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The 3E Event – October 30, 2023 – Embassy Suites Glendale CA

“It’s just amazing. I met so many great people. I learned a lot and hopefully next year I will be able to join again.”

– The 3E Event 2022 Attendee

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to unlock the potential within us and turn our aspirations and desires into reality.

What is The 3E Event?

Awaken The Power Within

September 2023 will be our 9th Annual 3E Event. It is proof that power is generated when women collaborate, motivate, and inspire each other. We will focus on restoring our mental wellness and harness the immense power that arises when women unite, motivate, and inspire one another.

The 3E Event is as healing as impactful!

The 3E Event is an experience of creativity, discovery, and collaboration where attendees learn about emotional, and mental wellness and the journey within. We are more effective when we gather as a tribe. Let’s motivate and empower one another.

The 3E Event is a sanctuary for growth, where mental healing is as profound as the impact we create together. It’s an immersive journey of creativity, discovery, and collaboration that enhances your mental wellness, leading you to unlock the extraordinary potential that resides within you.

This event is curated with the aim to spark personal and professional development and help you reconnect with the best version of yourself – one that is strong, empowered, and divine!

I have made audio recordings for self-hypnosis specifically to address certain issues. For stress and anxieties, I recommend Relax and Unwind and Stress No More. Download the recording and save it to your device to listen to it at your leisure. Find a quiet and comfortable place as you allow hypnosis to happen.

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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.



Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesday with Liza, where
transformation begins as we evoke, embrace, and evolve.
Greetings, greetings, and greetings. Welcome to Heal Talk
Tuesday with Liza. It’s so good to be here with you, isn’t it?
Today is a special day. It’s the first day of August. And by
the way, if you do you know, I’m glad I just let you know.
So, I am so excited. You know, sometimes
we do things, and especially for me,
excitement doesn’t kick in until it’s so
much closer to what it’s supposed to be like,
going to an application, I don’t get excited until
it is like a week or even a day before the vacation.
And for those of you who don’t know, I have been
putting together an event called the 3E event.
And this year, it’s our night annual event, and it’s happening on
September 30th in the heart of Glendale, California at the Embassy Suite.
So, when we talk about all this is, you know, someone
asked me, why do you put this 3E event together?
Because it is a day. It’s like a mini
retreat, empowering women that
we come together and collaborate,
network, and find a true connection.
Knowing that whenever it’s happening in our
world, right now the number one cause for our
pain and our anguish and everything globally,
not only nationwide, is mental wellness.
So, I want you to know that your problems aren’t out there. They’re within you.
And you won’t even find the solutions out there. You won’t
find it in pharmaceuticals, but you’ll find it within yourself.
So, by attending the 3E event, you will come to discover
and connect with those, especially our expert speakers.
I’m going to be speaking, we’re going to be doing an understanding
of mind-body connection, how to heal from the inside out, right?
As a clinical hypnotherapist specializing in women’s wellness,
this is what I do. I’ve been practicing for over 22 years.
And most of my clients that come to me, what is it that they want? They want peace.
They want inner peace. They want a sense of freedom. They
want to disconnect in order for them to feel connected.
And this is exactly what’s going to happen at the event.
So, yes, we have incredible expert speakers, such
as Allyn Reid, Nancy Matthews, Maurice Bernard,
and Lawrence Zarian, and many healing experiment
experiential, experiential exercises that we do.
And each one is designed in a way to
help you evoke emotions so that you can
come to embrace, embrace this power within
yourself and connect with the present.
But who you are. That’s not necessarily what you have, but who you are. Most
of my clients that come, they also come because they feel so overwhelmed.
And if you feel overwhelmed, if you feel anxious, if you feel that there
is so much and you can’t catch up and you just need some knee time.
This is the event for you because there
is this inherent energy within you that
we’re going to collaborate and with
music with shamanic drums, with everything.
We’re going to awaken so much, the power of within you. So, as we
do this in the morning through our speakers and exercises that we do
in the afternoon with other experts talking about leadership, talking
about mindset, talking about mental wellness and healing your body.
I might even do an impromptu hypnosis. For
you to see what hypnosis is all about. It is
not a gimmick, it is not something scary. It
is the most profound feeling that there is.
Because we tap into that realm of the
subconscious. So, yesterday I was explaining
someone. Thank you, Adrienne. Yes, last
year was great. Thank you. Hi, said, Adrienne.
You know, one of the best ways to explain how
our mind works and you get to experience if not
coming to me. But in a group you will experience
this as well, especially if you become a VIP.
Not only do you get to have the entire general day, all day,
in the evening, the book signing with our powerful, she offers.
Plus, the next day on Sunday is three hour intensive workshop
that I am putting together. That’s part of the VIP packet.
And I urge you, as a matter of fact, I’ll give you, if you text
3E4ME to 818-221-2797, you get a $50 discount when you are
checking out. And it doesn’t matter if you’re doing a VIP, you get
a discount for the VIP, and you get a discount for the general.
So, again, 818-221-2797, text the word,
3E4ME. And that’s my gift to you for
a $50 discount. So, back to our mind.
This is why I love the work that I do.
I believe the 3E event and my 3E method, which is evoking
what was from the past, embracing what is, which is the present,
the hero. Now, in order to evolve to what it is that you
want, is exactly this. Because our mind creates what it wants.
And the heart receives what the mind projects
or imagines. So, imagine your phone. Every
single person has a cell phone. You take that
phone, allow me to do this. There you go.
I want you to imagine this being your mind. So, your phone.
When you want to take a picture, or when you want to do a video,
what do you do? You scroll up and then you go to photos. And
then you find either in the camera, not the photos, the camera.
And then in the camera, you put either video or picture.
You’re with me so far. Say yes. I’m with you. Okay. Raise your
hand. Say yes. Okay. So, think of it. This entire thing, your
brain. And you open camera and either video or take a picture.
The moment you video, the moment you push a record, the moment you snap
that picture, what happens? That moment, that picture, or the video gets
recorded. So, what did your phone do? Your phone looked. And if you are
recording, it listened to the sounds, even the sounds in the background.
And then it recorded. And that’s exactly
what your conscious mind does. It looks
consciously. We can only look. We listen to
the sounds and we learn. Period. Three things.
And your conscious mind is approximately 5% of your brain. So, once it does all that,
where did it go? The moment you get out of that camera or video, it’s automatically
where any of your photos, it gets stored in your photos in the video section if it’s a
video. So, in order for you to play it back,
what do you do? You go and find that video.
And then you push play. And then you can even rewind. Or you can forward again. And
then you can pause. And then you can stop. And or delete. But even when you delete
from here, this is magic the way I am
explaining to you how your entire mind works.
This is your mind. Even when you delete out of your phone, guess what happens.
It is already stored in the clouds. So, I want you to imagine this. This is
getting better and better, right? Yes. Okay. So, this is why I love the work that
I do. Everything about hypnosis and the power of hypnosis, the power you have
within you that you have not even tapped into or tuned into. I help you. Okay.
So, this is how we shift habits and behaviors.
We go in by relaxing you on my recliner
when you come in here. And the same thing happens here. We open the folder that
needs attention. Let’s say if you were here for insomnia, you’re here with panic and
anxiety. You’re here for fear of flying, fear of insects. You’re chewing on your…
nails or cuticles constantly. You may have OCD or someone you know has
OCD or overweight any of those habits or behaviors that no longer benefits
you, right? You no longer want it. And you want to change it for
something better. Okay. So, we go in. We open that file or that recording.
And while you’re in a state of relaxation, we rewind to where it started. If there’s
a trauma, if there is an anxiety, if there is a fear factor, you were not born
with it, but something caused it. So, we opened that file that went all the way,
rewind, rewind, rewind to a time and a
place where it occurred or it started. Okay.
And then once we open the file, just like opening a camera,
you scroll, scroll, scroll all the way to. Okay. Let’s say
October 22, 2013. Not 2013. It says 2022. So, I open a file,
one picture and I no longer want that picture and I say delete.
Just like that. We go back to another time and
a place within your conscious and bypass the
conscious, analyzing, judging, criticizing factor
to go into the subconscious where it stores all your
information. And then we say, I no longer want
this picture and I want delete. Or I want to edit
it. I want to make it brighter. I want to do
whatever. And then you either save it or delete it.
Now, here’s the key. No matter what we do in our subconscious mind,
even when you delete it is still now in the archives in the cloud.
But now, your memory bank, which is your subconscious, no longer has
that first information, but will function with the new information.
The picture is brighter. The habit is no longer the same. You have overcome the
challenge. You overcome the pattern. And that’s what we do. So, you will get
a sense of a guided visualization and hypnosis. I might even have someone come
in and a hot seat for you to experience how fast our subconscious can function.
And our expert speakers. Oh my God. So many say they know Maurice
Bernard because so many who have watched the General Hospital, he has
been part of their life or even our parents’ life for many years. He’s
going to be talking about being bipolar, which is part of his life.
His podcast on state of mind and depression and so much more. I’ll en read Coach of
the coaches. She will do an exercise with
all of you. We’re going to create an exercise
that we delve in a little bit deeper and you will get to really know how certain
patterns within your mind function, which is she and I work together so amazingly.
Nancy Matthews. Oh my gosh. Leadership. Talking
about leadership and she’s got a book, the
philosophy of one. You can even check it out. I
come to meet and my dear friend Lawrence Zarian.
You know, Mr. Amazing, beautiful lifestyle,
fashion, red carpet, but it’s not
everything about fashion and what we
wear. It’s how we feel about what we wear.
So if we embody what we wear, everything
starts from the inside. And that is what
we are doing and awakening the powers within you plus so many other exciting.
But mostly I am excited for all of you to get
to meet our authors. The authors of the powerful
she, this collaborative book that I am putting
together and all the authors will be there will
have a panel of discussion with them. You get to
meet with them. Do a book signing. We are launching
this book at my event and I am thrilled because
each story of a book that I am going to make.
If we can shed a light, an
empower one person, then we
have done our job. And
that’s why heal within is exists.
This is a transformation of stories of you get to meet some of my clients
who have gone through their own transformation of becoming healthier
in their weight and becoming healthier from their illness sickness and
having the sense of freedom within themselves because that’s what we want.
So I look forward to seeing you
at the event and again if you text
3E4ME to 818-221-2797 you
will get a $50 discount. Go ahead.
Click buy your tickets and let’s get started.
Until next week I bid you goodbye. God bless
you and may the universal light surround you
always. See you then. Happy August. Bye bye.

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