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Can hypnosis help with memory?

Learn how hypnotherapy can help memory. Have you lost a password or code? It’s stored in your subconscious. Hypnotherapy is the key to unlocking what your mind has locked away from you.

I’ve been having messages coming to me asking me questions or asking me for advice. The last one was about hypnosis and if hypnosis can help someone remember something like a password. But this person was in the beginning stages of dementia.

Well, the answer is yes. Why? Because the conscious mind is where we make decisions and
everything so, we look and listen and learn consciously, but our subconscious mind is where it stores all information. Everything that has been saved is stored and saved. When our memory does not serve us very well, consciously, we can’t remember things right at the tip of our tongue, and in mind, it’s right, and it’s not coming to us.

When you relax, your mind when you relax. You can easily bypass what we call the critical factor, the analyzing, judging, and reasoning factor. In our work timeline therapy or we evoke what was, which is going back to another time in a place, and you know how we pause at certain times to make changes for our behaviors are now habits.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Memory:

That password or code to open your safe deposit box, or whatever you want to remember, is accessible. Suppose you have done it over and over. In that case, it’s already been embedded in your subconscious mind, plus muscle has memory, so what we do is take that person into a state of relaxation and have them go deep within, and when we tap into the reservoir where all that information is. Plus, we can even ask that person to imagine opening that safe, and then they can visualize doing it and then give the numbers.

You have more power than you believe.

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Welcome to Heal Talk
Tuesdays with Liza. Were transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Greetings, greetings, greetings and
welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza. It’s so good to be here with you isn’t it. Welcome my we are in June
and feels like every wine
is going to a prom or getting married getting
engaged having a baby wow. It’s like half the year
we are almost there. Don’t you feel like this entire
year has gone just like this hm. But what am I going to be talking about
today. Today I’m going to be talking about how certain things
that we think. We’re not good at and yet we are any creative frustration
which in turn creates anxiety and all this is called what. Pain a pain and you
know where right. So. My name is Liza will. I’m your expert
hypnotherapist and. This session is called he’ll talk
with lasers because sometimes we talk with people we I bring information
I bring inspiration I bring motivation to you. And. Actually I’ve been having some. Messages coming to me and. Asking me questions asking me for advice and it can be. The last one was about hypnosis
and if hypnosis can help someone. Remember something. A password. But this person is like in the beginning stages of dementia. Well. The answer is yes.
Why. Because. As I’ve explained many
many times are conscious mind dots the conscious that’s where we make decisions and
everything so we look listen and learn consciously but our subconscious mind is where it’s stores
all information. And everything that
has been stored in there is like been saved correct so it’s stored and saved. Now, when our memory does
not serve US very well consciously and we can’t remember things right
at the tip of your thought and your
brain and your mind it’s right it’s not
coming to you. When you relax your mind when
you relax yourself. You can easily bypassed
what we call the critical factor. Which is the analyzing
judging reasoning factor in we
do this what we call in our and in our work
timeline therapy or we. Evoke what was which is going back to
enter the time in a place and you know how we pause at a certain time
in order to make changes for our behaviors are not habits. We can also go to a
time in a play case where. If that password or that code or the.
The. Of a. Good I’m stumped with the word you know how when you open your
safe see are safe deposit box
and that’s what they want it for and you remember
everything because. I one point if you have
done it over and over it’s already been embedded
in your so subconscious mind plus muscle has memory so what we do is take that person into a state of relaxation
and have them go deep within and then we tap
into the reservoir were all that information is. Plus we can even ask that person to imagine opening that safe and then they can just. Visualize doing it and then
giving the numbers. It’s magic and yet it’s not. Because hypnotherapy
is nothing pets science hypnosis is a science is a
take sneak it’s a scientific technique. Where.
There is no gimmick in there. Now. I’m not talking about
the ones on the stage where even that wine. You when you go up on
stage you give your consent to be hypnotized. A client gives consent to be
hypnotized to tap into their memory. So. That’s what I wanted to talk about. But what revie prompted me to speak about pain
to gain today is how we. Get frustrated in
certain things and we get frustration can create
anxiety and what you can do to immediately release that. Is this. First. Today I don’t know how
many of you feel the same as I do because I
really struggled with this. Is called all this
technical computer stuff. Things that are
online things that. Frankly. It’s
by error of a big banking company
that has been made and then I call from one place
to another get on the phone wait thirty minutes thirty seven minutes
and then they get on the phone and then I asked for a supervisor
because in regular agent can not talk take care of it and the supervisor says. We can’t do anything about it. Oops I’m so sorry. So it affects. It affects. My credit score it affects my
business it affects everything else. So what do we do that time. What do you do when
you feel frustrated. And you realize. It’s not. Anybody’s fault accept the person who started that
which there are no longer with the company and now nothing can be fixed. So who is responsible. Who is responsible. For that. But when we get frustrated. And we get anxious when we get upset. That someone pushed my button. Maybe. But.
It’s not that bay pushed my been. It’s just. An error. An error that may cost me. An error of someone’s. Mistake. Either knowingly or unknowingly. But it was not
intended to harm me. So. Where do I do
with my frustration. Most of the time I got. Right everyone would do that. But then realizing
that this is frustrating I’ve got two choices
I can get angry. I can
cuss around I can bang I can
throw things away. Or.
I can laugh and out. And then
see if I can again. Go after. Finding how this error can be. Fixed. And if not by golly might as well foes they can’t move online. Because there’s always a choice. In life we always have a choice. I can eel eater deal with this. And say okay it’s just an error. And it will. It’s not going to affect
me a unless it does. And I checked my credit score
and it’s not affecting my credit score. So. But again. What do we do. When we feel. Anxiety. Flaring up. And it’s affecting
you physically. It’s affecting you emotionally it’s affecting you. May be half an hour
an hour of your day just got wasted dealing with something
that you shouldn’t have dealt with. Is it about your name. Is it about ethics. How is it affecting you. All his realize when you get angry
when you get frustrated when you get. So upset about something. Look at it. Is this worth my
time is this worth my anger. And then hall you can. Sometimes not. Able to laugh it off. By can you walk it off. And then the worst scenario
what is the worse in are you. That it’s happening. When we talk about pain is. How how do you. Paint is feeling powerless. And then at that very moment think about it
on my truly powerless. Because pain is also feeling. The anxiety that
it’s coming upon you and then the insecurity that
creates from the inside feeling as I have absolutely no recourse and then you go
into this negative. Realm into this negative. Loop. As thinking. I can’t deal with this I have no
control over this I am out of control. That in itself creates more. Anxiety within yourself. So even if it is not from
the outside it can be inside. So again. Is it worth it. Truly. Raise your hand say yes if you really
think is worth it. Is it worth your frustration or can you find another way to cope with this. I believe we always have a choice. We do. We can. Leave. We can walk. We can turn around and say I am
ready to pause and stop right here. And recognize. That in life. We all have a choice. You do. You can find ways. That from pain you can
come into your greatness and your greatness
can be just one decision. Realizing that you
have a choice. Realizing that there are ways to fix to repair to overcome. And knowing. That you. Have total control
and can handle more things. Gives you. That queens. Gives you. The knowledge. That I can. I will. I have more power I have
more control than I thought. And yes even if you fly off the
handle for a moment. Do it on your own. Instead of. Inflicting it. On someone else. And remember. Maybe tomorrow. This will be and nothing. This won’t even be something. That was concerning you. As a matter of fact here’s my question to you. Haven’t there been
many, many times that you have been frustrated
in your life may be being stuck in. Traffic someone
cut in front have you may be someone said something to
you that it offended you at that moment. Or someone has belittled you or something and where you are today is far. Far greater far
above of far removed from that time and a place. And right now you
would laugh about it. Just think about it. I think. Life is that. That if we only realize. That this. Issue. This frustrate whatever it is
that it’s frustrating mean now. In a way. It’s really a non issue in a bigger picture. And when you get angry. Resentful. When something is not happening it’s
because it didn’t meet your expectations at that very moment. At that very moment and you realize. I can move myself. I don’t even meet other people’s expectations. Of what they want. When they want. Because in life things happen. You know. Things
always happen. And it’s how we deal with it. With our stressors
with our. Problems. Pick a nice deep breath. Ponce. Laugh it off. Walk it off. Or
just shut everything down. And just give yourself. To the three minutes. Of.
Time out. Until you collect
yourself enough to realize. The next phase of gain how to gain your confidence how
to gain control again how to. Get into this place of from that frustration to. In flow. From fear frustration to flow. a second part of the game
is to acknowledge mean and acceptance of
what is happening and when you acknowledge. Yourself
that you are frustrated and at that very moment. You might just say
something or do something that is going to have
fact someone else or. Any you need to pause. That acknowledgment in itself
that acceptance of where you are. Giving yourself a pause. Is already putting
you into a place of. I can be implode. I have total control. At this very moment and when you gain your control
when you know you can handle things. You are far greater than. Where you were
in that negative loop. And the next one is when you thought
there is that insecurity you come to this
independence I can I can handle it I can manage and let me go back and see. Where
this. This
loop was weird this where did I lose. Whatever it is if it is a last where I lost my memory and I can’t remember the
password allow me to get into flow and all that information
will come to me. You know I have
hypnotize people. Believe it or not for them to. Find. Jewelry that they hid many,
many years ago. One of the reasons
I hypnotize it’s like state. Saying that okay if we can become a non smoker if we can drop
weight lose weight which we can’t lose if we can drop weight. And have. Better managing of our
cravings of our weight. And understand the
emotional factor to that. Realize
anxiety anger
those are all emotional that moves something somewhere push that button but what was the button. As a matter of for a few
months ago I was frustrated. In saying. I can’t believe after how
many times that we fix a and it’s still. A mistake so where does this one porcine. Com to say. Let me find a solution to. Rectify this to make this right. And you know the
moment they say. Allow me to see what I can do and you go. At last one person can hear me. Actually in life. We all want to be heard. We all want to be understood. We all want to be accepted. And appreciated. Bottom line for
every relationship. Because. Talking to a customer service talking to an agent talking to a therapist talking to a child. Your child. Your pairing your co-worker your boss. Every the thing boils down
to we feel anxious anxiety negativity in secure when. We feel. We are not heard. We are not acknowledged what
we do it’s not being acknowledged. Who we are is not being. Appreciated. We feel undervalued. And that’s where. The loop of anxiety comes in. That’s where we get frustrated or
can’t you see me can’t you hear me. I believe. If you took a moment. Paused and heard yourself. What do you really want. Do you accept and
appreciate your cell. At that very moment
when you’re anxious. And then let everything flow. To. Unravel. And then when you smile. You go wow. If I can’t do it for me. How can I expect anyone else to see me to hear me to a pre sheet me or appreciate how to help me. And instead of being negative and
derogatory with someone and when we become nice and say. Thank you. Thank you for even saying that thank you for being on the phone
with me thank you for opening a kiosk to see where the problem is. I feel hurt. I feel. That someone. Is on my page. And the same page with me. So. Frustration comes when we feel helpless. That’s it. And we can feel helpless
for so many things. From a disease. Sickness. Someone we love they are in trouble they feel sick and we feel helpless we
can’t do anything about it. Or just feeling helpless that no
matter what you say what you to. It’s not being
recognized heard or seen. So today. Few to a few moments. And
go back in your life. And look at all the things. That you are frustrated
angry resentful about. And how you overcame them. And if you haven’t. What would it take for you to acknowledge. Everything. Yourself. Acknowledge you acknowledge your
frustration and say. I see where my frustration my anger
my resentment my stress came from. What. Did I miss. How did I miss seeing it validating me. How did I miss. My own expectations or how did I
fail someone else’s expectations. And maybe we’ll even smile. Smile. Because for just a moment you valid to you. That’s right. And if there’s something
that is still lingering. By all means. If you write it. Few communicated. As if that person
is going to hear it. See it
read it. And yet not send it. Truly. Just right it
without sending it. And see how you feel. I bet. You will realize. That you can accept and appreciate
yourself from where innkeeper. And then find your independence. By saying I can. And go to this part of
nourishing and nurturing yourself. That
is decree this. That shifts you from pay. To gain. And if you want to know more
and if you still have lingering resentment angers
frustration and you can’t change certain things either your habits
or behaviors by all means. Give me a call. I’m here for you. My name is Liza blueberry Bari. Isn’t it time to heal within. He can find me at
heel within dot com. Always subscribe. Or contact me. Here. Or it’s just sent me. An email. A shift. Happens with a choice. And I want to dedicate the
closing of today’s session. To a very dear soul and spirit. Some of you saw my story yesterday. And it was this beautiful Irish proverb. That I placed in there. Were a sad. Beth. Leaves a heartache. Where no one can hear. Love. Leaves a memory. No one can steal. And today’s session today’s
healed park Tuesday is dedicated. In a memory of somewhat I truly
loved and cared for. Maura Phillips. Maura came into my life. Over eighteen years ago. Where I was doing massage at that time as well. And she used to come to me. Every other week and
sometimes once a week. To get a massage. When my grandma passed
away in 2001. Actually she came into my life
way before 2001. And. When I had just started it in May 2000, a year before my grandma. And after she passed away. Maura became like my grandma I. We sort of adopt that each other
as granddaughter and grandma. And we will talk about politics we would
talk about news we would talk about my business she would always. Ask me about who I’m dating. What man I’m going out
with is he nice with to me. So she knew so
much about my life. And we would celebrate and
go have breakfast together. So in a way. This beautiful spirit who came into
my life became more than a client. Actually. I believe I have. Created more. Deeper relationships
with certain clients. That I call friends. Or acquaintances that have this big big. Like they are a gem in my heart. And we have a relationship
it’s not just a client. Who comes and. Leaves when they have. Created or established
something or got what they want it. And that’s what Mara was for me. Until few days ago last Friday. Which I went and visited
her at the hospital an hour before she. Died. And. Closed her eyes
for the last time. So in her memory. And in the memory of everyone
who has been a part of our life. And he doesn’t
matter if it was for. A moment. And hour. A season. Or a lifetime. I want you to appreciate
every relationship. No matter how. Small. Or how meaningful. Because I believe
memories are created. By small slip small snippets of experiences that
we hold in our memory. Which is embedded
in our subconscious. And it will never be deleted. So I thank you for being
apart of he’ll talk Tuesday. And today. May you. Walk around. With a big heart. For those that you
have connected with. And realize. Greatness. Comes. When you choose to heal with it. Until next week. I thank you for
being a part of my. Daily Gratitude,
weekly. Anytime. Part of Heal Talk Tuesday. God bless you. And made a universal light. Surround you. Until next week. Be safe.

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