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Real Talk at Brow Ink with Eleonora Mailian

Liza is interviewing Eleonora Mailian of Brow Ink LA in Los Angeles. Eleanora explains the process of facial massage treatment and how this massage treatment is good for everyone.

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Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesday with Liza The transformation begins as we Evoke Embrace , and Evolve Greetings! Greetings! Greetings and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesday This is Liza Today is going to be special today I feel like I am alive and it’s so wonderful to be outside with everybody. I am No other place other than Sunset Boulevard. I am at Sunset Plaza and it’s so beautiful everywhere around the entire Sunset Plaza. They are doing construction as always This is absolutely amazing. And today I am here because I am at The Brow InK L A And so I wanted to introduce everyone to Brows Ink L A And I’m going to be getting a treatment here. Amazing. So as I am walking in there I want to introduce the owner. Of Brow Ink and so when I go in, you get to see the beautiful El EL: Hello LIZA: Oh hello. EL: Welcome to Sunset Plaza I have a cup of coffee ready for you. LIZA: What luxury and I feel like a queen. EL: And that’s Skyler. LIZA: Hello, Skyler. EL: And there is a beautiful. She. Say that. Say as just a minute and here is. EL who is the owner of. Glowing on the Brows Iink. L. Come on. Let’s have a seat. And. Have a chat. Okay thank you so much for the coffee let me turn this around. And just for a few moments. Hi everybody. Yeah. I wanted to let everybody. Gets to meet. Out. Please introduce yourself tell us about Brow Ink Why did you start your passion I know it is a passion and you have another branch so tell us oh. Well time I mean I’ve just always been passionate and eyebrows. A. Got into microblading and you don’t just do things really fast opened my first location in one. He just finished construction here like a couple of months ago on sense of pasta and we are so excited to have least a year. So she’s going to be doing an endoscope treatment. Body and face it’s amazing it’s like a look for three nights on steroids. From just reading all the waterway will need to just like tightening the skin and it’s just so good for your body after your face so. Say to cause she’s gonna like you. It’s incredible. So who needs this? Everybody Yes especially if you work out like don’t like to work out or for it’s so good for muscle recovery so hard for like any information especially if you’re doing heavyweight it just gets your body back on track but then you also see results the. You know you’re working hard on your abs you do and just for you’re on your abs and like your muscles. Hop out so it’s giving you like. That extra boost while also little bitty. All information on voting all waterways and The out there so I know and you should do massages and things to live by massage. Is this something like that. In fact that. I can honestly it’s just a lot stronger so usually when product. You will. Absolutely we start out your first session starts out at a lower intensity just for you’re going to get used to it. If we were to go on a high intensity on your first session you would feel really uncomfortable and it wouldn’t work as well. So like your first three sessions. Are at a lower intensity or really focuses on getting rid of any like pay permission bloating your next recession really smoky something like that. Talks removal so. Full of lymphatic drainage and then your last forty six sessions are all about like bicycle thing to me and all that stuff so beautiful. Well I look forward to having this treatment I’ve heard so much about and to the. You see this place. I’m going to turn this around. Thank you so much. And let’s take a walk married to give them a tour. The all right by your way when you come here. You are I am sunset Plaza. And just winning can you a sneak peek. I fell in love with this place. When you look look at that beautiful share the are all the way in the back. And. This is another treatment. Room. That they do browse and everything this is just pure class. Truly. And then we go in here. And another treatment place. And I someone love with this window. Apps. Regions so when you turn around and you knock. So. And then there is another treatment room. In the back. So I just wanted to. Say. It is. Great of being in here in the reason I here it’s not so afford to. Of this place but realizing that. Vs. Physically mentally emotionally as a clinical hypnotherapist. I work with the emotional. With the countries but sometimes also we have to treat or. It’s not always work out is can’t bring ourselves. So that just want to say nice. Message was giving things to yourself to your by. In those be cared for. Until next week. Today with a short flight was in it. Thank you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.