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How to Focus to get what you want

How to Focus to Get What You Want

Find out how time to focus to get what you want. Methods to get you where you want to be. Evoke, Embrace, Evolve – You matter.

How Time affects our memories

How Time Affects Our Memories

Find out how time affects our memories and get the tools you need to reach your goals. Evoke, Embrace, Evolve – You matter.

Real Talk with Dr Nelly Farnoody Zahiri

Dr. Nelly is a guest on Real Talk with Liza. Topics include the ongoing crisis in Iran and all over the world about women’s equality, women’s issues, and violence against women.

we all matter

We All Matter

We all Matter. I help those who want to change part of their behavior that is no longer working for them. We all Matter

Don Green

Real Talk with Don Green

Liza interviews Don Green of the Napoleon Hill Foundation as they discuss how to Think and Grow Rich in life, business, and more!

Pain to Gain

Pain to Gain

Pain to Gain – Part 1. In this video Liza tells you about the first part of how your pain is affecting you and those around you.

what is your story

What is Your Story

What is your story? What makes you the person you are? Learn about these tools and techniques to help you evoke, embrace and evolve.

Michael D Butler

Real Talk with Michael D Butler

Liza interviews Michael D. Butler, the Simon Cowell of book publishing. Michael has written several best-selling books