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Embracing Change

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

~ George Bernard Shaw

After 18 years, HealWithin is moving! We are moving to new offices only a few blocks away, but, it’s still a move. We will miss our “Cottage” but welcome moving to the new place.

Change of any kind can cause anxiety, whether you are moving across the hall, across the country, changing a relationship, changing your career, or even a small change like a promotion.

I’m here to help you with the anxieties caused by change and have some tips to make things a little easier.

Steps for Embracing Change

  1. Make a list
  2. Take your list into a room and calmly observe
  3. Start writing down on your list things (or people) you want to keep
  4. Think about why you want to keep that. Is it useful? Keep it.
  5. If it’s not useful or causes you stress, put it in a pile to toss (this goes for people, too)
  6. Box up your keeps (even if it’s mentally) and toss the others (even if it’s mentally).


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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza. Where transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Greetings greetings greetings and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesday’s with Liza. It’s so good to be here with you isn’t it. Well, welcome to Heal Talk. As I said at the what exactly is Heal Talk Tuesday’s? We are now in December and I must say I am so excited because in two weeks I will be I will be celebrating five years of being live on Facebook. And every single Tuesday night, I believe if I am not mistaken I have missed only one Tuesday in five years. So no matter where I am I have come live. There was a time that I was in Mexico there was a time that I was. Out. Or out and about both and you know why. It’s called a dedication. So. When. You feel. That there is an intention because everything in life is setting and intention. And when you have your intent. It’s clear. It’s positive. It is. It is good with a good intention seems like everything works out. For the best. So. For those of you do not know me my name is Liza Boubari and by trade I am a clinical hypnotherapist stress management consultant and also an action coach and many of them who know me call me the mindset reset coach. So. Heal within a Heal talk Tuesday’s. Was created to. Have create of engagement to bring empowerment and messages and to uplift and elevate you as it says enlightening wine experience at a time. So so now that we’re talking about it. I want to talk about and one thing. I’m in the midst of a move. So after eighteen years, eighteen years. Of being in this. fine office that I have been I call it the cottage and for those of you Who have visited. Have come to this beautiful cottage. Right here in glendale. You would know it was like home away from home. Ah it was a house like a beautiful cottage that was converted to an office long before me And. When I came in eighteen years ago. I fixed it up and everything so this healing center of ours was very much and how do I say. A place of love a place of nurturing and so excuse me. I fixed it. Now. And era. Almost two decades. Or has come to an end and I will be moving. But it’s not too far it’s blocks away and believe it or not I. Am moving to a place which. I will be across the street. From the first original place nice I started my hypnotherapy. Ah work. Or twenty years ago actually twenty two years ago and then I moved one more time and before I got here so. Why am I bringing this up. Because I think. Any change in our life. No matter how exciting. It can also be. And. Anxiety increase anxiety and any change any move. Can also to be stressful not every stress. Is a bad stress because as you know move can be good stress. Are packing moving when my taking my downsizing and my upgrading. That entire thing the. Making the changes the holidays are coming so the for so much that it’s involved. In. Any kind of change especially a move. It can be a move of office or your residential. It can also be. A move for a new relationship. And everything we do. How’d you take it? Do you deal with the stress factor? What if you’re feeling anxious how do you feel and. When you have to make of the changes the change of address the packing in everything and. You know. How do you do it when do you do it so. The effect that he has an you distress. If you have help if you don’t have help. Ah how you’re packing. How organized you are impacting even the negotiation with the new place you’re going. Negotiation of. An event place. A contract signing a contract. All of that. Can affect you. Either knowingly or unknowingly. So. Stress has this. Small little underlying way that affects you and I like to call it. Unknowingly. And it can effect your sleep factor. Stress can affect the the way you communicate with others. Stress can affect your and. Communication with others because if your stress. You may jump on someone or and not. In person bad. Like. In words and be hasty in words. You can fire back. Without knowing that you’re stressed. So how do we cope. With the stress factor. Is very important. Because nothing. Comes to you as a surprise. Once you make a decision. To have a change. Or a change of venue a change in any shape or form. You must realize that there might be on. Recognizable. Unintended changes. And supply rises. That you may need to. Cope with or and deal with so. But as they say in real estate. What is the return on your investment. Always have that in mind. And when I say have that in mind is. I can deal with this because where I’m going what I’m doing who I’m going to be with and how the place feels like is far greater than all this small little old menasha and a small little stress says that I am going through. So create a list. Create a list of all the places that you have to make your change of address and have that ready. Second thing. Go to each room. Sit there for a moment or just observe. What is it that you really need to take with you you. In what are the things then you just throughout the years accumulated and added. That frankly. Desert all little. Stuff. And we don’t need stuff. That is just stuff because it had at one point someone gave it to you and because it’s a small stuff. Let’s say even a Christmas card you say oh but this Christmas cards someone gave it to me. Great. A priest created. Except that at that moment embrace it as I call it right and then you have to let it go. If this Christmas card. Unless it’s from your parent even then. That was signed order the president of an organization or something like by. Bye. If you are no longer. In that space and if you are downsizing or doesn’t matter you no longer need to keep that. Stop adding stuff. On you staff on your environment or staff emotionally. Any packs on without your recognizing it’s affecting you it’s affecting. And overwhelm. An overload. So. I will be downsizing. And I’m downsizing. Because. Throughout the years that I have been here. You know. I have moved my office in many of the offices. Bite. Only use three of the offices. The only thing I miss in this place would be all the storage places because it was like a house. So I have to create a new one. And that. Gives me more excitement because how do we do this. Do I need this or do I want this do I need this do I want this and believe it or not I have been. Literally. Decluttering. So much. The things that I had accumulated that are no longer not not necessary for my business not necessary for me to keep and. I’m paying it forward I’m taking it to and. The tripped store to doors I mean two streets over and I am giving it to them because of one person’s things that it’s not needed. Someone. Will need. So I dunno how you cope with it the view trashing. The trashes trash but smaller things. I’ve never done a garage sale. And. So I’m all about paying it forward. And being December I think. It’s truly the time to pay it forward and lighten up. So. Thus the second thing that d clutter. First one make a list. Second do I need or do I want and the third part of that is is this a necessity necessity. Is that in the society that has to come with it. So is it for my business or is it because I need it. That’s the distinction also so one becomes personal because I like this this microphone. Is a necessity this computer is a necessity for my business. Now if I want my sound healing bowls those are the things I need for the therapies that I am doing for sound healing. Does that make sense. Okay now we had three distinctions in there. Once you have all that organized. Becomes so much easier. Now. Before you even get to do the moving. To do any of this. I want you to sit and say how do I want to feel where I want to go. Just like there are folks who sit and write about their. Who would they wind in there to been a relationship with what are the criteria’s right. Now you have to do the same thing. For business. Or if you are okay to be. In a place that it’s second floor third floor fourth floor because you don’t know find heights. Out what if. Is that and deal breaker. Is not having windows a deal breaker is. So become a very clear of where you go. Is this a deal breaker or not. It’s the same thing by. It’s the same thing for buying a house. When you went to buy a house what are the things that you want in a house. House, office, Relationship. So. When you are clear. In the intent that you set. Everything falls into place for you. Degenerate. So in a way what we’re calling is the law of attraction believe me in the last two and a half three months. Since I knew that this is coming. Of course you know it’s coming but you’re not ready until it’s the there and you have to upgrade but in the last two and a half months I have been. Out and about looking around finding this place in that place and. Of course. And. My intention. So many know but my numbers. I function in the threes. And. So. Having that so ingrained in me. Believe it or not where I’m going. The building has a three the yeah unit number has a three even the zipcode as a three and soon I will reveal the address. Everything but I am so excited. So excited to be moving. And how I’m coping with the stress factor of the parking. Is because I am so clear on. The list. Who do I have to inform. What is it that I must take I must not and of course the last thing is just like anything else when we my clients who come over here and they dropped the Wade or when they become a nonsmoker they want to celebrate by and how do you celebrate first. You must celebrate everything even the leaving here the last day I’m going to gather people, pop a champagne and celebrate because I’ve had an incredible eighteen years. Of celebrating. Clients energy healing. So much good things I’ve always had an open house during town Thanksgiving so so celebrating. The grace and the healing the has taken place in this place. And then once I am in the new place the celebration of opening the door and doing an open house for. And. My colleagues my friends my client towel for them to come and celebrate the new place with me. The had gives all kinds of loving energy. So. Celebrate. The smallest little. Achievements. And celebrate even the doors then you are closing. Some. Choose to celebrate divorces. I think we need to celebrate anything. That you set your mind to. And he becomes. A reality. And when you achieve it achieving the smallest goal. To signing a contract which is huge. Even more people celebrate buying a car than. a it something like this so. Celebrate. Every achievement. Because the achievement is not for any one else. It is yours rs. You are celebrating saying. Thank you to you. For not having not only having the ability. The intention. The. Going after it the tenacity of it. The gregarious the acknowledgement of. You said you’re going to do it and you did it. And he doesn’t matter if it was good or bad it doesn’t have to be an a plus you don’t have to have a for point eight average in order for you to celebrate and say I achieved it did you pass it yes. Celebrate it. Did you cross the street yes celebrating did you sign the contract no matter what did you come to a negotiation yes celebrated. So in life. It’s called of being grateful. And when you are more grateful. And believe it or not. Is like everything else falls into place as a matter of fact the universe the angels everything works for you. So. And the by bottom line. Let’s celebrate life. No matter what stress we go through. Become cognisant become aware become conscious. Of what you’re feeling. What you’re thinking and if you’re snapping. Apologize. Apologize and say I’m sorry I’m under a lot of pressure. So bear with me. And people are so understandable. And everyone is out there wanting to help you. Because they want the best for you. And if they don’t. The clutter. The clutter even a person that is not there to in. Well you know why. I think everyone in our life. They come into our life for a reason. Than that not only. They are supposed to impact boss however they do but it brings a certain awareness for us. Are and how we deal with them. We grow. We each a grow through every single connection. We grow by. Our relationships. Either personal. Professional. Right. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a relationship that it’s a friendship and love ship. Love relationship or even in the office. You grow with each and every connection. And those who are not enhancing your life. Think twice. Perhaps you no longer need. To keep them. Or be around them. Sometimes we can’t let them go. You. Asked to walk away. So. I think everything in life. There is a transition. And when. We think about the worried a transition. Or transformation. And we welcome comment. Change. Is inevitable. We change with every single decision. And. Move. So. How about we. Take a walk. And with each and every step that you take. You celebrate. A sound mind. You’re loving heart. And your strong body. My name is Liza Boubari. And I am here and always. To engage with you. And if there’s any way. That I can elevate your life. So you can tap within. And Heal. Give me a call. You can always find me subscribe share and. Let me know what you think. About your move. And a change in life. Until next week. I bid you good-by. God bless you and may the universal light surround you.

Embracing Change, Embracing Change, Embracing Change

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