Weight Management Group

It bears repeating! Ready to Stand UP to Slim Down!?

So much of the weight we hold on to (subconsciously) maybe just be emotional stuff – like a burden, grief, worry, and so on.

Our monthly group session is set for September 9th, 6-7:30 pm PST. This month’s topic is: Releasing Emotional Weight.

Join us in person, or you can register to be live via Zoom.  https://healwithin.com/group-therapy

Want to hear from others about how Liza helped them take off the weight and keep it off:

Kimie feels much lighter: https://youtu.be/wcER95aMb2s

Irma kept it off, and her career boomed – https://youtu.be/uzSgHYUDsCM 

Debbie talks about how the program helped her – https://youtu.be/pZmCGFS3LLM 

Vahan did very well – https://youtu.be/gdkhUSLnVcQ 

Barbara was grateful – https://youtu.be/N9c1IeK2BZA

Registration is required. Visit https://healwithin.com/group-therapy to register. See you there!

Buy the workbook, Stand Up to Slim Down, to be ready for the Zoom group. 


Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.


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