Understanding Trauma

Understanding Trauma

Understanding Trauma

Hypnotherapy can help with understanding trauma, unveiling its profound impact on mental health, relationships, and overall well-being.

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Carl Povilaitis

Real Talk with Carl Povilaitis

Join Liza and Carl Povilaitis and the community for a splash of fun and charity at the Kiwanis Duck Race on May 4, 2024, at Verdugo Park.

Intentions vs Resolutions

Intentions vs Resolutions

The word of the year for 2024 is Abundance. Consider a transformative approach that uses the the potent force of intentions.

Lady Jen du Plessis

Real Talk with Lady Jen Du Plessis

Conversation with leading expert in creating world-class teams, and The Powerful She co-author, Lady Jen Du Plessis.

Real Talk with Jennifer Horspool

Real Talk with Jennifer Horspool

Today we are talking with Jennifer Horspool, a best-selling author, PR Expert, and Mistress of Ceremonies at The 3E Event.

The 3E Event

Announcing The 3E Event 2023

Awaken The Power Within
The 3E Event LIVE – an impactful, uplifting, and expressive event – empowering women.

Getting what your desire

Getting What You Desire

Desire: Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to unlock the potential within us and turn our aspirations into reality.

Yulin S Lee

Real Talk with Yulin S. Lee

Today we are talking with Yulin S. Lee, a best-selling author, entrepreneur, money manager, and women’s advocate.

Healing Father Wounds

Healing the Father Wound

Hypnotherapy offers a transformative path toward building a better relationship with your father through the subconscious mind.