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What is Your Story

Lovers don't finally meet somewhere
they're in each other 
all along.
And there are a thousand ways to meal and kiss the ground.
And there are a thousand ways to go home again.

~ Rumi

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What is your story? What makes you the person you are?

My name is Liza Boubari and I am proud to say. I am here every single week to give you Tools and Techniques In a way so that you can Stand up Show up and Speak up for yourself. As a matter of fact, starting tonight not only in the mornings become present and appreciative.

Right before you go to sleep, you take a small little notebook. Every night you write five things you are grateful for that day. Let’s start with three wins and three challenges of the week Three wins of the day. Three challenges Of the day What is it that was challenging for you. And what were the way means that you had and you could be as simple as:

  • I brush my teeth.
  • I went for a walk.
  • I took my dog for a walk.
  • I kissed my whoever I walked out the door and I said. “See you later. I love you.”

If you start practicing any one of these, in recognizing and appreciating yourself for doing this, that’s a win. So for that it takes just a choice. We all have choices. So if you like this post, thank you. All of you who follow me, and for some who don’t even leave a comment., that when I see you you say you know what, “I saw your posts and I just wanted to say it was wonderful.” I appreciate and I thank you for that. Because my mission is making one impact. Each time. And that can be. A day. A week. A month. Make an impact on one person.

That’s my million-dollar job.

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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal talk Tuesdays with Liza.
Where transformation begins as we evoke embrace.
Greetings greetings greetings
and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesday’s.
This is Liza.
It’s so good to be here with you isn’t it.
Today I want to start with a quote
a beautiful quote.
From Rumi.
And of course
if you know Rumi you also know that he is
one of the most
renowned a poets from
Persia and
ne of the biggest quotes that he’s got is
“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere
they’re in each other.
All along.
And there are thousand ways to meal and kiss the ground.
And there are thousand ways to go home again.”
When I think about Rumi.
About relationships
and this is one of the most
This is one of the quotes that
I have quoted many times and it’s.
You have to keep breaking your heart.
It opens
I started with
the quote today because.
So much of what we do in life life.
Is a story.
Is a story it’s a quote when we think about it.
I come up with quotes all the time
so today’s message is what is your story.
Because we all have a story.
And my clients who come to me
and day have their own story
and they have their own perception.
Of their story.
So what is the truth.
Is that he said she said.
Or that reality.
My name is Liza Boubari
by trade I’m a clinical hypnotherapist stress management consultant
and I help you go from pain to gain
and with those pain mean.
Most of my clients who come here
they feel a sense of powerlessness.
And when they feel anxious or.
Going through anxiety feeling insecure
or going through negative thoughts.
Through the work that I do either through hypnotherapy or.
Action coaching
I take them
through this process of evoking embracing and evolving purchase evoking what was it
understanding why you feel
powerless why you feel insecure why you feel.
Anxious it deep inside you or going through this.
thought and patterns and holding onto that right
in order to embrace of all of that you are.
Accept the reality and understand.
Everything about your story
about your history
about your experiences.
Has brought you to wear your today.
Now. If you want to involve
and go to the next that you.
Know what it is that you want and I take you to that gain
which is feeling great about who you are
feeling as someone.
Just said after they finish them their vip sessions and everything he says.
I you’re relieved.
As if I have a whole new concept about myself.
I like myself I can quote you he says I
like myself more.
That’s true I said he. Because.
I do see clients who are male who are men
I do work with children from ages of eight and up
and of course women is what I specialize in
in their wellness in their healing and everything
but I see all clients because
our issues.
It doesn’t segregate who we are.
Where we come from what religion or
what we look like.
It’s just.
This is who we are.
And I tweet you as a whole.
So when we gain.
That perspective of greatness feeling great about.
All of who you are.
In going to feeling more independent.
And feeling more.
Except dense Deacon said
in order for you to start nurturing and nourishing yourself
that’s the game part. Okay.
That’s the my pattern this is how I work with my clients
sometimes it’s magic and happens in for sessions sometime in may take more
but it’s not about me it’s about the you.
So the other day.
We were having a group over here and someone said.
I want to help this person feel better
that’s amazing.
And I’m going to do everything that’s awesome.
And I want back to happen.
Here’s the thing.
I want this to happen for all my clients
but it’s not mine.
Every single one of us.
Has our own journey.
Our own journey of healing.
A barn journey of going through that pray pain
and just like Rooney said.
It’s a.
We have to keep breaking.
Our heart.
Until it opens into it cracks open
and it doesn’t mean that we have to
be devastated.
It’s just understanding.
What does it mean.
So in Farsi.
There’s there’s some.
It says.
I will translated for you at.
As well and he says
اهدای دسته گل
از گل های روی قبر من
چرا که نه.
خوشحالم کن با
یک گل
و به جای همه اشکی که هستی
وقتی رفتم بر قبرم می ریزم
چرا من را نمی سازد
خوشحال با فقط
یک لبخند.
He didn’t know that I can also recite poetry
and that’s what I did as a child I used
to write stories.
I used to write lyrics I used to write poetry’s
and what this poems as. It says
Instead of.
Bestowing a bouquet of flowers on my grave.
Why not.
Make me happy with
one flower.
And instead of all the tears that you’re going to shed upon my grave when I am gone,
Why not make me
happy with just
A smile.
Today that I am here with you.
Let us enjoy this.
Instead of one drink.
After I am gone.
And that is exactly what I want to talk to you.
If you wanted to make a change in your life if you want something if you weren’t
aspiring for something.
Choose today.
We all have.
Hard choices.
But sometimes the choices that we make
like my client.
When he was telling me.
When he first came here and he was talking about
the devastation of
how his divorce was in the things that he went through
how his heart was broken be heat because he.
The truly wanted that to work.
And he was adamant making it work and
now a year and a half later he’s realizing he feels better.
He’s thinner
he is healthier he’s not drinking as much he’s not know charming himself.
He is happier his
work his business has.
And because.
He says.
I felt like I was constantly
under the thumb and I
was not me I was constantly walking on eggshells
yes men feel the same thing as we do so there is no man woman
when we feel constricted.
When we feel limited
and it may not be real.
It might be your perception.
But until the time you don’t look back and say.
You know what.
Everything that happened.
Now I see the light now I see.
How this has benefited me.
And instead of dwelling on the past of the negativity.
Now he’s looking of all the positivity.
To see.
How he.
Has grown and how he is standing up for himself.
You know after age fifty.
Your are to look and say.
I do matter.
I had this beautiful testimonial that was said
and it was a for my 3E Event.
Of let me see if I can find add.
Yes it’s a testimonial.
Of one person
but three years ago after my events and it says “I cannot stress enough
the world needs more of the 3E Event to help us women with words and wisdom.
And it’s all the speakers
who gave me new eyes a new way
to look.
At the world
and I learned so much of my own limitations and
overcame my own fears even at the event.
So. What.
I’m not gonna read the most of the
testimonials because I want you
to receive our newsletters to sign up with
our newsletters by be part of our community.
Of the 3E and learn how to heal within.
You know I say transformation begins.
When we heal with then.
Healing does not mean that.
I’m broken.
I am devastated
I or.
I need healing.
Pack healing is just like.
The poem that I recited.
Who you are right here right now.
Every single morning when you wake up.
Just be grateful.
For all your senses.
Every aspect of you.
When we think about.
Negativity in we wake up.
Any if you start practicing gratefulness every single day
you will realize if you do that for thirty three days.
Which is my philosophy of doing things in
three times three which is nine number nine of completion.
You will see that
you come from that negativity into the positivity.
And automatically
your entire mood in the morning shifts
this morning.
I was talking to Mike D Butler which is our.
Main sponsor for our event or title sponsor the publisher of my book and oh my God
which reminds me.
If you are not going to be at the.
3E you’re going to miss out at this amazing and
because we’re going to announce something which is absolutely amazing
and yes.
And I want you to be there
so I can invite you to join me
and okay.
I retract retracted again.
Talking to Mike D Butler.
guess when.
At seven thirty in the morning I’m walking my dog
I’m on that beautiful trail
I’m on the phone with my call
and I stop and I say oh.
I wish you were here to see the beauty of when I see
and I took a picture in I send it to him
and I want you to realize when you become present
No matter what if you’re talking to someone else if you’re blogging you’re walking
your dog you’re talking to some
a your child your.
Partner your love for your parents.
Pause for a moment.
Appreciate that very moment.
Because we never know
what happens five minutes from then on.
The moment that you say yes to you.
That you are present.
For you.
That you become present with nature and guide.
You say yes to whoever you are.
It’s like saying I matter.
In the has the work that how you to.
Make sure that when from the moment you step in here.
You realize you do matter.
You do matter not only to me to my team
to my staff.
Your matter when you are a part of our.
Community or tribe when you are or at the HealWithin.
Either here at our healing center or when you join us at the 3E event from the
moment you step out of the
door and you walk and you will feel embraced
knowing that you matter.
And so will your guests
and every single one of my speakers
will treat you as if.
Thank you for being here.
You know why.
Because they matter.
You matter.
We all do.
And that is the message I wanted to bring
today to you. Doesn’t matter
who all the things that I have done being in the bulk being a speaker putting an
event together bottom line and what a view.
I went through so many hardships.
I have been broken down.
I have been bullied.
I have been told the off.
I have been.
Asked to leave.
A meeting
I have been fired from so many.
Businesses and works.
I mean not works by jobs.
To law firms who fired me
and it was.
I walked out of saying.
Wow I just got fired.
And when I went home and I told my dad I remembered that they play
that look.
It says again.
I’m laughing at it now
it was devastating them because I was like.
Dumbfounded how can you fire me.
I work hard
nine hours ten hours I’m out that law firm.
Was that firing.
That led me to the next job that was better.
If I was in fires from that one job I’m I cannot say.
It was not a law firm but another position
it would not have forced me.
Do this work.
I was diving into hypnotherapy like a part-time.
Why because in the mornings.
Was working for someone else promoting them
working hard in the membership and doing everything.
In like next thing you know.
The person who hired me.
Within a month and a half.
Sorry do not come back tomorrow.
Call me at seven o’clock at night.
And I was in my
office my first office though I had.
When I opened my office as a hypnotherapist
and at the time I was so self-conscious.
It was my perception.
That if I’m doing this in the morning.
And then i’m doing this part time.
What would people think of me.
Now that I’m just thinking about it.
Although that was my perception then I had not even voice that until now.
I didn’t think I was good enough.
Twenty two years later.
You walk into my office.
I know I can make a difference in your life
I know I can make a difference
in what you wanted to accomplish
I know I can help you
go from pain to gain.
I know you can shift habits and behaviors.
If you have the desire.
If you choose.
I stand by you.
So choose today.
The clear.
And say yes to yourself.
My name is Liza Bari.
And I am proud to say.
I am here every single week.
To give you Tools.
In a way.
So that you can.
Stand up show up and speak up for yourself.
As a matter of fact.
Starting tonight not only in the mornings
become present and appreciative.
But what if starting tonight.
Right before you go to sleep.
You take a small little.
Notebook like this.
Just a small little tiny notebook.
And just like me.
Every night
you write five things
you are grateful
for that day.
When my clients come here I do something I say
let’s start with three wins
and three challenges of the week
and you can do the same thing.
Three wins of the day.
Three challenges.
Of the day.
What is it that was challenging for you.
And what were the way means that you hack
and you could be as simple as.
I brush my teeth.
Went for a walk.
I took my dog for a walk.
Or. I kissed my.
Whoever you want blink.
Before I walked out the door and I said.
See you later.
I love you.
If you start practicing.
Any one of this.
In recognizing and appreciating yourself for doing this.
That’s a win.
So for that.
It takes just.
A choice.
We. All. Choices.
Where do we choose.
Would you choose.
So if you are
like this post.
Thank you for.
All of you who follow me.
And for some who don’t even leave a comment.
That when I see you you say you know what.
I saw your posts and I just wanted to say it was wonderful.
I appreciate and I thank you for that.
Because my mission is making one impact.
Each time.
And that can be. A day. A week.
A month.
Five make an impact and one person.
That’s my million dollar job.
Of dunkirk.
Until next week I bid you good bye.
Please do share.
If you like it.
Comment something.
I want.
For you.
To make a comment.
Or share.
The comments as such a beautiful and inspiring palm love it
go from pain to gain say yes to yourself and then.
Thank you Cristiana thank you for being part of Heal Talk Tuesdays
and the HealWithin team.
And for all of you.
I am grateful for being here.
You can subscribe.
And until next week.
And yes I will put the link.
For you or someone you know who wants to be part of the 3E
Event happening September.
Thirtieth and October first.
Friday and Saturday
in Rancho Mirage
and at the western five star hotel.
Absurdly amazing powerful speakers.
Healing for you.
It’s time for you to show up stand up
and speak up.
Because you.
Have the right.
As a child of God.
You deserve.
Thank you so next week.
And until next week God bless you
and may the universal flight surround here.

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