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Does Everything Happen For A Reason?

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Does Everything Happen For A Reason?
Is it true?
Stop trying to rationalize everything and realize that for every cause, there is an effect. What if some omnipotent force of the universe knows what’s best for you.

How to use this:

  • Take Responsibility 
  • Stop Harping On Past Failures 
  • Learn To Pick Yourself Up After a Failure or Disappointment
  • Focus On Your Strengths And Build On Them. 
  • Identify Your Weaknesses 

You have more power than you believe.

Oprah said it best: “You don’t become what you want. You become what you believe.”

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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal Talk
Tuesdays with Lisa. Were transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Greetings greetings greetings and welcome to
Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza It’s so good to be here with you isn’t it. Well here we are another
Tuesday and a gorgeous day I think every
day is a day to be thankful. So do you do with
the the affirmations affirmations like. I am grateful I am thankful. Today’s date of
prosperity gratefulness. You know the words I am. And it wouldn’t be a great thing
for you to start if you haven’t done it and if you start doing this we will realize it becomes
a part of your daily ritual. Well, I think today’s messages about the
daily rituals and what we do. For our wellness for
our health for our psyche and our body. My name is Liza Boubari by trade I am your
clinical experts clinical hypnotherapist and
stress management consultant. Have a healing center
in Glendale California. By the name of HealWithin and that’s
exactly what I did a healed myself for many years ago and for the past. Twenty one one
years I’ve been helping others heal within
become healthier stronger and better physically
mentally and emotionally. You know how I do it is hypnosis is such
a powerful powerful tool and technique. And if you start using it and if you
start learn king of how to utilize this. You can make a lot of changes. So. I have a question for you. Do things happen to you for a reason. Or do things happen for you. Is it a true. Is it true
or is it a myth. Well. The question really is new
things wheeling happen for erasing. Some would say yes that everything has a reason. But I believe. That everything has
a cause and effect. Of course there was a
reason for everything. But every time some
nothing happens is it like. This is what God wants or is what it was supposed to be or do you have a hand in it. Oh. That’s a great
thing to talk about because when my
clients come here. They say I’ve always
been like this or I can’t remember when it’s been I
don’t want to feel this way. You know Oprah. Had a great things. She said. We don’t become what we want. We become what we believe. And I don’t know if it is Oprah. Who said it but Oprah made it famous. I believe it’s a thing. That has been around for a
long time may be over a century. We become. Who we believe to be. So it’s. A lot in our attitude. A client of mine came in and she’s been going
through some anxieties and she said. How is it that I can’t get
out of this a negative and anxious. Feeling this depression this
loop of being in here. Is it something like. Be being addicted to this. Or the same can you help me get out of this the same as someone becomes a nonsmoker. Great question. Is your thing. Well. If we are addicted
to negative thoughts. We also have to remember. We can. Shift it and become. More.
Addicted which I don’t like
the worried addiction. Addicted or. Implied addiction. Which you can turn it and say. Liking utilizing this
word more often and become more positive. Instead of. Negative. So is it true that you’re addicted. To that negativity to that anxiety. The same thing. When someone says I
am addicted to sugar. And I ask them how often do you have sugar. Because sugar. It’s like tourists a lot of
sugar and everything we do and. There’s so much
sugar in all the foods. The contents and
everything even. Of fruits have sugar but it’s
good sugar vs bat sugar and there is people who are diabetic and
they can’t even have a little bit of that and. Type two diabetes.
That how how they crave sugar. Or cigarettes or anything else in life. So is that. Part of our attitude is that part of our addiction is that part of our behavior is that part of a habit. And is it true that
you’re addicted is it true that you
can live without it. I know so many who say I can’t live without
cup of coffee. I have to have three to four cups of coffee a day. And they don’t drink just any
coffee they have to have a certain types of coffee. But I beg to differ because that
same person who told me to have I can’t live without a four
cups of coffee you know why. We were at an event together and it was not at home we were
outside we were at a retreat together for a few days and
it was Costa Rica. And believe it or not. Because of the
retweet we were in. And. It was all about healing it was about
wellness it was about a juicing and even for few hours
we have to do this like a silent. Right retweet it became
like a silent retreat. She did not have
a cup of coffee. We did not have any
desserts or anything and for over six hours there was absolutely no speaking in
all we had to do was white. Our thoughts
or feelings and what’s going on within US. Like a journaling before or six
hours absolutely no speaking. Now so many can say. I can do that all
the time I’m alone by myself all the time I
hardly speak to anyone and yet they have the TV going the radio going there a gaming they’re doing something
cost of the been busy with something and there is no scientists the silent spring. Retreats that we went or
the six hours that it was. It was absolutely nothing. Except us. In a journal. No speaking to one another. No TV. No phone. No distraction. Amazing. And she had absolutely
no coffee for four days. So. When she used to say I am addicted. We had to prove her wrong. Because. A part of addiction. Is that you crave at
your body craves it. So every time you say something. And it doesn’t matter if
it is is about addiction. If it is your. Mindset and if it is about the way you feel or
you want something where you don’t want something remembered
the subconscious mind. Does not compute. The negative. So if you want something
I want you to always. Write down. The things
that you desire. The things that you want
the things that you choose. The things
that you believe. Will make a
difference in your life. I want to be free. Of the negativity. I want to have
peace and freedom. From the shackles of whatever it is that you believed. That he were addicted to. You shift your
mindset from the core and once you’re conscious
and subconscious come to. The that. You see once you come to believe
it consciously and subconsciously it’s not only affirmations. Then. It becomes a your reality. Everything we believe
becomes a reality. And incorporate that. And put that energy enthusiasm or make it. A part of your daily routine that he comes to sink
not only consciously. But also subconsciously. And then next thing you know unconsciously
you are doing exactly what you want. So. Is it true. Beautiful question. Brings you to reality
brings you to present. You see when we evoke something. It’s bringing it up fourth. Bring it to surface. In.
Lights and shedding light. And when we do that we realize. It’s not happening now. At this is not
reality it was part of right
my past behaviors my past slots my past way of being. And today I can
make a difference today I can turn around and say is it true. That I can’t let that go. Is it true that without this I can’t exist is it true that I am helpless is a true. That everything has a reason. There was a cause. There was an effect. There is a cause. There is in effect. If you want anything to happen it’s
not only the affirmations it’s not only the thoughts But taking the action. So. What is it that he
would like to change. What is about
you’d like to amplify. What is it that you would
like to double in your life. Sit with it. I think about. Is it true. Is it true. And asked. Every time you come
up with an excuse. Ask yourself is this true. Because
a party of it is a fact and the other
one is your reality. The one that you
have created it. For yourself. Because at one point or another. The may have given you a sense of comfort. Maybe that habit or behavior worked for you at that time. But is it true. Then you still need it. Are you can’t do without it. So that’s today’s message. Anything you want. You can’t. I remember years ago I believed that I could not stop smoking I used
to smoke a pack and a half a day. Actually when I
was in high school. You’re going to laugh at those. When I was in high school. My breakfast was. A banana. A piece of chocolate. And. At that time I was not drinking
coffee so it was a can of coke. And cigarettes. Wow talk about. An adrenaline rush. And
everything that hypes it. Talk about my body. Being on this level. Sugar. Banana sugar. Coke. Not.
Drinking cup like Coca-cola. A can of Coca-cola sugar. Chocolate
sugar and then on top of that a cigarette by the time
I used to get to class and
having a cigarette which is talk about. Being wired bride. And up time. As a young teenager we don’t think about on relaxation and everything we are constantly in the wire and then. When we dropped the rush the sugar
rush goes and then everything else we have to replace it
with something else oh and that’s how the loop comes. That we’d become a dick that even
disappointed when I talk about my clients when they come
in for the cigarette or the. Chocolate or the eating. Disorder. That it’s disconnected from the order from the being in
control being in Harmony being in balance with who they are. We unravel things we peel
away things and then say is this true is this true is this a reality. Can you know to do it out
this can you not do it out by. And once you start
breaking things apart. And asking the real true hard questions. You realize. You created a pattern. Just for you. Just for you. Was there a reason yes there wise. There’s always a good reason. Why. We have habits and behaviors. And there’s always
a good reason. Why it’s time to let it go. And it’s no longer
benefiting you. Actually it’s harming you more than benefiting you. Through hypnosis and
hypnotherapy we tap in to those levels of layers and peeling
away the layers just to acknowledge it. Because it’s not
happening at this moment. And that’s the beauty of it
sometimes we don’t even have to hash the past. And start with the reality right here right now. Isn’t that time for US to evoke. What was embraced the
reality right here right now and ask ourselves to I still want to keep it though I still want
to hold onto it. What is it that he
want to evolve. To be. Time to believe in yourself. And know that you can.
Yes. You can make a difference. You are the master of your mind. And of your body. You are the master of your thoughts. And you can shift those. It’s about time. You say yes to you. My name is Liza Boubari And at any time. You want to feel
healthier better. More joyful more in peace. And shift for the better. Physically mentally
and emotionally. Give me a call. I’m here for you. Until next week. I bid you could buy
today was short. And sweet. See you next week and until then god bless you and may the universal
light surround you.

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