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Pain to Gain

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

~ Buddhist Proverb

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From Pain to Gain

My mission as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Stress Management Consultant, with over 20 years of experience and having gone through massive transformation of my own is to help individuals who feel overwhelmed, anxious and under-valued go from Pain to Gain, by eradicating self-doubt and heal past trauma through my 3E Method.

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Greetings greetings greetings and
welcome to Heal Tuesdays and this is Liza.
It’s so good to be here with you
isn’t it.
Wow! How are you doing
today that’s one of my
biggest questions
I wanted to know.
Do you know how you feel.
Yesterday I did a post
on my story and it says.
The people who used to know you from long to go a long time ago
may not recognize you today
and that is.
Where are you in life.
Huh you transform.
Our you have you changed
have you changed drastically have you changed
places have you changed friendships school
whatever it is.
That what is the impact that has had on
Your life
and who you are.
If you don’t know me my name is Liza Boubari
by trade I’m a clinical hypnotherapist and
stress management consultant.
Specializing in women’s wellness.
Today I want to talk to you about a program
one of my programs that.
It’s a Albany in.
In the works at and it’s been the working.
at a lot of people who come to me.
To a specially to a hypnotherapist specially to me when they come.
They come in feeling.
Feeling anxious
well I like to college
they feel in pain.
There’s some kind of a pain.
And. So
The entire thing is to take them from this paint point
to a place
that they feel.
So much better
so I developed this
program called from pain to gain.
And today I want to talk to you about the first segment
which is the “P”
from pain
to gain.
We’re going to be talking discussing the pain
and I might even propose some questions to you.
So what does it mean
to be in pain.
I like to
share with you when
I talk about
pain and feeling powerless
and going from paint game and.
I believe is that coming through the hardship prepares.
Ordinary people.
Just like and me.
For an.
We are destined.
In life.
To move forward.
We never go backwards. Right?
So as Les Brown said too many of us are not living or dreams
We are stuck and living our fears.
So I wanted to.
For you to.
Take a.
Setback and not as hit back but take a moment.
To realize.
Where you are.
How would you feel.
So feeling powerless.
Means that for thirty six percent
and we’re talking about forty six percent of Americans say they feel out of control
and powerless in their lives
Were talking about that
and after COVID that number of forty six has come
up two
fifty seven percent.
Not feeling in control.
And the national survey found that eighty percent
eighty two percent of women.
Or sometimes feel insecure.
In their relationship.
And seventy four percent of men would rather know.
That people respect them.
Then love them
they rather be respected
then loved.
So when we are talking about
Powerless is
How do we come to.
Go from.
To be powerless as being without.
I have no control over my life.
And it’s.
Commonly mistaken for feeling.
and helpless.
So Is there any part of your life that right now you may feel.
I’m out of control
it could be a habit.
That you want to change in you can’t get out of it.
I just got a call half an hour ago.
This beautiful lady who found me on Yelp and.
She was like.
At my last
I’m going through a divorce.
The kids with the school and everything and I feel
that my life.
Has been turned upside down I can’t find myself.
And yet.
Where she asked about my fees
she says.
I can’t afford that.
And that she goes into tears.
So. I understand that because.
It can be difficult to overcome.
Feeling this powerlessness this helplessness because when
we are stuck in there when
you may be stuck.
In that.
Place of.
I don’t know what to do
I can’t get out of this and I see no.
I see no door I see no hope.
You feel.
As if you are stripped.
By your ability to feel.
In control.
That’s when I.
Step in.
You know the work that I do some say.
You’re like a disruptor.
I disrupt the mindset
and I like to call it
when we shift our mindset.
From the core.
It a shift that you may have not seen.
And and. We.
With a small level change
tapping them to your subconscious mind or sometimes.
It doesn’t even have to be dot deep of a work sometimes all you have to do is see
another version
and use find another door
that opens you know
instead of banging on the same the door turn around
and there is a window
and all you have to do is open window.
The glimpse of hope.
When you find that.
When you see it
you realize
I’m no longer a powerless.
And so there’s two things to consider
when you feel powerless
one is.
What you can control.
And another is what is
outside of your control.
What did I do.
Is a guide to you.
So that you stop giving away
your power.
That you find your control whatever it is that needs to be
taking care of becoming powerless doesn’t happen.
Just like that it’s not this one relationship
and what she said is like I’m sick and tired of of falling into the same.
Right of.
Attracting the same man
and finding the same men who are not in good for me.
And there’s so something needs to be changed yes.
It’s not about them
it’s always about you.
The same thing as my other client yesterday.
In his
in this relationship
yes I see both men and women.
So to meet and doesn’t matter when we are in that
feeling of I need to make that change.
But I need help.
So it could be consciously or subconsciously as a clinical hypnotherapist
I may do to hypnosis for you to tap into the subconscious for you
to. Make the massive shift
and yet as an action coach what.
I do is also.
Just. For you to see the patterns.
Recognize the patterns that’s why we call it the evoke evoking
what was
so it’s like.
Recognizing the patterns that.
You have created for yourself for whatever reason and you may feel powerless.
But it was a comfort zone.
I know you might turn around and say why would anyone
put themselves in that kind of a situation and call it a comfort zone.
I may have.
Said the story before
Jim brown also talks about this story
and if you don’t know who Jim Brown is please Google.
Is like the master of the master
Think and grow rich.
And I’ve mentioned that book many times.
So Jim road is.
Talking about the story that apparently someone goes to.
Talk to the guru
and have a
interview with a girl.
So as he’s sitting there.
Interviewing the girl and talking to the groceries immersed in his to.
And he recognizes on decide that there is.
The groaning dog
is right there.
At at the foot of the chair.
Moaning and groaning.
Right the wait dogs do.
And with anyone else they would like.
Pet the dog or.
Check and see what’s going on
After a while the gurus not paying attention
he keeps looking at the group they talk and then again he diverse as attention to the
dog and then
to a point that
after a few times the guru says.
What’s going on.
What is distracting you.
He says
your dog.
Your dog is moaning
and groaning in has been.
Right there.
He says yes.
His sitting.
On. A needle.
I mean
A nail.
There was a nail
and on the wood and he’s sitting on it.
And he says but aren’t you going to do anything about it.
He says.
Apparently it’s not hurting.
Bad enough.
So why am I saying the story because.
It’s a process that for most people the process.
Is so gradual.
Just like the frog.
If you dump a frog in a hot water
it will do all the splash and everything and leap out.
Many if you put a frog in.
A cool water or a.
Lukewarm water
in very gently turn
the fire underneath it.
And in the water starts boiling and boiling
the frog will remain there
Until it boils.
There are so many.
Ways that I can explain
that being and feeling powerless seems like an easy way.
Be protected.
To be accepted I’m like.
I feel helpless I can’t do anything
please you take care of it.
And by doing that when we say stop giving your power away.
Take ownership.
Take ownership.
Of your own pain
take ownership of what is the problem
take ownership and once you start chipping away peeling away
the layers.
Of why.
You feel.
I don’t deserve or
I feel helpless
and you come to
Yourself worth.
That’s when you find.
You’re taking more control.
You can breathe better.
It can find a sense of.
And there is
an answer. Do.
So in my program I talk about.
Stop giving your power.
For others to feel better.
And recognize you can even right you can create
A column on a piece of paper.
Or put a column.
And say where in my life.
Or in my relationships
or in my work
in my job
with my children with my partner with my lover with my family with my.
And. Parents.
Whatever it is.
Where do I feel.
Lack there of where do I feel I’m out of control.
Or he could be even finances or health.
And on the other call him.
I want you
to write.
Here’s the problem this is where I feel
lack there of or how place or out of control
and what can I do.
What is it that I want on your second call him
what do I want.
This is how I want to feel.
And on your third column.
What. Actions can I take
to get here.
What actions do I need to take.
What can I do
to feel differently
what can I do to
make the change at home at work week my finances
you know why has this things about finances.
Just like her
we say I can’t afford.
But what is it that you can’t afford.
Can you afford.
Feeling helpless
can you afford feeling
out of control can you afford constantly.
What with would hurt was like
I don’t sleep more than two hours
well can you afford being sleepless
can you afford being
angry and with
that anxiety and sleeplessness
and still cope with your children at everything else in your life.
You take power.
In your hand
and you do this three columns
where am I.
What do I wind
how can I get there.
And if you say I don’t know the ways
then call me.
Call me.
Let’s see what are your blocks what is standing in the
in your way sometimes.
You may be in a cage.
With the key in your pocket.
And not realizing.
All I have to do.
Is unlock.
And walk out.
Because I think.
I can’t.
Or I mean here.
Stop worrying.
And when I say stop
Because so many of US writers be stuck in this worry worth.
Instead of taking the action.
And the last thing.
That I would like to.
Is. Establish a core self like
wouldn’t gives you a sense of power.
If To day.
Just for today.
Good morning.
Just for today
you were to make one
change in your life
just one change.
What change which you make.
What change can you make in the next
If you have to say okay
I feel so anxious
what is the one change you can make.
I Claudia
how are you.
Is to say.
I can start writing this down.
Or you can turn around and say I’ve been writing and writing and writing
and all I can think of is the problems well.
What if you turn around and say here’s the problems.
What is it that I desire.
What is it that I
In my life this is my dream
this is my desire
and what is the one thing I can do
today or in the next hour.
Just one thing.
And it comes from gratitude.
Today this is where I am.
All start with one change thank you these are you were a com hi Robert.
How are you.
Have one change in our life one spark.
One glitter.
So what I was talking to her and when she said I can’t afford you and I said
that’s fine. You can’t right now.
By tonight
I want you to sync.
What is it that you cannot
not afford.
What is it that you want in your life and I guarantee you.
Because of the work that I do.
After twenty two years.
You know.
My expertise.
Has developed. That
not only as a hypnotherapist and stress management anger management those
certificates doesn’t really matter.
Treat US who.
Because you might be in this abusive cycle and sometimes we don’t realize.
What is the cycle inside or head.
And if I can give you
a glimpse of.
A freedom.
To shed
a light so you can shed a tear.
A tier of self confidence
and self acceptance
and self appreciation.
To see that glimpse of hope.
That blight.
That you are.
And come from fear
Then you can come from fear.
To freedom.
In your mind.
In your heart.
And I guarantee you if you have.
Residual pain.
just travels in your body.
You will begin to heal that too.
He’ll within.
Is not a magic.
Is a choice.
I transformed over twenty five years ago.
By healing like ovarian cyst
by healing
and left a very good paying
position as an assistant to attorney
to do the work that I do.
And every single morning I wake up and I say.
I am grateful.
Who can I serve today.
Because truly the work that I do.
Is of service.
Feeling powerless.
Take your power back.
Yes stay in tune because
my program I offer is
coming to light next month
and if you have not.
Ladies if you have not already register.
Do yourself a favor.
Register for The 3E Event
dot com.
And few seeing.
A glimpse of what I say right here.
Is powerful
wait until you are immersed in a two day healing.
Immersing yourself with powerful speakers who will give you the tools and.
to take you from this level to another level
of healing exercises that we’re going to be doing
and then not only you’re in a five star hotel
but at night on the first day we’re going to go to the lawn on the green lawn
that beautiful place under the stars
and we’re going to do the sound bath healing.
This two days
is a to date of transformation.
And if that is what you.
And you want this for you.
For your family.
Because when you feel good.
They feel good.
When they started feeling good
you smile.
Most of my clients say
The work that I have been doing with you.
I didn’t realize
it’s affecting my children.
And their calmer.
Because everything is energy.
You are energy.
When you feel better.
They feel better.
So. Let’s shift the cycle.
Of downwards
just like a lotus
I look forward to
To you
to your home.
For you to come in here.
Either. In person
via zoom
My arms will be open to give your hug.
When we are together
and until then.
God bless you thank you Robert
thank you Claudia
and every one of you.
Who watches these episodes
Share and I thank you.
God bless you.
And look forward to seeing you next week.
Made a universal light
By bye

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