page title icon Perception: Unlocking the Wonders of the Five Senses


Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.”

– Napoleon Hill

Perception is a fascinating aspect of the human experience that shapes our understanding of the world around us. It is through our senses that we gather information from our surroundings, enabling us to interpret and make sense of the world. The five senses—sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch—play a pivotal role in this process, acting as gateways to our perception. Let’s delve into the wonders of perception and how our senses contribute to shaping our reality. Fear can be both a blessing and a curse, depending upon how and when one yields to it or rejects it.

What are the Five Basic Senses?


Our eyes capture the vibrant colors and intricate details of our surroundings.

The human eye can see about one million different colors. This is because a healthy human eye has three types of cone cells, each of which can register about 100 different color shades, amounting to around a million combinations.


Our ears perceive sounds ranging from the gentle rustling of leaves to the melodious notes of music.

Humans can detect sounds in a frequency range from about 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Human infants can actually hear frequencies slightly higher than 20 kHz, but lose some high-frequency sensitivity as they mature; the upper limit in average adults is often closer to 15–17 kHz. Fido can hear 40 Hz to 60 kHz, which is much greater than that of humans. Cats beat everyone though, the hearing range of the cat for sounds of 70 dB SPL extends from 48 Hz to 85 kHz, giving it one of the broadest hearing ranges among mammals.


The taste buds on our tongues allow us to savor the diverse flavors of food.

The taste buds are located in the walls and grooves of the papillae. Adults have between 2,000 and 4,000 taste buds in total. The sensory cells in the taste buds are renewed once a week. So, when you burn your tongue, those buds are replaced.

Originally, the taste bug regions were for sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. Kikunae Ikeda, a chemist at Tokyo Imperial University, discovered umami taste in 1908. Recently, scientists in Japan have discovered kokumi, the “rich taste”.

Sense of Smell

Our sense of smell detects subtle fragrances and helps us create associations with memories.

These are roughly 1 trillion scents that the human nose and brain are capable of distinguishing from each other with about 6 million receptors. Dogs have 40 times larger and about 100 million sensory receptors.

Sense of Touch

Our sense of touch enables us to feel textures, temperature, and pressure, allowing us to interact with the physical world.

Bonus! Two Extra Senses


Vestibular sense involves movement and balance. It is the sense of where our body is in space. Close your eyes for a minute and take a quick inventory of your body. Even without seeing or touching, you know where your arms and legs are in space. Vestibular sense is important because it helps us stand, walk and sit up without falling over.


Proprioception is also called body awareness sense. This sense helps us understand where our body parts are in relation to each other. It also helps us figure out how much force to use in different activities (think of picking up a fragile glass versus a gallon of milk).

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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.



Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza, where transformation begins as we
evoke, embrace, and evolve.
Greetings, greetings, greetings, and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays. This is
Liza. It’s so good to be here with you, isn’t it?
Today is a very soulful day for me.
I want to say that first and foremost, I
am glad to be here with you, and hope you had a memorable weekend,
celebrating a Memorial Day, and honoring those within your family or of your
country, those who have served are serving,
and in a way, protecting where we are, who
we are, our country, our place, our home.
With that, it just reminded me, what is it that I wanted to talk about? It
was about memory, it’s about perception, it is understanding a lot about our
mental wellness, and what better way to talk about mental wellness,
than our mind, right? As a clinical hypnotherapist, that’s one of the things
I deal with day in, day out with my clients.
So when my clients come in here, it’s their aptitude, their perception, and
what is happening in their life, everything starting from here, because so.
many of us are overwhelmed, and undervalued,
and feel as if we’re not being seen being
heard, and it just, there’s a lot of stress and anxiety that happens in
between those two ears or eyes. So
let’s delve in and share a bit about what
is it that I want to talk about? It’s, you know, we’ve got senses, and what
our centuries are. We all know about our
centuries. So we have five senses.
One is the way we see, so it’s the sight,
our vision, and how we see the world, and how we see everything in light,
right? The second one is our hearing,
and what we call is being auditory. So the audio, which is how we hear things,
and how we see everything in
light, right? So the next one is sent.
How it is impacting you, either physically, mentally, emotionally, or what
is being recorded in your subconscious mind, okay? So everything that you
hear, everything you see, you hear, and you learn. That’s how we capture
things, right?
So the next one is sent. You know,
a lot of people say, visual, the vision.
is the number one sensory, and yes, but
so many of us are centaurient, which is the
of all the communication. It’s how we smell things from food, from flowers,
colognes, you know, it sticks to our
memory. When we think about kitchen, it.
‘s the smell of a kitchen, the smell of a food, or baking that creates a
memory in our.
sensory, and we remember things.
I remember at the time that I used to go.
dancing, there was this guy who would come and he would smoke pipe, and he.
was so handsome. That smell that
was the smell of his pipe. I mean, anybody can smoke a pipe, but his tobacco
, and because of who he was and his tobacco, I would close my eyes and to.
smell taking in. And believe I do
not, I would walk into the club, and if I.
smelled just a hint of that tobacco, I knew Sam was,
in the club. So it’s how we incorporate things into our memory bank. The.
other one is taste. You know, I swallowed just when I was talking about
taste. So tasting food, tasting
anything that you put, you mullet, you roll
it in your mouth, certain tastes of chocolate.
And the saliva, just like dogs, when you say treat, they start salivating.
the moment they hear the words, and
we are so much the same thing. The taste.
is another primitive way of how our sensory’s work. And the last one, which
is touch, how we are tactile, tactician, right?
And that also is very important. The way you like to be touched or not.
touched, some people are not touchy. The others are very much touchy, feely,
people hugging constantly. They want to hold hands or that’s how they share.
what they want or express their feelings.
So those are the five centuries. But there’s something beyond that, which is
called the six mental faculties of your mind. You know, they say the
intuitive mind is a sacred gift. And the rational mind is the slave, the
fateful servant to the intuition.
So when you think about that, hello my dear, I know who’s watching, but
thank you for being here.
So when we want to think about the centuries, and I only want to share some.
of those, the six senses and talk about the first one today.
And if you want to learn more by all means, watch the next episode and each
week from now, I’m going to be talking about one of those centuries, because
there is six of them that are quite important.
So it has always been just a few that even we care to understand how the
mind works. But it’s so clear that so many of us are not understanding the.
higher six higher faculties of our mind.
And they are perception, intuition,
imagination, reason, will and memory.
So again, let me start by saying the
number one is perception. Number two is.
reason and intuition, imagination,
will and memory. So today I want to talk
about perception.
So as you were sitting here watching
me, you have your own perception of who.
I am and something about me.
So exactly where does perception come, what is perception? So let’s talk
about that, because one of my favorite quotes is by Wayne Dyer, where he
says, when you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change. Let’s
say this again, when you start changing
the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
So Bruce Lee said it best. He said, don’t speak negatively about yourself
because even as a joke, because what you say, your body hears it, your body
comes to believe it, and it incorporates it, because our subconscious mind,
which I’ve been talking about the entire time, how we heal is dealing into.
opening the file of what was.
So it’s not the story, it’s the story of what you wrote, what you believe,
it’s what you perceive. So your perception about your history, what has
happened, and what you have come to believe and hold on to that has become
your reality.
Does that make sense? If it makes sense, say yes.
So your perception also comes from where you grew up, how you were raised,
what you have come to believe because of your surroundings, and the way you
speak, because one of the things that Bruce Lee also says is like words are
energy, and they cast the spell, and that’s why spelling came about.
That’s how we cast the spelling of what we want to say. And when we speak
about our body, when we speak about things, and how we word, and what we.
perceive our words, because one person, let me give you an example.
So the way they think about mathematics can be completely different than the
person who they love mathematics, and I believe everything is math. I was
not good in mathematics growing up, but the way I organize things, and the.
way I have this keen sense of numbers and everything is numbers, a great.
I was a great bookkeeper, and yet my parents were surprised because how can
you become a bookkeeper, and when you are not good in math? But I am very
good in numerology, and numbers mean a lot to me, but put me in a geometry,
and I get lost.
Or I used to get lost. I changed my perception until I realized, oh my god,
the things, how things are perceived, the shapes, and reshape has a
dimension, the dimension has numbers, and the way I started creatively think
about numbers, and how I started putting things together.
I can put together and do a wooden
puzzle, and maybe not be able to do
something else, but it’s how you perceive it.
And if you have a mentor, a teacher,
a coach, a therapist, anyone who can.
help solve, or unravel the things
that has been a block for you, or a
difficult issue, it becomes so easy.
I say “unravel.” So it’s like taking this veil, taking this scarf, taking
this block, it can be a block of rock, or a block of brick, or a block of
veil, right?
It’s how we perceive things, and it can be just a curtain, and your problems
can be just taking and pulling a curtain away. And it’s not as heavy as a
break, it’s not as heavy as a stone, and once you shift the perception, it
becomes so easy.
You say “Oh my God, like my clients.” Just the other day, she said “I never
thought of it that way.” And you just made it so easy for me.
So sometimes we are so bugled in
the things we thought I can’t, it’s not
possible. It is. What if someone make
it easy for you? What if someone were.
here to help you drop that weight?
What if someone were to say “just
close your eyes and imagine?” using your”
what of your sixth faculties of your mind” to give you a whole different
perception of what is possible.
The thing that Bruce Lee said is changed the way you speak about yourself
and you can change your life, and what you are not changing, you’re also
choosing. It’s so much the same as what
Wayne Dyer said. When you change the
way you look at things, the things you look at change.
One of my quotes is that the way we
see what we see, what we witness. So it’s
how we see things that we witness,
and how we witness, we become the
witness to the things we see.
So I am interchanging this because
our perception is using so much of our
centuries of five senses.
So if you have been to a movie
theater, and I know 99% of the ones I am
sharing this, you will say “yeah, I know.”.
So just imagine being in a movie theater, and you are already sitting there,
and you are holding either a bucket or a bag of popcorn.
Actually, without even holding it,
you know what, a bucket of a popcorn
feels like, and it could be one of those big ones, or it can be the small
Some movie theaters may not have the big buckets, but they have bags, they
have the big bags, or the small bags, the child’s portion, right?
But just imagine holding
that bucket. And as
you are holding, just the smell of popcorn.
If the way you like your
popcorn, is it buttery, is it salty?
And as you are sitting there waiting
for the movie to start, you’re watching.
the trailers, and you have not even
paid attention to the chair you’re sitting.
And nowadays, some movie theaters are so luxury that you go into one of
those movie theaters that you can take your food, your order of food, your
order of popcorn, and it’s being delivered to you, right?
And you recline.
And just the smell of that popcorn, the taste, without even touching the
popcorn, and the person sitting next to you, maybe you even have a napkin,
or you have another bucket, and you share it with the person next to you.
And this sharing, it’s included touch,
smell, listening to what’s happening,
even the tasting of the popcorn on
your tongue, without you even tasting it
at this very moment.
And not only your sensory of what you see, what you hear, what you smell,
what you touch, and what you taste.
Everything is included in this very moment of watching the trailers, or
maybe not even paying attention to the trailers, but speaking to the person
next to you.
And the perception of what life is
about is how you change it to be.
The perception is the source of your point of view, your perspective.
And by exercising your ability to change your perception, and choosing to.
speak the way you want life to be.
And when we come and we speak about, “I want this, I need this,” it comes
from lack.
What if you start speaking as if you
already have it, you desire it, you’re
in it, and you’re winning it.
Every aspect of what we think, what
we believe, and we shift our perception
to make it the reality, becomes
the reality that we view, make it to be.
So, the next time, when you are imagining, what is it that I want in my life
, instead of saying, “What do I want as speak of what do I desire?”
And whatever it is, start becoming a part of it.
Like my vision of what was the powerful she, the book of “I want to
collaborate” and bring about authors, the women who, with each story they
share, overcoming their own challenges,
making it impact in the world, is
making it impact in someone.
That perhaps in their world, in their eyes, they didn’t perceive it’s.
possible, and by reading it, and imagining it, and seeing that it is.
possible from someone very much like themselves, or someone that they aspire
to be, they turn around and say, “If she can do it, I can do it.”.
If that person could, why not me?
That is, shitting a light in someone else’s life.
So, when we talk about the powerful she, it’s the soul, it’s the spirit, it
‘s the spirit, the essence of the story.
And I welcome you, or if someone you know, to be part of this.
Let’s make a change together. Let’s empower someone else.
And if it is today, if I can be of an assistant and guide you, and help you,
and shift your perception of what life is
possible for you by all means, let me know.
Today’s message is about the memories that we create by shifting our
perception and knowing that we can make a difference in someone else’s life.
So, until next week, where I will talk about another perspective, another
faculty of our mind, and look forward to seeing you, and you never know what
‘s happening next week.
Because every single moment matters. You matter. I matter. And together, we.
make this entire world of ours our reality become the true matters.
So, see you next week, and thank you for being here. God bless and may the
Universal Light surround you.

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