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“Success is happiness.”


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Success comes to those who become success conscious. Every thought Could create a result. Okay, so in life, understanding our purpose and knowing that it’s all about desire,
every thought makes a result, but if we don’t have the desire. Then. There is no result. In life, even creating relationships is having a desire to have a connection to be connected to people. The top of the thought process of connection making connections and some have become a lifetime of connection. So when we talk about self-development, it starts with a desire to better ourselves, express ourselves, and become better than who we are. In life, just like what the Buddha said, it’s about success in achieving success. The Buddha said, “Success is happiness.” So we become happy when we are successful. We don’t wait to become successful until we are happy.

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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal Talk
Tuesdays with Liza. Were transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Greetings greetings greetings and welcome to Heal
talk Tuesdays with Liza. So good to be here with you isn’t it. How are you doing? How are you feeling? Is realizing that so
much is going on around in this world of ours. With as they say global warming with and so much of A commotion. Chaos and yet there are so many of
boss the have do nothing but. Keep our poise find a place to create this
beautiful inner Harmony. Mindfulness and balance within. So today’s topic is exactly that it’s Understanding How Buddha Would function. In this beautiful world of ours and how we do it. So if I want to start I like
to start with a quote that Buddha had for success. Saying that that success
is not the key to happiness but happiness is
the key to success. And in life. When I’ve got clients in here and for those of
you who do not know who I am. My name is Liza Boubari and by trade I’m a Clinical hypnotherapist stress management consultant and and action coach. So. Practicing at my
healing center this beautiful place and
one day I’m going to take the video and show you all the place
and do a walk-through so you are with me. As my clients walk
in and they feel this place of truly healing with
the candle lit in. In our reception an area and are beautiful scent. So what I do is
create this place of. Safety. Warmth. And
coziness. So my clients feel
as if they are home and a safe place as they walk in before the session begins. So you realizing. That. What is it that we really
create this success for our client is from that initial intention. As a client starts
looking for us to find us. As they come to my website my intention is to write
off the bat let them know what it is that they are going
to receive how they’re going to feel as they come
into my healing center and when they
walk into to my room. Believe it or not. It’s cozy it’s homey, it’s warm. It’s Decluttered as I like to say it but everything is in place and it’s not bare. So in a way the
secret of success is. Creating this consistency and purpose. So what is your purpose. And today I’m going to do
something at the end of my talk, I’m going to give away a book so be ready to type Gift Me Text gift me to 818 221 2797 and I’m going to give away a book for the first a
person who texts that and gift me to 818 221 2797 I will
give you a book and at the end of at today’s
session I will let you know why what book I’m giving away as a matter of fact if
you even get the sense. Of today’s session. You will realize
with the book is. I’m Liza Boubari and this is the 3E event. Journey within and
harness your inner power September 29 and 30 at the Westin Resort and spa. Get your tickets today. So what does success what
is purpose what his intention. When a client walks
in the door here. As I’ve said that
many many times as a clinical hypnotherapist. Had a magician. So we do therapy work. But we also take you into a state of deep hypnosis. Because I truly believe. That there were so much power in
the power of the subconscious mind. That our habits behaviors patterns can shift in that realm home. As we bypassed are critical analyzing. Reasoning judging criticizing factor
which is right between our conscious or subconscious. And we stopped that judgment. Who is the biggest judge. And analyzer and
criticize her of us. Yeah that’s right look into the mirror and
you will find that person. No one in this world. Can criticize you as much as you do yourself
and you know what. I’ll tell you this. When we. As children. Grow up in a household. Or are amongst people that are constantly. critiquing but. Criticizing and. Or dissing the things that you do or constants the correct
thing to things you do. As a child. We come to believe. I’m not good enough. I can’t. Do something right. Again I got. Critiqued Or actually I wish it was a critique I’m
being criticized or am being judged or I am being dissed or it’s again. I can do no right. So. They’re. Creates this sense of. You know. I’m not good enough. No matter what I do it’s
not going to be good enough and as children. Still works on how you do even as a does not only with
the children that I work with but even with adults. We come to bypass and
peel away so many layers of criticizing analyzing
and judging ourselves to get to the core of
rarity we come up with I’m not good enough. My body is not good enough. My work is not good enough. My job I’m constantly or So many who are
constantly feeling. I’m not. Going to get there because I don’t have the means I
don’t have the education I don’t have the connections I don’t I don’t I don’t and guess who else
make sure that you believe. You don’t. Media. That’s right media. You’re not then enough. You’re not dieting enough. You’re not gorgeous enough. About of fact believe it or not. The other day I took a picture. I took a picture of this. I thought it was horrific. I don’t know if you can
see this I don’t want to show the
the sponsored but. Literally I I can show you this part. I want you to see this. I dunno. Can you
see what this is? They were promoting How does their squeezing this
needle inside the body with music that as they are poking into. The body of this woman to become thinner. With music. Can you believe this? It’s on Instagram and I understand I’m not judging those who want to go and do your liposuction
your body contouring and everything. That’s your choice. What you do. But what this company is doing is promoting that. Not only I can do this for you but look at the
way I’m doing good. Hi I’m even playing music because it’s so much fun and you won’t feel it well first I’m positive that they
have numbed you. Or a known to your body. So that you are
not feeling good. And all the marks and
everything and it’s there to me. a it just hurt me my body. You have to realize even when I do root canal. I do self hypnosis. No anesthesia not even a
topical goes into my mouth. And I’ve done a small
little eyelid surgery. With absolutely no anesthesia and they sewed it up. The power that you have with thing you
the power of your subconscious the power of pure essence of control. You know in think and go rich. Napoleon Hill said something
it says when desires are strong enough
you will appear to pose possess. Humane superhuman powers to achieve. This is from Napoleon Hill. The person who wrote “Think and Grow Rich” Years ago. And then as I am studying this, guess what? Who was the mentor
of Napoleon Hill? Dale Carnegie. That’s right. Dale Carnegie from
the Carnegie Hall and Back east and Dale Carnegie that was this
conglomerate billionaire business mogul right. Nowadays when we think about
a boat business local think about who? Jeff Bezos. We think about Tesla We think about Gates. We think about Amazon that is literally pac-man everything. Monopoly became smaller. And realize. That with each and every one of us. We have the gift. We do. If we only. When we have the desire when. Everything is
created by thought. Right. So when a client comes
here and I asked them what do you want. They go round and
about the things that. It’s about other people it’s about their
children it’s about her husband it’s about the father it’s about
everyone else. By. Again. What do you want. Starting. The starting point of all achievement comes from a desire. Two weeks ago I
was at a mastermind. And rummy have bought was house and there was the president and then of the foundation
for Napoleon Hill. Mr Don Green and of course John Gray. Was there if you haven’t
heard John Gray the author of “Men are from Mars,
Women are from Venus”. So and there was seventy other top notch people as were sitting there. I thought of one thing. I think it. And now it’s time to grow. And that’s exactly what’s going
to happen at my 3E Event. It’s not an event to do power while row
sales and marketing know. It is not a place that you are
going to be sold things No It is not a place that it’s all about
mastermind and networking. No it is not. So now that you
realize it’s not the things but what is it. It is a place of
great achievement. Enter introspect. It is a place that you get to listen to. Folks who have gone through their
own challenges to be where they are and they have learned
tools and techniques to. Share with you to give you there is
going to be our heart of gifting a lot of sharing a a lot of connection. No it is not about you
getting up on stage and make for us to have something happen. Unless you choose
to come on stage and we together help you achieve something that you
thought about and you though that I can’t and we help you bridge and get to that AHA
moment and realize yes I can. That’s called transformation. Finding one person
that you connect. You.
I want you to know one thing. Like is about connections. And how we connect. Every single person. That it’s going to be
and by in fact I dunno why I’m getting
emotional because of the person I thought of. Is a connection that I have made with them. The person who’s going to be there who’s really a part of my committee. Is because of the connections and I have
met throughout the years that I have met them at other places. And. It’s not. It’s not. Only just meeting them and networking with
them but the friendship and the connection that has. Been created. And throughout the years
where we are together. And at 3E were going to stand up together were showing up together we’re going to express
in the speak up together. So that when you are there you will realize
this was this one event that I went. And I didn’t know
what’s gonna happen. That, yes, you evoke your emotions you get to embrace it’s all of who you
are because that truly is who I believe. Every single client that’s
what I bring for my clients. The difference between me and someone else
is not I’m not here just to hypnotize you but for you to learn to take me so
you can utilize it for you yourself. You’re not here for
months and months and even when you
come to The 3E Event. Yes You’re going to
receive so much more. Grace, compassion, joy, networking, friendship. Introspective of. Every essence of
who you are evoking it. So that you can embrace all of you. Embrace life. Embrace your good and bad
and right and wrong and realize all that is what. It starts with one seed
that is being planted right here right now today. So I want you to click below and say yes to you say yes to you and bring a friend. It’s like a to for you
come with a friend for the two of you. It’s $747.00, just like the plane seven
forty seven I’m a child. Of. Aviation my father was any of aviation
my mom was in aviation from so much of my family that’s why I love flying. I love to fly in thoughts. I love to fly and let go I love to fly in plains
airport is a place that I love. And all that is like a metaphor. Everything is a metaphor if you
have the fear of flying I can help you get on the plane and go wherever you want either in your mind or in reality with absolute. Ease. Comfort. All this so that you
can evolve to white to your heart’s desire. When we think about it. Is realizing. Be patient. Everything comes to you. We don’t force success we don’t force relationships we don’t force you to be there. We allow. You to join us. We ask you to join us. Because without. The challenges and breaking through
those challenges. Just like a butterfly. That has to go through the chrysalis to come out. To fly. A child. That has to go. And grow in this. Beautiful womb the Incubator. Until they were boring. Until they are placed
on their mothers bosom. Realizing. We all have a purpose
from the moment. We decide. And we choose our parents. And we are born. Yes. I believe there
are no accidents. So. Every single day. Jaime try John. How are you high said
that John how are you. Every single day. You have a choice. What do you want. Truly what do you want. And I got emotional today. Because. Today I’m going to. The funeral of. More of Phillips who. Passed away. Over a month ago. He has it took this long for her. For the funeral to happen. But for eighteen years. She was like my grandma. So today. We say good bye and. For me. Getting emotional because again. I want you to realize. Eighteen years ago this
beautiful soul came into my life as a client and for eighteen years. I was connected. And I loved this wine. So today I celebrate. And I think this beautiful soul. Who I adopted as my grandma. In life. We have so many in. That we do is. You know sometimes our
family we have no choice even though I believe
we pick or parents. And everyone else
that comes with it. But our friends. The people we associate with. The ones we work with. We choose. And that is the gift. Gift of God. The gift of choice. The gift of who you are. So. I truly believe it’s
time for you to. Stand up. Show up. Speak up. Enjoying The 3E Event in September 29 and 30 At the beautiful Westin Rancho Mirage. More pictures coming. So today’s gift All you have to do is text GIFTME to 818 221 2797 the word GIFTME And I will give you. This national bestseller book “The Boardroom Buddha” hm. I gave you a quote from Buddha I gave you quotes
from Napoleon Hill and I want you to know. Become the person you want to see in the mirror. And be proud of
yourself nothing. Trump’s self pride. So. It’s by Dean Myers and. One of my mentors. Dr Greg Reed Which I’m going to
be with him for the. For two days in a row and another mastermind. Next week and for that I want to thank you all again the book. “The Boardroom Buddha” Text GIFTME to 818 221 2797 and I will give you this. And until next week God bless you. Be appreciative of all that. You are and those you pick and choose to be with you. And I will close today. Where’s mine of my own quotes. Which says. Which I say. Keep the best. Drop the rest. Until next week. God bless you. And may the universal light surround you. I’m Liza Boubari and this
is the the 3E Event. Journey with it and
harness your inner power September 29 and 30 at the Westin Resort and spa. Get your tickets today.

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