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The Difference Between Emotions and Feelings

What is the difference between emotions and feelings?

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While emotions are associated with bodily reactions activated through neurotransmitters and hormones released by the brain, feelings are the conscious experience of emotional responses.

Our emotions are like the car’s engine; feelings are like the frame.

Emotions are the core – raw data, a reaction to the present reality, whereas feelings can be created in our head based on events of the past or fears of the future— not necessarily the truth of the situation.

Listening to your bodily emotions, informed by your sense perception, helps you connect to the reality of your present experience rather than to stories. From your truth, you can make decisions that are right for you.

  • You can connect and name your feelings-asking.
  • Explore your sensations during different nervous states, comparing ease to fight, flight, or freeze mode.
  • Do some breathing exercises, release with movement, hug yourself or get one from someone else, find a quiet space, etc.

How to develop emotional awareness

  • First, connect to the visceral messengers in your body.
  • Then bring your hands to that area of the body, perhaps the heart or the abdomen, and release any muscular constriction by softening and exhaling. Just stay with your feelings – ask what your emotions are signaling you.
  • Breathe in and out. This acknowledgment is both an act of kindness and a way to regulate your nervous system.
  • Next, notice if you would feel better by shaking, stretching, or sighing out the energy of that emotion.
  • Practice this safe, easy and powerful practice regularly.

People who have experienced trauma can be more emotionally numb. However, by slowly connecting to their raw emotions, they can begin to “name it so they can comfort and heal it.” There is so much power in evoking, embracing, and evolving through self-acknowledgment, especially when it’s gentle and warmhearted.

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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal Talk
Tuesdays with Liza. Were transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Greetings greetings greetings and no
welcome to Heal Talk Tuesday’s a with Liza. It’s so good to be here with you isn’t it. Well I hope you had an incredible weekend
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inspiration information and he never know
what you get to be
intriguing for you. Today we’re going to be talking
about emotions and feelings so what. Better way of doing this right. For those of you who don’t
know me my name is Liza Marie by trade I’m a clinical
hypnotherapist risk management consultant and every week I come live on he’ll cock
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Here’s the thing. So many of my clients come here. And there is this sense of wanting to be perfect to be perfect in everything. So. Perfectionism is not cut out to be the
best thing that there is. We’re going to be talking
about emotions in feelings so is being perfect and feeling or is there something in
emotional thing that we are hiding to be perfect right. So allow me to
share some statistics. While emotions are
associated with the bodily reaction and they are activated through neurotransmitters and hormones released the by. By the brain okay and it’s a feelings feelings or the conscious
experience of the emotional reaction. So what does really what does that mean. It means that emotions are The core. Is
the main thing it is the engine of a car. Vs feelings are the body of the car it’s the outside it’s. The look of it. So so feelings can be flighty. Feelings come and go. We. Are. Were not. Feeling people we
are emotional people and yet we have feelings. So
when. When I work with my clients. Yes I wanted to know
what they are feeling. And yet it’s not something. That is and. It can be true
or not because feelings can also be. And
impacted. By. Outside sources. So in a way our
emotions are like and. Like. And. It. The singles for the emotions which can give
US an accurate diagnosis of what we feel it’s the guk. So. Emotions is mostly. The raw data. K.
Which is. The emotions canoe
neck the physically emotionally when
we talk about it and it is based on the events so if
something traumatic happened in your life. That emotional connection to that
moment to that experience to doubt memory. Of is what we work with if. So what we do through hypnosis. Right we peel away
the layers and layers to get to the core emotional
impact the causation. And then if you feel angry. If you feel sad it’s what you feel about the emotions the experience the impact the cause is what we are peeling away so. Although you talk
about your feelings. It is the the core that we want. So. Let’s put it this way. Listening to your bodily emotions. Informs you. Of the. Perception that you have. It helps you to connect
to the reality to the present of what you are feeling. Hm. So let’s say if you are stuck. In a mental story. And most people
are from time to time. And they get more truthful
assessment of how they feel by identifying. Their emotions. So. Have you been in a time
in a place when you say. You’re such an emotional person we don’t say you’re
a feeling person. And emotional person that means you are so connected and
present with your emotions. And when. We have. A a bodily reaction it’s hard for our body. To be in your body. And if there has been a traumatic. Experience in your life. You tend to. Suppress the the emotions. But what happens is it’s your feelings that come out and you express. Anger. You express resentment and you express. Tantrums like a little child and those are the feelings connected with that emotion. So that he is the feeling motion is the movement. Which is
very much a deep within you. So in a way you can main. Your a mental feeling and even acknowledge how
do I know this to be true. Is it true. If there is a pain
lingering in your body. You might say. I have a pain. The pain is a feeling. But what is the
pain connected to. Most times. There is this energetic pain so. Folks who come here for
hypnotherapy sometimes they have gone too many doctors and western medicine and they’ve done
all kinds of work and still have not been able to. Reveal. Why is this pain lingering or why does this pain move and then. The resolved and maybe their diagnosis may
be what it’s a psychological pain. So what is a psychological pain. We hold on to experiences. Perhaps negative and that negative. Pain. Creates a feeling. Of. Responding to it. As a pain. As always pain comes to notify you take care of me pay attention to me. And. Take care of. Whatever it is the
paint so that’s where and if it is a lingering
or if it is moving. Then that’s where the
psychological or mental connection it is. So. As we do the
hypnosis and hypnotherapy repeal away the
layers of the feelings so we get to the core
emotion and the cause. You have been. Familiar with the emotions that are telling
you you can go straight to the source in your body right. That’s exactly how I healed. With my ovarian
cysts creating it for me and until the the time that I was not doing
hypnos of that I didn’t do hypnotherapy to top within my body
have a dialogue as we call it with my body. Was creating my body was
creating narcissists cysts. So. We can say. We can damned the body and yet. The bodies always there
to protect US shield US and safeguard US. So. You know are we feeding the positive wolf. Or the negative. Emotional connection. So by exercising that. Here’s some ways that you can
develop emotional awareness. First.
I want you to connect. Where’s your. Visceral messages in your body. And then you can
bring your hands anywhere where. Pain is. Hm. Had keep touching
my stomach because. If it is your gut. That is giving you messages if it
is your stomach then it is your core digesting not only of food. Of by. If there is a discomfort. What in your life are
you not digesting. Right. Hello my dear. So we connect sadat and as you
bring your hands to the area of your body your heart your abdominal and. If it is tight. What if you just imagine. Letting it go. Relaxing the muscles. You can even do it. Like this and make it real tight
and say okay this is how I feel. And that open it and
say okay I can do this and then make a tight
every time there was a cramp. And then. Open your hands. By doing this it’s like your body gets to also
understand what it’s supposed to do and
is not only in your mind. So and then you can
also tap with and and say to yourself. What am I holding onto. Ask what your
emotions are calling you. Having a dialogue with yourself and if you. Our thinking okay this is too
funny this is too weird this is. Okay this is rule.
No. Take a piece of paper and start writing. What’s going on. Inside me what’s going on in my body and
if my body could speak what would it say. To sit with it. Be believe it or NY. There are messages that come
into your mind and you may thing. Nah that can’t be and you ignore it. And. It. Will come back. So. You can name the feeling. Am I angry am I sad. Am I
Taking this as a joke. By
is my plane a joke know that’s. Keeps coming up. So
if it comes on up. Like one of my
clients kept saying. It’s not me it’s it it comes to me well. We started naming it. Of believe it or not it. She had a whole
four pages of what it is. It had power over her. It. Governed her body it and then at the
it started having this incredible thing. Realizing. That there is no it it was her. So throughout the weeks
as we have been doing this tapping within
her court emotions. Of. Coming to understanding. With it is. She’s named it. We’ve made friends with it. You see we have evoked it. And now she’s embracing it’s. And naming it. Herself her body her feelings. And connect thing to her
true emotions we’re all that. Anxiety and panic
was coming from all her negative thoughts why
because as long as she was here. She was not press. So there is a lot of that we do and notice if you would she’ll better by. Keeping it. Or
shaking it on. Releasing it writing yet. We keep talking about. This powerful track this of. Becoming one. With your emotions. And then
recognizing. The flight t feelings that come
and go come and go or you I feel. The emotions connected to it and is. Is
the feeling positive or negative if it is negative how can you shifted or delete it. Just for now. Just for the next five minutes deleted and. Amazing thing is. She said I do this detox sixteen
hour detox four days a week. Wow
what if. You could also think of the it the negative Liberty to
panic anxiety every time you feel it. You say okay I’m on a detox four days a week. Every time it comes I can. Delete it. Everytime it comes. It’s not the sixteen hours. Okay for the next sixteen hours
I’m on a detox every time I come I can delete it. Cell. That’s the amazing power. That you have. Over it. Over yourself over your thoughts were were your
feelings over your emotions and your body. So every thought every idea
every concept every emotion. That you feel. You can allow it to come and go. And you can feed more gratefulness
missing kindness you can shield. Feed your soul with more gentleness. And detox. The feelings thoughts
ideas concepts and images and that are not conducive to your will well being. So in a way past the difference. Of what his emotions. What his feelings. And as you become aware of it. At awareness is everything. Then you have a
better handle on it. It’s like becoming the conductor of
your train we’ve talked about this train many many times right. Who are the passengers were what is the cargo what this false ideas concepts and the
burdens the weight that you are carrying on this journey. So. Recognize some of the feelings. Thoughts.
Burdens weight then you have carried
through this journey. And which ones. Their ticket has expired. And if the ticket has expired.
Right here the journey ends right here. It can and today as a matter of fact you can even
say on the can have one two three do. Just like that. Don’t
I’m done. Stop. The leak. And when you deleted I want you to know one thing. The subconscious the
unconscious mind will archive death. Expunge it. And you no longer need to use it right here right now. That’s all. It does not get. Erased from your memory. But it is expunged. You no longer need to function. With
that. Healing. And the emotions
connected to it. Once you feel better
once you feel stronger. Once you tap within
your conscious and
go deeper into the subconscious. And we evoke it. Recognize it. Come to acceptance of embracing. That’s how you if off. So simple. It’s a simple way of doing it and yet sometimes we can consciously do so and
we do need that’s why we all
have even I’ve had therapists I’ve gone to a
hypnotherapist myself I have my own coaches I have my
business coach I have this coach I have had that code
you know why because I believe. As you. Get to recognize and honor accept
and appreciate yourself far more deeply. Is. Realizing. You become stronger
and more empowered by having more
tools have picnics. That’s it. That’s where huh within. Week becomes. Your own work of art. And when my
clients that come over here and feel the response
to The benefit of it and they get to learn how to do the self
hypnosis on themselves and recognize said. That when they
get into that mode of negativity or fear
factor or anxious. They use their own tools and
techniques and just go one two three right. Or they top with that and they have their own. Words of affirmation. Which
reminds me if you would like to have daily words
of affirmation by by all means go to heal within dot com and become one
of our subscribers and as you subscribe you
also receive a gift which is and relax and unwind
audio recording and hypnosis audio recording. With my voice and anytime you
want you can play it. You can just drift into a
beautiful state of oneness and relaxation. So that you can tap within. Right.
That’s exactly. What we do. There is no way we move forward. Even the car this engine having the
engine having the car and everything nothing moves unless you the driver pushes start. Nowadays there are so
many of the keys that are. Like
there are so many cars. I thinking ahead. Cars that. Me the. A key. He’s everything is
being pushed by right any a few years
it’s going to be all electronics so what are the
mechanics going to be doing working on. The old cars because everything is
going to be electronics. And. Moving forward in life can be scary. It can. And yet. We as humans. Adapt to everything. Eventually we give. In. To ourselves and saying. Okay. It’s like we’re not giving
into another thing is we are giving in to ourselves we are empowering ourselves
or we’re stepping up to what needs. Be
in order for US to move forward in life and function healthier. Stronger. More successful. And. More for fulfilled. That’s what happiness. Happy
is not from the outside. It is the joy with thin. So in a way. Joy. Is the emotion. Happy. Is a feeling. Then go
I just came up about. So. May you
tap. Within
the joy. Of the emotions you feel. Within yourself. So I hope today’s message
was beneficial to you and hi Adrienne she says. Just the that on Sunday to keep from being
afraid of looking down while on the tram no more fear. Okay
being afraid. Keep. From being afraid of looking in down
while on the tram no more fear thank you you are so welcome see. Looking down. From there tram. Knowing that you’re safe. What is there to be afraid of. Your are in the tram. You are in a company Edmund. You are safe in your seat you are safe in the train you are safe on
your destination. And that’s all we need to know. Everything else. Which is the fear is a achieving. What we call false emotions appearing real. So. Here. When it’s.
In a place of. The fight or flight
when there is danger and we are afraid of something. If it is something that
we need to respond to. That’s. A great moment. That means our adrenaline starts pumping or body
starts going through all this the emotions that we are feeling is the fear factor but the feelings are I am a f afraid. And if we concentrate on the afraid then we might go into the fries factor. So. Congratulations by. Reinforcing that you are safe. And that. Below
is just the floor the ground. As and.
The train is moving forward. Okay. So with that I hope
you and. All my audience participants. Those who subscribe by no means all you have
to do is just push subscribe and next week we’ll talk
about something else. Again. Wishing you and everyone. A beautiful. Tuesday. And made this week. Be a prosperous week and a healthy week. Better than
past week. And until next week I wish you. A wonderful. Day. God bless you and made a universal light surround you.

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