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Steps to De-Stress

Have you noticed that everything on the news is negative? It’s all about murder and mayhem. Popular television shows are also about murder and mayhem, and they are all on during Prime Time, just before you go to bed. Have you wondered why you are not sleeping as soundly as you would like to? Let’s talk about some steps to de-stress.


  1. Do not read or watch disturbing content before bed
  2. Listen to your breathing
  3. Listen to white or brown noise
  4. Listen to calm music, you can ask your smart speaker to play calm or sleeping music for you
  5. Breath and OHM whose vibrations will relax you and get you ready for sleeping

You have more power than you believe.

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In the video, I show you how to OHM, which are the same steps Liza takes during here dental work. Watch the video here.

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Welcome to Heal
Talk Tuesdays with Liza. Where transformation begins as we Evoke, Embrace, Evolve. Greetings greetings
greetings and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesday’s. This is Liza. It’s so good to
be here with you. Isn’t it? Well welcome to another
Heal Talk Tuesday. For those of you
who do not know me. I’d like to introduce myself I’m Liza
Boubari your expert clinical hypnotherapist stress management consultant.
Yes I’m Liza Boubari and this
is the the 3E Event. Journey within and
harness your inner power September twenty
nine and thirty at at the western
brought your mirage. Resort and spa. Get your tickets today. At Let’s talk about how to de-stress. So many are asking. What is going on in your life what’s
happening in the healing world. So last night I was watching TV and as we were about to turn off the TV, I turned around and said I want to
see what’s happening in the news. Wow! Have you
watched the news lately? Do you realize the news is no news except all the Negative things all the stressful things all the things that are happening and it’s all negative? It is about accidents
it’s about yeah and it’s about all the bad things
that are happening. And it’s at prime time which is eleven
o’clock when people watch the news right before they go to sleep. Right? So do you realize. all this at the media the way they do
the news of course they have to do the promo and they do this
highlights with all the as and Mega steering of watch
the news the breaking news breaking news
this is what’s happening. In on the words. Are like. Giving you an excitement
but it’s a negative excitement. So how do we function
in life how does our mind how does our body work. As a clinical hypnotherapist
most of my clients that come here. When they come here literally. To make a change
change in their life. They want a change
for the better. When I asked them what do you want. Can you believe
that majority say I want peace. I want calmness. I want peace in my life. So
here’s my question to you. How often oo you have peace in your daily life, at night, with the family, at work, within yourself? So how much of a me-time do you
have for yourself to bring that peace? It’s. Even if you go exercising
or running is that bringing you peace? So. Nowadays there’s this negative spiral that it’s happening and believe it or not not there is a word it’s been dubbed
Doom Scrolling. So you know how you
scroll on website and on. Social media on
Instagram on Facebook or even scrolling on TV? In this in itself can take a toll on your mental
state weight on your calmness on your
state of relaxation because studies have shown that the consumption of bad news; it increases distress, anxiety, and depression. So someone asked me,
we were doing this scrolling and everything Sunday
I was with some friends and they said “Did you see see
what’s happened here? Did you see what
this person is doing?” So even this, even if it is not a dooms day Message like the news with nothing but Murder, Mayhem, Accidents, Robbery, because that’s you’re
breaking news nowadays it’s news is not good
news is not news. Right? In life. So even people
who are scrolling and. Looking. Can you believe that. Somebody saying. You know it’s boring birthdays
are boring anniversaries are boring. Ah
when something becomes like. This is juicy is. That somebody’s sick when somebody
is had an accident when the pictures or this negative pictures. So. I know that’s news. That’s not my news that’s
not white grabs my attention because what I think about what I look for is how I can’t better
myself how I can relax myself how I can inform myself how
can I be inspired. So long I think about it. The exposure to bad news for you,
for your children. For no matter where you are. That bad news can cause acute stress. And the reactions you may not feel it. But let’s say you watch the news. And then. Your body. All the hair which
is like antennas without you thinking about it. It gets the messengers you get the messengers
your eyes visually you get the messages auditory you get the messengers and after watching all that without thinking about it. You get stressed and most people when they get stressed
they do certain things they either. They either They get an agitated and they have a
conversation that’s agitating without realizing
they’re all very agitated. and they can get into an argument. They go and smoke Or they go and grab
something to eat because now the emotions heart heightened or they can sleep. So tt this also increases your
distress it increases your anxiety and it can also affect you becoming depressed. Because the exposure to bad news causes a acute stress to the symptoms of. Call it PTSD right. It doesn’t have to happen
to you every single day. But with how’d he will realizing this breaking news if you
are watching it in the morning. From. Waking up the first
thing you do do is scroll dooms scrolling. If you are looking at your phone your social media
who did y who said wide this person is better than meet this
person is doing this they’re doing that it creates this
internal agitation. Again affecting insomnia your sleep pattern. Affecting anxiety
creating internal anxiety and unsettling. It creates worry. About what’s
happening in your life if there is robberies happening
around your neighborhood if there is breaking
news of all this negativity. Is called internal panic.
Hm. Plus. One thing people don’t realize. It creates it brings your
blood pressure up. So when you are heightened. When you are nervous. How would you relax right away? Believe me Smoking and alcohol does not
relax you right away. Some people say I can’t
sleep without a sleeping pill. Really? Why do you have to do that?
Because I’m so stressed I can’t sleep. So. Let’s take a deep breath. What do we do when we are stressed? And I know the worst thing you
can tell someone. Is “relax”. Stop telling me to relaxed
because I am upset. When We have conversations of like some people saying Oh my God I my – the favorite
movies that I watch is this CSI and murders
and crimes that it’s happening. Great and then if you do that
right before sleep. And then you wonder
why you cannot sleep. Right. So what can you do? I would ask you to realize if it is affecting
your sleep pattern. then shut off. Stop looking at the news of breaking news or doom scrolling right before you go to sleep. Even when they said listen to empowering things
and everything now. Listen to Nothing or white noise. Sounds that are calming and even when you get to bed, listen
to your own breath. And if you think “I can’t shut my mind off.”, here’s one think you can do: You close your eyes. And you hum Because this Small little vibration. Eight vibrates not only all this, it vibrates your mind. And all that small little nerves right around your brain. It vibrates your body. It vibrates every essence
of your nervous system. You can do it right now. with me
and you don’t even have to do UHM It’s just “um” Ah U M ummmm ummmm ummmm and of course I can do a long one because I’ve been practicing not only doing this vibration. It’s the same vibration I use when I do my
was canals with absolutely no Anastasia. No topical. It’s the vibration
that vibrates my tiny little nerves. And realizing this. A u m this. All Of oh. You. Internally. Am.
Movement the movement of the mind body. The essence of everything that becomes one which who you are. In saying that connection of who I
am in mind and body and emotions. So this vibration that
UK create the spiral. From the negativity
from bad news you spyro inside within yourself in this creates this
beautiful internal peace. Deep state of relaxation. So. If you want to pay peace. So that you can sleep better. That your blood pressure drops. That you have a sense of. Calm within yourself. I would like you to do. This small little technique. of vibrating. With on. And then this inner connection. And knowing all as well. It’s called inner trust. And relaxes all your organs. Every nerve. Every muscle. Every Oregon. Every tissue. Every so. Every molecule in your body begins to vibrate any your. In your control. Not outside forces not outside visions that impact with all this negativity. But the vibration within you. And relaxing of all of your Oregon’s not to over function. But in the meantime you
create this beautiful sense of. The inner peace high say the drawn thank you so much this is beyond
powerful thank you you’re welcome so. Understanding. As children. When you pick up a child. And you want to help this
child to sleep what do you do? Where you go and and we forget that as adults, we do the same thing. And we can bring that
same essence of community with it. So in essence what is it that I do with my clients. I help them I guide them to bypass there’s critical factor
which is analyzing and judging criticizing and. Reasoning. To
bypass that state. So instead of analyzing and
judging criticizing and reasoning and all that you. Bypass it to go to
a state of calmness. To create that inner peace within yourself. So that you can drift. Because we don’t go from wow heightened state to. Sleep. Even I. Even as a rapid induction. There’s two ways of inducing someone
into a state of relaxation. Which I have gone both ways with my clients
and practicing over twenty one years as a clinical hypnotherapist and it’s not a week
can’t hypnotherapist and into realizing. When you say. Transformation begins
what is transformation. Transformation is not that I take you and I say one thing and today. You’re this and tomorrow
you’re something else know to transformation is your
own internal transformation. A lot of people have no
understanding what is transformation are you gonna make
me transform to displace know. What I do is give you
tools and techniques. Hypnosis is just
an internal process of self hypnosis you go in and
out of hypnosis every single day. By Hypnosis is just another technique for
you to relax yourself calm yourself to go from this state of analyzing
judge in criticizing reasoning factor to a state at you feel calm. You feel serene. You feel at peace so that you have this
mind body connection and find that peace within
yourself so you can make changes. The changes happen. Within yourself. We’re just the guide. I’m just a guide. I’m the person who takes
you from here to hear Bridges. Were you need to go. That’s it. Okay. So when. I say journey within. I wanted you to
understand a lot of people take my words and yes in the self-help work. There are so many who
use the same words. Of course there’s also words that are you used over all the time so my business that I have been. Promoting as he’ll with it. Is because I healed myself. And I work with people
who truly wanted to heal. Huh. Does not mean that. It’s a. Today I am this tomorrow
I am something else no. Healing is an internal self acceptance. So if you want to
become a nonsmoker. If you want to sleep better and you have in so Sonia and the pills if you want to stop the
pills that you were taking and find in Nashville away and you can’t do
it went out that. Let’s see what’s stopping you. From. Sleeping. If it is. The news stop watching the news. At night before you sleep do it during the day. So you can find other ways that help you and guide you and assist you in sleeping better. So. Back to. The point of Healing. Transforming and there is two ways
of going into that state one is progressive which is easily guiding you vickers
there’s two types of people. There’s people who. Want. Fast and if they are. In a state that they want to let’s get to the point. I can easily do
at rapid induction. Which is like sleep now and take them into a state of complete relax and then do the
technique of relaxing. And deeper and deeper
deeper and deeper faster. Because their mind
function so fast. Or there’s people who really. Are that state that they
need to get comparable. They need to. Feel as if they are comfortable with
a therapist with the room with them cells and they need to talk and slowly easily gradually go into that state
of enter trust. Inner south. Then they are in that
state of deep relaxation fully relaxed fully. So is hypnosis something
that is an external force not at all. You. Give yourself
permission to go there. Just as I’ve said. You go in and out of
hypnosis every single day. You watch t v you zone in your in that sense state you are driving. A stretch of where you’re going from the
moment you sit in the car you know where you’re going and you’re not paying attention to the. To the address any more
because you already know your destination. So. You start driving and if it’s a long stretch you getting to that zone you’re listening
to the music you start singing that song and you get to your
destination that’s called. Zen state you go into a zone you get into that focus stake. So. All this to say. That there is no magic pill. Every one of us is unique. We all have unique. So. To help you. Understand. Hypnosis. Self hypnosis. Even using this technique of on. Will help you bring your
blood pressure now. If you feel anxious
do this one technique. Allow your body
and mind to connect and this connect from
the outside so you are one with you. When you become one with yourself and are centered with yourself. Realize. That doing all kinds of massage
is great because we’re touching. Energy work is wonderful acupuncture is wonderful. I love these. It’s not a. One Pill to solve everything. The alternative
healing modalities. Hypnotherapy is science-based. I can punctual is science-based. It’s not in woo brew to say oh you’re doing this energy
healing and everything know because I also believe every single thing if you believe it. It is powerful for you. Some say. Few go to. A meditation. Meditation helps yoga helps. So all this alternative healings
that we are talking about. They are an augmentation
to all other therapies. In a way. Even the strongest thing that there is. Prayer. Prayer. Helps. When you believe in something. You become the believer. And when you are
believing in something. And you see the resolved. And you become up of the for. Then you’ve already healed. That’s when the healing begins. Anyone can tell you anything. You can come to hypnosis
some people say that doesn’t work. Acupuncture doesn’t work this doesn’t work oh
even. Whatever chiropractic don’t
go to a chiropractor because it’s not about cracking
and everything so in a way. Even doctors make mistakes. Even. Pills not l all pills work right. So that’s why they say. Try this after a while and
come out of the dose from lower the dose because maybe we need
to give you a different pill. So. There is not one thing that is the answer to everything. But in a way. Because you aren’t the master. You. Are the master of your mind. And of your body. And of your emotions. I will say. Take control. In.
Be so. Precise. In knowing what is good for you. And if you have to try. Different elements
different modalities. Then do so. But also know. What is best. Watching TV breaking news that it’s not the best for your. Body. For your health for your sleep. For your nerves. Especially children. Make sure. That they are not watching. Things that it’s
impacting them visually. Auditory. That also affects them. With. Having bad dreams. And waking up with anxiety not knowing what they are anxious about. Even lots of commotion at home. Fighting at home. Even though it’s not. Affecting them directly. When the hear it. They create everything
in their own brain. Visualizing it. Creating it. Affecting their body. I work with children. That are constantly stressed. And no one can understand why. Cano wipe. Sometimes when we tap. Into their subconscious
mind which is. The core that colds all that information. It’s so easier for them
to speak from the heart. And connect to their emotions. Right. So that’s what hypnosis is. It’s an internal. Internal way of connecting. With experiences. Images moments information stored in your mind. That you have forgotten. That has been affecting you. So if you have. Something in your
life or know someone who wants to make a change
for the better for the house here for advancement. And of once of better
focus in their life. By all means give me a call. Mining is Liza. And I am here to help you heal within. To make that transformation as we say. So that you can break
barriers negative. Stuff. To be the best.
Healthier. Stronger. More successful. And everything that
he wanted to achieve. And I mean achieve. So. Hm. Just like the way and in the ocean. All the waves that
come to shore. And believe it or not they also receive. Back. Into the ocean to the deepest level. And there’s this beautiful a
rhythm that the ocean has and that rhythm. Is within you. My name is Liza Boubari and I look forward to seeing you next week on Heal Talk Tuesday Until next week I bid you good by. God bless you and may. The universal of light surround you. Bye I’m Liza Boubari and this is that three event. Journey within and
harness your inner power September twenty nine and thirty at the Westin Resort and spa. Get your tickets today at

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