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Embracing Change

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

~ George Bernard Shaw

After 18 years, HealWithin is moving! We are moving to new offices only a few blocks away, but, it’s still a move. We will miss our “Cottage” but welcome moving to the new place.

I’m here to help you with the anxieties caused by change and have some tips to make things a little easier.


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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza. Where transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Life. Is how we take it you know there is a. There’s a saying that they say disappointments either drive us or destroy us. So it’s like having a relationship a new relationship ship in going to a new place is exactly the same thing. So I wonder. Have you ever experienced. A disappointment or something that has gone back. At that time and. A while later. You turn around and look back and you say. If it it wasn’t because of that experience or is that moment or that person I would not be where I am today. So. Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza. If you don’t know me, by trade I’m a clinical hypnotherapist and stress, management consultant. And every week on Tuesdays at noon I come live so we can talk about some things that are about your health wealth both mostly mind body connection and healing. That’s why the name of my business is HealWithin. So, it’s this connection of how we connect. How our mind. Our thoughts are ideas and concepts make such a big impact and what we do. You know I wrote this the other day as I was going through is like. What is it that we focus on. As you know whatever you focus on is what you create or manifest or bring on for. Added right. And. When you focus on something and the way we do it we focus on our thoughts that are controlled by our values and our values are controlled by a belief system. So the meaning of the things are that is controlled by our belief system sometimes it’s a bs but it’s your bs nobody else’s yes. And it’s like what am I going to focus. Let me give you an example. For the last two and a half months. I’ve been searching and looking for an office space. And I have found it yes after eighteen years we are moving. Just this move, I was talking to my colleague and he’s like “It’s exciting and yet it’s so nostalgic. Because we’re not going to be together every year. My God we’ve been together In the same office we’re not practicing the same thing but in the same office energy and everything. Eight years almost eight and a half years. And it’s been a great relationship.” So. once something clicks when something is right it’s like. A sponge right you squeeze it and all is good juice goes out of it. So. Now going to a new place. It’s going to be me and my staff and my assistant and a new place And. That’s it. The unknown can be so exciting and yet you can turn it into something that it’s dreadful. It’s how you approach things how you manifest. What it is that you concentrate on. So. What does it mean. And why what am I going to do with it. So when we think about. If you want to be in a relationship in you’re going on a dating. It doesn’t have to be for you to write exactly what it is that this person has to look like be the hair color the height this and that. Because that’s impossible right. But what is the meat of it is what kind of a person do I want to be with. And why do I want this kind of a person in my life. Which brings me back to my clientele. What is it that you want. I asked this question all the time if you want to become a nonsmoker, why? And what is it that you want I want to become a nonsmoker, why? I want to drop weight, why? When we have what is it that I want and why do I want what I want. Everything else else. Becomes easy. And I mean it. So. I had a client I got the most beautiful testimonial. Just today, and I couldn’t read it for you actually. I think she would be okay if I read this testimonial. Let me see. Just this morning. She sent it to me and I Responded by saying thank you It was – It was really a beautiful testimonial and bare with me because I just wanted you to see this it says “Good morning Liza Thank you I love this affirmation.” Because every when you sign up with a package with me like few sessions. You get not only have a full session with be a session is approximately seventy five to ninety minutes I’m not a fifty five minute because you know it takes a while. Even though I can do a rapid hypnosis and rapid induction. Most of my sessions are: you come in we go over what has occurred a week ago and what we talked about how have you been what are your wins would have your challenge has been for the week so about fifteen minutes of catching up to what your thoughts are with your feelings are and where you are In a scope of one to ten since last week and so we have this measurement. Without measurement we wouldn’t know where we are in life and it’s for business is for health is for well for everything in your life right. Say yes if it to if if you agree to say yes or put number one. Just go ahead say yes or put number one and let’s have a dialogue. So. The next thing is. After we. That it’s like okay where do we want to go. Next how far we have come and then I take them into a state of hypnosis to a state of relaxation. And that’s where. Not only we do to hypnosis but the though therapy power part. It could be suggestions one day or having a dialogue and hypnosis that’s why it’s called hypno therapy is doing therapy in a state of deep relaxation. So I can tap into their subconscious mind. And evoke what was. So they can become present with what is, then embrace it. In order to evolve to what it is that they want. Into the desired goal to be achieved. Okay. That said now you have an understanding the process of my three E process, the evoke embrace, evolve. So after that and it can take approximately seventy-five to ninety-minutes definitely my first session is approximately ninety minute with me. So that package is a session and also an audio recording that goes with them. With my clients with you so you can hear it every single night Why? Because repetition repetition repetition. When you do something over and over over and over what we are doing is a mindset reset. And in order for the new information your desired outcome the new information to sink in. You need to listen to not only repeat affirmations which is repeating it and sinking in and seeing the affirmations come into your inbox every single day a new affirmation that you repeat like a mantra. And also the audio recording so sweet things happen. My voice is with you. My messages or with you every single day. At every week. You also get to half. An hour and a half session with me and having a dialogue with me via email. When you email me by all means. Less than few hours. You will have a message responded by me. It’s not an auto response it is me responding to emails no. Usually I check my emails. three times a day during the day and at night I catch up with everything. Okay that said. Of every. Continue on this testimonial “I have listened to your recording that was sent and it is awesome I should listen to it daily correct yes my dear. Yes I have already responded to her and is truly an honor what I say honour working with my clients it is because as everyone has the choice you have a choice. Who to go to. Where to go. In when I get to work with clients I truly. Appreciate and I think it is an honor that I. Am the one day choose to work and for them to. Get. The outcome that they want. By not only doing the work. A teaching them how to do it right. And she said “I wanted to reach out and say thank you. Last week’s first session was life altering. The effects lasted for days. Then once I started listening to the recording it see and to refresh everything I saved it on my phone so I can play it whenever I need to. Tune things out and relax. I don’t feel as though my plate runners runners over even though circumstances have not changed. I think my perspective has started to change and more positive attitude as well. You are truly a gift I am grateful to know you personally and professionally thank you so much.” And and I’ll say her first name starts with the and so I thank you D. For this testimonials this testimonial will be on my website and when someone sends me a testimonial I truly appreciated especially when she also did a video so. You can go to my website and see the video by Monday and you’ll know who it is but right now. That’s where I am. And. So I just wanted to catch up with back and say. I am so excited. To be moving to a new place a new energy and when I go. In case you didn’t know. I have for the longest time. Done. Like cleansing and clearing. Homes and offices like a doing a month and prayer and everything when there’s a new change. A new office a new beginning a new child whatever. And I will be doing the same thing with my office I will go in and do the cleanse and everything. Before the movers get there why. Because whatever enter g was there from. The people prior to. I want to cleanse and. Could create that energy and make it my own energy. So. There is a whole ritual. And I will. Be filming this ritual so you may be able to see it and that’s a good think. Rituals are good things it’s yes it could be said that it’s another a belief system but it’s a belief system that I hold very dear. And I think it started from my grandma I am a girl with traditions and belief systems. So. Again. I want you to know one thing. The past. May keep you in the past and depressed and it’s good to think about the past but you must also move on. The present. Keeps you happy. It can keep you. Are aware. Of very much conscious in the future is when you start thinking about the future is the futuristic it’s what you want to achieve so realize. Everything in life they evoke embrace evolve we evoke it so we bring the past forward to ignore knowledge it only not to live in the past. We can’t go back to what it is we can’t go back to what it was. Even. If it was an incredible love story that you had. Stop saying I want. What it was. Because what it was it’s not now. And you cannot capture. The essence but you can create a better one. Makes sense. Okay. So. We acknowledge it. Or we embrace the here and now by realizing. That that’s what it was that’s what I want and how do I have cheap it. So as a clinical hypnotherapist the work that I do. Is exactly this. You have to feel good about yourself. You have to know what you want. Why you wanted and together. We achieved. In a way. Because you matter. I’ve been saying this over and over when you feel good about yourself when you think better about yourself. There is nothing. You cannot achieve. So. That’s today’s message. Let’s see. Hi sir John how are you it’s so good to have you here. I am at all. Ready to. Unpacking pack the package. So. That’s the message today. I just wanted to come live. Because. To miss any of that parked to space. And my new places going to be amazing and. So let’s focus. On that energy focus on the energy of. Of the holidays are coming up it’s going to be difficult next Tuesday will talk about challenging times during Christmas during hanukkah kwanzaa holidays all over and. And no matter where you are. Celebrate you. My name is Liza Boubari. And until the next week. I wish you all the best. God bless you focus on the bright side and remember no matter where you are today is because of your thoughts your experience says in the choices that you have made. It’s all good. Until next week god bless. And made a universal light surround you.

Embracing Change, Embracing Change, Embracing Change

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