page title icon How Time Affects Our Memories

How Time Affects Our Memories

You Matter

~ Liza Boubari

Time is an essential part of our lives. We live by time. Time is in our memories and time controls how we sort our memories. Now that Autumn is here, it is time to peel away and shed the habits that no longer work for us. One of the best ways to shed those extra pounds is to Stand Up to Slim Down, listen to the Drop Weight self-hypnosis recording, and move your body with the Move Your Body video.

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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza. Where transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Greetings greetings greetings and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza. It’s so good to be here with you isn’t it. Well, if you haven’t realized Autumn is upon us and today being November first. It’s like the first eleven one and such a powerful time of the year. Eleven in itself stands for two pillars and like a pillar. That is like you know. Two pillars that stabilize us in one that leads some one being who we are as. Me myself and I and I that stands strong. So I am huge. In in. Following numbers understanding numbers what numbers say to us so. By fact when we look back what is science what is engineering what everything in our life is so much of numbers and mathematics we function. In numbers years. And time. So when we think about give me a minute I’ll be right there I’ll see you in and our. Time. Is one of the biggest factors we as humans and. We work with so everything is timeline. It takes nine months before a child is born so we consider that and when we are doing. Business management and profiling and everything is all my time. So when we are. Thinking. We function in. Time. As I was thinking about those. It’s like what is. What is the factor of Fall What happens during fall what happens in November we start getting into this coziness the time that the climate change we change we started shedding we started peeling away and yet there is this factor about who we are that way we start getting cozier and scuse me. Wanting to. Hibernate and become a warm because of the weather changing. Things are changing. The leafs turning yellow. So in a way. What we do. We start. Thinking about. Honing in. And letting go. Shedding leaves change actually. All the. Beautiful colors of Autumn start coming out and what two callers me want to know numbers me. So This may not be a factor and yet it’s so important to us. Because. I was reading a Portion of my book stand up to slim down. And Someone said. What is your book about why do you call it stand up to slim down is that a weight-loss is it a self confidence so. Allow me to shed a light. Stand up to slim down is a. Weight management book. It is a book about shedding weight and shedding light in what it is that you are holding onto. So. Most times we hold on to things like a as Autumn is coming as winter is coming as it’s time to hibernate and go cocooning we start holding on to things and. Also decluttering a lot of things that we no longer need. So. Standing up. Means to stand up for who you are. If you’re not feeling confident. If you don’t feel good about yourself. Just like a tree. If the bark is not rooted. Strong if the bark is not strong and and. Solid. And enough water. In a good soil then. The leafs and a tree in the fruits and everything is not going to be as futile right. In the same thing happens for the wintertime and I’m saying winter because. As the wind comes as the rain comes it’s how strong the bark of the tree which is this person. Which is you. You are the bark. Everything else on top of you all your habits all your behaviors all the personalities all everything else it’s outside of your which is the leafs which is the branches which is the fruit and your personality if you think of it it’s like the fruit. And a habits can be the leaves and the branches or the behaviors and the patterns but you are the park. And how you withstand challenges in life. During summer the heat during Autumn the cold the rain and the snow and. Everything else. Depends on how strong your router’s. And you can. Make it stronger. So in order for. You can go to a weight loss place he can do all kinds of diets and make the bark strong. In yet. If the route which is your subconscious mind. Is not as. Strong solid. Healthy. And that’s what Heal listen is all about if you haven’t healed some residual trauma issues pain hurt. Then. The tree may have a bark but the bark rk may not be as strong. Or as. Solid. And. Up to upright. So. When we are thinking of talking about stand up. Is how we stand up for who we are. Our belief systems. Our wants and needs. And that’s exactly. This book is all about. So. And I’ll read a little portion of that. It means the up holding on to emotional weight of residual pain love or money only to create what you desire and dream of. If you have been walking on eggshells not speaking out. Not living your dream it’s now time to stop stuffing your emotions and be the amazing true unique. Loving and authentic self that you are meant to be. So This book in a way has is like a. Of workbook. For you to understand more. About yourself. And. Understand. Yeah. That’s that. Let’s see what is this. I am live okay. I’m getting notification at wonder with the notification is all about alright. What is this. Epic. Okay. So we’re good. We’re public were live. So. I. Pardon me for a little bit of a distractions and again let’s get back to work this book. It was designed. Not to. Not to be a weight loss. But understanding your words the way you speak to wait you stand the way you walk the way you pray resent yourself. With confidence. In your self esteem. If you believe. That what you want is to drop the wait and let go shed all that heaviness all the dead fruit. The ones that has been picked on. The ones that has pain and hole in there it’s time that you shake ake. Even if it is just a gentle shake. To release and shut down. His. To know that not only words matter. The way you think of yourself and you want to project. Who you are. As you drop the weight or shed the weight. Instead of this time that it’s about. Hibernating in. Adding more. Isn’t it time for you to start shedding all the leafs. Habits and behaviors. And all that weight. That has been weighing upon you. For doing so. We have to go back to. Doesn’t have to be to your childhood. But there’s always a time that’s why we do this timeline therapy. Been practicing for twenty two years as a clinical hypnotherapist and when I say that. It’s. It’s. Working with clients. Peeling away layers. That. Lovingly. You get to know yourself. Lovingly you get to speak to your body. And to realize why. Am I here. With this weight with this issue. With this problem it can be healthy can be wealthy can be weight. Right. And if it’s not a problem. Then this is not for you. But we all hold on to things. So yesterday. As I’m sitting waiting. I was hoping someone. And sitting in the. Waiting room. We were talking before. Going in for a procedure. And I remembered. Forty years ago being in the hospital myself. And. I remember as they were willing me. On the gurney to go to the and. Surgery room. I got into this panic and anxiety. It was such a panic. Not because of the surgery but I had doubts of. If I wanted to have that surgery. The last minute. As they are willing in and they put me over there just to. Just. Waiting to be wheeled into the surgery room. And. I remember looking up and it was during the holidays and I saw beautiful ornaments and decorations and everything for the Holly today’s and at that very moment something came over me and. When they came to will me and I said I change my mind. The for like white and I said I changed my mind I don’t want to have this procedure. That very moment I dunno what came over me but I refused to be wheeled into the surgery room. So they call their head nurse and then they dispatched. The doctor saying. There’s there is a problem. The patient is refusing to go in and I was not sedated as of yet. And they were going to. Just about to do that. Oh. So they will be back into the room. And the doctor comes in. And at that moment. He’s like what’s going on. Tell him. I don’t want it. I don’t want this procedure to happen. I don’t want it now I don’t want it today. So we talk and everything in this is forty years ago. Want you to understand this would never happen today. But as he was standing there and at that time. I used to smoke. And it was so nervous. This is why I know everything about how to. Do a timeline go biking time and understand why we do certain things we do why we hold on to things and half that time I used to think that if I I had a secret. I can calm down. Even though cigarette is a a trigger it. It’s stimulator. It’s a stimuli not a relaxing because it’s tobacco. But it’s your mind over matter it’s what you believe in when you believe in something therefore it becomes a reality. So at that time he had cigarettes in his pocket and I said. May I have a secret his like what. I said I need a cigarette to come down his says no no no no no I said. I need a cigarette to calm down. He takes a cigarette. Lights it up gives it to me. I take two puffs. And then he takes it and puts it out. And he says. Can we go into surgery now and I said no. Lo and behold two weeks later we did have the surgery. It was my second ovarian cyst that. We had the surgery. But the reason I brought that up is. That sometimes. Where you are. Sitting somewhere. Walking. Something can trigger a memory. That. You had not even remembered. And that’s stored in your subconscious mind. And I didn’t realize all these times throughout the last forty years I’ve been in and out of hospital have had surgeries have had all kinds of procedures done but what trigger or dot. Was. Sitting in that waiting room. And it’s sad happy holidays and they were putting ornaments in their. Wow. Do you realize. The power. Of. What we bank in our memory. And how my body of the reacted at that very moment even right now as I speak about it. I have reaction. It’s the reaction of the memory. It’s no longer my body reacting to it. And that speaks volumes because when we get into shedding something. Which is something that is no longer. Benefits you. It no longer has anything to do with where you are today when we take ownership in release the things. That we no longer want. Meat. In it could be. Wait. Hate. Blaine. Resentment. Guilt shame. All these. And although there was no shame. Than one. Bulb that one ornament. And after. Sitting there. I say thank you to my body. Thank you for. Where I am today for the recovery. And thank you for that memory that whenever it is that. Just brought that attention and when I really dug deeper. I had to shed and say. It was a decision then. The made an impact of who I am today. And when I take this ownership I realize. It’s not about. Plinking fingers. Of why and where and how. But being grateful to where I am today. Because of the choices I made. The choices you make today. And. That’s how we shed blood wait. That’s how we shed things. That we no longer need. To hold onto. So. As you come to this season of hibernating. Wouldn’t it be better for you to also Heal within the first. Stand up for who you are. Show up fully. And lovingly. Because today’s word of the day I think is. One. Eleven one I was going to say one eleven but eleven one. I stand strong. I stand for me. I stand up. To slim down. Pure interested in my book by all means not only I have it here at a high said I John. Hello my friend Ideal human time you are worthy of love and respect I thank you so much. How are you sit on John and not only I have it on my website in our shop by but it is also an Amazon you can find it on Amazon. And. And if you or someone you know. Once to shed some weight. Wants to shed some. Some. Behaviors habits. That they no longer want. And is stressing them are giving them insomnia or anxiety by all means. And one you. To know that I am here. For you. I will stand up with you. And. Guide you help you. Through the work but I do. And it doesn’t matter if it is hypnosis. If it is. Coaching action coaching. And. You deserve more. You do. And I want you to remember one thing. Bank your memories. As you stand strong. As you were routed very strong. Strengthen this bark which is you. With love and kindness because this body of yours. Is there to protect you shield you. And safeguard you. The more love the more health the more vitality you want. I want you to give it back to you. My name is Liza Boubari your expert hypnotherapist. That I work with metaphors, colors, numbers, yes and deep therapy through working with your subconscious because that’s your memory bank. That’s the one that. Is the keeper. Of all. Your decisions. And realize. That there is nothing in this world. That can stand between you and you. Until next week. I bid you a good by. God bless you. And may the universal light surround you. Soon next week.

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