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The Fear Factor

Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.”

– Napoleon Hill

Fear can be both a blessing and a curse, depending upon how and when one yields to it or rejects it.

The fear of failure can attract the causes of failure, and the fear of defeat is an open invitation for defeat. Fear is so powerful that it can do as much damage as its opposite faith can do good. As a matter of fact, fear is nothing but faith in reverse gear.

There are seven basic fears which hold many people in bondage throughout their lives. No great and enduring success can be achieved by anyone until he has mastered all seven.

What are the Seven Basic Fears?

Fear of poverty

This fear is harbored by people who allow their minds to dwell on the circumstances and things they do not want. All thoughts have the habit of attracting one of the things one thinks about. This explains why one must condition his mind with a “success consciousness” before he can attract success. The emotions of faith and fear have equal pulling power-one attracts failure and the other attracts success as surely as water runs downhill in response to the law of gravitation.

Fear of criticism

The fear of what “they will say” of one’s ideas or plans keeps millions of people from using their initiative in bringing forth ideas that could make them rich. And the fear of criticism causes some minds to close like clams, thereby depriving individuals of priceless opportunities to improve themselves by the discovery of their weaknesses, mistakes, and poor judgment. The successful person invites criticism because he knows that it may reveal to him some advantage he had overlooked or brought him some opportunity he had not expected.

Fear of ill health

Doctors have a sixty-four-dollar word for this fear. It is hypochondria (imaginary illness). Here, the same as in connection with material things of a financial nature, the mind attracts that which it believes in, whether the belief is expressed through fear or by faith. Talking, thinking, and believing one is sick will bring about the effects of illness, and strangely enough, the symptoms appear to be the same as those which accompany real illness.

Fear of the loss of love

This is the fear which causes jealousy. Not infrequently it leads to both temporary and permanent insanity. Whether it is justified or not, jealousy destroys homes, breaks up business and professional relationships, and leads to physical ailments on a scale scarcely equaled by any of the other fears. It has been said that women are more susceptible to the fear of jealousy than men are, due perhaps to their knowledge of the polygamous nature of the male.

Fear of the loss of liberty

Every human being has a deeply seated and inborn desire for freedom, a gift perhaps by the Creator who gave man complete rights to use his mind-power as a means of providing himself with the freedom to work out his own earthly destiny. This is the only one of the seven basic fears which is founded upon circumstances over which the individual does not have the power of control. With the world in the state of chaos and frustration existing today, there is ample reason to justify one’s fear of losing his liberty.

Fear of old age

Just why men and women should curtail their usefulness because of their fear of old age is difficult to define. For it’s obvious that the Creator has so wisely provided man with everything he needs, with which to work out his earthly existence, that nothing can be taken away from him without something of equal or greater value becoming available to take its place. As one gives up his youth, its place is filled by wisdom. And history proves that man’s greatest achievements take place after he passes the half-century mark. Moreover, age is not accurately measured by the years one has lived, but it is determined by the nature of the thinking he does and his reactions to his experiences.

Fear of death

This is the grandfather of all the seven basic fears, and the most unnecessary of them all because it is something over which no one has enduring control. One man who mastered this fear explained how he did it this way: “I believed” said he, “that death brings one or the other of two conditions. Either it results in one long, eternal sleep, or it carries us to another world far superior to the one we leave behind, and neither of these possibilities is terrifying.”

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Fears

Hypnotherapy is an effective therapeutic technique that utilizes hypnosis to access the subconscious mind, enabling positive changes and personal transformation. Contrary to popular misconceptions, hypnosis is not about losing control or being manipulated. Instead, it is a state of deep relaxation and heightened focus, where the subconscious mind becomes more receptive to positive suggestions and change.

One of the significant benefits of hypnotherapy is its ability to address and alleviate anxiety. By entering a relaxed state, hypnosis allows individuals to explore the root causes of their anxiety, whether it be traumatic experiences, irrational fears, or deeply ingrained thought patterns. With the help of a skilled hypnotherapist, one can reframe negative beliefs, release emotional blockages, and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

Phobias, another manifestation of powerlessness, can be equally debilitating. Hypnotherapy offers a gentle and effective approach to overcoming these fears. By accessing the subconscious mind, a hypnotherapist can guide individuals through a process of desensitization, gradually diminishing the intensity of their phobic response. This technique helps rewire the brain, replacing fear with a newfound sense of calm and confidence.

Moreover, hypnotherapy can tackle self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from realizing our true potential. Whether it’s a belief that we’re not good enough, deserving of success, or capable of achieving our goals, these negative thoughts hold us back from living a fulfilling life. Hypnotherapy can help reprogram the subconscious mind, replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones that support personal growth and success.

Through the power of suggestion, visualization, and positive reinforcement, hypnotherapy can empower you to tap into your inner resources, allowing you to break free from the chains of powerlessness. By working with a trained hypnotherapist, you can embark on a transformative journey towards empowerment and self-discovery.

It’s important to note that while hypnotherapy can yield powerful results, it is not a magic cure-all. It requires commitment, openness, and collaboration between the hypnotherapist and the individual seeking assistance. However, for those who are ready to take charge of their lives and embrace their inherent power, hypnotherapy can be an invaluable tool on the path to evoking what was, embracing what is, and evolving to your desired outcome.

I have made audio recordings for self-hypnosis specifically to address certain issues. For fear of flying and other anxieties, I recommend Release Pain and Heal and Build Confidence. Download the recording and save it to your device to listen to it at your leisure. Find a quiet and comfortable place as you allow hypnosis to happen.

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Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza, where transformation begins as we
evoke, embrace, and evolve.
Greetings, greetings, greetings, and welcome
to Heal Talk Tuesdays. This is Liza.
It’s so good to be here with you, isn’t it?
Well, I think just a minute ago, I just got
buzzed on my laptop and it distracted me.
That’s why it was a minute of distraction.
This screen came on and lots of lights went on and it was saying that my
Facebook has been taken over
and I have to call this number that I have to do this and this and that.
You know what?
And that’s exactly what today’s message is.
We welcome to the Fear Factor.
So, this is Liza Boubari, your expert
hypnotherapist and women’s wellness expert.
And today we’re going to be talking about fear.
You know, when they talk about fear in the self-help world, it is known as
false emotions appearing real.
So, what are we afraid of?
What are you afraid of?
Yes, the biggest thing that people are
afraid of, the number one is fear of dying.
It’s true.
There’s also fear of that cripples so many
people is fear of speaking in the public.
Believe it or not, one of the most
fear factor in life outside of death and
is the fear of speaking in public.
So, what does that mean?
And when I was searching to do my talk a long, long time ago, Napoleon Hill
said fear can be both a blessing and a curse.
So, depending on how and when one yields a two, it or rejects it.
So, the fear of failure attracts a lot of people. It’s like the fear of
failure, like so many people, like Tony Robbins or a lot of people, I know
that they say, I am, I’ve lost a lot of money.
I am down to my like, last $10 or $400, I came to this country with $400.
And because of my fear of the embarrassment or not being good enough and
everything, it made me stronger.
It made me better.
But fear is opposite of faith and do good.
But one of the things that we are talking about is there are seven basic
fears that whole people back.
And it gives some people, it holds them back because we’re afraid and we
doubt ourselves and we don’t move forward because of all the certain self-
talk, the negative talk,
the way we grew up, it’s like poor mind mentality, the household.
If you have grown up in a household that everything was, no, it can’t happen.
We can’t do this. Don’t do that. Don’t go.
All the don’ts and we can’ts, then that’s the mentality you grew up.
So, fear of poverty, it’s one of the
biggest things that pushes people to excel.
That’s number one.
It harbors people and allows their mind
to dwell on circumstances and things.
that they don’t want to.
So, a part of that fear factor of poverty is two ways.
Everything in life is a two way, right? The good, the bad, the right, the
wrong and the up and down, white, black, everything.
I know some people call it great. The great is how we move in there.
So, the fear factor can cripple you or it can push you and give you a boost.
Now, fear of criticism, that’s one of the things is what we’ll be saying.
How will I show up and what if I am wronged
and what if they make a mockery out of me?
What if something like that? So, allow me to talk about this.
About a year ago, I had a client. I’ve talked about this at another time.
Hello, how are you? I talked about this because I had a client who came in
here and a very successful lady, hairdresser.
She came in and successful in a
way that she gets called to do the hair of
When she came to me, it was because of her fear factor for an elevator to go
into elevators.
Now, you might turn around and say, “What’s
the big deal?” She’s claustrophobic.
No, because she had no problem being in small places or being a dark place
or in a like going into a pantry and close the door.
So, it’s not being confined, but it was
just the elevator of going up and down.
Now, so why did she come to a
hypnothropist? Because she had already done
all kinds of therapy.
She had gone and done her enthalpy, her traumas and everything.
It had nothing to do with her childhood.
It had nothing to do with her upbringing.
So, it had nothing to do with her trauma
because when a trauma is not healed,
it shows up in different ways.
And it may stay dormant in us as adults and it may surface or resurface, I
should say, because it’s like a boomerang.
It resurfaces at a time and a place that something triggers it.
And it can be a trigger that you may not understand consciously because the
subconscious mind holds that information there for such a long time.
It’s like it archives information because even right now I can ask you, do
you remember your first grade teacher
or your best friend, your BFF when you
were first grade or even elementary and a smile may come to your face?
I can say if you have ever been bullied when you were in school, you might
remember that one. Why? Because that
trauma, the traumatic experience and it.
can be a very bad experience or a very light experience.
It doesn’t matter. That information, that vision, that sound, that smell, it
can stay in your memory bank for a long time.
So when we are talking about that
fear of criticism, one word can spark it.
Hers was being in an elevator that goes up and down.
So through hypnosis, one of the things
that I did is always and always, I’ve.
said this before, is to strengthen the self-esteem I can do this.
Okay? That’s one of the things that Napoleon Hill says.
In order for you to move and change and habit, you must have two words in
place. I can’t, I will.
Yes, Napoleon Hill, a think and grow rich.
So a part of think and grow rich is also in mindset. A part of fear factor
and coming over, an overcoming a fear factor that bridge is also in mindset.
So everything about money is also emotions, connected to money is also
emotions, connected to fear factor of loss or success.
Now success is up, loss is down. So I
work with so many ways of analogy that.
a client understands.
Now, hers was, I want to be successful.
Being a success, she has celebrity clients.
And one of the things that she wanted to get over this elevator, going the
fear of getting into an elevator to go was going to penthouses, especially
going to high rises down and will serve Hollywood and Beverly Hills area.
That’s the higher she goes and she goes at different hours, especially
celebrities or actors and actresses at the wee hours of the day.
That means she can earn more.
Because of her fear factor of not getting into elevator, she could not do
the high rise clients and the ones in the penthouse and the ones
who would call her, let’s say, at five o’clock in the morning.
Getting ready to go on a set for a movie or to be in a studio.
So what did that do? It hindered her success in one way.
And another one was maybe I’m not good enough.
So it was showing up in many other ways. That fear factor was not real.
It was appearing as real. Do you relate to this and I want you to take a.
moment and think to yourself, what parts of my life am I not showing up.
through me that I am holding myself back?
Or you can turn around and say, what am I afraid of? What am I stopping.
myself from and not taking the next step or going to the next level?
And what is it that I can do? You can turn around, yes, Napoleon Hill also
says one of the things is to have your
belief and your belief system is to know.
that this is what I want and I want to so bad that nothing else matters.
And that’s what I want. I want to be the million dollar or I want the
million dollar home or I want the million dollar success or I want this man,
I want this woman, I want this relationship, or I want to beat this pain.
I want to beat this disease and when your belief system is so clear and
becomes a passion and burning passion within
you that it’s like nothing can stop me.
That’s when we take steps because it’s like not a fear factor can stop me.
Actually, I turned that fear factor into fuel
instead of pause, right? Instead of freeze.
So if I am in fear instead of freezing, I turn it into fuel factor, but I
want you to be aware of.
And what is your passion and what are
you feeling? Because there is positive.
fuel and there is negative fuel.
So, so there is another factor is the
fear of ill health, right? And because
if I become so famous, if I become so
rich, if I become there, then who am I
overshadowing or stepping or stomping on to be there? Do I have to be rude,
crude, shrewd,
to get to where I want? Sometimes
you need to have the mentality of it, but
not become it.
So there is so much in play.
So back to my client and the elevator.
I remember a few months ago that I
talked about that I walked together and I
got into the elevator with her and there was no one else.
And then the elevator door opened and I saw her with the tarpidations and
everything because that’s where anxiety comes in. She was having anxiety to
go up and down the elevator.
But when we came back, she could conquer, she did conquer the elevator
factor. And when we came back, here is one of the things in our session.
Because of the action she took going up and down the elevator, working with
the subconscious, I asked her in hypnosis, what does the elevator mean? And.
she said success.
So success. If she is holding herself back from succeeding to the level of
celebrities going to the penthouse, going into the high rises.
Low and behold, she was holding herself back because her sister was not as
successful and she loved her sister. And she wanted everything for her.
sister. And she wanted to rise with her sister.
And it’s like, I’m not going to be as successful unless my sister is. So do
you see how wonderful our subconscious is, how loving and kind our
subconscious can be? Because your subconscious mind has absolutely no
indication of the good, the bad, if you were poor, if you were rich, the
information that you put in there, the subconscious mind has no feeling.
It does not understand any different of if you say I am a million dollar, I
have a million dollar hand or I have a very weak hand.
But what you put in there as you’re feeling is you insert the labels and the
information that we place on there and we consciously.
It’s the conscious mind that has the emotional factor that places in there.
So another part of the fear is loss of Liberty.
And that means if I get to that level, I may lose my freedom of who I am.
here. It’s one of the things of some celebrities that they wanted to become
so famous and when they become famous, they try to hide it themselves, not
to be recognized because of they lose factor of their freedom.
So hers was beautiful. Once we got
to the level of understanding why she is
holding herself back. And if she is
ready to rise up her occasion, embrace.
her gifts and step to the level that she wants to be, she desires to be.
She’s worked so hard to be.
Can you go into that elevator? Yes, I can. Really you go into that elevator
and rise to the occasion and work with the celebrities who ask for you.
because you are so good.
And what I did was a small little shift and said, what if this is not about
you and you’re doing this for them.
See, it takes it away from the person
and the burden of all the hesitation, am I good enough, am I free enough,
all the fear factors.
And I turned it around and I said, just be grateful for your gift and
everything that you’re doing. And if
you remember, this is an act of service.
You’re doing it for them. You’re going
for them because you are making them
beautiful. You’re making them get ready for them being in the limelight and.
it’s not about you. Oh my god, it was life.
Yes. When she said it, yes. And I asked the subconscious to agree and be
subconscious said, yes, because there is ways as a clinical hypnotherapist,
we must get the agreement of the conscious
and subconscious. And when there’s
the immersion and the yes factor from both sides.
It’s like what we call it, easy peasy,
it’s a sailing, it’s a smooth sailing.
and you know what? This is why I
love the work that I do. It’s how I do it.
It’s evoking what was, it’s understanding, acknowledging the barrier,
embracing what is the reality of who they are right here, right?
Right here, right now in order for us to evolve to the next level. So when.
we talk about the fear factors, again, it is to remember as fears are.
nothing more than a state of mind.
It’s Napoleon Hill from thinking grow
rich because here are the seven factors. Fear of poverty.
Fear of criticism. Fear of ill health.
Fear of loss of love. Fear of Liberty.
And yes, old age, which is fear of death.
Now, when you think to yourself,
what am I afraid of? Is there something
that I have not been able to move forward?
And it’s getting the anxiety. It’s
making me doubt myself. I’m creating this
interpretation and I go into this anxiety.
I get sweaty palms and everything
and I feel as if my temperature rises and I am turning red.
And I can’t breathe. I feel like my throat is shutting down. I can’t speak.
Remember, I talked about fear of speaking
in public. By all means, give me a call.
Even taking a test. The fear factor
of test taking. You have no idea how it
can cripple some people.
And you may know the subject so
well, but you can’t pass that securities
exam, the med cap or the bar. And
you can do so by retraining your mindset
and working with the subconscious mind and just a little bit.
In few sessions, you can go and take
your exam and have a swim and spail.
So if this message resonated with you
and you understand that perhaps there
is something you are ready or you know someone who wants to take the next
step and be the success by all means, give me a call.
I’m Liza Boubari, your expert women’s wellness and working with your mind. It’s
time to heal within. By all means, share, click, follow me and I look
forward to seeing you next week.
Until then, God bless and may the universal light surround you. Bye bye.

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