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How Do you Shift Your Perception? Six Easy Steps

This week I will gift you my audio recording ‘Relax & Unwind‘. Just download it and listen in the privacy of your own home.

What gives you a sense of comfort and safety?
Instead of holding on to past grudges and blames, you can let go of what was, forgive, and shift negative old conditionings to work for the better today.

Steps to Shift Perceptions

1- Acknowledge it
2- Accept it for what it was
3- Shift your perception and interpretation
4- Let go and forgive yourself for holding on
5- Come to like and love yourself
6 -Make it all work for you.
7- You Matter

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You have more power than you believe.

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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays with Liza. Were transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Greetings greetings greetings and
welcome to heal park Tuesdays with Liza. It’s so good to be here with you isn’t it. Well I hope you had an amazing holiday spending it with
family and friends and a lot of fireworks. Well I think it today
we’re going to start with something and I’m
going to do a giveaway. I give away if you
type eight one eight. Actually if you type relax to eight one
eight to two one to seven nine seven you will receive one of my audio
recordings which is relax and unwind so that’s going to be my
gift to you hopefully after this weekend you now know need to relax. So for those of you who are not familiar with me my name
is Elise will Bury your expert clinical hypnotherapist and stress
management consulting. This entire thing is all about
Heal Talk and information and information that might give
some time as we talk about. How we talk about wellness
what’s happening in the news. And there’s a lot
that it’s happening. But how do week cope with so much stress so much anxiety so
much that it’s happening around us. And yesterday. With all the fireworks in the
beautiful things that were happening. Everybody was keeping their animals either close
to them and everything and my little wine but of here is. Hype and everything the berks. When someone comes to the door. The fireworks was affecting my little dog. So when I was thinking about it is: how did he manage it? He was so close to me.
Trembling but as long as I had my hand
on his back and just caressing him and he calmed down. So how often do we. As human beings. Find this place of safety. And we always needs to be stroked do we
always have to have a place that somebody’s next to us or we find that healing within
us that comfort within us that. We can find and what is it that calms us down. Within. So here’s my question to you. What do you do to calm yourself down. How do relax and what does it take. For you to find this place of see safety within yourself. This goes back to
another time when. I remember. As a child. I always looked up and you know my mom was make
sure that everything had to be in place. She was. We call it and big theater but like. Have a super helicopter mom. I dunno I don’t
talk about myself. As far as my childhood often. But this entire thing has
been making me think. With all the
shootings with all the school problems and the kids
now especially now that they’re. Out of. The School How do we hop them. What’s going on in their life. In because my mom was so proper everything
had to be in place and and if I did something. Wrong as a child I would get a spanking if I was a tomboy my guy was I a tomboy
and sometimes I think a asked for it. But, it created this underlying, Not a perfectionist, but I have to be. Right I have to put everything in
place everything has to be correct or else. See had. Little kid learned or else if I don’t do this. I might get a beating I might
get a scolding I might get that. The eyes the lock. And throughout the years. Even as a dove. No matter what happened there is that little voice that used to say. Make it right. Do it right. Clean this. Put everything aside. Manager everything correctly and. How do we take that. Here’s two ways one can be. A stressor in your life and the other one can be. Ah. This helped me become who I am. So it all comes to you and your interpretation. What you call something that creates
an anxiety in you. And what you call. This is always there to remind me. To teach me to guide me. So. If as children were growing up with had. This kind of a discipline. It creates this
underlying tones of. A stressor. So making it right. And proper and clean. All the time. Or. Is this one way. That I learned. And how to manage everything. Now because the worst thing you can do. Is live with blame. Live which shame. Live with guilt. And underlying stressors. So as a clinical hypnotherapist so
many of my clients when they come in. And with. Wanting to make a change wanting to shift a habit and
negative habit for deposit afford the
better for the healthier. There’s so much more. We deal with. It’s strengthening the self esteem of
who you are how do you believe in yourself. You know
one of the things that. He’ll die your mind body and
one of the books that I have. Louise hay who used to be the. The guru of the boy book called
heal your body. She had this saying that if. You learn how to love yourself. Then you will know how to be loved and love someone else but it’s not something
new I seeing so many of us have
heard this cliche you cannot love someone
else until you love you. But do we really know
how to love ourselves. I like to call it. Do you like yourself. So my clients when they come in. It’s to understand do
you like who you are. Do you like many
of your aspects. In order for us
to let go of guilt and blame and what we call it forgive not
necessarily someone else. But forgive. yourself for holding
onto grudges. Forgive. All the Blames and the shames
that you have been living with. To forgive yourself. For holding on. Because holding on to all this. You know what it does. It creates this. Weight. unseen weight. This. Invisible weight. Of shame and guilt. So. To shift does. You need to start liking
yourself you need to and then to start loving who you are in realize. That there. There is the. The purse the
persona of who you are and there is the things you do. So. We love who we are we can love someone and yet not like. The things they do or say. Or their actions. Two different things. And that’s why. When you come in here
to make a shift or a change. Like my client. I ask them. What is it that you
want to make a change. And why do you want
to make this change. And how is it affecting you. So if it is stressors and anxieties. We find out what the anxiety is
and how is it affecting them and if we can just shift. The outlook or the person. But. It might help them with something else. So in a way. What my mom. Trained me as a little girl I
used to be afraid not to be scolded not to be hit. Now today I see so many of that not all of them so many of that. That a became this. This platform for me to be more. Tidy to be more manageable to be a better manager and doing so many things in a better way. So if I turn that underlying stress or and say. Now I can shift and change the the perception. And make it work for me. How I can do this. So as an adult. With our conscious mind. Recognizing what we thought it was something
negative and we held on twig in the subconscious mind which is
the reservoir which is the blueprint of how we grew up and
how we took information and how we interpreted. Those information. We now change the interpretation we translated to something that works for you. That’s what I do
with my clients. Is helping them recognize. And I can hop and you recognize. Certain behaviors. And habits. And how is a benefiting you. Or it’s no longer benefiting you. That’s the part You know when we shift that perception. Magic you become the magician. Of your own. Wellness. Isn’t that beautiful. So again. Today’s gift. I want to gift you. Then you can just. Click it. And. Listen to my audio recording. Relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home and all you have to do is. Type. Relax to eight when eight to two one. Two seven nine seven. That’s all you
have to do is just. Text Relax to +1 818 221 2797 and we will send you. My audio recording. So that you can just as listen Relax and Unwind in the comfort of your own home. Or wherever you are. As like as you’re not driving
because going into a state of hypnosis. It’s such a profound feeling. It’s laying. Hm. Having a. Like having a twenty minute cat nap
equivalent to three hours of deep sleep. It is. So many come here and after their. Hypnosis session when they come to
full awaken is they say. That was amazing. Can I just. Have this feeling and
I’m saying of course. You’ve got this audio recording
any will go anywhere you are all you have to do is
download it on your phone. So. That was my gift to you. Today’s messages shift
your perception and you will shift your outlook and habits and behaviors everything depends on you. By the way. Have you signed up for the three event. Ah it’s going to be amazing. The three event it’s our eat annual event which is empowering women and having this event which is a. Going to be a two day get away. At Rancho Mirage and. We’ve got speakers galore. Every speaker To empower you with
your health and wellness. The the other wine
how to the clutter. The other one understanding
law conservative ship and. Learning about saving Brittany but that’s
how she became famous sure she’s just an amazing attorney. With guide. Another speaker
that is joining us. Talk about the corporate and government and how to level yourself if
you want to be in that world of the corporate world
the government rural but every single a woman. Overcoming certain
challenges to be where they are and giving you so much. So that you can go home. With so much more plus. We’re going to have
transformational healing. Exercises and networking in creating this beautiful tribe
together plus yes onstage of course I will be speaking and so you might even be one of the. Lucky people who’s going gonna come up on
stage and if you want in my have a meanie transformation I’m going to do a mean the hypnosis or
hypnotherapy onstage life is going to change. A lot of transformations
are going to happen in two days
we’re going to have Sound Healing One of our speakers of
facilitators is going to create that in the beautiful
green gazebo oh. So. Add or mistress of ceremonies the beautiful
Jennifer and Michael Butler we have Michael Butler. With us. So. If you find more than any Conference any speaking and gave me a place that it’s fun it’s transformational it’s empowering it is gifting you plus so much more. And a getaway. Of me time for you and a friend. Right now we’re having a special our special which
is the early bird it’s happening right now until August fifteen so you and a friend can come with that
early bird as and. You know why. At the most amazing place of palm
Springs actually Palm Desert branch the arrived at this beautiful resort at the Westin. So. Plus. Plus. You. Get to bring a friend and enjoy everything with them. So if you think transformation. Happens for months and months. With the price of one
session of mine you come there
and you have two days of all kinds of transformation and speakers. So today. A shift a perception. And shift happens when you say yes to you. And I look forward. Not only having a one
on one sessions with you or giving you this gift
that you can experience self hypnosis and
relax and unwind. But also join us on this
beautiful today retreat. The eighth annual. Three event. All the links will be right
here all you have to do is click. Click and be with us. My name is Liza Boubari your expert hypnotherapist. And if there is one magic. Or word I can give you is for you to say. I matter. Because you do. You do matter. And until next week. I wish you all the best. Health from the inside. And the outside. Until next week. I bid you good by. God bless you and may the universal light surround you. See you next week.

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