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Intentions for 2023

Resolutions focus on the negative while intentions focus on the positive.
~ Unknown

Hello, 2023!

Most people make new years resolutions – and a week or so into it, they’ve failed. It’s not about resolutions – it’s about intentions and words of the year. My word for this year is going to be gentleness and resilience. What are your words for the year?

We have a brand new course that we have been working on for the past few months. The course is Stand Up to Slim Down. It’s a nine-week course that you can do by yourself or with me. It’s going to impact everyone who signs up for it. You can get a preview by going to my shop and getting the Stand Up to Slim Down workbook.

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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza. Where transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Greetings greetings greetings and welcome to Heal talk Tuesdays this is Liza. It’s so good to be here with you isn’t it. Welcome to 2023 this is the first. Session. Of the new year. Hello and hope your end of the year and the beginning of your was amazing. You know one of the things that I posted twice. It’s not the end of the year or the beginning of the year or any year. That makes a difference is what. You make it that makes it amazing because. It’s just another day right. But the power. Of cooperation it’s like everyone so energized to make a change to boost their life and do everything so this collaboration this energy than it’s happening in the beginning of the year. There was something to say about back and that is what can help you energetically the emotionally physically because it’s like no matter where you look. Who you look for. Everyone is saying I am ready to make a change. So. What is the change that you are about to make what is it that you. Want to make a difference either or in someone else’s life or in yours and. We talk about purpose right. So that’s where I come asking you. Asked to. Date you make. A resolution. Because. Frankly. I don’t like using resolutions I like to set intentions. And words of the year. So high say John how are you. John how are you doing. You know today is going to be this a connection with huh it’s not about me talking it’s about you also responding and thank you for so many emails and calls for the new year and can how. It’s I believe this is my ear and because. As everything in life happens when you believe this and you believe in yourself or you believe this to be. A will. So I hope you have set an intention. And. Resolutions. As I said I don’t make resolutions for the year or anything but I set an intention. So my word for their year has been. Is going to be gentleness and resilience. So as someone who is very tenacious I am very tenacious. I’m going to become more resilient more focused in what it is that I am creating and bringing forth and gentleness is to be with with. Doing things in a more gentle way also being gentle with myself physically mentally and emotionally. And this to. It’s like a beautiful combination of a gentile a gentle kind and resilience it’s. Been fierce and moving forward to a focused attention. So what is the worried. That you. Would say it is going to be you’re worried because everything I do is I’m going to be having it in the back of my mind saying. Is this being gentle with myself and others. Is this. Me showing up as of resilience and doing things with. Such power our and fierceness. In good. So. I was talking to a friend of mine. Just a week ago and we were talking about the things. That I help my clients with and she said do you deal with addictions and I said addictions that shift into addiction. You see addiction is the things that are negative and when we consume make it becomes negative and then we have and. This negative feeling of why did I do it I shouldn’t have accrued of done better so is this. Self punishment and then we going to self sabotage but when returned addictions to an addiction that instead of doing something that it’s negative like drinking or smoking or drugs and return it into exercise has running becoming better becoming resilient in the things that’s an add big. Add. It’s and a good addition to a dictate. How you dictate yourself how you control yourself how you manage yourself in a more positive exercising dancing. Writing journaling right. So. Do you like that to addictions into addiction. And everything is rights. I loan the power of words and things that empower us to be better. Go for this year don’t ever carry other people’s Burton to understand that I’m not responsible for fixing everything for everyone a mad I read hop happy new year to you as well we were talking about words that impact us and half power and I’d like to say things that are addictive we turn it into an addiction so. Yes years out exactly instead of carrying it. As a matter of fact believe it or not you just set me up into thing this. I’ve got a a beautiful course that I have been working. For the last few months and this course stand up to slim down. It is a nine week course do it yourself or with me. That is going to impact. Each and every everyone who. Signs up for this course rs and does this course for nine weeks the birthing of nine and that is going to shift your mindset. Reset and. Take you into a mental state in order for you to stand up for who you are and draw shop the emotional weight drop the physical wage and realize and that. Exactly what you just said kerry other people’s burden. Know carrying other people’s burden. First. Burden is heavy. Burden is so. It puts you down around and it is a heaviness that not only you have to carry either emotionally or energetically but it’s about time this year. You’ll come up with a worried that says. No more. Because no is as good one answer. As the yes. And the program really helps to boost the self-confidence exactly we boost of confidence so. You realize you can stand up for yourself. And drop. Drop. Not. Lose because losing. Weight. In itself and it’s like oh my god another loss. Do you realize how many times you have done a resolution to lose wait. And after the first initial raw raw raw you go in and by margin become. Slowly you lose. This initial resilience this initial. Energy because it’s like. The purpose in it. The reason for it and if you’re not confident enough that you can do it on your own and why. This. The why in everything. Is soul. Imperative and meaningful. Why do you want to lose the weight why do you want to build your confidence. Your good as you are but if you want to become better. Say it’s not. Your not good enough. It’s do you want to become better for yourself to be proud of yourself I say this. Every time. Self pride. Trumps everything in-house. Self pride when we stand up for yourself when you speak up. Not because of overpowering anyone else are telling anyone but when you feel good. That you know you can give yourself permission to speak and stand up for yourself. And have that body you go yes. When you say I’m not going to carry anybody else’s. But I’m going to stand up. And yes. As a good answer no is a good answer. And for that. Enlarge on how are you. I just had a beautiful beautiful Jasmine I agree never carry any and we need to get rid of stress. Exactly Jasmine. And of all people. Into realizing there is only so much we can fix. And so much much. We have to let go. And. Embrace embraced the reality. And I’ll share something with you all. I. Have few years ago. Well it’s been more a few years and now almost the five years that I moved in. With my mom and. Realizing that we can’t fix our parents but only support as much as we can. There is only so much we couldn’t do. We there is only so much we can do for our. Partners in life for our children in my for our parents and life. Because no matter how much we watch to fix and. Make it better for them. We cannot change. What is reality. We cannot. And. Realizing your own strength. Your own boundaries. Because if you break. Set. So standing up in a way is also realizing that. You must also safeguard yourself. And. Be resilient in saying no. And actually i’m constantly seeing resilient and I want you to come up with your own words. Your own worry that moves you forward. In the new year. And not worried becomes yours so let’s do lunch. Know I love you let’s do lunch actually this year I’m not only putting got program together. It’s called a nine week stand up to slim down there is going to be a membership that I am going to be a like a mastermind whoever wants to join February one way we’re moving forward were forging ahead and why am I not doing it in January. Because in February it is my birth date. And. I am rebirthing. Not only myself my office. The HealWithin my website as everything in my life is reversing so this entire January is for you to be aware of it for you to come up with your word for you to come up what is is that you want in your life and why do you want to make that change so I’m giving you thirty days as a matter of fact starting January first. You know everything I do is a three right. So. On January first. I said I’m doing this. In Armenian we say. Maura’s right Madden rossum audit and. Immortals Rosa said. It was was to make a. Decision I don’t know how to. Have to see it in. In English. It is to make a decision. Right so for the next thirty three days which is from January one until my birth date. Not having any pastries I’m not having any. A chocolate no chocolate no pastries and what was the third thing. I’m no ice cream. So. Because those are the things that I really love. Yes. Of. And what we eat. It makes us who we become so I’m already sweet back. I decided to refrain. From chocolate. The pastries and ice cream. Only four thirty three days. And on. Dirty third day is when I stand up and say. This is. I completed my thirty three three times threes and nine the date of completion. My Course is a nine week course and we’re starting in membership for Nine months to be with me to like a mastermind and that. Not only you’re going to being a master class with me. I’m going to hold your hand and so much is going to come. Resolution. There you go a resolution. It’s not a resolution is more than that because. It’s and setting intention I don’t believe in resolutions. Oh my god no chocolate I could. The never take anything you want to wait for me but not my chocolate. And that is why if you said for the next thirty three days only for the next thirty three days. You can believe me. You can. Because in life. So many women who get pregnant. They stopped doing something that it’s not good for the child and why is it that we can do it for our child for our loved ones. But we say we can not for ourselves. Here’s the thing. If a doctor or someone who you look up to turned around and said what you just put in your body. If you can reframe for thirty three days. It can make a big huge impact. Because it’s going to affect you in a very harsh way you take. I can look back at go right away. So why do we have to wait for something bad to happen in order for us to say. I will not do it again. You know. Today. Just today. The third. Well today is January third say today for today. For the next thirty days or thirty three days or even three days. I can refrain myself. From something I truly love and do every single day. In believe it or not it’s a mindset it’s a mindset reset if you say you do. Research on you can. Jasmine you can. Each and every one of us. We don’t have to be placed in a position that it’s negative for us to turn around and say okay a cave in. Instead of caving in. Instead of taking a burn. Take that addiction and trended into an. “Add” iction. Add to you and tear vocabulary add to your desires and grinds because. The why is you. Why. You’re the cause. The you are the purpose. Because if you are not there and the rest of them. What why what are they going to do it out you. Know. You’re going to say they’ve been a cave in but you know why. Everyone. Will find a way to manage. Believe me. From companies. From being a corporate. Employee. They can do without you. From a place you are employed they can do without you and the. Every one of us is replaceable. As an employee. And when we think that without read this cannot go on. It will go on. But a few. Only. Realize. There’s no time for you to take care of you. Being vulnerable. Been loving. Being gentle with yourself. And being kind to yourself. And sometimes. You don’t have to go anywhere. You don’t. If he only make a decision and say. For ten minutes. This is my me time. And when you’re taking a shower. Let go of everything and everything go you can even. Think about the water cleansing clearing and releasing and just let everything go down to draw rain. Let it go down the dre. So that’s another way you can do it to stand on their to shower let the water wash everything cleanse everything drop everything and just let it go down to drain. And sometimes. You can flush it down the drain. There’s so many ways you can just let it go go and not carry other people’s Burton it’s not yours. And take ownership of what is yours. That’s it. And I think if we start back. And. It would be amazing so for the next few days until first of February. I want me to do this and. It’s sharing something with you. What are the things that you have always wanted to do but haven’t allowed yourself to do that’s number one. And what is it that you want to invest in any can be. Something very tangible that it’s for you. That you read it that you wanted to do that you wanted to start. That you had not. What would it be and why. So if you understand what is it that your wine and if you look at every area of your life I wrote those so I won’t forget. And. Give yourself an honest feedback how’s your health. Has your wealth. How does your love relationship. That I’m going to fix this year. Yeah that’s another. In my life or that I’m going to add. Into my life I used to dance four nights a week. I’m going to bring that at least once a week. I dance all the time if you haven’t seen it we’re going to bring dancing back. I am going to bring me manifesting intention dancesation, and bring that back because I want us to get up and dance. As a matter of fact I dance every single morning and sometimes years ago I used to dance in the middle of the street and everyone with luck off their comes Liza and her dog and I would have the music and I would be dancing. Trusting that no matter who looks at me. I bring joy to their face and I bring a smile to their face and then at one time I was dancing so much in the middle of the street at eleven o’clock walking my dog. In my neighborhood. Only my neighborhood not everywhere else. That my neighbor started dancing with me and another person’s the dancing and but the onto we can sing you know. That’s called a link. When you create something positive when you create something loving when you create something that is energy and it’s an antique screen. Believe it or not. You inspire others and I hope. Inspiring you. Think they clean just let it go so true. If you are hijab papa questions dancing in the streets and is mandatory it is. You know what. I’m getting into that from now on once a week I’m going to go live and dance with you hope you join me and it can be up on a mountain in the street I have no idea maybe even in my office. My office that I’m going to do a celebration opened the doors and do a small little open house and if you are in town, join me I will put all that information it’s going to be on my website and we will make an announcement yes to dancing exactly. Here’s the thing. A lot of people feel awkward being. On a dance floor or dancing. I know what it feels it’s called self conscious. Don’t do much where anybody else does for yourself. Move for you when we move your body your body is happy. When you move your body. All this energy that happens. It’s like euphoric when you smile it’s euphoric and. That’s one of my powers to bring that kind of venture oi to you. And smile. Only focusing on myself and the minors are responsible for when I do that I get more respect vs when i’m trying to fix everyone else’s go figure. Go figure. You know people are drawn to your confidence your smile your resilience. Ang yes to dancing I will join you yes. Yes how are you sweetheart happy new year and love dancing always and yes let’s do this. Let’s create a movement. A movement of instant at that’s how we heal within. Because when you are dancing even for five minutes you’re telling your body I love you. And moving you and loving you. All this energy enjoy and guess what. It’s called. Love. It’s called gentleness it’s called feminine power. With strength. In the links. You see. That’s what belly dancing is if you ever have seen a professional that belly dancer my god. I. am from Iran and belly dancing is so much in our blood dancing is in our blood. And I grew up seeing my parents dance and they used to have parties all the time. Huge beautiful parties and dancing soiree and things like that in the house crest up and I would be in all with. Everybody dressed to a T. The men in their tuxedos and it was a house party new year’s. The holidays. I mean my dad’s birthday my mom would do parties that was always music to my mom. Our family loves to dance. So. You know. We all have. A purpose. And may your purpose this year. Be to bring. More gentleness and strength. Love dance joy. And that is prosperity. That’s how we create prosperity. It is not about. How many thousands of dollars you spent. It’s what how would you spend it. For you. And. That makes an impact. One little coaster. This level coaster. And clearly there’s three of them I have. Let me bring the other one. I bought these coasters many months ago. When I was down in Laguna. I love to go down to the beach and Laguna and when I was there. I saw these three coasters. And. Less than twenty bucks. Not the money. But when I saw that. It made. It talk to me. The first course there. Is. A lotus. Which very much symbolizes everything. I do my logo everything right. So that’s one. I believe in the lotus. The second one was a mandela. And and mandela is and the bring we will. It’s the web it’s how we do the mantras the chanting and everything the mandola you can also the into the color fallen everything check out what. Law stands for and it is. Indian it is. Asian it is everything but to. So it’s Halloween we have the web of it and I will check you know to see what is the exact meaning of them on. Modern Darla meaning. Okay the meaning of the mandela exactly is a hindu Buddhist. Okay. Symbol and diagram used in the performers of sacred rites and as an instrument for meditation. So sometimes when we repeat something enchant or even a prayer there when we do it over and over over and over it sinks in from your conscious and drops into your subconscious mind and that’s when I call. Your bank it so the mandela doing the same thing over and over. Growing. Doing the same. Yoga positions or the walks in a circle that’s in a way it’s a one dollar. And the third one. As a hike. So as a heart. This is what I want to bring more into my life kindness gentleness and genuine connection. With people and hopefully partnership. And love yes. So. Do things that speaks to your heart to your soul. And. That’s. The intention. Of with back. I want to say I am so happy that you are here with me. And we will continue or shield cock Tuesday’s. Next week. Will be more powerful and. If they there is a subject. Is that you want in. More information. If there is a speaker a topic that you want. All my god this year is going to be powerful with speakers that i’m going to bring for you. And that are very focused. On bringing more our value to you and Sarah. Let’s go. Bringing membership. Course. Stepping up and into the game and. Ready to heal within with you are. Meaningless laser Bari it’s been an honor to be sure to be present with you. Let us all evoke what was. And not be stuck over there. So that we can embrace what is the reality of today. Evolve to what it is that we truly desire. Until next week. I bid you good by. God bless you and may the universal light surround you. See you next week.

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