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You and Your Teen

You and your teen. Today we talk about techniques for better communication between you and your teen.

Many stressful things happen to your teen. Teens become overwhelmed by expectations, better grades, and better universities. Even though they are doing their best, they don’t think that they are hitting the bar. They lose sleep which leads to even more anxiety because they are exhausted and that impairs their school work, home, and social life.

What can you do for your teen? The audio recording, Relax and Unwind, can be very helpful. You can listen to it and share it with your teen. Just text RELAX to 818 221 2797 and you will receive the free recording.

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Transcript You and Your Teen

Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza.
Where transformation begins
as we evoke
Greetings greetings greetings and welcome
to Heal Talk Tuesday’s. This is Liza,
your certified clinical hypnotherapist.
It’s so great to be here with you
isn’t it?
Well today we’re almost at the end of March and
well, I believe Spring
has sprung and we are moving forward in life.
So how’s it been for you?
What’s going on in your life?
Do you feel the
energy of spring? Everything is just like partnering.
Are you in a relationship? Or seeking a relationship?
You know,
I was thinking about
so much
that what we do in life with everything that it’s happening in the world.
Oh god with the devastation
and the tornadoes.
The rain
everything. The weather is changing with the rain coming in the sludge
and there is there shooting in the school. Oh!
What is going on?
I dunno about you and your life
but do you,
did you know that
what we can do with ourselves? I was writing something the other day and it just
dawned on me to talk about this.
You know as a clinical hypnotherapist
what I do
is work with my clients for them
first and foremost.
Boost their self esteem
feel confident enough
and know that they are enough.
feeling good about themselves in order for
the change that they want to make happen.
Because if you’re not feeling good about you
no matter what change
you make
it’s going to revert
eventually it’s going to come back.
thinking about that
I was like
what is it that it’s happening in our life and
because this
the last two months
I’ve had approximately five or six
teenage clients. As a matter of fact, this afternoon
I’m doing a workshop of You and Your Teen which
parents in their teens to come and have a better communication.
So what is happening with our teens right now?
A lot of the anxiety.
I understand that during COVID
it was quite difficult not only for adults but also for
our children.
And know what all the
there has been over hundred and twenty
shootings in school
and disasters that has been happening
in our nation and in our United States in our nation.
And it’s like shooting after shooting
one after another.
But the media
what we here at eleven o’clock and what we go to sleep with
it affects
the nervous system especially if children.
are bombarded with all these this
and what they see what they hear
and then the parents are talking about it and then the school is talking about it
so they’re constantly not only seeing, hearing,
but feeling.
I want you to know one thing.
And I’m sure you have experienced this within yourself.
What you concentrate on becomes your new reality.
Just like my mug it says,
“Is it true?”
It’s just like when you hear a song and music
and it stays in your mind and he plays it over and over over and over.
The same thing is for negativity.
Did you know that
just in the last
two years
since 2019 to 2020,
the diagnosis of anxiety
grew by 29 percent?
For children
and depression over 32 percent?
You know,
one thing I say, the other day I was saying it,
which I forgot to tell you is,
we are either in
or we are on something
to get off of depression.
So we’re constantly
in this cycle of
taking this thing or that thing in order for us not to feel depressed
which is suppressed emotions.
Or they’re already depressed
and I work with
our teenagers
because by tapping into their subconscious mind
it so much easier
and the way I do it, first and foremost,
I help them boost their self confidence once and self-esteem and feel worthy.
Number one
is to know that there are good enough.
What they’re doing is good enough instead of competing
constantly for their grades
4.2 is not good enough,
has to be 4.8.
This school this universe the city I got accept that it’s not good enough I have to
hit this university.
So this constant expectations within themselves.
It’s also
stress shows up in so many ways.
I’m talking about children because you know
one of the things that is happening.
that I work with is
simple isolation
that teens do.
Because they’re feeling anxious anxiety and
whenever if it is pressure that is happening in the household
and they don’t have a way to express it.
So they isolate themselves
or they have to numb themselves with something.
You know as an adult we have
different decisions
but when it comes to children
they take the word of another child.
they’re doing it so
why not? If
it hasn’t affected them,
I can do it; it’s not going to affect me.”
So this
I see you,
I do what you do,
becomes imperative. The second thing is when they’re isolated themselves
they literally shut down their feelings
with everything that there are
stuffing their emotions with and
they don’t feel good about themselves. Maybe they are ashamed.
Maybe there is guilt.
Maybe there’s this
whatever something happened in their life
and they’re afraid
to talk about it.
And sometimes they have this negative habit
that it’s happening. It could be from
pulling their eyebrows, biting, cutting.
You know all those are
the results of something internal
that it’s manifesting
externally and what they’re doing is shutting it down by
And yet it’s a negative care.
one of my clients,
a high achiever.
You know, working with high achiever clients,
in the workplace,
I also have high achievers students
that come here
they also, just like us, feel overwhelmed,
under appreciated,
even unseen.
Yes I do see them.
And I wonder how often
do you take time for yourself
to do nothing
except just be?
How often
do you just
in front of a a window
and appreciate what’s happening outside?
How often do you
with your teenager?
I know they don’t have time
they don’t give you the time of the life
because they’re busy.
But they to need to be
with no expectations.
when we see
changes in their behavior,
when you see a pattern
in their sleep
and they are not sleeping well,
or they’re tossing and turning,
or they are moaning
while they’re sleeping,
sometimes it’s great
for you to
go and watch them
While they’re sleeping,
children, teenagers.
so when they
get to neglect their responsibilities,
here’s one of the things that I work with
I let them know that I see them,
that there is nothing
you say
or share
in this room,
that is going to be a surprise for me; I’ve heard it all.
Frankly, I truly have heard it all.
After twenty two years of doing
the work that I do,
you know
I’m asking you
if you could just
take a moment
and see
or connect to your inner self.
Go ahead.
Take a moment.
And I’m saying in yourself because
it doesn’t have to be a child.
Or and your
little girl or little boy
but, it could be someone.
A year ago.
Your inner self can be
your college
And when you think about your dreams your aspirations your once
is it to seen today.
What has changed?
Maybe your inner self as the five year old what was your dream then.
and how are you now?
Maybe a month ago,
how has it changed?
Yes life has its ups and downs. If we watch the news
every day there is something negativity.
We walk outside their his negativity.
Prices are going
The gas has gone up this has gone up everything
but if you concentrate on that
then you are constantly
on that negative mode
just like
that song.
If you play that song in your mind over and
over and sometimes it gets stuck and you say,
“I can’t get that song out of my head.”
Why not
play a song
that makes you feel good
and it sticks in there that makes you
feel this jittery inside.
So, let me know.
I mean what was
that inner self of your? Hi Seta jan.
How are you my dear?
Here’s this beautiful lady this beautiful soul, Seta,
that I believe
I have tremendous
tremendous respect for you.
Because just
two years ago during pandemic,
she decided, “I want to learn French,”
she started studying French online.
And she’s been
doing paintings beautiful oil paintings,
and that started with absolutely
academic education.
You should see the paintings that she’s doing.
That’s called
taking time for yourself
and realizing that
sometimes you’ve got gifts
that you didn’t even know. So kudos to you!
Hi, Kate, how are you my dear?
So good to have you here are with us
so go ahead.
Let me know what is it that you do to
to distress yourself so instead of suppressing
you come to experience and express,
truly express,
and feel better.
If we can take that time
to learn how to express our feelings or thoughts are emotions better.
We would be a hundred times
than where we are.
A change of a habit you know when
someone comes to me and says I’ve been doing every thing a cat stop smoking.
I can’t lose the weight and everything.
I want to share something with you.
In the last three months,
I have gained some weight.
every day I decided you know,
I prescribed this, I suggest this to all my clients,
why not do it myself?
Believe it or not
I was listening to my own audio recording drop weight.
You know if you have been around me
for so long you know.
that losing weight is not what I talk about.
Because I
just don’t like the word loss.
Losing some wine or losing
weight because whenever we lose we feel bad about it and we want it back so
my audio recording for drop weight.
If it works for my clients of course it works for me.
Three days in a row
I listened to it
at night
right before I go to sleep.
that’s where the recording is the best.
that you want
to achieve or to create.
Tab put it in your subconscious mind and the best time to do it
is right before you go to sleep
because it plays
in your mind in your subconscious while you’re asleep.
You know,
the conscious mind is asleep but your subconscious is not
so it does everything for you
and a plays it over and over over and over
and by morning time,
you may not remember it but your subconscious mind
has already recorded that
to be true.
the first night when I was listening to it,
it was like, “Well,
that’s my voice.”
Have you ever recorded your own voice and heard yourself speak?
It’s different.
Do you squint?
Do you smile?
Do you like your voice?
So this is my talking voice
and when I want to do hypnosis,
I drop into a different tone.
My entire tonality changes.
It comes from a deeper state just like a singer
and by dropping into that level,
there was a vibration.
Now why am I sharing all this
and what does this have to do with stress.
Because when we do meditation
or prayer,
or singing, or doing
ohm and
like a jittery do,
there is a vibration that is created.
When we are stressed our vibration, our tone is very high.
And when we are in a state of relaxation.
Or of romantic
are tonality drops
and the vibration inside your body
with your immune system,
with your nervous system,
also changes.
My recording
for the drop weight
or relax and unwind,
everything is in that tonality that when you listen
the vibration of the tone
automatically takes you
from that stress or level
down to a more Harmony
in a state of relaxation,
calm and inner peace.
It works for all.
It doesn’t matter if it is teenagers
or adults.
As a matter of fact,
allow me to give you this
If you text
with the word RELAX,
you will have
the my Relax and Unwind
audio recording as a gift to you.
Actually, the first three people who
type and text
Relax –
the word RELAX –
to 818 221 2797
you will receive
my audio recording
as a gift.
and you can download it
listen to it at any time.
Yes you can also go to my website into the shop and purchase it.
Why not today?
I decided to give you as a gift.
Just to help you relax.
So that you can relax and unwind.
Yes, you can also give that to your teenager.
For them to listen
and unwind.
And find that inner peace within themselves.
It is a guided visualization.
So it is best for you to sit somewhere
and relax.
Close your eyes
and just be.
With yourself.
And then
take time to be with your loved ones.
Create this environment at home
if you can.
Do your best.
For a an environment of feeling safe.
For our children,
safety is the number one thing.
I work with women.
Inner safety,
in our body,
in our environment,
is very crucial.
So what I do.
I hope you show up.
Show up for you.
Show up.
So that you can see yourself.
So that you can stand up for yourself.
And then,
learn how to speak up
for what you believe.
To heal within.
Sometimes we have to tap with it.
Reading: “Thank you relax and unwind is a
wonderful audio recording and it really helps when
I’m in stressful situations.”
Thank you so much.
Thank you because you,
Adrienne, have been
one of my greatest
and yes
you spread the word.
Because you’re also
one of those that
she sits in an Uber when someone says,
“I’m stressed.”, She says, “Oh I know the antidote to that!”
Well, the antidote to that
is to heal within.
Take a moment.
Tap within yourself.
If you know of anyone
who is going through
chronic stress,
I want you
give you some tips.
The antidote to chronic stress is safety,
and nurturing relationships.
Take to make sure that you sleep well.
Make sure you have enough water
in your body.
Be creative.
Express your gifts.
For art through music through walking
on the path.
And talk it out.
I’m here for you.
For your family for your friends.
In any shape
that there is
Yes, get out.
Make time.
And part of mindfulness
is being mindful of how you speak,
and how you show up in life.
My name is Liza Boubari
Oh yes you can also go to
and find more
Our events page
we are putting more events and everything
and starting April we’re going to have amazing amazing
By experts who will bring more information for you
and you never know.
If you know of someone.
That you would like me to interview them.
or would like to be interviewed by me,
I’m by all means
let me know.
Until next week,
which we are going into April,
a Fire sign,
time to set fire,
and to
show up.
I look forward to seeing you next week
God bless you,
And made the
universal light surround you.
To commenters: Great to hear you today much love.
Bye Kate.
By Seta, bye Adrienne,
and by
to each and every point of view.
God Bless! Bye-bye.

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