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Attracting Love

Today we talk about attracting love

So how do we attract love?

Visualize your ideal soul mate.
You can even say the affirmations and what you believe it to be true to accept love and abundance into your life and love yourself to attract the vibration. We say we vibrate to that level that that person vibrates.

So if you love to play tennis, believe it or not, sitting in front of the TV watching soap operas or something else is
not going to attract it. Go play tennis and eventually you might meet the person who wants to play tennis with you.
So there is a time that they say what romantic movies. Laugh because laughter also opens your heart chakra and when you laugh you also have that vibration in you that joy is within yourself.

Everyone is attracted to someone who is more confident. Not more confident than themself but in a confident. The way you position yourself the way you walk, the way you talk the way you said It’s and even being casual with yourself just confidence info about who you are right?

Those are so simple and yet we make it difficult.


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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza. Where transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Greetings greetings greetings and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays and this is Liza. It’s so good to be here with you isn’t it. Happy Valentine’s day. Yes today is the day of celebrating Know love. And I love the word celebration of love and being present in gratitude and everything that comes with the emotion and feeling love. So hope. Hoping that today you too will find love within yourself so that you can love someone else. In one of the beautiful quotes from Rumi is what I just quoted is I love me so that I can love you and when you love yourself then you can love me back and actually I did it add lip of it but that’s the beauty of it so self love self-care self empowerment. Also comes to realizing that when you believe. Within yourself and. You have enough love for yourself and that’s when we can from the overflow low of that when the cup is full then we can fill other people’s cup right. So hopefully no matter where you are you will find a glimpse of. This moment to stand in place your hand upon your chest and say I accept and appreciate myself for who I am. Just as I am. Because when we love someone, we love the persona we love of the person and we may not always like who or what they do or what they say and we may not always like their attitude or mood or behavior the things they say to us and yet the love of for the person which usually is for. parents, love for a child or love for a partner that love does not change. So. I was going to talk about a relationship and how we attract a relationship and love into our life actually if you. Would like to receive. A beautiful and. Audio recording of how to attract love. Please let me know actually you can go to my website hill within dot com and a right there it’s a put your email and you will receive this a beautiful audio recording called attract love. Again. Go through and as you scroll down it says here’s my gift for you and when you put your email you will receive this gift it’s approximately fifteen minutes just to relax. Listen and attract love. Into your life. Hi everyone it’s so good to have you. Do you see this. Isn’t that beautiful. That. I have this beautiful. Statue and it’s always sitting next to my flower and when I look at look at it. It’s like. Holding heart horror holding love and Surround yourself With things that you love. Things that open your heart. I have. Flowers I have to lips which is my favorite flower. Always. In my office I have the or kids so when I walk in. I just go in all of the surroundings that I surround myself with the office when I walk and hopefully one day Heal come and visit me in person. I’m in all of my space. To be in awe of your space the way you looked away you are the way you feel inside what is it that I say whatever it is that you want to become step into it. Bring that feeling. Visualize it it and created you can even do a beautiful vision board with all the things you want to create. I remember five years ago I did a vision board and in that vision board I placed all the things that I believed in and I wanted to attract in my life believe it or not he didn’t even take three years and I had a goal. And what less than three years I had all. Of that. Every single picture. In one form or another became a Riyadh city. So vision boards. Are very powerful some do not believe in it but when you look at it every single day realize that you are embedding all that visually and especially if you have words in there into your subconscious mind. So that’s the work that I do do. Hypnosis is. Working editing everything within your subconscious mind bright the blueprint of that. Mind of ours. That we watch to shift or edit information that it’s no longer serving us and incorporate the new information in there and he can be from pain anxiety wage issues smoking your shoes wellness your shoes whatever it is right and attracting love. So today. You don’t have to wait for someone to buy flowers go get your own flowers. Few like chocolate. The confess. I always have chocolate. And my drawers. That’s Right. How do I eat it. I eat one piece at a time. Just a small little one and for me. The pure pleasure comes in savoring the taste. When you savor it you close your eyes and you. Data itself is called love. You we don’t have to hoard it I don’t have to have it this thing. I’ve had it for approximately a week. So that’s what I do I just enjoy small little pieces and that’s what you can do. And when you when have. Anything in your life. Enjoy it. Take pleasure in it. So when you feel that good it’s the feeling that we must embed into our mind into our body and into our heart. So. A lotta people say well how do I attract love here and another thing. Saying that I can’t find the white person I can’t. There is no such person. You know what. That such a negative way of thinking and feeling. There are so many good people. There are so many worthy people. But be clear you’re in who you want in your life. Do you want. Just anybody. So right down. Take a piece of paper. Write down exactly what type of for person you would be happy with. It’s not attracting what you want but who you we’d be happy with what kind of a persona. Do you need in your life. That will make you happy. Is at the way he will touch you is it the way he whispers is it the way he hugs. Would you be okay just to love that person if that person is snoring. Did you know that in new York times yesterday there was an article about nowadays. The new couples. That want to partner with one another. Rather. Live together but in separate rooms. Really. If I love someone and I want to leave my single life and be with that person. I definitely want. To also been the seeing bet with them. At least in the beginning I will choose to hey I love you honey but you see at your place I say my place yet. Everyone has their friend am not here to say. That is wrong. And. Again. It’s like so much. I can talk for hours on this. You come here because you want to have closeness relationship with your loved ones and here new York times says this is the new trend. While I hope it is just f bad and not the new way of saying I love you I want to be close with you and yet I don’t want to be apart of. Pulling with you. So how do we attract love. Visualize your ideal soul mate. You can even say the affirmations and what you believe it to be true to accept love an abundance into your life. And love. Yourself to attract the vibration we say we vibrate to that level. That that person vibrates. So if you love to play tennis. Believe it or not. Sitting in front of. A and. In front of. The TV watching soap operas or something else is not going to attract it. Go play tennis and eventually. You might meet the person. Who wants to play tennis with you. So. There is a time that they say what romantic movies. Laugh because laughter also opens your heart chakra. And when you laugh you also have that vibration in you that and joy is within yourself. Everyone has attracted to someone who is more confident. Not more confident than themself but in a confident. The way you. Position yourself the way you walk the way you talk the way you said. It’s and even being casual. With yourself just. Confidence info about who you are right. And. Yeah. Those are so simple and yet we make it difficult so. I love to hear love stories. How people meet and what. About the other person attracted them and you don’t I I’ve heard so many stories that says I wasn’t even looking and love found be. Well believe it or NYC. It’s being open to be loved. And realizing that you are such a lovable pursing. And. That’s how we attracted so. No matter where you are in life. May you. Be so. Loving to you and lovable to someone else. That you. Find the perfect love vibration into your heart. Start with a planned. You know the way you speak. The way we are cordial with someone else. The way we present our surroundings and. That’s it from your bedroom. From your being. And. Even the way you glare and you stare and smile to someone us. All all that brings a smile to someone else’s face and their lips. That wants to kiss you. That said. It’s so easy to appreciate and except and. Bring that level of joy. And yeah. We don’t have always to have read around us but. A simple thing. Makes you happy. When you’re happy. It isn’t that they say. Men. And if you want a happy life. Say yes more and. Yes as a good answer. Happy wife happy partner makes you a happier person. That’s it and it doesn’t matter if it’s a man woman friend. Family. Siblings. Or even our pets. Okay. So that’s today’s. Message. Appreciate accept. And love yourself. And may you always be surrounded with love and light from above and from the one that you vibrate and give love to. And until next week. I beg you could by god bless you and made a universal light surround you.

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