Pain and Hypnotherapy – April 13, 2021

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Today’s episode is on managing pain and how physical pain can be a direct manifestation of suppressed Emotional pain.

Have you felt pain, but no physician can figure out what’s causing it? Have you felt a pain that even you can not describe or express?

Emotional pain is hurt that can originate from non-physical sources. Sometimes this emotional distress is the result of the actions of others. In some cases, feelings of emotional pain may lead to physical symptoms that do not have an identifiable physical cause.

Emotional pain can impact both your physical and mental health with symptoms such as Sadness, Grief, Distress or Fear, Loneliness, and isolation, Anxiety, Negative emotions, Shame.

#Hypnotherapy is one way to easily guide you to tap within, only to connect with your emotions and discover the root cause.

Next episode: I will share few techniques in how to use self-hypnosis to manage pain.

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