Can Hypnotherapy Help with Memory

Can hypnosis help with memory?

Learn how hypnotherapy can help memory. Have you lost a password or code? It’s stored in your subconscious. Hypnotherapy is the key to unlocking what your mind has locked away from you.

I’ve been having messages coming to me asking me questions or asking me for advice. The last one was about hypnosis and if hypnosis can help someone remember something like a password. But this person was in the beginning stages of dementia.

Well, the answer is yes. Why? Because the conscious mind is where we make decisions and
everything so, we look and listen and learn consciously, but our subconscious mind is where it stores all information. Everything that has been saved is stored and saved. When our memory does not serve us very well, consciously, we can’t remember things right at the tip of our tongue, and in mind, it’s right, and it’s not coming to us.

When you relax, your mind when you relax. You can easily bypass what we call the critical factor, the analyzing, judging, and reasoning factor. In our work timeline therapy or we evoke what was, which is going back to another time in a place, and you know how we pause at certain times to make changes for our behaviors are now habits.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Memory:

That password or code to open your safe deposit box, or whatever you want to remember, is accessible. Suppose you have done it over and over. In that case, it’s already been embedded in your subconscious mind, plus muscle has memory, so what we do is take that person into a state of relaxation and have them go deep within, and when we tap into the reservoir where all that information is. Plus, we can even ask that person to imagine opening that safe, and then they can visualize doing it and then give the numbers.

You have more power than you believe.

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