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The 3E Event 2022

Save the Date – The 3E Event, September 29th and 30th at the Westin Mirage

This September will be our 8th Annual 3E Event. It is proof that power is generated when women collaborate, motivate, and inspire each other. Together we discover and create truly unlimited pathways that are aligned with your deep soul. Harness Your Inner Power – Unlock the most empowered version of

The 3E Event!

The 3E Event is an experience of creativity, discovery, and collaboration where attendees learn about emotional, mental, and financial wellness, and journey within. We are more effective when we gather as a tribe. We can motivate and empower one another. We want those who are touched by 3E to learn that they have the potential to Elevate by Opening Hearts, Expanding Minds, and Transforming Lives.

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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal Talk
Tuesdays with Liza. Were transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Greetings greetings greetings
and welcome to heal park Tuesday’s. This is Liza. Your experts hypnotherapists
trust management consultant and
coming to you live on he’ll talk Tuesdays with Liza. So what exactly is he’ll puck Tuesday’s
we have informal sessions sometimes it is educational sometimes
it is just talking about what it is that you want. Few days ago I got. I got back from Dallas
what an incredible. Weekend it was. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the pictures
and if you have not I’m going to be part of twenty four. Collaborative authors. It a book called the
Powerful Female Influencers and the publisher is
the power publisher, Michael Butler. So and that’s said so excited so stay
tuned for this book and. Yeah.
I’ll be posting more of that. Now for today. Why are we were why are we here. You know what. It doesn’t matter why
we’re here you found me. So you found and
you’ve landed on this. Session maybe because. You’ve seen me you’ve heard me and today is no different. So, before I forget, You can always find me on and today we’re going to be talking about
an event and event that it’s so dear to my heart. And
that is coming up it is an event that I have pushed together. For over seven years and this
year it will be our eighth annual your. And
eighth annual event called The 3E Event. So what does the three he stand for. You know I have
this three a method called evoke embrace evolve. So. Over eight years ago I thought of
this actually it was ten years ago I said. Women wanting to come together to be in a group. For a day of getaway need time to collaborate with one
another network with one another as and. Find meaningful. Relationships connections and yes. Here.
Incredible speakers. So in 2013 I started my first three eat method and I
remember at that time. Not only way we had Linda Luray who was. The mogul for. Marketing and
recreating re-branding Fredericks of Hollywood
right? And we also had a senator Carol Lou
as one of our speakers and that set us Emotion. Throughout the years we’ve had
incredible powerful influencer’s graceful. And. Women who. I have interviewed. Onstage. At The 3E Event. So 3E Is truly evoking. Our mindset evoking emotions. Those that we
suppress those that we hold onto and
we want to share. So evoking a a lot of. Hm. Thoughts ideas concepts and everything that we as women like to share as when we come
together as a tribe. To come to embrace and how is it
that we embrace we embrace by. The healing exercises that we do we you
when speakers give us tools techniques we
embraced by the emotions that we evoke and common
to embrace one another. As women. We embrace ourselves
through some of the healing
exercises that evokes emotions and. It’s truly embracing the entire oneness. Together. So that we can evolve. Evolve as one. Evolve individually. Evolved what it is that we blind collaboratively. Because no matter what happens. Were always stronger
and more powerful. When we come together. When we unite. So. This event. Was created exactly for that a day of. Fun. A day of feeling and date of learning and feeling more empowered. It’s a journey. A journey within. So that you can harness your
own inner power gets to recognize. Who am I. Why am I doing this. Learning by some
speakers and saying oh. God that is a possibility. That I never thought of and maybe you find someone then you collaborate
with and you find a new friendship. In that moment and it becomes a lifetime
friendship and I know some of the women who were at my
first of we eat to this day they say. Oh when the do drumming
happened it was like it took me to
another level it’s like I was so connected with the
drums and when I was dancing and when everyone was dancing or the other person
saying you know what I what I Heard that one story was
as if she was speaking to me. And you know and
that’s the entire thing. So many say Liza why only women she went. Why not include men. You know where never saying no. And yet. When we come together
this power of womanhood. It’s realizing. The things we talk about. The things we like to
learn from one another to say yes to. Yes
I see you. Yes. I feel you seen me. Yes
to the pain that I went through and I resonate with you and I didn’t realize I’m not the only one. That is why we come
together on this day. This
Empowering day come journey within. Because on that day even when I speak
I will elevate you to another level. That sometimes it may be more powerful. With the energy of everyone it’s as if holding
space for one another in a place. That you feel safe. Amongst everyone. So if that is what
you were looking for. If that is a place that you want to feel. If you want to become a sponsor. You know of a speaker
that you want to refer to me. This will be a great speaker. You are so aligned Or their message is so powerful. That needs to be sure share. Or if it is you that once to be at a place. To be amongst others were going to have
over two hundred women. In a place. That is like a getaway. And we’re going
to be at the Westin. Resort and spa in Rancho Mirage Rancho Mirage And a beautiful setting. And you know not only
it’s a day dedicated to you. It’s a day dedicated
to us it is a day dedicated to. Feeling. Vulnerable and yet powerful. Knowing that it is a place. That he can flourish and blossom and
learn tools and techniques to elevate yourself. We’re going to have
speakers that will guide you. And. Share with their own journey. And how they got
to where they are. You will have a speaker
that will talk about wealth how she came to be where she is. Another speaker that we have. As an HR director. That
you know it’s. It’s beautiful to see
powerful women who also feel. That as a woman. It’s okay to be
vulnerable it’s okay to be irresistibly. Sensual. So all gametes of speakers. That have said yes. And we’re going to be announcing each and every one of them. Starting next week. So stay in tune. To each week as their name. Is revealed. In the meantime. Say yes to you for joining US. It’s going to be a two day event and we’re also going to do a
beautiful drum circle sound healing out in the garden in
the beautiful grass area. So it’s all about movement it’s all about
moving you internally moving you physically emotionally mentally so when you go home you
feel our faded in every essence and saying yes to
possibilities of what you want. Creating. The next level that
you deserve to be. The 3E is more than. What it is. It is a gift. That you want to give yourself and gentlemen it is a gift that you want your loved one you’re a woman to go. And come home. Feeling more full. Loved. And because when we feel for. We give more. We give more easily. Today is that day. If you want to. All you have to do is say. Yes
yes to you and all the information will
be right here as a matter of fact if you are ready you can even find our
website the 3E event dot com. As The number three E and then event dot com – And I look forward. Not only to you and
every one of you bring a friend join US by coming together. It’s creating this beautiful tribe. We also have a Facebook Page that is dedicated
to out 3E tribe. So there is so much That a you’re going
to have and receive As a matter of fact
my first gift to you. Is right here right now. So for the first
person who says yes. And purchases a ticket
for the Event. I’m going to
double that and say. You’re going to receive
a beautiful package one of my courses that
I am going to be offering you we’ll have it for. As a gift. A course that it’s going to
be offered at the event you. You will be the first person receiving it. So to say yes. Yes to you. And join us. This is Liza Boubari Today’s message
was exactly this. Be part of. A bigger picture. Be part of The 3E event. Be part of saying yes to do. So let us Journey within. So that we can harness
your inner power power. By evoking. Embracing and evolving together. Until next week. See you did. God bless you and made universal light surround you. Bye by.

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