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Hypnotherapy Empowers the Powerless

Do you ever find yourself feeling powerless, as if life’s challenges have you trapped in a cage of anxiety and self-doubt? Perhaps you’re battling with persistent fears, struggling to overcome a phobia that restricts your experiences and prevents you from living life to the fullest. Or maybe self-limiting beliefs have held you back from reaching your true potential. Whatever the case may be, the weight of powerlessness can be overwhelming.

What is feeling Powerless?

The experience of powerlessness can manifest in various ways. It can leave us feeling stuck, unable to break free from negative patterns or circumstances. It erodes our confidence, undermines our ability to make decisions, and hinders personal growth. The good news is that there is a powerful tool available to help us regain control and reclaim our power: hypnotherapy.

How Hypnotherapy Can Unlock Your Hidden Power

Hypnotherapy is an effective therapeutic technique that utilizes hypnosis to access the subconscious mind, enabling positive changes and personal transformation. Contrary to popular misconceptions, hypnosis is not about losing control or being manipulated. Instead, it is a state of deep relaxation and heightened focus, where the subconscious mind becomes more receptive to positive suggestions and change.

One of the significant benefits of hypnotherapy is its ability to address and alleviate anxiety. By entering a relaxed state, hypnosis allows individuals to explore the root causes of their anxiety, whether it be traumatic experiences, irrational fears, or deeply ingrained thought patterns. With the help of a skilled hypnotherapist, one can reframe negative beliefs, release emotional blockages, and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

Phobias, another manifestation of powerlessness, can be equally debilitating. Hypnotherapy offers a gentle and effective approach to overcoming these fears. By accessing the subconscious mind, a hypnotherapist can guide individuals through a process of desensitization, gradually diminishing the intensity of their phobic response. This technique helps rewire the brain, replacing fear with a newfound sense of calm and confidence.

Moreover, hypnotherapy can tackle self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from realizing our true potential. Whether it’s a belief that we’re not good enough, deserving of success, or capable of achieving our goals, these negative thoughts hold us back from living a fulfilling life. Hypnotherapy can help reprogram the subconscious mind, replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones that support personal growth and success.

Through the power of suggestion, visualization, and positive reinforcement, hypnotherapy can empower you to tap into your inner resources, allowing you to break free from the chains of powerlessness. By working with a trained hypnotherapist, you can embark on a transformative journey towards empowerment and self-discovery.

It’s important to note that while hypnotherapy can yield powerful results, it is not a magic cure-all. It requires commitment, openness, and collaboration between the hypnotherapist and the individual seeking assistance. However, for those who are ready to take charge of their lives and embrace their inherent power, hypnotherapy can be an invaluable tool on the path to evoking what was, embracing what is, and evolving to your desired outcome.

I have made audio recordings for self-hypnosis specifically to address certain issues. For fear of flying and other anxieties, I recommend Release Pain and Heal and Build Confidence. Download the recording and save it to your device to listen to it at your leisure. Find a quiet and comfortable place as you allow hypnosis to happen.

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Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza, where transformation begins as we
evoke, embrace, and evolve.
Greetings greetings, greetings, and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza.
It’s so good to be here with you, isn’t it?
I hope you had an amazing weekend,
and today being Tuesday, we are almost
mid-May, and going into problem time, going into graduation time, and for so
many, there is time of celebration.
One of my clients that came in just last week, walked in here with going
through a lot of anxiety and everything,
and I wanted to talk about that today.
What does it feel to feel powerless, and what does it feel to be powerful,
and what does powerful mean, and how we feel when it becomes, when we come
to say, I feel powerless.
That’s today’s topic, and the reason I’m bringing it up is because I’m
putting together a book called the powerful “She”. It is a collaborative
book of 21 women who have overcome extreme challenges to be where they are,
they’re making an impact in the lives of
others, and they have a story to share.
And I believe the reason for this is because we all have a story. I myself,
healed myself through hypnotherapy to be where I am, and for the last 22
years, I’ve been doing this work, helping others heal, helping others.
connect within themselves, and when I say be the best of who you want to be,
is because it’s not about what,
what others expect you to be, and
some say find your full potential and be,
the best version of yourself. Well, I think we all find what is the best
version, and some of us don’t even know it until we recognize it.
So, how do we do this as a clinical hypnotherapist? I help my clients evoke
what ways, so it’s bringing to surface what is the challenges, what is the
obstacles, what is the pain, what is feeling powerless mean.
So, what does powerless mean to
someone, and how being part of the powerful
she, and recognizing that you are a
powerful person, and maybe you have been.
derailed to lose control, and feel that you can’t, and that’s why you feel.
powerless, is today’s topic.
So, let’s talk about what exactly is
feeling powerful, and the entire thing
of what is powerless. They say,
sticks and stones, sticks and stones may
break your bones, but I believe that words can change.
Words truly have the power. Why? Because it’s all words that create a.
thought pattern, and the thought pattern is how it impacts you physically
and emotionally, and it’s the words that you say to yourself.
And the words that come, and we express, or we write, we share, that truly
can impact others and of yourself.
So, when we talk about, like my client
who came and said, “I was thinking to
myself this, that I can’t,” and all
the negative words, all I have to do is
evoke, it’s very important.
It’s bring it to surface. All the things that she repeats to herself, the
words that she says, is the word, and negative word, is it a positive word,
is it empowering word, or is it a dispowering you?
And that’s exactly what we want to talk about. First, we need to understand.
what is power. So, there is three ways that power is described. First, it’s
an influence. It is a force, and it is authority.
So, someone with authority has power. Someone who can influence another has.
power, and someone which is physical with force, right, can be powerful.
But when we think about powerless, powerless means being is described as.
feeling overwhelmed, helpless, and being in a stressful situation that he or
she thinks, “I can’t. I can’t do this.”
And they are susceptible to anxiety and stress. So, this morning, I woke up
with my heartbeat beating, and so
overwhelmed with everything, and I
recognize them like, “This is exactly what my client came in with.” Heart-
palpitating, hands-sweating,
feeling as if I am having shortness
of breath, and I feel like I can’t do.
this. In a way, at that very moment,
feeling vulnerable, and thinking that I.
have no support, I’m all by myself,
I’m draining in my own thoughts, and where I am, and I don’t see the light
outside of this. That in itself is a
feeling of powerless. When you’re not
in your element, when you’re not coming from strength, when you’re not.
coming from a position to say,
“Everything is aligned.” And I don’t know if you have experienced this or.
not. I think every single human, if
we are in any type of a position, when
social media, what are parents, you know, mothers they just happened. Yes,
everyone is saying, “Happy Mother’s Day.”
But not everyone has this incredible relationship with their mother, so that
walking on eggshells can also feel powerless.
So, when we are feeling this, it
makes its best inability to exercise our.
free will, walking on eggshells another
wine, and realizing that you cannot express.
Your own feelings, you’re afraid,
and you’re hesitating, that in itself puts.
you in this place that you cannot
validate what you feel, that you’re not
being seen or heard.
It is a feeling, powerlessness is a
feeling. So, experiencing, a devastating.
loss, and it can be a physical accident, and you feel powerless being in.
that position, or losing one of your loved ones, and you feel.
all by yourself. It is, it’s an
undercurrent feeling. Maybe it’s not.
conscious to some of us. That’s why it woke me up this morning. Yes, I too.
go through this. I too am feeling, very
much being human. I go through the same.
interpretations and palpitations and
anxiety, so understanding all this, and.
the sweating that comes, and sometimes
we cry, thinking I’m all by myself,
and I don’t know who to share it with.
Sometimes, even thinking I am not being seen or heard, I’m alone, and I can’t
do this by myself. That’s exactly
when I want you to take a cord of the
words you’re speaking, how you are feeling, what’s
happening inside your. body, and what would it feel,
if you were powerful? What does
empowered mean? I know it’s actually, some
of the words that are being used,
but I want you to take time for yourself
to write. If this is feeling powerless, when did I feel powerful,
when was I the most in my power? How
did I feel when I was in my element? If.
I am here to help a client when they come in here, and they come with all
the problems, I feel this, this, this, this, this, and it’s just like,
you, through of all the negativity, and their immersed in that, my question
is to say, okay, I hear you, this is not the time for therapy yet, and I
want to ask you.
If I were to take you from here to here, what does this look like? What do.
you want to achieve? What do you want to feel? What do you want to be?
Because I take you being where you are to where you want to be.
But if we have no vision, then it
becomes difficult, not only for anyone as.
a quote, as a either a therapist or as
a clinical hypnotherapist to take you.
from A to Z, we need to know where Q and R are before you are at the Z,
before you are at that level, right?
So, what are the thoughts that are crossing your mind?
Top them down, or you can take your phone and record in it. What’s happening?
This morning, that’s exactly what I did.
And I was like, okay, now I get it. What is the action that I took? I.
validated what I was feeling.
Truly, I validated what I was feeling. And for a moment, I was like, what
can I do at this moment to calm myself down?
How can I relax? I am in my home, I
am in my bed, and everything is safe.
And when I think about what has worked in the past, I want you to do the
same. What worked then that can work now.
What is it that I want?
And if in the past what worked then
dissolved faster, and it didn’t work for.
the longer period, it was not long lasting, then that’s what I can do.
And that’s what I can help you with.
And the reason I’m saying this, and why I want to talk about the powerful
she, about the book, and the stories that the powerful authors that are
going to be in this book, is the challenges and obstacles that found a way
to come through them, to be where they are today, and how each of their
stories is going to make an impact.
Maybe one person or many is because
who we are, every one of us, our stories
, our experiences, our memories
is the words and how we shift it.
And all I have to do is instantly shift and say, “Okay, now I understand
what my clients go through, what anxiety is, what feeling powerless is, and
I can talk about it with my clients much better.”.
So this experience for me was to recognize, and that’s how I shifted. You
see, I don’t sit in it. I don’t dwell in it. I bring myself up because.
throughout the years I’ve learned how to bring myself when I feel pain to
get over the pain.
What is pain? Where is it pain? If it is my hand, what is it that I am not
handling? If it is my leg, what is it that I’m afraid to move forward or.
step towards? Everything has meaning.
Every thought, every idea, every concept, every image, everything that.
happens because I believe there are no accidents.
What happens to us physically
starts because of it’s thought process, a
vision, a mission, and maybe the body breaks us down to give us time.
Give us time for us to deal with it or
make something come to fruition, even.
though it may look negative, it is not.
I urge you to feel empowered, you can’t empower yourself, you can sit down.
in a quiet place, in a comfortable
place, and ask yourself, actually you can
focus on your hands, on your feet, on your breath, and ask yourself what the
light around you is like.
Do you feel that? Do you feel heavy?
Do you feel light? Do you feel like.
fluid? And slowly as you inhale
and exhale, I want you to take it in,
bringing that oxygen and vitality through
your nose and exhale through your mouth.
And again, inhale oxygen, vitality, life, and release it, the powerful.
release as if you’re igniting a fire in itself. You can visualize that and
let your eyes close and imagine in your mind.
If there is pain, where is pain in
you, what part of your body is of your.
heart, is it the heart physically or is
it that you have a pain in your heart?
You know we talk about, I feel pain
in my heart, it hurts, what hurts, and
imagine in your own mind that visualize reaching a beautiful place of scene.
, a place that you feel safe, a place that you feel comfortable, and when
I want to ask my
clients to feel grounded, I ask them. Especially people, and if the time for
allergies are coming and if you feel headache and allergies and all the.
sniffling because that’s like the running of the water and the congestion is
what is it that you are not seeing and you feel congested with?
Ground yourself on Mother Earth as if on grass and walk on imaginary grass
that your toes can be in the grass and just being in the grass, I know some
people have allergies to grass, but when it’s in your imagination and if.
your body starts bringing all that up and you sneeze, you releasing that
tension that was already here, it’s not reality, but in the
reality in your world and that’s
exactly what it is. Feeling powerless is a
reality in your world
not in the real world.
Again, feeling powerless and fear when
you go through the palpitations, when.
you go through that sweatiness, it’s
your body reacting to the things you
feel internally.
If it is a pain, if it is a heartache, if it is feeling powerless, if it is.
feeling afraid of something, I want you to recognize your body is there to.
safeguard you and let you know, take care of yourself.
So once you’re in that place, in that place of safety, in that place that I
want you to look beyond the real you right now and if you could tap into
your inner child where you get to know
you, where you get to see you, where
you get to validate you and let you know.
When we say powerless, that means
you had it and now you feel you lost it.
and can happen to you today. That’s right. Some of us feel powerless at the.
most height of our career, at the most height of feeling happy and then
something you call you.
It just happened again. It doesn’t
just happen. It comes to remind you.
So at that very moment, become
aware of all your five senses, your touch,
the smell, the scent, right? And what
you hear, what you see and what you.
can taste in your mouth when you’re feeling afraid, does it taste better?
Does the back of your neck, the hair stand? And at that very moment, I want.
you to realize no one has power over you. It is you feeling it.
So if you want to take control, I can guide you. I can help you. First
understand, we evoke what is it that you feel powerless about.
Then come to grounding, accepting,
appreciating, understanding where you are.
today and what you can do and how you feel with
the tools to feel more empowered and realize.
You can shift it. And when you feel strong, when you feel more confident,
when you feel I can, when you feel I matter, you realize.
I feel good enough. I am at my best
element and I can do this. That’s where
you gain your power again
and you walk out confidently.
So once you are done and when you are in that beautiful place that you feel.
safe and secure, you can open your
eyes and say I am. I am enough. I am
confident. I am worried.
I am and you put your name.
You open your eyes and you smile and
you remember, literally, you remember.
who you are. Hello, Lydia.
So I am creating this collaborative book called The Powerful She is because
not that we have the power,
but the power to make an impact.
The power to recognize and validate who we are and how we can help another
person to look up, to feel inspired
and become the aspiration and
inspiration and for another
to aspire to their own best.
And that’s easy. All you have to do is say yes. Say yes to you.
So today, I wanted to share and say
when you feel powerless, stand up and
say I am ready to show up. I am ready to
stand up. I am ready to speak up for myself.
That’s the strength of who you are. We are all children of God, I believe,
and we deserve. We all deserve
a good life, a loving relationship.
With our parents, with our siblings, with our lovers, with our loved ones,
and recognizing we also must give the power within and say thank you. Say
thank you to yourself. Say I love you to yourself.
And if you are ready, say forgive myself for holding on to what I thought, I
have no power.
So that’s today’s message. And every single day I want you to move forward
for recognizing, believing, and appreciating
who you are. And until next week, step into your power and I am
reasonable glory, your expert hypnotherapist, coach,
and guide to being the best version of you and
healing within.
Until next week, God bless you and man
to universal light surround you. See you.

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