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Parenting Teens Today with GPD Officer Michelle Gonzalez

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This episode of Heal Talk Tuesday is about parenting teens in today’s world. I am joined by retired Glendale police officer, Michele Gonzalez.


Retired Police Officer -School Resource Officer
Crisis Negotiator – MOM

Michelle Gonzalez recently retired after 31 years of service with the
Glendale Police Department as GPD’s Explorer Coordinator and member
of the Crisis Negotiation.

Over the years she was assigned to Field Services, Investigative Services, Special
Investigations, and Community Outreach primarily focus on youth advocacy and

For 7 years she was part of investigating crimes of violence such as domestic violence,
child abuse, and sex crimes. In 2003, she transferred to the Criminal Intelligence Unit
and became a member of the Eurasian Organized Crime Taskforce.

She has 13 years, of working with state and federal agencies putting together a large-
scale criminal indictment. This position afforded her the opportunity to travel and teach
on the subject matter.

After that, she decided to return to an in-house assignment and became a
School Resource Officer where she coordinated several youth advocacies and
intervention programs.

She was also a member of the Glendale Police Department Crisis Negotiation and Peer
Support Teams.

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Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza
The transformation begins
as we evoke,
embrace and evolve.
Greetings greetings greetings and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays and today
is Real Talk with Liza.
Michelle Gonzalez Michelle: I’m really happy to be here.
Liza: This is absolutely a wonderful because
for the longest time we’ve been talking about
getting together
and have this beautiful conversation right here.
So I want to take a few moments and read your bio. Michelle: Alright.
Gonzales recently retired after thirty one years of service at the Glendale police
department and
Glendale PD explore coordinator
member of
the Crisis Negotiation.
Over the years
she has been assigned it.
Was assigned to field services.
Investigative services and Special
Community outreach primarily focusing on youth
and intervention.
So for seven years she was part of investigating crimes of violence such as:
domestic violence, child abuse,
and sex crimes.
In 2003, Michelle transfered to the Criminal Intelligence Unit
and became a member of the Eurasian
Organized Crime
Task Force.
You can Google that one.
She has thirteen years of working with
State and Federal agencies putting together.
A long large scale criminal investigation
and indictment.
This position offered and have
afforded her the opportunity to travel and teach
on this subject too many many different organizations.
After that she decided to return home
home base.
And due to in-house assignment
becoming a school
resource officers within the Glendale
School District.
and she coordinated several youth advocate
and intervention
She was also a member of the
Glendale Police Department Crisis Negotiation
and Peer Support
So welcome.
Michelle: Thank you.
Really excited to be here
Liza: You know,
today we’re going to be talking about youth.
We’re going to talk about parenting.
We’re gonna talk about
that even the presence of police what it used to be
What it means today.
You know in on the cars on or
I say our but.
I can do I cars
it says to serve and protect.
Do we really see our police
as serve and protect still
Does the community see as
here comes the police.
Michelle: It’s probably a
balance between the two. I definitely think policing has changed over the course of
time. You need talk about when I started
in the profession.
It was the early 99.
One until
It’s really cheap.
I think.
We are fortunate to be in the community
and the city of Glendale because you’re still embraced by our community.
I think.
There is a positive
Police presence
in our community and I think
Because of a smaller agency the level of
police service and professionalism that you’re able to provide for community.
His partner.
Liza: We do have one of the best police departments.
Michelle: We do.
The the million women who comprise our organization both civilian and worn.
As a whole.
The Glendale
police department
found me.
You know many the.
Trailer I mean everybody.
I think about it you know
not enough the said about dispatchers to or that first response or of course they get
that first call
me kind of boring
the information.
Out for officers and
and provide us the best tools and information.
To properly.
No soda for.
Right. Which is that nine one one call and they are the first
who hear it and they have to.
Dispatch where it’s needed.
Right from the cat
on my tree to
yeah something happening at that moment I need you today.
Really people will fall
and their worst moment writing whether
the cat stuck in a tree or.
Know. A bicycle getting stolen or.
You know an actual act of violence.
Liza: Happening at the moment. Michelle: Absolutely
Liza: So being
Of all the positions you’ve had.
Which was the one that.
Spoke to your heart.
Michelle: You know I was actually blessed throughout my career
each and every single position that I was afforded an opportunity to
to be
provided me
a lot of satisfaction.
You know being able.
Patrol was in the field training officers new offices that came into.
This profession.
You mental or them
and and give them the best tools.
For them to be able to go out and
work independently
and in investigations I work.
Yourself unit
and that was crimes of violence and people.
So that gave me.
An amazing platform.
You know to prosecute the people.
To the cases good cases together input.
Really that people in jail.
I. Know when those are consequences of their actions of the with me or
And then.
Working or criminal intelligence unit.
Kind of really opened my eyes to a greater perspective because it was a multi
jurisdictional the
for federal and state.
Putting together
a huge.
Criminal investigation that led to.
The largest.
Prosecuted although
I like we
associated with organized crime
and that’s kind of the stuff that you see behind the black curtain.
And then with that I got to travel and I got the feature.
Becoming an expert in the subject matter I was able to teach
and travel and
that was something.
That I wasn’t.
I wasn’t afford it and in other positions.
And I work with really amazing people.
And then.
I decided at the end of my career that I wanted to give something back from
Bless me.
Know. Twenty five years
and I chose come out
and be a school resource officer because I.
Have always been
an advocate for.
Young people.
Via an example to them
and giving them the best tools.
To send them out into the world
and be productive citizens. That are getting the right thing you making good.
While something never wanted to do.
In. That
position of school resource officer was
with me I met.
So many different people in so many different areas and
in became aware of so many resources that are out there.
That. Most of the most don’t know yeah and
it really kind of gave me.
A springboard in order to push of all of this wonderful stuff out there and make
really good connections with people I think that’s when we met guess.
What we met long time ago but we got to work together.
Together a right absolutely and.
You know be.
Getting to do these and celery duties.
Being a participant in the
crisis negotiation team it’d be a member of your support
those I think online.
Kill my. Most.
Heartfelt appreciation because those are.
The true huh.
You know and.
I’m blessed in that respect so
it’s been a great ride
still adjusting to the retirement.
But it gives me opportunities like this
Liza: you know and and and you’re still giving
back this is another way of giving back the
same way as when I do this and I bring.
Other different speakers authors
when information
is sharing.
At educating informing in this is getting back it’s not
about what’s in it for me.
Michelle: Yeah and I think there’s a lot of
lessons and into I mean communication is key
because no matter what you do in life.
That particular skill set or developing that particular skill set.
It out with care and kindness.
No. Bigger
is is important.
Liza: Exactly.
So let’s talk about our children
and it can be the children of our community but children as a whole.
Specially in l a county or nationwide.
I have some notes over here and let’s
let’s we we can go in and out and he doesn’t matter.
So I also was doing my own
and. Because I’ve got clients who bring their children and teenagers from.
Anxiety from a d d.
But most of all when they come to me it’s.
They are.
Filled with a lot of shame and guilt.
The their of town from comes because of anger.
Anger underneath anger comes hurt
and they have all this self doubt.
Self consciousness
and they might be very
that their self esteem of
I am worried he.
Is so low.
So when we look at at.
It’s been noted that the system is.
Failing or you and there are twenty three percent.
Of children
and seventy eight percent.
Of the children
That go hungry.
They live in their car or with somebody else on a couch
and it might.
Not be the one
necessarily in Glendale but I think we have a we just.
Don’t talk about.
Michelle: I know I’m a and there’s.
The that negative stigma that is associated with those predicaments
Homeless is or.
No broken families or whatever the situation might be
anything that is part of the problem.
There are so many resources that are out there that
these families are probably not aware of.
You know. If it’s important that we.
Do a really.
Good job about.
Pushing out the information that we hold
And share that information rather than holding on to it and being possessive
about. This is my organization the.
My organization and to collaborate because everybody.
Is coming from the same place and that’s care
and concern
and advocacy
And it’s not.
Any one organization that’s going to be able to similarly impact.
Vulnerable populations.
We have to come together as a group
we have to each and every organizations and have their strength and he’s going to
have their technical
in a particular area
that will benefit these families.
But is there one central place that we all come together.
No because I think it is incumbent upon each organization to kind of
all people together.
And I think it’s
people like you who are opposite.
Of what you know or what you have or what you have access to.
That is really going to make a difference and I think that’s why
this partnership and heart
are coming together and having a conversation
and dialogue even pushing this out the
people will give somebody who.
You know.
In the event that that is ensured that we have children that are homeless out to.
Absolutely there.
Is probably the best kept secret right then
I think with.
You know that information that a
particular student might be homeless or going through something.
It’s something that is.
Can be very private.
Sometimes it’s protected by.
Law or laws are our legal system.
With disclosure.
It would be nice
Were those.
A surety that the information will be used appropriately
right and I think that’s part of the
problem is it wouldn’t be nice for each and
analyze a school resource officer in a school. That. Jane or John Doe.
Are going through something in particular that might be impacting their behavior.
On campus.
Not going to class
hanging out in the restroom
Drive me all these things.
If you think about it.
The baby.
Drug. use whatever it might be whether it’s you know
from marijuana all the way of all the way up and they
have access and social media provides a
platform and that’s a whole another topic that. Liza: We’ll touch on.
Michelle: But, you know how those things
are in their mind they are coping strategy.
Fill that need to do is kind of old in or more healthier.
Avenue reviews young people.
So that they know that there is something else.
You know and it could be systemic within the family to.
You know of.
Different coping strategies.
If you have an adult in the home that smoking marijuana,
that benefits okay
and if it’s okay yeah I mean that’s
what they see that’s what they know that’s what kind of
embedded right.
Liza: So here.
Okay this may become a political.
Having an officer on-site.
Michelle: On a school site? There was a lot of
conversation and dialogue devout that
Liza: yeah. Michelle: That they want.
Yeah and it really wasn’t about that I need.
For myself and I know I can speak for the other
school resource officers and the partners.
That we collaborate
color work collaborated with right.
It wasn’t about enforcement.
It was about
More about strategies to become successful
there are rules at school.
I mean there are rules
and the purpose of school is to get your education the role of a school resource
officer on a campus make sure that that emphasis safe so that you can get.
Your education your education.
And. You know and sure.
There’s no smoking at school.
The kids do it.
Liza: In class maybe
Michelle: in class yeah you’re absolutely right and and maybe as a whole other
subject for you.
They know those things
and we need to make sure that we’re communicating that were reinforcing that
and that we were setting boundaries.
While I was on.
My high school campus.
You got caught smoking
valid ticket.
But with that ticket.
You know cause we often got asked what can you just give a warning.
Well. You know we have discretion.
But if you’ve been caught four or five or six times.
Or I’ve received information that you’re supplying baking devices.
There’s going to be
different levels.
Of consequences.
Right and we have intervention programs that we can enroll you.
In giving you an opportunity.
For that second chance.
Right and I do believe in second chances good kids make mistakes
all time
and that’s how we learn
as experiment.
We learn by making mistakes we don’t learn from doing everything perfect.
We learn from making mistakes are not
doing something to the standard.
You know is set for that
that particular app.
Liza: Oh.
So we are still have them.
Michelle: We somehow them Glendale has two.
Okay we have one and.
Are too high schools and that we have a deputy at our third high school within the
district but we service twenty seven school with them none of
Liza: That’s amazing three officers,
Twenty seven schools
Michelle: But you know I.
As as a school resource officer I felt that
being an elementary schools and believe a stranger danger in the traffic safety and
all those things.
Feel kind of a platform for and establish that
positive police contact so that we weren’t
the big you know bullies
big bad guys
and then come to you yeah and then middle school
you’re at that time you’re kind of.
Giving them the right and wrong.
Because developmentally maybe
fifth grade sixth grade seventh grade.
Even eighth grade are still learn right
but when you get the high school it’s a whole different game.
You know you’re expected to know the difference between right and wrong.
Liza: So
I read
and I did
I have some neighbors
who have their teams in.
The local high schools were not going to name the schools but.
They were talking about.
That even sex happens.
And how
sex violence
and drugs.
Has escalated is that
to a point that he wants his
sister just made Freshman
Do they still say Freshmen?
That he constantly have to protect her.
And oversee make sure that she is safe
Michelle: Why, I think there’s a fine line between protecting.
And providing them with information.
So that. The other the brother overseeing the sister and like their culture to.
The one. That comes into play where Community rights
and culturally very strong and certain different area
right to bring out the we as officers and we as people who are.
Impacting the these lives.
Need to be aware of that.
And I definitely think that
there’s protecting
why not giving them the information and then there’s protecting by
giving them mean for me.
As to why you’re saying or doing these things are what they can expect.
They’re seeing it on social media.
Liza: True.
Michelle: You know what if the
phones the the phones that.
Everything the only time we would see tears is when we would take that phone way.
Right that was the only time that we would teach here.
And there are
a certain
parent population that believes that your child is entitled to for privacy.
You know both like you said you mentioned sex drugs.
You know.
Those are the things that they’re seen on their phone.
And they’re interpreting it
with their teenage brain.
We as adults have been through different things
different experiences and.
We do know a little bit more
Both: Like we do.
Michelle: More we know a little bit more
Right but if we are
not communicating authentically with
these young people then they’re going to be open to their own interpretation and
often times they don’t have that five experience.
To really make.
The right decision.
When they come to that prosper.
So I think that simple.
When I was nineteen years old.
We used to have family planning hearing Glendale.
And I worked there.
Not really.
It was.
A games last more than.
Five months.
And it was not easy.
And I was not even in the back and
but in the friend.
Telling them what is going to happen to their body.
Before I even undisturbed what it is right.
I was reading the statistics of a females ages fifteen to nineteen.
They are four times more likely to be victims of rape.
Is younger than that.
Sexes anomalies.
Conversations about sex.
Or middle schools and even I wouldn’t even venture to say.
In the upper grades of elementary school.
They’re talking about said.
Twelve years old yeah.
Absolutely ten twelve
they may think it’s funny hot might not know the context.
But they’re still in their mind
having these conversations
well I understand hormones.
Especially the boys but.
The the rape factor.
The six crimes and everything that is happening.
The vulnerability of this shook their children
they are children but there getting.
So adult or they’re getting unfiltered information.
Pushed up in the media the.
I mean.
We’ve seen it all the time and it’s
you know and often times right the parents are devastated.
But the. They
they’re devastated because they didn’t think
they needed to have those conversations
are they weren’t in that young to what.
Their kids are doing on the phone.
There’s parental control you pay the bill.
Parental control
because ultimately it is the parents’
responsibility if it comes back on the back and
and something that happen
over social media platforms or
or else right.
So we need to be accountable as the adults and meaning to make sure we limit their
screen time there’s no purpose and
on the the phone at nine ten eleven o’clock at night station to getting Iraq.
Me sleep they should lay down and been.
Relaxing getting ready
to fall asleep
get ready for the next day.
But oftentimes will talk to kids at the time even if at one o’clock to.
One on swimming absolutely.
The computer.
And yeah but are you late.
Cause I. Was tired I.
Well holloway or yeah I was. So is this.
Sequence of events in this chain.
That you know we have to kind of break
the cycle.
And. The only way to do that is to work with our parents who are.
Busy micro graveyard don’t get home
they have a one bedroom apartment and they got five kids we got
gotta get ready in the morning for school I mean those are all factors and all.
Information that will help us better serve.
Okay well we’ll turn around and say
well that’s not my family because that’s not my circumstances
we have a healthy family we are in the middle upper class
and. Well
it’s just marijuana or my kids you know I
can’t take that away because that’s the way the way.
Because this is one of my clients
that’s the way the teachers expect the.
For them
they give the assignments
and they have to do the assignments on the computer
and we have to have the iPad’s read
available for them.
Yeah that’s true.
So where does this poor parent.
How do they manage
do I go against the school.
Homework or
do I open
Or. Well I mean that there are
a lot of per.
The patient their
yeah there’s for parents but there’s applications.
You know the school issued computers.
Have built for that are in place and yes camping sneak through absolutely.
You know.
Unfortunately in.
The tail and coated right.
We wished.
These devices.
Because we didn’t. You know.
For for people like me who aren’t really technologically savvy it was
really difficult to make that transition.
there are kids that.
Come to school to get away from
things that might be occurring at home in the.
Provided that
kind of a peach tree
or isolation.
For a lot of our young people
and then in isolation.
They were deprived therapies.
Connections that they were making a person or fifteen months.
You know and then to have them come back to school and have to transition back.
Was really really difficult last year was
really difficult.
For us to do population
is it true that are.
Suicide attempts friend.
I sky rocket.
I think statistically the numbers
were higher.
But I also think
How accurate are those statistics right.
I think.
and the.
Way that our young people were dealing with stress.
I. Am being isolated they didn’t have the
opportunity to bounce things off their peers.
Mean a coping mechanism
yeah I mean I don’t think.
I mean I I definitely think that that was problematic.
But I think also
a student who.
Maybe who was on a school site.
You know under normal circumstances absent cove it.
Might have said you know what like.
You know Johnny doesn’t like me so.
You know what should I do
oh well you don’t forget that you’re going to meet somebody else blah
blah blah blah blah. Whereas in.
In COVID and isolating they don’t really
have that opportunity so than their world is over.
And then comes the
negative fox and the depression in the.
I don’t want to live anymore.
Does the I don’t want to live anymore because this.
Person doesn’t like you.
In contrast to.
Able to kind of talk it through with somebody and realize.
You know that that. Like does go on
and I think.
Statistically that was
really difficult but I will try you we did more.
Self harm.
Or what we took diamonds threat assessments.
We did more in.
Post. In.
Six years of.
Wow. So.
I think.
I had a fifteen year old that came just few months ago.
That to
The absolutely it’s the anonymity of been behind the.
Spam and keyboard
yeah and away other friends and it’s like I thought she was my friend and
all the things and she just.
She used to hide the computer
put the computer under the
blankets and everything so that we didn’t see her in her bedroom
and everything that she felt so vulnerable
scared of being in her own room sleeping at night
so she was dealing with all these anxieties and everything and started eating and
eating and eating so it became another way of suppressing and hating herself.
So this is a psychological game that it’s happening and unfortunately I believe.
Coed did a number and not only on the parents
and domestic abuse.
Well you know people lost their jobs
know how they were gonna pay their rent or how they were gonna keep their kids or how
they were going to survive
and live.
Absolutely devastating to
and and can be.
Crippling even the Katie to. People.
You know depending on what their ability to
kind of coke.
So what do we do.
Those are all the problems.
You have a family of your own
I do I have three boys.
Sixteen nineteen and twenty three
Okay and they’re also very different
you know.
You can have.
A single parent.
W parent.
Or parents you can have.
The you know.
Influential adults.
In each one’s life.
And they’re all very different
I’m convinced that they puff out and they have their personality.
They only come through.
You they didn’t come to be you.
Forget as far as they think
that person belongs to me know that person caves for you
and then we have the privilege.
Of saying okay we are a family but.
You know.
Then families from in all.
Sizes yeah and and you know and honestly you can pick your family.
You can’t pick your family.
Day and the Buddhist they say that the child the the spirit of the child at the
moment it’s being can see chooses
this is my family this is the parent and this is the experience that I’ve been in my
life could be.
So. The other way of looking at it just like
this is the experience I was wines and unfortunate that so many different belief
systems rice and you.
Want you know you might have.
A certain vs.
And you’re going to come in contact with the founding who has been completely
different percent correct
and you have to be fluid.
Have to respect
and you know and
think that has a lot to do
with a lot of.
Communication breakdown
is that we don’t respect
the. In the belief system
and we’re not really good listener
all the time.
Know. You have to be accepting
order to be. Proactive
and successful.
And work together.
Think there’s there’s always the middle ground.
Is it hard being a child of a police officer
Absolutely because we.
Terrible everything.
You know and it’s like oh ma.
I think as they get older.
He might be a little bit right.
And I think I’m seem that now with my.
Real. You know.
In and we have our challenges you know we want
like I I guess my aha moment with mind twenty three year old.
Was in I school we can do
anything was Atlanta with it you know as this
entry an interesting senior here like what.
Are we going to do what from.
The course of action.
When he came into my bedroom one day.
He said. I don’t
And then I started.
Kind of. Realizing
that that’s a tremendous amount of pressure.
More our young people.
Because they may not know.
Our children more confused nowadays because
I see there’s.
Are. Extremely competitive.
They either don’t want to do anything or the ones who are like I think I
In twenty.
Twenty one.
I mean I think the stars align.
For those types of successes right but then they plant the seed in the minds of our
young people that
that’s what I want.
Nine not realizing that.
It take a lot
to to make that happen can just tell her from
a millionaire online.
You know. Blind so tennis shoes. Or the. Start.
Up there has to be started.
But I don’t think.
The or from for
to get to that.
Because there’s a.
Fire yeah part that’s all the fun part.
You know. Digging in the trenches that’s not the fun part.
One part of you know having a bunch of month.
Driving their nice car I mean you know.
Being encircled by people that you.
Think are important.
What can we do for their children who are suffering.
Going from trauma.
That they don’t know how else to hide it.
Is coming out it’s losing out of them but they don’t know where to go what to do.
It goes to school system.
Is doing.
They’re doing their best.
We have the resources in school but I think.
As one of my
colleagues was telling me.
Even as therapist they’re tapped
they have no more time
and they can’t even.
Be they don’t want to work on.
Another Sunday.
Right. Right because we have
in order for us.
As a community to
We have to be well.
So. We can’t.
Tax or so.
To a point where we’re not.
Able to services.
So many to.
You mean concrete these collaborations need to have these kinds of conversations
to you and still
Because there are so many resources out there
and give them.
You know.
Once of com.
Aces to go people to see
and and. Not
and but we have to break down stigma and allow people to ask.
Without. Feeling as though the
judge drain.
Everybody was going.
Can use help.
At some point and fine.
No matter who you are where you are or what your economic status is what your
education level of education is.
Everybody at some point in time
Help whether it’s a hand on the shoulder.
Says I’m here for you.
Or a smile.
You know why.
The hugger yeah I I’m a hugger.
And I mean there’s times when I would just stand at the front
you know.
And and say good morning
and some kids will take the morning and some kids when but it
wouldn’t change the fact that I would stand there and say good morning
or have a nice there how’s your day going or
or something like that.
The human connections that came in connection with a ball
I had kids that would come in every day.
Just the ass.
Silly silly questions but it was because they wanted that anda.
I had a kid that will come in and ask for a pencil.
You know and it’s
ah there’s.
There are ways there are ways of for parents to monitor their kids on computers
tablets and phones okay great.
Boobs and she says I agree parents have to talk openly with their children parental
controls so needed.
Fortunately there are programs apps and software out there and
actually my assistant has all lag and
can provide it with your help.
You know one of the things that I.
My nonprofit for the mother loves children
and everyone says motherless child.
Of what is that.
His mother the seas
well mom does not necessarily have to be disease mom can be incarcerated
institutionalized lost custody.
Of or.
You know or deceased
and we even
took care of a child we were mentoring and everything that long has been deployed for
over two years.
So he was always with grandparents and everything and he got into stuffed
at the father broad and for a lot of self esteem work and everything
and he was angry we.
Believe it or not in less than six seven sessions this kid trade or around.
It’s like they have so much gift.
Is. Their resilient
Yes or.
And. That’s what we needs to be me need to be soundboards.
And there is absolutely no judgement really there is no judgment
because the word of huh within it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with it
but. It’s we only healing.
I healed to be where I am and the children would sound more human being calm and they
look at him they go.
Their eyes pop.
When they see the shambles and the sounds absolutely.
Noticing. Unites.
Everyone body movement without saying this is
the way it’s supposed to be just free-flow.
First their awkward and it’s just like and then that music.
Is just like just be.
Led you’re biting move just das what
ever you wine.
The creative writing but what am I supposed to write whatever you want.
Right and then as a right and then I have curriculums instead just draw a tree
but what kind of a tree it doesn’t matter
and believe.
They ask you those things because they’re in fear of judgement which.
I want there are people pleasers right I want to draw the tree that you want me to
draw know you from the tree that you exactly.
You use the colors.
Palette that you want to.
But it takes. You have to break.
Down those barriers.
We did this experiment with adults
and believe it or not when he was.
A tree they were
came to see how was the other from like.
The about the other person.
Draw your own tree.
And that I have the crayons
for adults to use clearinghouse for us to touch crayons
to work with chalk it’s bringing us back to our basic
right because now
everything is everything is this.
Or in here.
Stop this and just listen touch somebody
literally touching somebody
I know it’s like
you’re not supposed to touch here.
But if you can always say can I.
Make it the offer of course I always say me I.
Because I know I can.
That not that.
I know I can
so I open my had a nice a may I give you.
May I give you a.
And it’s their.
to say yes
or no.
And after the second session they walk in and
they wanted to give me a hug because each just you know.
We were talking about one of our
police officers to me
it was like I ain’t bloggers like your gums promo because
I call I
give the biggest hug and I received the biggest fan
from him. Is just.
You know there is no other intention except.
Appreciation of
who you far.
Because sometimes I don’t see this
amazing everybody has a like.
All right everybody has like
in there are certain people in your life everyone knows it.
Than just has
a certain light.
Like just review
this warm believe the.
Love and something for free
And you’re one of.
The. You are
but it takes one to know one.
If we weren’t you talk about resources may I get your information so we can share the
information information.
In any.
One of you.
If there is anything that
I can help you or
bring your resources like this if you have any questions.
If there is anything as a games or hope that you need
as a parent as a
mentor as a caregiver
or any wine
for your teenagers for your children
we work with you I work with children
from eight years.
And off.
Because I believe from that on they are like a sponge
children are sponges
you teach them your guide them you mentored them and believe it or not.
They will do because.
They have the intention of the good they just
The love. The acceptance and appreciate and most of the time.
The the misguided behavior your.
Is for attention.
It doesn’t matter and positive remember that.
They want the attention.
But it’s. Communication.
That’s accountability
and its boundaries.
That’s what we need to remember. And and
like I said I even with
the teenagers and the explorer program it’s
all about communication.
And strategize.
Coming off of the plan.
Just talking about it.
Pocket for beautiful.
So I want to thank you
for tuning in today
to the real park.
With Liza
and again
I am proud to say you were my friend.
Knowing you.
Michelle Gonzalez
a retired police officer and today
she is.
Still willing.
As and able and be here
in supporting us
being a games to us
and to you.
And until next week
I wish you all the best God bless you and may
the universal light surround you.

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