about money he said he really the amazing the men and women who are living in borrowed fear of poverty. And so it was about poverty the middle of the person but they took that vote off the top and then they put two and a be caught his own five million copies old can be accomplished. So we went back to the original covered zona cover and put call for men and women who is at poverty and to top of him to The book as you can resume was once. But there are websites now appeal dot org and a ph I one dot org. I think over books and selfishness on. We have two books new ones coming out one of his completely man. In February chiefs a pre-order each call. Napoleon the of secret. Been. Greed it’s a hard man to learn seventy four pages. It with human accept people had published newsmax magazine. And they really throw it’s a hardcover. Miss been an awful lot of interest in it and will be out on February seven. And its oreo cause I pre-ordered it’s already an ebook and. Cover have already been contacting us on the last so. I think it would it well. Thank you so much and I look forward to the next time I’m in Virginia I’m going to contact you and hopefully come and visit the foundation itself. Okay you’re very kind that we should debates. Thank you so much done. Again. Thank you for our viewers. God bless you and made a universal light surround you all.