Stop Neglecting Yourself

Stop Neglecting Yourself

Rule number one. Pay attention. When there is pain and discomfort. Acknowledge it. To. Take care of it. Because there is no reason for you to neglect your well-being or sacrifice your health and wellness, sacrifice your money, sacrifice your abundance. Nothing is more important than you.

And here’s a fact. You may think you are covering it up, and your kids do not see it. Believe it or not, your children feel it and see it. They know it. They just don’t understand it. So it behooves you to acknowledge this. And it doesn’t matter if you come to me or someone else. Find someone to talk to. Find someone that helps you. It if it is your health and wellness.

Start stepping into what you want in your life. And be all brain. Instead of neglecting your desires, your wants, and your needs, be open to receiving and, believe it or not, when you elevate yourself to that level. Right, and you say no more neglecting. So much of everything around you is alive, breathing, living. So if it is a team. Then is working with me. Nurture your team. If it is your employees. Say hello and acknowledge them. Once a week, being with them. Go out to lunch together it’s. It’s not always. They work on for me it’s we work together. In the same way with your children, wait until it’s summer. Family time. Create family time; create “me time” for everyone together.

So neglect comes when we think we don’t have the time. We must make the time. We must make the time. “Me time.” When you’re in the shower. Take five minutes extra. For you. That’s it. So when the water comes trickling or would pressure from above and you’re washing your hair massaging, at that very moment become wine with your scalp with your fingers and massage your scalp and say thank you. When we come to appreciate. Gratefulness from your scalp, hair, and body; say thank you and understand every aspect of you. And let everything else go down the drain. For that moment.

So everything comes down to Stopping neglecting. Your choices. Every choice. That you have made. At the right time. At the time that you made. Say thank you. Because it is the right choice. And today. You have a new choice. You have the authority. To say. I choose something different. If I want to. That’s the key. If I choose. Today. I can make a new choice. I can make a new decision. Today I can stop. Neglecting me. My desires. My wants. And start a new chapter. Even if it is to write. What do I want? For today. What do I want to feel? What do I want to do? Even if it’s a dream. Put it on a piece of paper. And make your dreams. Start. Because once we who had put it down. Once was think it. We voice it. We ride it. We. Say yes. We give energy to that.

Steps to Stop Neglecting

  • You can take a walk for thirty minutes
  • Talk to a friend.
  • Listen to my podcast
  • Listen to the Daily Affirmations

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You have more power than you believe.

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