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Techniques to Beat Chronic Fatigue

Fatigue. Today we talk about techniques to beat fatigue

Women experience 30% more chronic stress and fatigue due to stress, depression, and mental health issues. Women suffer from anxiety disorder 4 more times. One in five women has depression.

Hands-on moms, tension with their partner. There are expectations and higher standards. It can lead to alcohol abuse, overeating, and even drug abuse.

How is chronic fatigue treated?

  1. Exercising.
  2. Eating healthy foods.
  3. Learning time management techniques.
  4. Getting more sleep.
  5. Making time for leisure activities.
  6. Building stress reduction skills.
  7. Learning and practicing mindfulness

Diet Hacks to Reduce Chronic Fatigue

  1. Ditch inflammatory foods. …
  2. Stay hydrated. …
  3. Keep a food and symptom journal. …
  4. Limit your caffeine intake. …
  5. Pay attention to sugar.

Self-hypnosis can also be helpful for chronic fatigue. I am having a workshop on March 28, 2023. If you are going to be in the area, we welcome you.


Resources to Beat Fatigue

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Transcript Techniques to Beat Chronic Fatigue

Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza.
Where transformation begins
as we Evoke,
an Evolve.
Greetings greetings greetings and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza.
It’s so good to be here with you
isn’t it.
Today we’re going to be talking about
Women’s wellness.
Last week
it was a women’s international day
and the whole week.
I like to celebrate
not only a day,
not only a week,
but the whole month,
because it is March. It is Springtime and I believe we as women,
truly come to blossom and be the best version of who we are who we are.
Every single day.
So if you are watching and if you are a woman.
Realize that every single day.
You blossom.
And it is time to spring forward in life and how do we do this well.
My name is Liza Boubari.
By trade I’m a clinical hypnotherapist stress management consultant
and every week I come live
to inform you educate you
or a give you insight operations
for you to feel better about yourself
your mental health
your emotional health
and realize that in order for any transformation.
You have to heal within the first.
So let us begin
today’s machine.
I call it a machine and
it a session, so.
Hello it’s so good to be here with you.
Let’s start with this.
Did you know
that in the
decade actually
in the last decade especially
after the COVID
during COVID it really gotten worse by after
COVID going back to work and everything,
the stress level of women
dealing with
not only their own depression bed with their children specially teens I got more
Moms coming in here
without working through not only
what they feel.
They feel depleted.
Over exhausted.
and undervalued and those who are specifically most of my clientele
but here’s what’s been happening need you
know that women experience dirty per cent more
chronic stress
and fatigue.
Than men do
especially at the workplace.
So. Overall
I was checking statistics
and seventy million.
In the corporate world
due to stress, depression
and mental health has been happening in the last
years specifically in the last three years
but when we are looking to seventy million was in the last that decade
Okay. And.
Because I was checking more on that
chronic stress and fatigue and everything because that’s
most of my clients.
Women suffer
from anxiety disorder
four times more
than men do.
Of course we know that.
Men have a lot of anxiety disorders men have
the heart attacks especially in their early
fifties and everything but statistically
women go through this more than that.
Because one
out of five women
have been
Documented that they go through more of depression
as a woman
I was wondering why is there so much of that I mean
I see my clients with
those are the reasons they come in for.
That’s because women are more
Because of being hands on.
With children.
At home and taking care of the household.
Taking care of especially if they are
in where I
am in the mid
to late fifties early sixties taking care of their parents
and their families
so it’s this juggling.
Of taking care of the
health of the parents
dealing with
Women have parents who are aged and everything
and then
dealing with
children that are at home
dealing with their issues especially after COVID.
Okay so kids are going through all that
the mother has to deal when all this so
and then tension with the parent.
And the partner
so the parent.
It comes to
the need of sensuality.
their own needs of taking care of themselves
and then there is expectations.
Family expectations
workplace expectations
children expecting certain things
and then what about.
Me. Right?
What about my expectations? what about my wants and needs?
So women
have to do it in a whole different
That’s why they feel exhausted.
It’s like I have no time for me.
When it comes
what do they succumb to.
Over shopping.
Or maybe even alcoholism
and drug abuse
those are the for a different major things that it’s happening
that has been documented so.
How is all this being treated
when we look and that.
This is how we can hack
if you are going through fatigue.
I have clients they’re saying I’m so exhausted
I can’t even take care of the house.
Single mom.
Dealing with work.
Pressure at work.
And then.
Has to compete
in order to keep her job.
And then there’s the children.
Dealing with divorce
and health.
Money worries
and keeping up with the Joneses.
Those are the
major things that are happening so
She’s falling asleep.
Behind a wheel.
She’s fatigued.
And I don’t know.
If you relate to this.
Or maybe you know someone who’s relating with that.
And the worst part.
She thinks.
She has no one to talk to.
So she stuffs herself with food.
And then she stuffs herself.
Is not expressing.
So. There is very.
I feel even.
From the juggling from
work and parents in everything.
And yet.
When I look at my some of my friends.
That they have not only
two children
three children.
They are high achievers.
And not only that I have a client that also
has school she’s taking school.
Dealing with two kids.
and ill mom.
I call it
kudos to you
So when you start spinning too many plates.
And then.
You wonder why you are exhausted.
Why you have chronic illness
why you feel depressed
why you feel.
Overwhelmed and overweight.
Is because of all this.
So last night I’m talking to
a client.
Slash friend.
She said she was quite she’s into tears she’s like
I can’t find myself.
I can’t find myself.
Sometimes I look in the mirror.
And I don’t even look at myself.
I just put the lipstick on
the makeup on
and I just function.
That’s more than fifty percent of.
And I’m not saying men do not go through this.
But I call this existing not living.
So as a clinical hypnotherapist what I do
give you tools.
Give you tools that becomes easier and faster for you to.
Do this.
You can do to self hypnosis.
Yes you can do meditation thinking we don’t have to do half an hour of meditation.
Because to her is like.
Find me half an hour car of half an hour for me to sit and meditate.
I just need some time
for myself.
That I can even take a shower with out
of being interrupted.
So ladies.
You have to find some boundaries.
And create boundaries for yourself.
You have to have some
set some limitations of this is my me time.
And that you carve that time for yourself so that.
Time that it’s
I have to do this I have to do that I have to do this
goes away.
The power that you have.
Any herself.
Is to say that self at appreciation.
I’m not saying self centered
and self appreciation
It eating healthier foods you say okay check Mark I do that.
Managing your own
self empowering techniques.
That if you have to
pick a shower
or when you’re in the bathroom
and you’ve cut.
Younger kids
close the door
that’s your time
getting more sleep even if it is profound sleep.
Of five hours of deep sea sleep.
Profound sleep
is more important than shallow eight hours of shallow sleek.
Okay. So five hours profound
deep sleep
is far greater
than eight hours of constantly being on guard
being fear-based.
And you know.
What I’m talking about
if that is you.
If you are walking on eggshells
and you cannot sleep please
contact me.
Or reach out to a friend.
And talk.
Here’s another day.
Your leisure activities
Is not going on online
But if that helps you
if that gives you half an hour our of just
scrolling on QVC to see what you like what you
don’t like would you like what you don’t like
and instead of shopping.
I like to call it
shop the windows window shop
but you don’t have to buy.
Sometimes we do things
because of we need that instant gratification
but that instant gratification does not satisfy
the core
Which is you.
Which has saying.
How do I value myself.
If you’re not being appreciated from outside if you’re not being
appreciated that drinking that overeating that
Things that are just instantaneous.
I can give you instantaneous techniques
then you just instantly take yourself from zero
to ten.
If you do certain techniques and everything that has what I teach at my.
as a matter of fact
this coming workshop
the last Tuesday of the month.
If you are in.
The l a area if you are local
join us.
This is
how to to.
Or manage
being overwhelmed
and over exhausted.
If you want to
that’s my workshop.
So come here I can even tissue self hypnosis
so that you can take yourself in a deeper state of relaxation
in three minutes
and in seven minutes
you will feel
and less stress.
Okay so that’s another time.
That’s building stress reduction
Those are how you can overcome stress
and yes they call it mindfulness.
But I don’t want you to create your mind full of other things
I want you to empty the bucket.
Every thought of if you have negative thoughts
if you have overwhelm
if you feel exhausted.
No matter what it is
validate it.
Remember, one one of my biggest quotes
“Keep the best
dump the rest.”
“Keep the best
dump the rest.”
The best techniques
the best words.
that someone has told you
and then everything else that it’s negative
everything that creates more exhaustion
or you feel depleted
or angry add and you just the like.
Like literally doing this.
Either through someone or something or just
want to break something.
Break the habit.
Break through that negativity breakthrough through that
and dump it. Literally.
You know I work with
weight issues in I constantly say.
Stand up.
To slim down what does that mean stand up for who you are.
That’s how you drop all that weight
stand up for your beliefs
that’s how you.
become lighter.
Okay. So
here’s another way.
There are twelve
That you can go through.
If you feel.
Number one. Ditch
inflammatory and inflammatory foods.
Foods that make you feel bloated
did you know that
eggplants are the number one? I love eggplants
but it makes you feel bloated.
Doughy stuff
Doughy that when it goes and gets
wet in your stomach
it goes “bvoom” right?
Ditch that.
For a day for a week
so you feel
less as inflamed okay.
Number two
stay hydrated.
Drink your water
this is one of my favorite waters I want to talk about it it’s called v three ls
it’s got a lot of allied for.
Alkaline is water it’s ph nine point or.
Stay hydrated
your kind of water no matter what it is okay drink a lot of liquids okay.
Keep food and
keep a journal of what do you eat
what you do.
Don’t cut everything out.
Be mindful of
what it is
and then dump the rest.
Caffeine is.
Also make you dehydrated
and feel depleted.
Take your.
Check your
Sugar intake
yes I’m not a dietitian.
By one of the things is
when we overeat
sugars and we feel depleted
we need to take
so if you’re going to eating
the best one is dark chocolate. Take a piece
put it on your tongue
and let that
go up onto your pallete
and as you
savor it
it gives you not only
that energy and everything but you also feel satisfied.
In life.
It is finding what works for you.
There is a lot of people who
tell you a lot of things, “Do this. Do that.”
I’m not here to say
I’m here to give you suggestions.
I work with your emotional and mental health.
So if you feel
resentment, anger,
Those are all things that
eat at you And then
what you do is you go eat
more of.
That’s the part I work with.
I want you to
take hold and
manage your own stress.
In a more loving way
kinder way
in a more feminine way.
In a way
That works for you.
You know,
as a matter of fact
I want to say this.
If you or so one you know,
as an Armenian women,
[Armenian] Us Armenian women
[Armenian] If that is you…
If that is you
And you believe
you have a message
you want to leave a legacy
and you want to make an impact in the lives of other Armenian women and girls.
Get in touch with me. I’m going to put a link over here
get in touch with me
In one of the books
called The Powerful SHE with me.
that said,
I know every single one of us
has a story,
has the power
to stand up.
To show up.
To speak up.
Let us empower one another.
I am here.
To hold space for you.
To support you
to walk with you.
And sometimes.
Stand in front of you to protect you.
And I want you to know.
You have the same within you.
My name is Liza Boubari.
Isn’t it time
for you to see the best
in you?
Shed a light.
Look at yourself in the mirror.
Maybe even smile
and realize – today
you are present.
You can you don’t have to be superwoman.
But it isn’t it time for you to start living.
Instead of just existing?
And I
urge you
to do this for yourself,
and for your loved ones.
if I can help you,
in any shape or form,
Just give me a call.
The link is below.
Join me.
And know that
you can
because you matter.
Today’s message was short.
But I gave you a lot of tools and techniques.
And until next week.
I bid you good bye.
And realize
it’s time to spring forward
and blossom
to who you are.
God bless you
And may the universal light surround you.
See you next week.
And if you’d like to thank you for sharing your
You to.
A year ago.
Next time.

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