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Hypnosis for Pain

Negative emotions are like unwelcome guests. Just because they show up on our doorstep doesn't mean they have a right to stay.
~ Deepak Chopra

Today we talk about hypnosis for pain. There are three different kinds of pain: acute pain, chronic pain, and emotional pain. In this episode of Heal Talk Tuesday, we will discuss all three and how hypnosis for pain can help.

Acute Pain

Acute pain is your body telling you something is wrong. Did you stub your toe? Have a look at it to ensure it doesn’t need more care.

Can hypnosis help acute pain? Yes, it can. Watch my video on YouTube where I am having dental surgery with no anesthetic and only self-hypnosis to relieve the pain.

Hypnosis for Chronic Pain

There are ways to help chronic pain, too. There are three steps to take:

  1. Recognize the pain factor
  2. Reconnect with your body
  3. Release what you are holding on to

If you start doing one thing that’s fun or brings you joy, or listening to music brings you to a different world, or you do self-hypnosis via Release Pain and Heal or meditation and mindfulness, those will reduce if not eliminate your pain factor. It’s proven science that when you separate yourself from the pain factor, you have control over it.

Hypnosis for Emotional Pain

Emotional pain Is what hurts us. Relationships, breaking up, someone dissing you, Cyberbullying, or even impersonal bullying. Things that you believed to be true and you find out it is not. That pains you. Emotional pain can be worse than physical pain because
you know how to take care of it. But a pain in the heart? Does time heal it? Yes.

When we busy ourselves, when we release it, we reconnect with ourselves, and we realize nothing from the outside can truly hurt us unless we accept it, or do nothing about it.
Then you resent yourself for not doing anything about it. That emotional pain which is self-Inflicted is worse than anything else because you start thinking:

– I’m not good enough.
– I don’t deserve it.
– I can’t do anything about it.
– I am out of control

Let’s do a leader talk. The way a leader speaks is never:

– I am at fault
– I didn’t see it it’s like.
– This is the problem.

A leader says: “Let’s find a solution or let me sever my connections from what is paining me.”

Bottom line. You have a choice. You do. You have a choice. Would you rather be in pain
and hurt, or move on? Eventually, you feel better.

Hypnosis Helps Pain

I can say I’m an expert in and I work with my clients. Through hypnosis and hypnotherapy we bypass the critical analysis criticized by seeing a factor, the reasoning factor. We bypass and tap into the subconscious mind which has no judgment. Your subconscious mind never ever judges, analyzes or criticizes. It’s just a blueprint. This is what you can do about it. Once you recognize it and reconnect with the issue, it doesn’t matter what the issue is.
It just is with no emotions. And that is when I say: “I evoked it. I embrace it. Now I can evolve. It’s the same as:

  • Recognize it.
  • Reconnect with it
  • and Release it.

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Release Pain and Heal – Audio self-hypnosis recording

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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal
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Where transformation begins
as we evoke
Greetings greetings greetings
and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays.
This is Liza.
It’s so good to be
here with you isn’t it.
The mission for Heal talk
Tuesdays is to create.
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intention and a dancenation.
Because Heal Talk
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Oh so.
How are you doing
how are you doing with
and being present no
matter where you are.
Today I put a post on my story.
About rain I was on the pathways
walking in the rain walking my dog
It was just gushing down
and I was thinking.
What if
we can just pour kindness the
way that rain is coming down.
And then a few
shift your mentality.
You’re thinking
you realize.
Then we welcome it.
And I know so many are suffering and
having a hard time with the rain the
Sliding and
the mountain tops coming
down and having this waterfall
but at the end we have to trust.
In the season.
Welcome the season.
Because at the scorching heat.
And the storms we realize it’s
so much like our in emotions.
Sometimes you get angry
sometimes you are so hurtful
and today I want to
talk about exactly that.
About pain.
What pains us
what exactly is pain.
There was emotional pain
or physical pain
and someone said Liza
there is also a mental pain.
While I believe it’s
not a mental pain
but mental anguish.
Not a pain.
But your head.
Can have a headache.
Some have vertigo.
So it can pain
you can have a pain and their own but
we don’t have mental pain.
Emotional pain.
Physical pain.
I have been doing a
lot of research as to
what exactly is pain
I worked with my clients
clients who have.
A lot of pain who come
here emotional pain.
And also physical pain
and physical pain can be.
Pain and
And their heart.
In their body.
And also emotional pain
is what they are feeling
and so they’re
let’s talk about pain and
we can have a conversation how you
Differentiate about pain.
What pains you.
And how.
We communicate were using
pain as.
Some saying it pains
me to see someone hurt.
So how does it pain you.
What part of you hurts.
Seeing someone else hurt.
So realizing how much watch.
Our words
the way we speak
the way we communicate.
Has a direct effect
on our mental
and are so all
our body.
You know why because your body response to
what you believe.
In what you say
and what you feel.
So oh it’s this beautiful
interactive thing and nowadays.
So many are finding
that this ease
also comes from.
Dis – Ease.
Ease – in our mind in our
body and what we feel
so the body responds to
your mental anguish
and your emotional pain.
So. There is
acute pain
and there’s chronic pain.
Let’s talk about pain.
First of all what is pain
I think.
Is a way of our body
communicating with else with
were talking about a fifth vehicle pain.
That it just knocks on
door and says.
Pay attention to me.
There’s something. Off
there is something
wrong in here.
So we feel the pain
we don’t think the pain
we feel the pain.
And when we feel the pain.
It’s like okay what
do I do about it.
So there’s.
Two ways we can do
something about it.
You either do something
about it you tend to it.
You worry about it
and you sit on it
and you mall over it and.
You talk.
A negative about
your body there.
Stupid pain is by.
Dammit this pain is here
and then.
Just the words we
use towards our body.
Guess what.
What is your brought it
was a seven year old child.
Or even a five year old child.
How would you
speak to that child.
That’s exactly how I think of
what pain is.
It’s like pay attention to me.
Let’s separated chronic pain.
lasts longer that acute pain
and is generally resistance to
Medical treatment.
So it’s usually associated
with a long term illness
and such as
osteo arthritis.
Because arthritis.
It pains you when.
The weather is bad
when it’s cold
and a your bones it affects
your muscles it affects your bone
and arthritis.
It’s a very slow.
Right? It’s not a
impactful injury. [Clapping Sound]
Show if you fall and you break
something or your tooth breaks or
there is this immediate pain.
That’s different
so chronic pain
is very subtle. Okay.
So in some cases
such as fibromyalgia.
I remember when I
used to do massagers
I used to do fibromyalgia on massagers
for my clients
and that is have several.
It’s like skin
And way you touch
sometimes you can’t
even touch it has to be very
gentle there’s others that
needed more of the pressure.
Working with cancer
patients when I was doing.
Lymphatic massage is
You know.
That in itself
was a different way
of treating the body so.
Defining the characteristics.
Of that.
Chronic pain.
Can be the result of a damaged
Or a nerve damage.
Both acute and chronic pain.
I have an effect.
On a state of mind.
So what it does is we start.
Thinking about it.
You started worrying about it
and then
you start
the worry in itself
creates another realm of
mental anguish.
About your injury.
Or the pain.
So it’s an ongoing case
About seventy percent
it’s been documented seventy percent with
chronic pain treated with pain medication
so what happens is when you.
Put a medication and medicine.
You numb
the pain.
So I know about
how to numb the pain
and especially elderly.
Because they don’t know how.
How to manage it
how to cope with it.
How to do
mindfulness or even way
I work with hypnosis
going into the subconscious
mind and deep state of relaxation.
So we can bypass the pain
the same way as when I do.
I’ve had seven.
root canals
with absolutely no anesthesia
no topical none of that.
Why because I can sit there.
And in just a few me minutes.
Go and do my own self
hypnosis to numb my gum.
And around the truth
that they are going to work on
where the endodontist
is going to work on.
So I become so.
in zoned in
to that area
this part of my
mouth is not known
only depart.
That they are going
to do the root canal.
And especially that one tooth
one area.
As I’m sitting there.
In my self hypnosis
one of the things is.
I bypass.
The pain factor.
So what I feel.
My physical body.
What’s happening
the drilling and everything
but the pain itself is
not going to her hurt me.
Because pain.
Is not there to hurt you.
Even though it hurts.
Does that make sense?
I hope it makes sense
pain is never there to hurt
In any way physically
mentally or emotionally
it’s a signal of your body.
Corresponding with
you in order for you
to tend to it in a manner
It’s like quieting a child.
That is colicy
Or crying.
We don’t cry with them we
don’t have tantrum with them
but we try
and do our best
to calm them down
and relax them.
I hope that.
that’s clear
in how we do it.
So. How was it that
hypnosis and pain okay
let me go into the.
Part that.
The acute part.
The acute part is
let’s say when
the central pain
syndrome and that.
Acute is where
the injury happened
and it is.
it’s very focused it is very
and focused
that you know where it happens
an injury
you can have an acute pain.
So what is it that we are talking
about what is it the ideal was.
Not the
injury part of it.
But the emotional
connection to pain.
So through hypnos
she’s and hypnotherapy.
We guide you.
Teach you.
How to manage your pain
and the paint factor.
So one of the ways
you can do is just sit back.
Not only you close your eyes.
Deep breath.
Because breath
in itself
is very powerful
when you focus
on your own breath
Your focus becomes on that
The pain factor
when you busy
yourself with that’s why
sometimes when you
go to the doctor’s office
or dentist office.
They’re playing music.
so that
There is a part of your mind
that gets focused on the music
and sometimes
you can even do this
you can put your airpods on
listen to music
The surgery is happening or.
Any kind of a pain
is happening.
When you are happy.
And emotionally
charged with joy.
There is less pain factor.
Because you cannot be happy
and in pain at the same time.
So this part.
Is like separating yourself.
Just a tad
The pain factor.
Most people.
Numb their pain.
I’m saying become one with it
and then separate.
That’s exactly what I do
when I’m sitting there.
I know what’s gonna happen.
And I have.
and subconsciously.
Through hypnosis
numbed my gum.
Around the truth.
All the area.
Knowing that they’re going to
go in and take the nerve out.
So unbind passing
that by separating
from the tooth.
So whatever is happening to the
it’s happening to my body
not to me.
I know that this is difficult
to express
Once you start experiencing it you
will know I said oh John how are you.
Have you ever felt a pain so.
Bad that you have
screamed all I gotta
take this pain away.
Then you fold.
You’re in pain.
You hit.
Your finger to the door or
something happens and you take it.
And you just
hold it or you put it
in your mouth and you go.
Do you know what
you’re doing with thought.
Automatically you are
tending to your pain.
You’re kissing your finger
you are holding
tight like a tourniquet
and saying
“I got you.”
That’s exactly what we’re doing that’s why
when something like that happens and we
are down on the floor and
we go into feel fetal position
that’s what we’re doing
we are emotionally
cocoon in the body
hugging the body
and safeguarding that moment
that’s why we’ve put a
tourniquet to safeguard it and stop.
If it is a bleeding
if it is an injury
at that very moment
so at that moment of
flight and fight
what you do is.
You safeguard.
you can say
we put a pause on it.
So that we’re not screaming
or we’re not passing
out but we are pausing.
Why do I bring this up.
So many.
Of my clients who come
to me not only for pain
if it is the knee.
It’s like what is it
that you are not bending.
Into life.
I had
extreme injury the on my elbow.
About three weeks ago
and it was swollen.
During my move
for my office.
But then sitting.
And all had to do is.
Talk to my elbow.
Okay this is where.
It’s abend.
Of a hand
that it’s supposed to handle.
Because our body speaks to us.
So what is it that I.
Am having a hard time handling.
What is it that.
It’s a direction of
handling things.
Moving forward
what is it that I am having an issue and
just by by doing that and speaking in doing
my hypnosis with
my elbow.
I bypassed.
The pain factor.
The pain is gone.
There is residual pain.
Now. What do we do
with the residual pain?
Is it psychosomatic?
Is the pain still
acute in one spot,
or is the pain
those who have
psychosomatic pain
that need
sometimes the
instead of paying attention
to them selves.
Some clients
go from one doctor to
another from one to another
and believe it or
not it seems that.
It does not get
resolved and the pain
That is exactly where
Come in
and have helped.
Over ninety percent
of my clients.
A bypass
and overcome
the pain.
You recognize.
The pain factor.
you reconnect with your body.
And three.
You release.
You release what
you’re holding onto.
Maybe it is a pain.
May be something
is paining you.
But now you have
incorporated it.
Into your body
You’re holding onto it.
What if.
And someone says but
nobody wants to be in pain
that’s true.
Nobody does.
Not consciously.
That hold on to a pain.
Not knowingly.
It it’s not that
they are doing it.
On purpose.
Is just unconsciously hold
on to an emotional pain
a residual pain
when knowing
that after all the treatments
after surgery after healing.
That pain.
In that so spot
should not be there
any more because
the injury has healed
but then there’s
the residual pain.
And we’re not saying
it’s all in your mind.
But it is a
connection to
the pain factor.
So as long as you’re holding on to
that pain and the pain is traveling.
I want you to become.
More aware.
And think to yourself.
What if.
This pain was no longer here.
On the scale of one to ten.
How about is my pain today.
And start journaling
and having a better.
Knowing how bad your pain is.
Number two.
If you start doing
one thing that it’s fun.
One thing that brings you joy.
If you watched a comedy movie or
you did something
that makes you laugh
or you listening to music and
you go into a different world
or you do
self-hypnosis and meditation
and mindfulness.
Any of those.
Does that eliminate or
reduce your paint factor.
I guarantee you.
It will.
That in itself
science has proved.
once you separate yourself
from the pain factor.
You will realize.
That you.
Have control over it.
And today’s messages this.
any time.
At any given time.
Medication is fantastic.
It is.
And are an immediate thing.
To bypass the pain factor.
A can’t even remember the
last time I took medications.
From headache.
I sit and think to
myself of what is it that
my mind is so bundled
and busy with or or
I have so much.
On top of me sitting thinking
that my mind is going in so many
places that I have a headache.
If I have a neck ache.
This computer
I’m saving like this
our iPhones
So recognizing.
Unless it’s an injury what is
the pain.
Still in your body.
That’s when.
We talk about the
emotional pain.
So that was all physical.
Emotional pain.
Is what hurts us.
Breaking up.
Dissing you.
And. Cyber bullying.
Or even impersonal
Things that you believed
to be true.
And you find out it is not.
That pains
It can be worse than physical pain because
that when you know how to take care of it.
But a pained at its and heart.
Someone said how’d you mend it.
Does time heal it?
And again.
When we busy ourselves.
When we release it.
Reconnect with ourselves
and we realize
nothing from the outside
Can truly hurt you.
You accept accepted.
Do nothing about it.
And then.
You resent yourself.
For not doing anything about it.
And that emotional
pain which is self.
Is worse than anything else.
You start thinking.
I’m not good enough.
I don’t deserve it.
I can’t do anything about it.
I am out of control
it happened to me
and that in itself.
Is white.
Victim part.
What I did a post the other day.
On lengthen it says stop.
and let’s do leader talk.
So the way a leader
is never.
I am at fault
I didn’t see it it’s like.
This is the problem.
Let’s find a solution or
Let me sever my
connections from what
his paining me.
Bottom line.
You you have a choice.
You do.
You have a choice.
Would you rather be in pain
and hurt.
Move on.
And eventually.
and feel better.
And it can be
toxic relationships.
And unfortunately.
There are so many who stay
in that kind of a relationship.
And those residual benefits
are the secondary pains.
I can say I’m an expert in
and I work with my clients.
So through hypnosis
and hypnotherapy.
We bypass the critical
analyzing criticized seeing.
The reasoning factor
to bypass and tap into
the subconscious mind.
has no judgement.
Your subconscious mind
never ever judges.
it just a blueprint.
This is the fact
this is what happened.
This is what.
You can do about it.
Once you.
Recognize it.
And reconnect with the issue.
Doesn’t matter
what the issue is.
It just is.
With no emotions.
And that is
when I say
I evoked it
I embrace it
now I can evolve
the same as.
Recognize it.
Reconnect with it
and release it.
So, I saw a beautiful quote
and I love quotes.
If you know me you are
also know that I am huge.
On making quotes
and different quotes.
So this is by Doctor Mark
Mark Kleiman
Mark Kleiman
Mark Kleiman
And he says emotional health.
Is not about eliminating all
of your unpleasant feelings
and living in a forced
state of happiness.
All the time.
It’s about allowing the
negative emotions to be present.
Recognizing their source.
And knowing how
to cope with them.
That’s exactly what we do.
Once you recognize.
Any factor.
It can be.
Mental anguish emotional
pain physical pain.
Once we have the root cause or a
just the cause.
The secondary is easy.
Hypnosis is one of the most powerful ways
for you to tap into your subconscious mind.
And as a practitioner.
Of hypnosis and hypnotherapy
for over twenty two years.
Believe it or not not only
I can do this
but I can help you
by pass your physical
or your emotional pain.
My name is Liza Boubari
If this message
was beneficial to you.
If you have a pain in your
Or you know of someone.
That has gone too many doctors.
And still.
Has not been able to
let go of the pain by
all means give me a call.
and I look forward to be of
service to you.
It is my honor to come to you
every single week.
My name is Liza.
And HealWithin
is what I do.
Until I see you next week
god bless you.
A made a universal light
surround you.
See you next week

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