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Self-Care When Caring for a Loved One

Today we talk about self-care when caring for a loved one.

  1. Prioritize self-care. … Know your triggers. …
  2. Seek out a caregiver or support group. … Talk it out with a friend or professional.
  3. Do something that brightens your day … Grounding techniques.
  4. Leave the situation. … use the 333 rule.

Get centered –look at your daily routine. Are you getting enough nourishment? Enough sleep? Are you moving? Going for walks?

Get connected –Explore resources for support in your community – caregivers, social workers who can talk with you, offer ideas and resources.

Get support – It can feel you are alone or must do it all by yourself, but it is not so.  Many want to help and want to be there for you. Allow others in. Friends and family can be a vital part of your wellness team.

Get control –  It may feel like nothing is within your control.  Loss of a loved one or serious illness or injury can sweep through your life like a force of nature.  Prioritize your time and days that become more manageable.  Getting control may be knowing your limitations and saying “No” when you need to.  No is as OK as Yes.

What is the 3 3 3 rule?
Look around you and name three things you see. Then, name three sounds you hear. Finally, move three parts of your body — your ankle, fingers, or arm.


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Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza. Where transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Greetings greetings greetings and Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesday’s this is Liza. It’s so good to be here with you isn’t it. Wow. This is absolutely amazing being alive with you. Do you realize. This is a phenomenal. That. We are here we are present in we are together. Just being grateful for this very moment. And being here. To be able to see to be able to hear to be able to even log on. Because so many. Are not allowed to or have the means to. Welcome to Heal talk Tuesday’s this is Liza. Your expert hypnotherapist and I wanted to say. Date all about feeling grateful. And. Just being present. Hello and welcome it’s so good to have you. Today’s message is going to be about the things we hold onto and how it affects us especially. Energetically emotionally and yes we’re going to be talking about how. It creates this sense of heaviness upon us why because I have a workshop coming out opera and end of this month January thirty one actually it’s exactly next Tuesday. At. Six pm here in my office and it’s a smaller group get together and is called hypnosis for emotional way weight. So why is it that I am talking about emotional weight. You know. I bet you. You have. Set your goals for a new year so many say I’m gonna go to the gym this year is going to be the year. My resolution is to lose so much weight. This is I’m going to go on a diet i’m doing get fasting I’m doing a clear ns and so so many different ways to lose weight right. First and foremost. I. Educate every wine on the words words thought. That. Are either. This empowering you or empowering you. Losing is one of the words that. Literally. Of aw the diet industry works on to help you lose weight because they know once you lose it. Psychologically and your subconscious because it has held onto it for a reason a good reason. Even if it is negative it’s a good reason. It’s going to go find it and bring it back. Believe it or not losing in itself is a such a. This powering worried and. It’s a loss it feels bad and you will do everything to bring it back so that’s why the your you. Weight. Habits. You lose it. You gain it. Was music you gain it and throughout unless you have this new. Lifestyle. And regiment. Physically mentally and yes mindset we said emotionally. So my. Group hypnosis is called hypnosis for emotional weight. So that you can do that internal reset. Mindset. Tap into your subconscious learn a powerful words that empower you consciously and subconsciously the in order for you to maintain. From reaching. First you reach your desired goal and then maintain it. So. That’s what it’s. Going to be. And. So. Someone says what is an emotional weight. Allow me to share. A story. A while ago I had a client who came in for weight loss. And yes she wanted to lose weight. So one of the first things we learned was you are going to shed. Weight. Peel away extra weight or just simply drop the week my audio recall weddings are all about drop weight and mindset reset. So through our sessions on our third session as we are working and doing the hypnosis. And we start peeling away reasons. Of. Why to your your weight-loss gain gain lose. So as we are going back. In time. Which is one of the methods. Called time mind therapy. Do. He started crying. And as she’s crying she’s sharing. All the things that. Have become burdensome. And heavy. We peel away a lot of. Guilt and shame. And burdens. Things that have been placed upon us expectations. And that it’s heavy. And it weighs a lot on you. Because one of my biggest things is it’s not so much about what you way but what’s weighing up one you once weighing on you that it’s heavy it’s a heavy load. Sometimes we take on. An. Ex. Other people’s expectations we take on tasks that. To do. And if you have been one of them. Just think about it. Did you say yes to something. That you wanted because someone ask you to. And even if you didn’t have time for it you said yes you. Did you take on a burden or a family member. Sick of expectations. That is weighing down. Upon you and you feel overwhelmed. Over anxious. Undervalued. See and that is what ways upon you. And when it’s storage wing upon you you have to pocket on in order for you to be able to handle it. It’s either. Lifting someone. Is taking care of something. And that you pack it on you pack it on without realizing and the body will take a brunt of it. And next thing you know. It’s about seven pounds ten pounds and fifteen pounds. Even thirty pounds on you in order for you to lift all that burden. And to wait. So. And then you wonder. What happened to you. And you turn around and say I don’t understand it. When did I gained so much weight. And because you start resenting it. This is what happened to my client. She start packing it on and eating more. Just to numb her feelings. So. Her thing was. Since I’m already gained weight might as well shove the rest in. Because. No one is going to hear me. No one can do anything about it. It’s all on me. I’m already stressed out so leave me alone let me be. And as we started peeling away. Layers and layers. This is. Throughout. Each session. One of the biggest things. That she had not even realize. Was her guilt and shame. That is one of their. Heaviest loads. Some of us carry. Without realizing. Especially women. If it is. Incest. If it is. Being molested. Rape. And. And hers was. An abortion. In Wade so heavily on her. That it happened over fifteen years ago. That. She didn’t realize. There is a part of her that she is still carrying it’s as if her body still wanted that baby. But because of. Other people what they would say. And if it was because it was out of wedlock. Because it felt shame. On all that. Was still packed div li rude it inside. And until the time we didn’t. Do this deep work peeling away those emotional layers. Sheeting recognize that. She was still holding on to that she thought she got over it. Because consciously she did. Body had not let go yet. Her emotional. Connection to that. Had not let’s go yet. So what is it that we do. Through my three in method by signature method. We do the evoking. We. Evoke what was. It’s going back in time to bring force bring to surface to recognize. What is it that we are holding onto. What is it that. You believe that story to be reality. And frankly is it’s still true. Is that story true today. Is it still true for what you are holding onto. And she recognized. When she recognized that. She was ready. To let it go. Asking the body to begin the healing process and that’s called the embracing see it took. Three sessions to get to that level. Because you can’t just get in there and just. Prague even through hypnosis. Some. Get to that just like stop smoking I’ve had clients in second session they became a non smoker in it can happen yes it’s true. But it’s not the magic pill. Even though everybody things that there is this magic pill it is sometimes a placebo. So by recognizing it after three sessions getting there. Now we’re getting to the part of embracing so there were so much to embraced embraced So she is embrace what happened embrace her body embrace all the emotions connected to what occurred realizing it is not true at this very moment and then come to embrace her life today. And once the embracing happens then she can start evolving toward her desired goal is to dropped the weighed in embrace the body image that she now wants and desires. So now the body’s starting to work with her. Because you can’t just shut it you can just push it you can’t expect that you you getting do all the exercises four hours a day three times a week in still. Do all the died and everything and then go in a funk in a depression and then start all over and that a jojo aspects of the emotional. Disconnect. Is what I work with my clients. That’s why I say stand up to slim down my book is all about that my course coming out as about that the audio recording is about that it’s about drop being weight. Because it works not only when your conscious as you listen. That audio recording especially by exercise one is three layers. That it works with your conscious as you are walking and running and exercising another layer that your subliminal messages is happening and then the music that it works and pumps you into that exercise so not realizing there is three levels of everything because mean music when it’s right working with the heart with them with the body and making you joyful wanting to do more of that. Pets powerful. And yes you can find it on my shop. So. Understand. The appealing away the layers. That you put upon yourself for self preservation self protection. Is what. I have work with. That’s how we get to heal within. Thus the name. Hello beautiful. Here. Allow gorringes. My sweetheart so long I haven’t seen you am so glad you are here and yes you understand this more than anything just working with that. Mind a factor and knowing that. Functional medicine is so powerful hypnotherapy is so powerful in in giving our clients exactly what it needs physically mentally emotionally and yes psychologically. So good to have your here and everyone that it’s on here your if you were here. Thank you for being. An absolutely gas and if you are watching this. On a replay dress. Hashtag replace or I know and up every week I come live with a message of Heal Talk and again. I’m having a small little workshop. Of next January thirty one here in my office and every month at the end of the month every the law last Tuesday of the month we are going to have a workshop if you are anywhere in the l a area. Are it behooves you to sign up and come in you learn about worried association you learn about hypnosis you learn how to do self hypnosis and you learn. You are with a group and becomes so powerful when you work together in a group you find your own niche and support one another again. A dm me if you want to join in. The links will be in the description that’s right and thank you so much for my assistant who’s always there a Adrian supporting and being here. We’ve got so much that we are going to be bringing for you to empower you physically mentally emotionally our courses are coming are books are coming and if. If you haven’t yet. I want you to know. That the events that I am going to put together a quarterly there’s going to be a small little event that is going to happen a locally until our big three event that we come together with more powerful speakers and everything. So. We are here to support you. So you can heal within. And you rise to your own occasions and set your goals and achieve them. Because my mission. Is for you to stand up show up speak up because you matter. So as I said. I’m an omission. Am I put a posted there they asked me what is it than I do. What is it. What is it than I do as not only as a clinical hypnotherapist. By the work that I do. In this is exactly what I said. I repeat the that. My mission is to help eradicate self-doubt. And boosts self-esteem because if you don’t believe in yourself. No matter what you do. No matter what you do if you don’t believe in yourself it’s the belief system. Within you. Yes you can turn around and say that’s my b s and. Know that it’s your belief system. So once you believe you can. Therefore you will. The get that. Believe in yourself and know that you matter. Boost. Your self esteem your confidence is knowing that you can but the self esteem is the belief within yourself. And k is the worth and the value you give to you for your body for your life for your family for who you are. Not what. You look like or what you have. So. Today’s message is going to be very short and very poignant. By workshop my small little group. It’s hypnosis for emotional weight. Join me. And learn how to empower yourself and your body. And know that you can’t. Let’s start peeling away all. The things that it’s no longer worthy of you. Which is called the shame. The blame. Of the negativity. Of the burns and the things. That overwhelm you. Okay. So thank you for being present. And I look forward to seeing you next week. Next week is going to be special for me and you will know why. Because next Tuesday we are celebrating. Truly celebrate. And so until next week. I bid you good-bye. And have a wonderful wonderful week. God bless you and made a universal light surround you. Always. Papa. Click subscribe joint. By can.

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