Denim day sexual assault

Denim day and Sexual assault

Denim Day is a day of in which people are encouraged to wear denim to combat victim blaming and educate others about sexual assault.

Better Communication

3 Steps to Better Communication

We’re talking about better communication, how we communicate, why we communicate, and what communication even is.

self-harm in teens

3 Ways to Recognize Self-Harm in Teens

Self-harm in teens is injuring or hurting yourself on purpose. It is a symptom of extreme emotional distress often in teens and young adults.

How to manage stress

3 Steps on How to Manage Stress

Did you know that emotional stress affects your body, too? These three steps will help you manage stress in any situation.

How to manage emotions

How to Manage Emotions

How to manage emotions, not take the bait. How to learn what not to do from experiences like the 2022 Oscars.

How to make your own luck with Liza Boubari

How to Make Your Own Luck

You make your own luck. You are in charge of your destiny. Let me show you some simple steps to make your own luck.

How to Manifest Your Desires

Manifest your desires

Manifest your desires. When you repeat consistently for a period of time, it becomes part of your behavior.

the five languages of love

The Five Languages of Love

Find about the Five languages of love, learn to receive, and how to give without costing you a single dime.

Cravings and Hypnosis

Cravings and Hypnosis

Be the master and stop giving in to the bully. You can break the unconscious spell of cravings, sugar, tobacco, and sweeteners.