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Overcoming Fear of Spiders with Jay Brewer

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This episode of Heal Talk Tuesday is about overcoming fears. Today I conquered mine. My Guest: Jay Brewer, owner of ReptileZoo in Orange County, CA. Watch this episode and see a HUGE tarantula crawl on my arm – close to my neck. 🕷ðŸĪŠðŸ˜Ŧ👏👍

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Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza Where transformation begins as we Evoke Embrace and Evolve Apparently there we
go greetings greetings greetings and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays
This is Liza Boubari It’s so good to be here with you isn’t it. Well today I am in a
whole different place. Today I am privileged and honored
to be amongst the best of the best. At a mastermind called
prosperity camp with Greg Reed and you know I’m in
Carlsbad near San Diego and if you don’t
know it, it’s and the most amazing place that
there is near the ocean here. Everything that it is
absolutely wonderful. So, today is going
to be a special thing it’s not about healing but For those who do not know
who I am my name is Liza Boubari and by trade I am a
clinical hypnotherapist. So as a hypnotherapist what do
we do we overcome challenges. We can shift habits
and behaviors even overcome fears and a lot of things that
no longer goes service or give us a block for
us to move forward in life. And if you know me you know I have done seven root
canals with absolutely no anesthesia that means the power
of the mind over body. And if I have done
parachute jumping with absolutely no fear of coming down. Guess what today is going
to be amazing because today we’re going to overcome another thing and I’m going
showcase you that I myself I’m going to
overcome if your factor that usually when I
see smaller ones. I call somebody else. Today I have an amazing. Guest. His name is Jay Brewer. Jay would you come and join me. There you go. Yeah. Alright so Jay Please introduce yourself
Jay: so my name’s Jay brewer I have a page called
jaipur historic that you could look whiter but at everywhere the funny part is. Liza here. Was refusing to do. The trick do with
I’m going to do and the fun part about it is. She’s going to do it. But it took a little persuasion yeah
I do some of her own terminology. Right. Ups the girls and realize that sometimes fears or what. False. Share. For approving real right. Jane’s appearing real yeah so we have more control over who we are what we do than what we truly
believe is that true I believe that that is
the most powerful been a human can. Is the ability to step through
the fear that the future. A. Foreigner. Right in a way that’s
how we built the I. That’s how I did it. That’s why we’re at
the prosperity Canada it’s all about prosperity bringing
abundance now we can be abundance of wealth or abundance of
things that crawl. So for me. Years and years of looking
at issue there was a show that was. That that people it was a live show on
TV that they would crawl into inside and called
pier park oh good. He said the
worried fear factor. Now I can understand
overcoming a lot of things. But eating. Insects eating. With reptiles and going in places
that it’s like why would anyone do that. The for money was whoa. Said you said about
jumping out of airport. I decided at one point in my life I
have a few years I always tell people to get over their fears. So I said I’m going to
drop of an airplane and I’m to learn how to scuba
dive cause those I wasn’t a good swimmer
so those are two things that I pushed against
because I decided. You know.
Box cheap. Eating that who
doesn’t appear to me it just disgusting. Yeah
said going to do it and after that. Okay. So please tell us what
brought you into this line of work oh that’s a long it’s probably longer than
your blog gospel will make it simple my Pascal can go as long
as you are oh so basically I started out as
an orphan that was had a really tough life
and when I was young. There was no money no. Didn’t have anything
so basically I. Would venture out in the fields
and catch snakes and lizards frogs and different things. For what else are we to do. They became your buddies
that became something like. Something I can. Imagine I’m gonna find
the bigger one of those. Myself. An amazing. There is nothing in like that. To us but everything is foreigners
right. My art they’re. Glad you’re joining us. So how long have
you been doing this. I’ve been doing it for a
living for thirty five years thirty five years. Okay and you are
located at the reptile zoo orange county
and work out valid. Okay was which is basically
orange county southern California wonderful though. So next time you want to take your kids or
you want to go somewhere to be entertained. Or shock your system. In June knowing that you are
very much alive and present. You can do so. Is it like. The
San Diego zoo happy. Specialized there you go only for that it’s
reptiles it’s literally reptiles it’s not a big place. But it’s a very
popular place I’m. Yeah I’m kind of amazed
I believe yesterday I had. Three made major people
from three major countries from I mean that
was just like get to do. Incredible things. So to play some destiny
it’s a it’s a destination for people from all
over the world but it’s kinda fun. I can’t live in the dream
because when I was a little kid. I used to think oh man
I went to this one place called the alligator permanent
went out of business. Now your style and I went one time
and it was like is out of business and. I’d kind of a dream of
like man that’d be cool and now on that I mean
you don’t. Even know the Internet that all over the world you know me and my daughter. Of managed to get fifty
two million followers. That need two million yeah. That your roommate
that months where how to a billion
views and what month. The for a little crazy yeah. We talk about fear my daughter
was born with almost no fear. Okay me. We all have fear but some
work there is hidden behind the some things that we
won’t let anybody know but. That’s your daughter she is a. I have three daughters of the one that’s worked
with before time right now is a thirty thirty years old. Okay. So she’s not a little to no okay. And she’s been with
you for while your life and her life. Do you have these at home. We we’d. Of things at home but. We have
big things we have. We have snakes that
can kill you in a bike. We have gators it could. Rip your arm off. We have you know she’s grown
them up for baby some of them and so we do we have. Very unique and. Okay Jane. I’m all about psychology I’m all about
the power of the mind in the subconscious would you please let
us know why do we. Most humans have fears of the crawling stuff especially snakes and
tarantulas and things that. It’s not norm as a pet I think it’s real simple. Europe in your Bible
and says snakes evil. You turn on your TV set and they’re
using animals to scare you every day okay and so I think that eighty percent of it is. perceived from what your time the first thing
we have to do is. Learn learn our own minds
what the reality of life is how many times if
somebody not like somebody because somebody said
they were bad person and they know they are
perfectly good person. Or a so we have to find their
own way and learn or of thing so I think that. One of the things
we have the first. Thought is that. Your the ruler were taught
is not always the right ruler. weight for your like
exact your own life exactly because you know in school little kids
they like to play with in sag and. I mean laboratories are
mice and rats and everything and then we see one
rack and women jump right. So it’s. It’s because of
what we don’t know. Our own power. Fear
alone is the unknown. Okay I mean right.
Your. It as some people have here of hypnosis
which is the most natural thing to do. I.
Were scared. Most of. I used to be scared of electricity
because I didn’t understand that. I was scared of. Drop it off airplane
airplanes I didn’t realize. The the actual fears
that were involved were mostly big. What she’s not going to open. That the best feeling young. So there’s a lot
of things. You know I’ve lived my life to
try to push against my peers. Okay paid off well. Well thank you feel that down
my own what I have to ask. I see a lot of fights and. He yeah. Yeah but that
does that mean it’s. Obviously it must
not be a big deal. Yeah we do he’ll don’t
we we feel amazing yes now I’m not saying I I don’t
suggest a jumping out of a plane. Drone your screwed out
beforehand I don’t expect. Don’t ever think you need to be
educated before you to take a risk but I think learning about your risk is the first thing
I always tell everybody. If you’re scared of a snake to learn about snakes
if you’re scared of a. Okay let’s talk about sex I live in an area that
there is trails I walk my dog you see rattlesnakes. I see a lot of coyotes and okay. And I’ve never
seen a rattlesnake show educate me about
snakes if I want to see a snake. Is it when it’s coil that is. Bad
or when they are moving okay so. There’s a perfect for instance the first thing I teach
people the rattlesnake. Is that this year
rattlesnake the worst thing. About it does it. Well. You’ll be able to see
the rattle on the end of it. If somehow you can’t
see it because it a bush. If you get close
enough is gonna rattle. Born
but the first defense of the snake
is to pretend it ain’t there. So
walk away. Correct and the key word
is to walk away because no run
because if you runaway. Just.
Dog the location know. You could trip you could fall. You could. Step on one
that you didn’t see get fit. Because of you step on
one is going to bite you. It’s
that’s it’s like last defense. Of it does it has no interest
in you as a human being. It wants nothing to do with you. And it’s.
Ten times more fearful. Then you are the. Yeah because everything else
in the wind was always trying to somebody else the. So birds of Jack rabbits right. There weighting out for a rabbit and birds are weighting
out for the snake. To see so. So all of a sudden evolution of. Its kind of like life. If you want to start a
fight it’s very simple. If you let everybody lived their life the
way they’re supposed to live their life and you worry more about how
you live your life your life will be easy. Right.
Much easier am I talking to your language. Okay.
Well it’s the same with snakes if you just let them be. Walked away
everybody’s happy if a rattlesnake is lang
straight in front of you. And it’s not moving it’s because it’s
convinced that you saw it. And is convinced
that if it moves. You’re going to
for sure see I’m. Going to lay and
pretend it’s still. If it sees you early enough is going
to take off his facet can get away. Get away not to. Know snakes don’t chase people. If you go get a
little tiny corner you know if you
go skin rid of it and it’s trying to go that way. You might feel
chase because it’s. Scared and knows where miss. It wherever it’s going
to go it has a place to go it’s like standing in front of my
mom on their child’s on the other side. Endanger you’re
going to get in trouble. Yeah I love being educated because
when you are educated when we know it’s so much easier for us to deal with
something we know then be unknown. Absolutely right so that’s
a first step I take a beer. Is the is to educate yourself
about whatever fear that. Okay whether it’s business or. Anything. So. Hey man how are you
we are talking to Jane grower from a. Child’s do were talking about reptiles
and why we have so much fear factor and today. As a hypnotherapist we know I educate I
help my clients overcome challenges habits behavior years everything today I’m going to be overcoming
one of mind which was things that crawl. So I I told her don’t worry
it doesn’t crawl jumps. Yeah she’s trying to
talk yourself out of it and I was like. I just really she she messed up
and told me what she does for a living. So I said. I told her every time you open
your mouth you’re setting a trap for me to be able to catch you. The words that I use
and the worried he uses trap. Back. Create more scarce
city where you. Get a trap you. Okay I’m going to think
of it as a golden cage. That I can
you know. What was my choice you said. You said no I could you said I could bounce
would you say I could what. Jack. On he. That can I said or she can grow. That you could grow that’s
your choice because in life. All fears. Ended up with a huge
growth after you pass from. Thank you for that so. Thank you because. When I do this I want to also share
with my clients. You can do this great
risk great reward. You know in life
we have to take risks because if we not going
to take risk weekend remain where we are and then resent ourselves for not doing get. And the resentment the
south punishment self-doubt. Is worse than. Anybody else do I
always laugh when I see. Snoop Dog say. On his sanity says the first thing I want
to do is thanked me for believing in me and it sounds so stupid but without that
you will go nowhere. Exactly. So the words of Snoop yeah there you go the
I was gonna say that. Is your dogs look at I got
all right look what I got. Alright. Yeah that is bigger than I
thought it was going to be. Alright no further do it no. Your idea. How many of your out and
how many of you were in. Okay. Is she a girl or boy she’s a girl
she’s a girl girls are nicer or boy sorry. What we know it’s a girl or about like
depends when what kind of the month of. Yeah personally idea of life. Yeah that’s not job. I am fine so here’s the so I’m. Sure I gotta tell
everybody the real truth. So Rosie. Has been Rosie Rosie is the name of my grandmother. Name so seven years I’ve
had her minimum maybe a. She’s very. Docile and she’s a Chilean
Rose tarantula and they are known to be
very docile and the first place. Now
that I’m going to show you. Look at the banks of the a
half inch long. She’s got
giant thanks okay. That’s the help
her with her fear. Never education. Yeah. Yeah we have that. Much that with that. Here okay let’s start right
here okay there we do not apply downwards. That. Referring. Yeah. It actually likes the really know that. Yeah
I I. So Rosie I let me tell you something real
quick okay yes Rose you could get hurt if the.
Because Rosie has. Has a axial skeleton but the
things that she cannot cross. Has never been. Oh on my breath. We found the off limits. How about your hand now. There you go
okay here we go. So Rosie see we’re gonna move on. She’s sweet. A wonderful animal that loves people. She. Understand what
does he realize it she. Is absolutely the sweetest tarantula and are. So. Everybody’s let
everybody see how. My.
She did it. Go. Weren’t. It get to see Rosie. I think she did I think
he did great I did great thank you
fabienne yeah what what
for someone. Who kills the little garage. I know. You didn’t hear like windex windex
we make sure the next week that. She can say sweet. Got them a little different. Maybe you’ll skirt brushing them
into a cup and letting them go. I can do. Thank you for yeah you know Rosie is. I promise you Rosie
the sweetheart because like a lot of affairs their way overrated
but that doesn’t mean you go run and grab every transfer
go see but it does maybe mean you don’t stop on
every transfer on every bug you ever seen. Because there are a
little animals to and they. Like to live for he just
like if you get a live free when you let yourself out of your
own true caption your own fears. You get to have a
wonderful easy like. You know one of the things is I think
the way I laughed and everything I was expecting the to be completely different than how sweet
it boy yeah they actually have lots of hands and. Lots of feet basically need to put
actually has a little bit of a look on let me. You can see that’s the hang on because
they can’t ball because they do can get. So so. There you go. Thank you Rosie. Thank you for being
the best experience of me overcoming my own fear of tarantulas and crawlers he did a great job think
that July. Job. So for
day I wanna say thank you and
I wanna say thank you to Jay and if you have any children. Or anyone in your life that you
are in the southern California in Los Angeles county San
Bernardino county the. County. Yeah. So.
Go visit. Enjoy and I wanna say thank you for
being a part of Heal Talk Tuesday this is called he’ll within now
I believe I have here my.
One step forward to thank you so much of a
wonderful day the by everyone see your next week.

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