page title icon How Hypnotherapy Helps Anxiety

How Hypnotherapy Helps Anxiety

Anxiety can cause us pain in our bodies. Let me explain some techniques to help you by using self-hypnosis. Learn how hypnotherapy helps anxiety.  Listen to the breathwork steps to ground yourself.  Yes, you can do this!

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Does Everything Happen For A Reason?
Is it true?
Stop trying to rationalize everything and realize that for every cause, there is an effect. What if some omnipotent force of the universe knows what’s best for you.

How to use this:

  1. Breath In
  2. Wait
  3. Count to four
  4. Exhale
  5. Rinse and repeat three more times

You have more power than you believe.

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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal Talk
Tuesdays with Liza. Were transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Greetings greetings greetings and
welcome to he’ll talk Tuesdays with Liza. It’s so good to be here with you isn’t it. Well I hope you had and
wonderful a long weekend and for those of you who. Did something memorable and of took. Some time off to be
with family with friends and enjoy your weekend. I hope you made memories. And you know memories are
nothing thing but small little pictures and moments that you capture and you embedded within your mind. And that becomes
a beautiful memory. Welcome
this is Liza. I am your expert clinical hypnotherapist
stress management consultant and a founder of HealWithin. Which is a healing center in the heart of
Glendale California where. Transformation begins. So today I’m going
to be talking about. The effects of hypnosis
and hypnotherapy. And how some people say I
want to come and cure something and how the verbiage what we use and how it impacts are
conscious and our subconscious that truly matters because
you can do this at home or no matter where you are. You can do self hypnosis. At home. It can use it in the office
you take few moments and you just tap within and once you know how to do this. It’s just like a meditation
and yet not meditation. So
I’m going to explain all this. So why is it out certain certain
people come for hypnotherapy to tap into their
subconscious mind is because the
programming in that we have. That you have and from the day that
you were born until now every single habit every time you did something. That you did over and
over over and over. It became a habit. It’s
bright and then that habit when you
continue doing it more often over and over. It becomes like a new
behavior so it sets in and you continuously do that. When you have a behavior and it’s already embedded in your daily routine
in your daily work or whatever it is that you do. It’s like
my god this is who I am. And yet it is not who you are it’s what you do it how you behave and the things that you act upon of respond to. Not who you are. So.
Seda-jan how are you so good to have you here.
Yes I love communicating with my
clients my the people who follow me and if you have not
followed me please subscribe let’s follow I if there was any questions
I respond to every single question. So. You know. I had a client who came in here
in says I want to cure my anxiety. Well.
What we do is first and foremost evoke what wise to understand to a good knowledge to shed a light wear this anxiety comes from. Just like like
a therapist does and yet
what we do is we delve deeper than the conscious
thinking analyzing criticizing judging mind
your conscious level and we top into the
subconscious level. Where.
As I said the blueprint of every app action
and reaction every cause every. Aspect of your behavior. Started
and it was set and it was
incorporated in sight. So once we. Go. And peel away.
Bye. Peel away. Your habits peel away
the cause I mean
peel away the symptoms of it and get to the costs and the cause does not
necessarily have to have happened in your childhood it could be incorporated
when you were an adult and k. Once you
say okay I can’t sleep for the last. Six years it’s been
difficult I’m going to anxiety and then I even have a
client who came in here and symptomatic had
these pain. A pain that traveled
throughout her body and it was here and then it
was here ear and then it was here so it’s like constantly making her. Be aware of her body
find false with her body find that there is a pain
and going to the doctor and from one doctor to
another from an mri x-rays. Are seeing a psychology
to see everyone. It’s. It’s like why is this
body creating this. Why
is this pain traveling. So some call it symptomatic
some call it psychosomatic. Is understanding what
is it that
the body is doing. Right
or you are creating it and incorporating in your
body because was as long as. You are. Paying attention to your body or someone else’s paying
attention to your body or your loved ones are
paying attention to you. Are you hearing me. That’s what was happening. As like
as long as I. Even though it’s
a negative thing. Because
your subconscious mind. Does not understand the good or the bad
the right or the wrong or. It is good pain or if it is
a back pain is just there. To. Knock on wood is
pay attention to me. And.
I know this may sound. A little but
difficult to understand and yet. We do create a most of. What is wrong. Which
even the word wrong. Is wrong because it is
created for a reason. Dislike I say there is never an accident. For every accident there is a cause. And
effect. So something caused it it did it just happen. So understanding the cause of it is what we wanted to do. So I had a client who
came in here and said. Do I really have to go through all this childhood and all that drama in order
for me to understand know. Really know. Most of the things. That happened to US for whatever
reason if it happened seven years ago it could be a boomerang from long time ago but doesn’t have to be. So let’s go and find the cause and the effect so so far the
symptom is the effect. What we do
is find the costs. So hypnotherapy is
not going to cure it. But hypnotherapy is doing the therapy
is tapping into the subconscious mind so we could open the doors. The door of the pandora yes. Or the. What is that box it is our the box that we put
everything in there like that I can’t
remember the name of it. Okay so. It’s not the pandora’s
box but it is and. Do you know the box that
you put all your dowry in there. Okay I’m lost for words. And as a hypnotherapist
I’m all about words words that empower empowers
words that make a deaf friends and. It’s knowing that how we evoke certain things and even the pandora’s
box were not opening good to go all the way to the childhood
trauma or drama or everything. But it’s recognizing. All. The symptoms. And then finding. That the beginning of it once you understand that. As I’ve always said. It’s just like anxiety is a symptom. If you have if you have
been diagnosed with a d h d. If you have been
diagnosed with shingles if you have been
diagnosed something is that it is medical. And there was something it’s not bad hypnotherapy
is going to go and cure shingles or it’s curing ADHD Four o cd but what we are doing. Is for you to recognize. Where did this start. How that it’s start and what can I do to shift. To make it feel better. How can I let it go. And how can I make changes physically mentally. Emotionally personally. That Eases. The pain. Eases the symptoms easiest or even alleviates. Yes letting go alleviating in the symptom. So. The number one reason
why someone gets shingles. It’s been medically proven that it is a virus
rank. So she those is a virus
people who’ve had. Chickenpox. As a child. That virus
stays in the body. We all have it if you’ve ever had chicken pox you have you are asymptomatic
to having that virus still lingering in your body. But it does not awaken. Unless something is like tapping into it or something in the body awakens it. What awakens that virus most times we don’t know
why people get shingles. And shingles can
attack the face. Shingles can be on the back it is. It could be very painful. And it is you see it with
the red marks on the body. And shingles is not
a beautiful sight and. It can also be painful. What we do through hypnotherapy. Is first and foremost ease the pain. Number one. Help you visualize. That shingle the pain
managing the pain. Number one.
Managing the anxiety that you get from
having shingles. Number three. Is that is symptomatic part of it. Is. Where it came from. What caused the body
the Oregon’s the biggest organ in your body
which is your skin. Go into that attack. Stress. Where did this stress come from. What stress you out. And he could be some times you knowing. Where the stress come from. Or. It could be. On knowing. It could be something
that your body reacted to. Without you having a
conscious knowledge of it. Until we tap into the
subconscious and it’s like your body speaking to you it’s your body. Responds ding and we have a conversation with the body. You know that mind
body connection. It is full. Truly
it is. So.
Everything that happens to us. I know it’s a cliche but believe it or not. There is a reason for
this word that has come to be a reality it’s happening for you. So. Once you recognize it. And then we can ease the pain. Comfort. You. Physically
mentally and emotionally. Ah.
Help you alleviate the anxiety by recognizing. The cause of it. Then the next time you are in that
situation or that stressful situation. You can first. Choose not to. Respond to that
stressful situation. Second we tap within
and it’s like a button you know that easy button or just. With some my clients
I say just imagine. That elevator and if the elevator button. Is out of order. What we do is. Visually. And we embed. Ask. You to consciously and
subconsciously embed it button. It says out of order that any time you’re in the same or similar similar stressful situations that your body is
not reacting to it the same way. You will recognize it but the body is not responding to it the same way. So a can be the same word. Attention death
officer disorder. I have a philosophy it’s
not a this order but it is a miscommunication how to be in
order because everything that we do. Of all those who have
the OCD and everything everything has to
be an order right. Because until it’s
not in order author or I believe that
everything is not set or I have to make
sure that the knobs. Or everything is locked the windows are locked or this is clean or that is in. Order. Is because somewhere within US. Everything has to be in order for US to function. So. We go and find the disconnect. Or where it stemmed from. And. Ease. The. The disorder. Or the anxiety that goes with it or what causes you an at the
anxiety the and you are anxious. Hypnotherapy is truly. Utilizing a tool
called hypnosis. And doing the
therapy part of it. With the tool. The technique of hypnosis. So that we can tap within your subconscious mind. Faster than the conscious analyzing
judging criticizing reasoning part of you. Period. That’s what I mean. Period. It’s not a run on sentence. And every time you
are going into this come Boston of. Like oh if I don’t do this this is going to happen
that’s going to happen at that very moment I said the moment
you are going into this hyperventilating. The situation of
that is causing you. Not breathing. Pause. Put a
period. Period.
Okay one. Two three now I can continue speaking now I continued doing and then
pause. Period. And then a new sentence a new beginning. Once you start
using this take me pause
period begin. And then you say or you feel or you do and then. Pause. Period. Begin. This is a hall technique. It’s like saying breathwork. It’s for counts
you breathe there. Pause. Whole for for accounts
for three to one. Exhale. Again. There. Now let’s do it one more time. The breathe in. It’s amazing. That if. You. Begin to utilize not
only the for count breath. Re then. Pause. Period. Exhale. You do the same thing as you feel you are going in
this run on sentence introduce hyperventilating. Into creating your own anxiety. Into the point of you
become so anxious that you say I can’t
imagine I can’t. The word
can’t at that very moment
you Paul cause. You place a period. And as you exhale. You realize. You just did it in the moment you do it just like Nike says just do it. You realize that you can. That self-acknowledgment. That I can. Pause put it period and begin. That means I am in total control. And I can handle this. If I can handle my breath. If I can handle
putting a pie pause a period and begin. That means I can handle. One more thing. I can handle. If this is moved. For me not to go into
that panic and anxiety the. In just sit with this. I pay. As. I can put a period and I can breathe food is. Instead of feeling anxious and that this. Is not in the place. It needs to be and who said it
needs to be there or who said it needs
to be where you said it’s supposed to be. It just is. Stay with it. See how you feel. If you’re feeling anxious
because it has moved or it is not exactly what you
saw it it’s supposed to be. Say it. To yourself. It’s okay. I can pause. I can place a period. And then. I can do this again I can pause. I can put a period. Wow
I just did this for two. Minutes. I can pause. I can put a period. Wow. I didn’t realize that I am in total control. Of what I fought I
can’t do without. And now I have a handle on it. And every time I do this. Just like a craving. That lasts only for three minutes and if you can pause
put a period and begin. Three minutes at a time guess wide. By golly. You are already. On a new new path of creating a new. Habit. In new behavior. A new form of knowing. I have more control. Than I though I have. And I say congratulations. For learning a new
technique on your own. To implemented on your own and realize. There is no such thing. As
outside. If you. If you don’t put her paws on it. And if you choose to put her
paws or period or out of order. And recognize that
you are the only one. That is responsible
for the of responses and reactions to what you think. You cannot. So that’s what I teach. But every single client of mine. When they come here it’s all about not
only word association is to empower you consciously and subconsciously is true for you to realize you know what his confidence. It is. It is knowing that you can. And then
I empower you. And your self esteem to
recognize within yourself to believe you can. Once you believe is what you become. So what you want to do what you want to become is when you believe me. You become it. Believe it and you become it. If you believe. If you’ve studied to be a pharmacist if
you studied to be a c p a. Has what you become. Is because you believe
yourself to be a c p a. an attorney does not say. I’m a CPA they say I am an attorney
because that’s what they studied. That was their passion and when they studied it they passed the bar they say I am an attorney. Actually
I believe to say. I
my practice. Professionally I practice as an attorney as. A lawyer right. By Profession I am a lawyer. That’s not who you are but that is the practice so. It’s like a police officer or
someone from the military there it’s embedded in who they are. Although the it’s
not who they are but the practice right. So. Even a police
officers know this. Once you are an
officer your of an officer it’s like twenty four seven you are there to protect and serve of course you are under job. On the job but even when you’re
not on the job you’re still believe yourself to
be a police officer you believe yourself
to be a doctor and when someone is injured you will go and help them. Right. So that is what we become
a when we believe who we are. And I want you to
believe that you have all abilities. All the capabilities and physically
mentally emotionally every aspect of your body
also knows how to heal. Said the cure is within you. The healing is within you. And when you
come to heal within. Is to understand. More about yourself. Consciously and subconsciously. In once your subconscious
mind except said. That’s where freedom comes. It’s knowing. That you can be. And do. And become. Anything. Within. Your own so. You. Have the ability to tap within and heal. It’s not the cure. It’s the healing. Doctors. Huh. Their hands. In surgery. They are there to heal. They help. The sick
huh. The same as clergy is. Teachers. We are all their. Mothers. When they hold the child. And they kiss to finger. As that love. The attention. That begins the healing. Maybe I’ll bet the saliva. And the bandaid. Right. So it’s all about how we tap. And how we love. To begin the healing process. Thank you for being. A part of this week’s episode. And your tools and techniques. That you have within yourself. Hone it,
Sharpen it. Love it. Appreciate it. And. Utilize. The breathe in
breathe out for account. And remember to pause. Play superior. And began. If there’s
any. reason That you believe you have hit a wall a block or. You cannot go over. A self-limiting belief or
there is a pain that you want to alleviate. Or you cannot sleep or you you’ve held onto so much emotional mental and baggage is that you have not let go of either habits and behaviors. Isn’t it time to. My name is Liza Bari. This is why I am here to help you heal within. And until next week. I bid you good bye. And have a wonderful week. God bless you and made a universal like surround you. Goodbye.

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