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Bye 2022 – Hello 2023

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

~ George Bernard Shaw

As we say bye 2022 and hello 2023, all kinds of interesting things are going to be happening in 2023.  A new book of 33 Armenian women telling their stories is coming up and you can be part of it! We are also going to be introducing you to a lot of new guests, so stay tuned.  Thank you for listening in 2022 and looking forward to bringing you more in 2023.

I’m here to help you with the anxieties caused by change and have some tips to make things a little easier.


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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza. Where transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. We. Welcome your pocket thing. Yeah. It’s super. Or. Isn’t it. Wow. Sometimes like. Show. Me that. And. And and your goals. So let’s end that now it’s time to focus on yourself. Your core beliefs and. What you care about. This is Liza. Your expert hypnotherapist and high come live every to Tuesday at noon. To bring you some expert information about the work that I do about hypnosis hypnotherapy maybe even. Information on. Healing and also. You know we did a challenge on down say change so it’s about expert information. Inspiration and I also bring expert speakers that to. Inform you and bring you much of their expertise to help you elevate you at and of make a difference in your life. So. This is the last. Facebook live for Heal Talk Tuesday’s for 2022 and You know. I dunno what you have done for the holidays what you are planning to do find. It’s amazing because there are so many. Who are stranded. And they are. In the blizzards some who were stranded in the airports and they. It’s been tough for so many and yet here I am in California where the a beautiful sunny California that has been for this entire week we’re going to get rain today but I just wanted to say no matter. Where we are. No matter where you are. I hope that this time. You stop and. Be grateful. For everything that has happened in two thousand and twenty two. Your experiences. You are moments. Your ups and downs. Through your challenges. And. All your achievements. You know. There is not a thing that happens and. I know it’s a cliche they say it doesn’t happen to you but for you. And yes we learn. Through each challenge. We. Overcome challenges and it teaches us a lesson. So I believe. Every challenge that I have gone through and possibly you. We get to become stronger. And we learn something from it. From breakups. To makeups. Right. From losing family members and the struggles. I know yesterday I was. At the bakery getting some pastries and everything. And. The line was long as I was standing there was a girl right in front of me. And but she didn’t have anything in her hand. She had not bought anything to pay so I was wondering and as she got to the cashier. She just turned around and said. I’m looking for a job. Do you have any a job. That. I can work. Is there any openings and. The clerk behind the cash register said no and she said not even washing dishes are I’ll be happy to do it in the kitchen. And she says no. No opening. And she said thank you and walked out. And at that very moment in hit me so hard. That. There are. So many of us that are running around. Right in the department stores buying buying buying. And. We are busy with family and. Some of us are struggling. In the airports and the stress factor all that and hear someone who just wanted a job. Or. Even to wash dishes. I swear at that very moment. I paid I walked out to go find her to see watch what I can help her with what she really needs and she was gone. But it brings us to this very moment of realizing we are not alone. We’re not. Every one of us. Has a story. We have our own challenges. And he doesn’t matter if. We are struggling because of finances. Or we are a millionaire. When it comes to health. When it comes to family. And love. It doesn’t see. How much money you have. Or where you live. And I’ve shared the so many times a house is not a home. Until the people. Within it make a home. And. The end of the year. It’s like a closing. It’s closing of a chapter. For a year. For a day. A decade. But when it comes to the end of the year so many souls also closed doors. And. You know. It’s like. Now it’s the time. To close and begin a new chapter. Just like flowers and plants they have their own season. Fruits. Their own season. And so do we as humans. When we think about it. I don’t know. How you. Cope. With. Your challenges. But at the very moment when you feel. You can’t handle it anymore. I want you to know one thing. You can. If you can just do it for three minutes. And then just say to yourself. If I can make the next hour. Or the next day. Or even. Just this week. Just for the next. Just for the next week. But you also can make it so distinct and make kids so precise and st Charles for this moment. I want to take a nice deep breath and be present and be grateful for this moment right here. And if we can take a moment by moment and then three minutes and then five minutes and then an hour. And then a day. You will realize. That when you wake up the next day and you can start again and just say Joseph for this moment I am grateful. And every single experience. Ads. And creates. At enhances who you are. One of the things we do is realize. You know I talk about shawcross the colors of shock row. And how each chakra correlates and I’m not here to say I do my therapies which shawcross know but each energy aspect each line that we have the seven and at my sound healing bowls also I have them that when we do the healing bulls and it. Opens the shawcross which is the energy lines in art body. You know when we talk about the crown chakra that is connected to our. And what we call it the spirituality to the gods to our. Core source right. And it’s opening that level. Of meditation and prayer and being open to grace. And the wonderment of the universe. The connectiveness you know babies and children are so connected they never think twice. If they want to put their hand in their mouth or their feet in their mouth and they just want to get up and rollover or cry and their needs are met. Because they ask for it in their own way. And they never doubt themselves he just go for it. We. As adults we become so self conscious because we have had so many naysayers. So when we become brain. We. Become hoping. The third eye which is the color of indigo when you meditate in you just concentrate on back. Is to have your vision. Be expanding to visualize bigger to visualize more of the things you desire in your life. I’ve set this so many time as a hypnotherapist one of the things that I do is guide my clients. To delve of. And drop from their conscious level into the subconscious level which is. The other state. We go from Alpha to bay bader to delta. Those were the levels of consciousness and when we hit this level. It is the place of knowing. That’s why so many people doing the quiet moments the zen times. And it is to sit meditate pray. Even the monks when they do the chanting and prayers and everything is to get into that zone. And. Away from all the distractions. And I hope you also do this in the coming. Months and weeks I’m going to be taking you. Deeper into each level. So you can also understand. That as you step into your. Wants and desires the you create the best version of you connected to your inner source. That’s weird healing within his that’s how we heal with it. So. Indigo after indigo is our throat chakra which is the blue and we’re gonna talk about the so much because it’s all about communication. And when I have a client that comes in here and there are struggling with communicating not only their truth. Of with others. It’s all about here. Which is the color blue. Sky blue. When you walk into somewhere in ego. The again to the sky and all this clouds and sky at the vastness this is it. And below here is the one of the most loving. This is your upper shock cries which is the heart. Heart green greenery nature. You are so connected with your heart and if you. Are disconnected with the heart which is right in the middle. Point. Yeah. So it cogs. In when you feel. This associated with feelings and you have blocked and you feel so. Not attached not connected or even feelings and receiving love. That’s the blocks and we’re talking about that. Self love. And also below is. The stomach area now we’re going into the lower chakras in your life that connected to the yellow. Which is also your digestive tracts one I’ve got clients who come over here with weight issues and digestive issues as and a lot of course self belief self confidence their self esteem is right here those are all connected. And. Someone says when you’re looking you’re in my office I’ve got my lotus a guide the kwan yin I’ve got the Buddha of got my cross. As a catholic. I am a practicing catholic and yet. As more of a spiritual person so I believe in all aspects of what can enhance not only me. My environment. My. Clients everything the. Is for us. To make space for you. To have this. Place of Serenity quietness and healing. Because that’s. The entire thing about lotus. Is coming from the depths of. The muddy as water and when we are ready. We turn around and blossom. So. Yellow and under in he is. The orange the deepest beautiful vibrant orange which is your sensuality your sexuality or connectiveness of your core. And so much more. In right underneath that it’s as if dropping the pendulum insta the read. That it’s connecting us to mother earth. Father son. Mother earth. And we can bring the elements of five elements which is the water the way would at the metal the air and. Ah. I mean missing element. The would the metal. Water. Would. Air okay I’ve got it all. So you see when we work with all that. It’s like when a client walks in and says I want to lose weight a question is why. Why. And how long have you been struggling with this issue. Why do you want to lose the weight are why when we have our why in anything. Either a cause. Or. At a reason. Why we want to do that. When the passion to desire is there air than the trash formation happens. And when his transformation. It is. Being somewhere we desire. That is not here. And that change that transforming the peeling away layers of what needs be from the subconscious level deep down. Not thus conscious analyzing thinking judging analyzing part of you. That criticizes yourself. The do doubt. Shame the guilt the peel me all that. And to heal within. We go deeper. It’s the patterns. See your habits and behaviors. So if the new year. You are ready for a new beginning. And you want to. Once and for all. Be what you desire to be. A stewardess. Two thousand and twenty three. Is going to be an amazing here. It is going to be amazing for me because it is the power number for me it adds up to a nine which is going to be my number of completion. So many things aren’t going to be completed I know we’ve got a trilogy of a book that I’m starting with powerful women and if you are interest did as an Armenian women. Let me know. If you are interested or starting the applications and everything to be a. In a book with a collaboration were doing that we are up leveling our interviews were going to be interviewing incredible powerful. Inspiring me motivational folks that it’s going to make a difference in your health wealth. In your career in your aspirations in up leveling you and. So much more. So. I hope. You take this moment and. As we are closing the doors. Take time for yourself. Two. Sit and journal. Right. Or even. Type it in. Whichever is. More convenient for you. Three things. That you are ready to make a difference. In your life. Three things you want. And will make a change and step. Up your game. And as I say. Isn’t it time for you to show up and stand up and speak up for yourself. Only by doing so. We become better. Stronger. In order for us. To help others. So. Transformation begins right here. When we are ready to hear within. My name is Liza. And if there’s anything. I can be. And make. Your your. Healthier and better by all means. Let me know. So. Until then. I wish you a happy new year. And may you celebrate. The this time. No matter where you are either at home. Or with others. In safety. Be safe. And. Make a difference. Tip. Just be safe. Welcome to new year. With grace. And love. And until the next year. I beg you could buy. See you next year. By by. God bless you and made a universal light surround you.

Embracing Change, Embracing Change, Embracing Change

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