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How to Heal Trauma

Continuing last week’s talk, Denim Day, about women and sexual assault trauma, today we talk about ways to heal.

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Trauma can cause us to move into spaces of fight or flight- causing the body and mind to become activated. These are good breathwork exercises to explore when you find yourself in that state.


  • Heals trauma and depression
  • Improves focus and attention-deficit disorders
  • Helps emotional pain
  • Supports emotional integration
  • Encourages spiritual connection and aliveness


Sit down on a mat or comfortable floor with your legs crossed and spine erect

  • Change the direction of your movement upwards, moving from your core
  • Breathe in and out, taking as many rounds of breath as feel good

Breathe in and out

  • Imagine movement radiating through you from the inside out
  • Open your body by stretching your limbs and keep a flowing and unwinding movement as feels good
  • Come into stillness when you feel ready.
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Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

Welcome to Heal Talk
Tuesdays with Liza. Where transformation begins as we evoke embrace. Evolve. Greetings greetings greetings
and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesday’s and this is Liza. It’s so good to
be here with you. Isn’t it. Well be are in May and
May is blossoming of here Back east with cherry blossoms
and a tree and here. Spring is on. Well I for those
who celebrated ied. Congratulations while
it’s not a congratulations happy eating. And those are who celebrate just
about anything in life I want to say may God’s
blessings and be with US and celebration
is the way to go. Today’s topic is a continuum of what we started
last may the month but may is more of a feminine it is
about womanhood it is about feelings thoughts ideas
you know next month actually not excellent next week is going to be we’re
celebrating mother’s day but.
So just some of the traumatic
things we talk about. Today I want to
talk about trauma. What is trauma and how you can
cope with certain parts of trauma? You know if you are a member of my Daily
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more so go ahead and join Or just become a part of our
private group right here on Facebook. Which is called the Daily Gratitude
you can check it and send it and. Request an invite and all be
more than happy to include you. So today’s topic is about trauma actually what is trauma? And in our daily gratitude
I posted something and the recent
I’m bringing it up is because of this because
trauma can cause so many. So many things in our life it’s. That causes us from
fight to flight right but what exactly is trauma and for you to understand seventy percent of
the US population and am not talking about globally but the US population experiences trauma. From. So many call birthing traumatic and yet is. Beautiful. Do you understand that. So what is traumatic to one person may not always be
traumatic to another per se. So when we talk about
trauma we often referred to traumatic events like. Diseases sexual assault as I said some people call it like birthing could be traumatic
effect because of the entire thing and or war
right. But in reality. The word trauma describes
a person’s subjective. Response to an event. In their life. And it could be
just about anything. Miscarriage the entire experience. Might be traumatic.
Yes be being. Sexually abused. Can be traumatic. War the sounds and everything walking
on eggshells constantly being in that. Can be traumatic or. One of my clients walking down
the street holding her mom’s hand. When she was only seven or eight years old and a bird comes and
flutters in front of her eyes and she is scared of birds and to heard that was the most
traumatic thing that there was. An to this day every time she walks
around as she sees birds anywhere. She goes into this. Convulsive without
realizing anxiety attack. So understanding
all that theoretically. Any experience could be traumatic so
depending on how a person perceives it. Again it’s all perception right. The the same way as. Taking a test might be
traumatic for one person. And there are folks and I had a friend. That took the bar exam. In five different states and
she passed that just like that each time on the first try. And the of are people who cant even. Pass the first the second
or the third time that’s why they come to me and hypnosis is one of
the most beneficial things to help you with understanding
the traumatic experience or the anxiety that under lying causation in which is in your
subconscious mind. Right? because the subconscious mind
really doesn’t understand any emotions but he’s just like a programming
it does what it’s asked to. Sometimes trauma
can be described as just generational. Like my grandparents that came from the Armenian genocide. And.
Everything is that my grandmother
went through. In what she was witness to and everything that happened
in her life and how she reacted. To my mom for from my mom to me in how I cope
with certain things. It could be. That there is an
underlying trauma. Emotional trauma
physical trauma. Of Mental.
Right? or what we call it a
generational lineage trump whoa that continues on. So again perception. And how we cope
with certain things so. This type of trauma
includes racial or ethnic discrimination
some called that. And it’s all about our responses
how we we respond to certain things. In how has been passed down so. Is trauma stored in the body yes trauma is stored in the
body it’s very much possible that. You know we know. Muscle has memory and it can be stored in there and the incentive the
reaction to trauma is the physical reaction to traumatic Rick experiences. So
the subconscious mind holes that information. Just like the bird. Or something traumatic that has occurred may be as a child. I have had many clients that
have gone through abusive. Relationships and. In a DV (Domestic Violence) situation and or have you been abused or saw it as a
child and that traumatic experience still lingers on. In their adulthood. Certain ones. Reveal itself in
a different way. So the question was
asked today which is great question and. You know the question
was asked today it’s. Would you say of trauma is
relative to what our brain can handle and that one person
may not see something as traumatic as another will. And my response was. We all deal with trauma
in a different way. We all cope with. Everything traumatic or NY the fight and flight or. You know it’s fight flight and white. Paws. So we all freeze pause same. We all deal with it
in a different way some truth to evoke it. Bring it forward to understand what’s going on
why are they either acting or reacting to certain things. So that they can. Truly embrace the reality what’s going on why am I. Having this kind of every action why am I. Falling apart every time I see this or I hear this or
something like that happens why is this affecting
my body like this where is this coming from. So all those questions to
embrace the reality and say. This is why. In the only reason we do this because
we want something bettering our life. Remember few weeks ago we talked about communication. Every time we communicate
every time we do something is. For a better. Result. For a better. Way of And Having Answers a better way of communication is I want to feel good and I warned my message to convey. What I think what
I want when I feel so that when we have this dialogue. You to feel better. So everything is
about feel good. So why is it that we. Get just. Go to evoke is
traumatic experiences. Is not to rehash it but to re open that. In order to just shed a light it doesn’t mean that
we have to pocket and sometimes poking
it is not a necessity but just to shadow lied to
go aha now I understand. Now I understand what went on what’s going on and okay
I can do something about this. I can either change
myself my responses. My way of coping with
it my coping mechanism I can shift that
I can change it. Only so that I can involve
evolve for a better result. Always
for a better result because what I’m feeling. Or
how I’m responding and the reaction I get from my
responses is no feeling good. And that’s why we
always want to feel better and make a change
for the better for the healthier for the. Way that it’s more conducive. To all. Now. Why are we do all that. Is because. It’s something that
people talk about you know yes.
She response that we talk about it
at ADHD group and. So. Coping mechanisms for something like that. Is to understand to truly understand and it’s important to
remember that while these reactions can feel distressing. The all natural way of coping. And
it’s a It’s awakening a trauma and while we ought to adopt healthy coping
Meg resumes to deal with this we also need. To stop the blame. And for experiencing any kind of an emotion and find the ways to heal it. So how do we feel heal. I call it to heal. Or to move forward in life. Sometimes unique to heal the wound. Truly. I’ve healed many wounds to be where
I am as a matter of fact this weekend. I was wet family
members and I call it. We sat around that. Family therapy cable
and it’s a round table. And few of US as were sitting we were
reminiscing about family certain things and as we’re discussing all
that so many things came up. And it was so good is like sitting at a
round tables like in the old days when the chief
turns down and. Like the round the bottle when we
spin the bottle or whoever is facing have the person to
speak while everyone else listened truly. You’re not real how to
speak until it is your turn. So and was so wonderful. Over this table. We. talked about. Hurt.
Wombs and. Forgiveness this in understanding and how I have gone through so many of my forgiveness and. The other family member
didn’t even know about it. It was just amazing. If we can do it
in a healthy way. So coping mechanisms are very
important and how week cope with adversity and. Trauma. Is this. I suggested. That. Understanding breathwork. Because. Causing a body to
mind and be activated when we find ourselves in a traumatic way. Is like being in the airplanes in the old
days they give you a bag they say. Just breathe into it. Breathwork and
understanding the trauma that. Occurred there then is not occurring at
this very moment. So that the reality a
few become present with the reality One. Be present with reality number two Understanding that trauma heals. Breathwork can
also heal traumatic experiences it’s like
I’m giving myself oxygen vitality at this very moment. To understand that I am safe. I am safe. And breathwork is also good because
it improves your focus and attention helps your emotional pain and gives you all that. So sit down. On a mat. In a comfortable position. Right and and make sure
that your legs are not crossed. And as you sit. Center yourself. Ground yourself and make sure
that you are in place. Even if you are in a. Busy place and everything. That when you ground yourself you can even put the
palms of your hand on. On the floor or
something like that and very gently lean back. Make sure that there is something
you can lean back in the chair or a wall or if you are safe on your mat. You ground yourself center
yourself your back all your muscles everything is aligned your. Spine is are aligned to the best
that you can. To the best that you can break. And there
is no perfect way of doing this. My tummy is growling it’s like
adjusting to what I am saying. So. Once you do this. Make sure that your
feet are not crossed and you can just sit
as relaxed as possible and change the direction of your
movement upwards moving from your core to just thinking that
everything that has been inside. I can just bring it
up and release it. I can bring it up and
release it in thoughts I can bring it up
and release it as I exhale. Releasing it. And as you breathe in. And out easily end gently. Taking as many broth as you can. And then calm yourself down. Make sure that one
hand his on your tummy. Hm. And as you breathe
in and out easily – enjoy – maybe even
rocking yourself ever so softly. Imagine. All the movement. With each and every breath as you inhale bringing
oxygen and vitality in that you exhale and release. All blame. Hurt. Pain. Shame. Guilt. No matter what it is. Just think it. And breathe it. Release it. Sink it. Breathe then. Exhale. Release. And as you stretch yourself
you can even stretch and just like an accordion. And very gently center yourself and remain. Come into a stillness. When you feel your body. And realize that no
matter what’s happening. No matter what’s going on. Then you can cope with this. The term spirituality when we talk about it
refers to and process seeking meaning in your life and reflecting on your
internal experiences. Spiritual. Spirituality may not always be about
connecting to the Universe or God or. The Angels are all the
Gods no matter what spirituality is becoming one with
your own spirit with own self with you. And having this. Connection. Within yourself. Okay. Just when a show a hands let me know
how many of you have experienced this? That when you become
still when you are connected. You continue to be excellent communicator
and looking great keep up the word for thank you so much Michael
hello Adrian highest that I. Understand adding
that communication physically mentally
emotionally consciously and subconsciously is our primitive for way of doing it. It’s communicating. And most of us knew
this unconsciously and yet when you become aware. When you you tap within yourself consciously saying and deciding that I
wanted to become aware so anything in my life if it was traumatic
if it was difficult if it is painful either physically mentally
or emotionally I no longer choose to keep it. Okay. And I choose no longer to hold onto it you see so many of US hold
onto her for a reason or not. And that’s. The experiences becomes. Broader. And In a way that big
font becomes defined. As. I. Am. So. Without knowing
that research shows. That a greater
sense of spirituality fosters our own sense
of connection with and ourselves. And it aids in our own. Post trauma post traumatic healing. As sense of knowing that I
have the power within me. To become better to communicate the essence of who I am an understanding. My thoughts my ideas
my concepts my images that all come together. For a betterment. Of
who I am and my relationships with not only with
people but with myself my surrounding with money was held with
every aspect before I am. So. When. You believe. And you come to
believe in yourself. More so than what
other people say. You connect then
tap within yourself. So whether true. Becoming wise and doing this self care and
how is it that we do with this phrase of self care has become trendy the last year’s
and self help books and everything. Is. It’s and basics of our drive. To. Know that we value. Ourselves. The drive to eat
sleep even breathe. Ray. Just for you to know that you, too, are as important that you to matter. As much as the ones
that you love and care for. So science truly support this
basic human need for self-care and about seventy percent of social workers
who work in traumatic I mean with traumatic and clients who have
experienced trauma. And were secondary traumatic stressors
the effects which can be reduced by just effective physical emotional
and professional self-care. So if there is any way. That I can be of
assistance to you. And give you the
tools and techniques. And tap within yourself self. Inner self. Or your subconscious mind to just simply evoke. Then to embrace. As and. So that just like my client has no more fears of birds. In another client stop smoking because. Started smoking
at age twenty three only because when
he came back from the funeral, his father’s funeral came back and everyone was in the living room and everything and
he missed his father that he had they had sought.
Deep connection. With his father and as is sitting
in the kitchen. Just reminiscing suddenly he sees his
father’s a pack of cigarettes and you know what he did
he he picked up a cigarette and until age twenty
three he couldn’t stand smoking and he would always tell his father
stopped smoking is going to kill you – is going to kill you. And although the father
did not die of lung cancer and it was other complications he picks up the cigarette
and he starts smoking. Right. But of course. He continues on doing that even though he
been like it and then it became a habit and then habit becomes a part of your behavior when you do it over
and over and over and over over and over. And. By the time he came to me was thirty nine years old so
twenty-four thirty-nine fifteen years later he is. At my office saying he’s got two
kids and he no longer wanted to. Stop by he no longer wants
to smoke and he wants to quit smoking of course teaching we can
can’t be quitters. That we choose to stop and then the language
have we speak. So that the subconscious mind
agrees with the conscious mind instead of bypassing
certain words and communication. Right. All that when you come here. And for us to
understand the core. That traumatic experience back to trauma
what is traumatic experience to one percent may not be to another. That was his
traumatic experience missing his father. And as his sitting there. Smoking. Then. With everything else was going
on he felt a sense of connection. So as he sitting here. When we did the hypnosis
on it was our third or fourth. Session and hypnosis he remembers
that as were walking him through this scenario sitting the there. And some people say no no no don’t
go to that traumatic experience but yes it’s shedding it’s
hovering above like a drone it is not
happening at that very moment so you are physically
mentally and emotionally safe. Right. He understands all I picked up the
secret I felt a sense of connection I missed him so. And since then he was doing it for that. Once he realizes this. Not only that traumatic experience
became such a beautiful experience is. Ah now I know. And he stopped
he literally stopped smoking he no longer needed to have that. Why? Because we
asked the subconscious. Would you be willing to let go. And still have the
connection to father yes. Consciously will you be willing
to not smoke and find
something else that. You can give an oral
satisfaction if need be. If need be. Or have another son has made me look at
the albums and remember of father is there or all that. Yes. Merging together. The beauty of the
subconscious mind and the conscious. And called. I am. Sometimes it’s as simple
as this and sometimes it may not be as simple as that and yet. You. Have the power to heal within. You have the power to tap within. And you. Are as important. As anyone else. So I hope today’s message. Of he’ll talk Tuesday. Was beneficial to you. My name is Liza Boubari. I’m your expert hypnotherapist. Here for you. Until next week I thank you for being here being present. Please. Go to for any thoughts questions any thing that you wish become a
part of our tribe our community become a member and join us for events coming to a in your and
coming soon and we also have group
meetings coming soon that it’s all live right here and those aren’t going
to be absolutely amazing so join us be part of and until next week. I bid you good bye. God bless you. And may
the universal light surround you. Bye.

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